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Jun 2 2011, 5:18am Anchor


All Ideas are good and I am happy to hear them :D
We can't make treads at the moment but if we ever can in the future I'll look into it.
And mines are something we are going to look into.


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Jun 5 2011, 1:11am Anchor


Go to and type in "Armored Core Spirit of Motherwill" You think it would be possible to assimilate that monster into the UEF?

Jun 5 2011, 2:10am Anchor

@ Cheesepuff

yeah I cant see why not :D


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Jun 5 2011, 4:17am Anchor


Jun 13 2011, 7:46pm Anchor

are you going to get the cybran mobile rapid fire artillery into the mod? i always loved it. I don't know if it is possible to make it use energy on a shot, but if not, maybe make it like the unit cannon, build shells in it and than bombard an area till empty - with a max of 25 or 50 or so shells.
And why cant the "original sc1 cybran acu" not use the microwave laser :( or am I missing something? that was the coolest thing it had

and not to sound bad or something, AWESOME mod!

Jun 16 2011, 1:41pm Anchor

what about a uef artillery unit that looks that the juggernaut from cnc 3?

Jun 16 2011, 5:36pm Anchor

The UEF have 3 Artillery units now.I think the Cybran need one.but thats just my opinion.

Jun 16 2011, 6:16pm Anchor

Or a Laser beam that can reach half way across the map...;)


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Jun 24 2011, 6:51pm Anchor

Or you could make a Cybran experimental PD. It could look like a Loyalty gun but with a Monkeylord Laser on the top. It could cost jut as much as the monkeylord and take more time to build. :D

Jun 25 2011, 6:12am Anchor

I think if the Cybran were to get a Experimental PD then make it a missiles launcher.The picture in my mind shows tracking missiles with a customized effect with a big boom at the end.

Jun 25 2011, 4:25pm Anchor

Are melee unit ideas out of the question, if not I have an idea...

Jul 9 2011, 2:23pm Anchor

I have a great Idea! How about a space rocket for each faction it would cost a lot but give infinite radar. here is what the uef one could be like:

Jul 13 2011, 12:07am Anchor

I think that Avitus is onto something, when i see a giant laser of death artillery piece for the Cybrans I am quite literally reminded of the Laser from James bond's "Die Another Day." Sadly, thats the Novax center, But, I still see giant plasma explosions of mass destruction in our future.

Here's my idea: The "Hades Cannon." You like drills? You like cannons? Do you like molten rock? And Lots of it? Well have I got the perfect weapon for you! The literal "Rain of fiery death" Incarnate.
Yeah, we have a giant factory that loads magma into shells to be launched ballistically at your enemy. What'cha gonna do about it?
The "Hades cannon" is not a true cannon per-say, it functions more along the lines of an IBCM but with a twist. A S.P.O.D.S (Self Propelled Ordnance Delivery System) is launched from the Hades main cannon into low orbit, a far more costly but decisively accurate staging area. A laser targeting system on the main sensor tower of the station marks a target and the S.P.O.D.S capsule orients itself using integrated spacial propellant systems into a position for a spot-on strike. The ordnance; three OSM's (Orbital Strike Missiles) with super heated magma core warheads are then jettisoned from the pod and 'shot' in a triangular pattern at the target, the pod then drifts off into space, it can only be used once and then a new S.P.O.D.S must be manufactured. (Though a single Hades Cannon can stock up on multiple S.P.O.D.S) Chances of hitting the target are increased dramatically this way as the missiles are set to detonate above the target, spreading a molten rain over the ground in a radius a few hundred meters wide.
The whole firing process takes only a few seconds and is very effective against sprawling enemy encampments or massed units. Though shields can put a large dent in the blasts, it would take multiple shields to completely cancel out all the damage, but luckily this is easily countered by multiple launches.
The laser drill from the station requires a substantial amount of energy on a regular bases, and the S.P.O.D.S require a hefty sum of
mass to make as well, making this something of an end-game unit to be used sparingly.

(PS, found this unit list randomly. Must have been for a mod for FA. Anyway, some of the units are pretty neat, though a bit C&C'ish )


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 13 2011, 1:02am Anchor

Thx Fox i will have a look into this "Hades cannon" for shore.


UEF "Experimental" sniper bot.

Jul 13 2011, 7:40am Anchor

I vote for a complete rework of the tech tree system. Bear in mind these are just ideas off the top of my head and it is 6 in the morning and i havent slept.

Lets start with experimentals - Each experimental has around 2-3 upgrades for that specific unit. In which you can only get 1 throughout the entire game. These upgrades would either upgrade or change how the unit should be used.

Say the colossus from FA, lets say for arguements sake this is a very weak unit, a minor experimental that is a balanced unit. Since this is the colossus a seperate upgrade may be in order(is not included with those 2-3 specific unit upgrades) Now originally this colossus is a minor experimental, but with this upgrade, it is now a major expiermental. Now look, it is a universal colossus. But these 2-3 upgrades would apply for both experimentals as it really is the same unit just an upgraded self (since you dont exactly have to upgrade this unit to be a major) The universal colossus would improve every aspect of the old one and maybe introduce a new weapon making it as wanted.. a major experimental, this of course would be a costly proposition, and the unit itself will cost more resources and such. More health, damage, ect. This method cannot apply for every experimental unless you wanted to do all that extra work that is. Experimentals will have a requirement though, and ill get more into that later.

Upgrade Idea's (Universal colossus)

Upgrade 1: Add a powerful shield (draining energy and is toggable because of it) Making this unit ideal to be in frontlines to soak up damage, in return this would either A. decrease damage done or get rid of a weapon, say it has anti-air.. now it no longer has that, just ground attacks.

Upgrade 2: Add a new weapon, anti-air, artillery, w.e you want increasing damage per second or just increase the damage of a weapon already used and in return sacrificing some armor(health) and speed perhaps.

Upgrade 3: perhaps a different weapon, upgrade 2 would give say artillery, upgrade 3 would give an anti-air. Of course you wouldnt exactly want that but you get my point :D (im not very good on making idea's as to what upgrades for what unit)

A balanced unit would either A. get balanced upgrades or B. transforming the unit to be a tanking unit or dpsing (damage per second) unit. The fatboy per se would be.. lets say it is a tanking unit, so it would naturally recieve tanking type upgrades. Of course a unit that is used for tanking (unit=expirmental) would be a better choice for taking in damage then a hybrid type unit (balanced) just upgraded into that tanking aspect. The hybrid would do more damage but it is still not the best choice for taking damage.

The requirements for the research tree. Now correct me if im wrong but i believe this mod will have a tier system like in FA. For my idea i shall pretend there is 3 tiers. You already have all tier 1 units unlocked except maybe like 1-2 ground units. Same apply's for air and naval. Upgrades, in which i will get into later will also be available but only regarding for tier 1 ground units, tier 2 ground units, and so forth. But in order to get tier 2 ground units/upgrades, you first must get an X amount of tier 1 upgrades. Lets say there are a total of 10 tier 1 upgrades for ground units, you must get at least half of those before even progressing into tier 2. or even perhaps, a global upgrade, a costly one of course, that unlocks all of tier 2 upgrades. Unlocking tier 2 will get you 2 units by default for each seperate unit type but you may get more progressing through the tech tree. I was thinking for experimentals that you cannot get minor experimentals until tier 2 is unlocked and major experimentals until tier 3 is unlocked. But of course (now this may be a little much) but there is a costly experimental unlock upgrade that then allows you to get experimental units, whichever you want, applys for both minor and major but like i said you cannot get major until tier 3 is unlocked.

I said for experimental upgrades which would be specific to that experimental unit, however for other units, this would mostly be global. As in upgrade #1 would apply for all tier 1 units, like extra health or add a shield. Some may apply to just certain units, like the rockhead and that other unit for anti-air, increased damage. Stuff to that effect. I know with the extra units there may be around 3-5 units in each seperate tier for each seperate unit type now, so i think global upgrades would be your best bet.

Everybody may not like this idea, but it is just an idea, was bored so i figured i should throw one out.. a very long complex to do idea, and as i recall chris taylor said himself most likely you wont recieve all the upgrades in one game. Lolz, i actually would like to see that happen, unless it was like a 2+ hour plus game, unless you spam research stations, id actually put a limit on how many of those you make, or even put a limit on how many upgrades you may obtain. I like the first idea better, which also brings another idea, make a building that converts research points to mass/energy when you no longer have much need for them.

Now i take a shower :D

oh and i know my idea wasent exactly suppose to be for this thread. But there isnt one so.. and plus i think it has enough to do with units i think it would be allowed in here. :D :D :D

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Jul 13 2011, 4:30pm Anchor

Foxglove wrote:

Those units are from "4th_Dimension" a FA mod which is still getting updates i wont be using any units from this guys mod.

Sleepyx7 wrote:

Nice ideas but most are impossible to do not because i cant code them just the game doesn't support that type of system.

Jul 13 2011, 10:25pm Anchor

;D Thanks, now I can begin brainstorming for the Illuminate, I've long toyed with the idea of a "Propaganda cannon" That converts units that it's shells land on, but thats Overpowered on a massive scale. Maybe, and yes, I have it. After long hours of thought.

Here is your Illuminate Experimental long range doo-da, or, since it's a pretty wide notion, it could be a unit for any of the factions. Personally when I see this unit I see something either Cybran or UEF. Tell me and I'll think up something different for the illuminate.

Long have we credited Dr.Tesla with some of the most major inventions and notable Ideas of human history. And the most wonderful and yet undeveloped of his ideas has been on our minds since the day he thought of such a notion; The Tesla cannon, the lightning gun.
And now, after long years of waiting, QAI industries is proud to present to you the Thor, god of lightning.
Made with the highest grade materials and state of the art weapon designs, the Thor is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting twin mounted Tesla guns and a systematic electronic-pulse field generator, the Thor will have your enemies wishing they were made from rubber.
Most notable of the unit's features is the effect it's weapons have on enemy units, the electric shock jumps from unit to unit, dealing damage and disabling systems for a short period of time. Sustained fire can hold a small group or a single major experimental unit immobile until the Thor's battery packs run out. After that, the Thor must be recharged manually. (Like the Aegis.)
Please war responsibly.

(So this Thor that I described would be the mobile version of the unit for the UEF or Cybran. I think it would be neat as a Cybran minor experimental, it seems right up they're alley. But if it's going to be for the Illuminate than make it a large tower experimental PD. Also the main purpose of this gun is not to deal much damage, it's to create a 'stasis field' that disables units in the vicinity. I picture a large beam shooting into the ground and lightning bolts flitting about in a radius from the beam's touchdown, or a cannon round that creates an electric explosion. Something to that affect.)

@OverRated: Ok, but I think the mobile point defense system that he had was a good idea, make it a unit that cant shoot and is built at the factory. It walks, (or rolls, or hovers, whatever), to the area where it is needed, and then it unpacks into a stationary cannon. it cant pack up again, or it can, however you think so it will be balanced. Maybe an aerial one would be cool, a drop ship style thing that does the same thing.


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 15 2011, 3:12pm Anchor

@OverRated - yeah and i understand you'd have to be a pro coder to do something like that, making your own codes for something that isnt the game already isnt exactly easy.

Though I have another idea based on experimentals them selves. Now currently there is minor and major experimentals. I would introduce a new type, lets call it devastating experimental and also i'd put a limit on how many experimentals can be made of each catagory if possible.
Minor Limit: 5 (100%)
Major Limit: 3 (200%)
Devastating Limit: 2 (300%)
The percentages mean Major experimental would x2 more powerful then a minor one.

Though this will mostly not be very worth while as it would take same work and im probably just talking out my ass here lol. But i got bored and had nothing to do so ya. Ill post some experimental abilities and upgrades (specific unit) ideas below for management and maybe some new experimental unitideas (mostly the reason for experimental limit - also so people dont just make an army of experimentals, thats what the original supcom 2 has become..) Also Will post aura abilties though dont know if they are make-able (non-stackable and put 25% as a default and do not apply to other experimentals/acu) and speaking of the ACU: I believe it could be a minor experimental in itself and with upgrades (not veterancy) it would be as powerful as a major experimental. (It kinda was.. however died rather quickly in combat and couldnt stand up to a major experimental alone.)
You'll notice fatboy 2 isnt in here (didnt feel it was needed)

UEF - Land
Minor Experimental #1: Artillery Tank (Being Worked On)
[Upgrade 1] Increase Movement Speed By 100% and unlocks [Ability 1]
[Upgrade 2] Able to use artillery weapon while moving
[Upgrade 3] Increases Weapon Range by 50% and unlocks [Ability - 2]
[Upgrade 4] Adds Powerful Anti-Air Weaponry / Increases Prexisting AA Damage by 50%
[Ability 1 - Toggle] - Attack Speed Increase For [Attack 1 - Artillery] by 100% : Drains Energy Each Shot
[Ability 2 - Aura] Increases nearby unit weapon range by 25% (Ground Units Only)

Minor Experimental #2: Devastator Tank (Being Replaced)
[Weapon 1 - Weapon Cannon] (Single Target) [Weapon 2 - Plasma Cannon] (AOE)
[Upgrade 1] Increases weapon damage (both) by 25%
[Upgrade 1] Unlock [Ability - 3] (Chain)
[Upgrade 1] Future increase weapon damage (both) by an additional 25% (Chain 2)
[Upgrade 2] Unlocks [Weapon 2] and [Ability 2]
[Ability 1 - Passive] Disables Radar, Sonar, and Stealth Upon Attack For X Amount of Time, however, [Attack 1] is double the amount of time [Attack 2] would be.
[Ability 2 - Toggle] Toggle Between Attack Variations 1 & 2 [Cast Time - 5 Sec] / [Cooldown - 10 Sec]
[Ability 3 - Aura] Increase nearby unit damage by 25% (Ground Units Only)

Major Experimental #1: Fatboy (FA Model) (Amphibious)
[Upgrade 1] Increase Regen Rate of [Ability 2] Shield by 100%
[Upgrade 2] Adds Powerful Anti-Air weaponry / increases damage of pre-existing AA by 50%
[Upgrade 3] Reduces the cost amount of units built by the fatboy by 1/2
[Upgrade 4] Unlocks Ability 3
[Ability 1 - Passive] Mobile land Factory, 50 Cargo, cannot hold experimental units, ACU or air. Also has x2 the build speed of a regular land factory. (same cost)
[Ability 2 - Toggle] AOE Shield, Drains Energy Over Time.
[Ability 3 - Aura] Increase nearby unit Health Regen by X (Ground Units Only) / Deploy's Drones to repair any nearby damaged unit/structure

Major Experimental #2: Jack Hammer
[Upgrade 1] Increases Attack Speed by 25%
[Upgrade 1] Unlock Ability 2 (Chain)
[Upgrade 2] Unlock Ability 3
[Ability 1 - Toggle] Unpack the Jackhammer enableing weapon and reducing damage by 50%
[Ability 2 - Aura] Increases Attack Speed by 25% of nearby units (Ground Units only)
[Ability 3 - Target] The Jack hammers next attack has its damaged increases by 500% [5k Energy 1 min Cooldown]

Devastating Experimental #1: King Kriptor (Amphibious)
[Upgrade 1] Unlocks [Ability 2]
[Upgrade 2] Increases health by 25% and allows unit (Amphibious)
[Upgrade 2] Unlocks Ability 4 (Chain)
[Upgrade 3] Adds a very powerful short range radar sytem, overpoweres the cybran experimental stealth generator.
[Ability 1 - Passive] Can Hold ACU (Only)
[Ability 2 - Target] Reduces Damage Taken By 50% and Increases Speed By 100% But Disables Weaponry for 30 seconds [Cooldown - 5 Min]
[Ability 3 - Target] Increases Rate of fire of [plasma cannons(hand weapons)] by 100% and Damage by 100% for 10 sec [Energy Cost 10k, Cooldown 1 min]
[Ability 4 - Aura] Increases Health by 25% of nearby units (Ground Units Only)
[Ability 5 - Passive] Leaves behind a devastating Nuclear blast upon death, damages all units equally.

UEF - Air
Minor Experimental #3: AC-1000 Terror Gunship
[Upgrade 1] Increase Attack Damage by 25%
[Upgrade 1] Unlock [Ability 2]
[Upgrade 2] Unlock [Ability 1]
[Upgrade 3] Increase Anti-Air Weaponry by 50%
[Ability 1 - Target] Renders the Unit Invulnverable to damage and increases damage by 200% for 15 seconds. [Must be Used with 25% Health or under] [After the effect expires the unit is destroyed]
[Ability 2 - Aura] Increase nearby units Attack Damage by 25% (Air Units Only]

Minor Experimental #4: C-230 Star King
[Upgrade 1] Unlock Ability 1
[Upgrade 2] Increases Cargo by 25
[Upgrade 2] Increase cargo by an additional 25 (Chain)
[Upgrade 3] Increase Flight Speed by 100%
[Upgrade 3] Unlock Ability 3 (Chain)
[Ability 1 - Toggle] (Non-Aoe) Powerful Shield, drains energy over time.
[Ability 2 - Passive] Land Transport. 50-100 Cargo, ACU/Minor = 25, Major = 50, and Devastating = 100
[Ability 3 - Aura] Increase nearby air units flight speed by 50%)

Major Experimental #3: Mega Fortress
[Upgrade 1] Increase Cargo of [Ability 1] to 50
[Upgrade 1] Reduces the unit cost of [Ability 1] by 1/2
[Upgrade 2] Unlock Ability 2
[Upgrade 3] Unlock Ability 3
[Ability 1 - Passive] Mobile Air Factory, 25-50 Cargo, Cannot Hold Experimentals, ACU or land units, has 2x regular speed of factory. (same cost)
[Ability 2 - Target] Teleports the target to target location [Energy Cost 2.5k Cooldown 30 sec] / Increase Flight Speed by 300%
[Ability 3 - Aura] Increase nearby Air unit health regen by X / Deploys drones to repair any damaged unit/structure

UEF - Naval
Minor Experimental #5: Atlantis II
[Weapon 1 - Torpedoes] [Weapon 2 - Anti-Air]
[Upgrade 1] Doubles the build speed furthur, increasing it to 4x
[Upgrade 2] Doubles the dame done by [Weapon 2]
[Upgrade 3] Unlocks Ability 2
[Ability 1 - Passive] Naval Air Factory, Cargo of 50, cannot carry experimental units, and has 2x the build speed then a normal air factory.
[Ability 1 - Passive] Increases the regen rate of nearby Naval Units by X / Deploys Drones that repairs any unit/Structure.

Major Experimental #4: Nuclear Submarine
[Weapon 1 - Tactical Missle Launcher] (must be unsubmerged) [Weapon 2 - Tactical Missle Laser Defence] (Must be unsubmerged) [Weapon 3 - Torpedoes]
[Upgrade 1] Allows Tactical Missle Launcher to be used while submerged
[Upgrade 2] Doubles the amount of torpedoes launched
[Upgrade 3] Reduces the build speed of submarine nuke by 1/2
[Ability 1 - Target] Builds a nuke at regular cost and speed.
[Ability 2 - Passive] Leaves Behind a devastating nuclear blast upon death

Devastating Experimental #2: Super Triton
[Upgrade 1] Unlock Ability 1
[Upgrade 1] Increase Ability 1 Damage Reduction by an additionaly 25% (Chain)
[Upgrade 2] Increase All Weaponry Damage by 50%
[Upgrade 2] Increase All Weaponry Damage by an additional 50% (Chain)
[Upgrade 3] Unlock Ability 2
[Upgrade 4] Adds a very powerful shortrange Sonar System, overpowers the cybran experimental stealth generator.
[Ability 1 - Passive] All Damage Taken Reduced by 25-50%
[Ability 2 - Target] Launches 10 missles at random points of target location dealing 250% of the dreadnoughts main weaponry per missle [Cooldown 5 min, Energy cost 25k]

UEF - Structure

Minor Experimental #6: Noah Unit Cannon
[Upgrade 1] Increases the build speed of [Ability 1] to 4x
[Upgrade 2] Reduces Fire Rate by 1/2 (50%)
[Ability 1 - Passive] Ground Factory Cargo of 25, able to fire these units accros the map. x2 build speed, units however cannot leave this structure. (same cost)

Major Experimental #5: Mavor (Experimental Artillery)
[Weapon 1 - Artillery] Drains Massive Energy Each Shot
[Upgrade 1] Increase Attack Speed by 25%
[Upgrade 1] Increase Attack Speed by an additional 25% (Chain)
[Upgrade 2] Reduce Energy Usage of [Weapon 1] By 50%
[Upgrade 3] Unlock Ability 2
[Ability 1 - Toggle] Toggle [Weapon 1]
[Ability 2 - Target] For the next attack the Attack Damage is increased by 500% and the shot ignores shields. [Energy Usage on this shot increased by 500%]

I skipped 2 experimentals Aegis and quantom disrupt artillery cause i got lazy ^^ But even if this post would mean something, upgrades/abilities would subject to change, im thinking there is perhaps too many for some units.

Probably could do this myself perhaps with enough patience..

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Jul 15 2011, 9:01pm Anchor

Well, for starters, only the cybrans have a game ender experimental, the other two factions need one as well, perhaps my Spirit of Motherwill idea for the UEF?
Also, some sort of extremely powerfull anti-air laser for each faction?

One last idea here, an experimental shield of sorts for the illuminate this shield can only be active for 15 seconds and costs a large amount of mass and an even larger amount of energy, but this shield can vaporize nukes and EMP from other illuminate on touch. :)

Edited by: Cheesepuff

Jul 15 2011, 11:44pm Anchor

Oh, thats right Cheesepuff, you reminded me of something important, There needs to be an anti-missile against the illuminate shield buster. That thing is too damn powerful to not have a counter.


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 17 2011, 7:17am Anchor

lol fair enough

The return of the experimental nuke.. as to what race to give this too.. that would a very hard decision. UEF is very artillery based esepcially when they get the artillery tank(so that would be 4 artillery experimentals) and to also give them the best nuke in the game? ehh. Cybran already have some powerful structures such as nuke redirector, bomb bouncer and unit magnet, and the illimunete already have a nuke that destroys shield, but to my opinion the Illimunate would be the best decision.

Jul 18 2011, 2:09am Anchor

Hello guys,

I have an idea of a new unit for cybran. See images from below links ...

Pic 1
Pic 2

Remember Tiger like robot from "Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen" movie. If this unit can run like that robot from the movie, it would be fine. You can make it to breath fire or may have a vulcan gun on its top. :devious:

Jul 18 2011, 10:55am Anchor

Personally, I'm an anti nuclear player. The AI players in SupCom2 will spam with the damn things. This mod seems to have fixed the problem though, so another nuke might be OK.


~Monocled Sniper~

Jul 23 2011, 4:26am Anchor

An EMP nuke for the UEF perhaps, normal desired effect, disaples everything for X amount of seconds. Destroying aircraft ect.

I think a couple melee based units would be cool, though there isnt a single one in this so ehh i dunno. But that tiger picture one for expierimental wouldnt be that bad of a choice, attacks a target for heavy single target damage and maybe has a leap ability/swipe that hits all targets in front of it.

Jul 26 2011, 9:17pm Anchor

I have several ideas for game ender experimentals.

for uef, why not something like this? It could have maybe three gigantic guns, and a bunch of smaller, support cannons. the p1000 ratte seems really fit for the uef. At the bottom of the page, there is another gigantic tank that seems uef style; the p1500 monster.

for illuminate, what about a star wars AAT? It can have a cannon that shoots a bolt of energy, similar to the ahwassa. Then, at the top, it can have a beam like the colossus, only weaker.

so, what do you think?

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