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Jan 14 2012 Anchor

not so mush a unit as just an idea
1. i think you should inrease the ventrency of experimentals. As it stands a monkey lord will be at level 5 without even sweating and i think that defeates the purpose of vetrencies.
2.add a research tab for experimentals that will give you the oppratunity to get ahead in a game that has so many experimentals

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

supcomrocks wrote:not so mush a unit as just an idea
1. i think you should inrease the ventrency of experimentals. As it stands a monkey lord will be at level 5 without even sweating and i think that defeates the purpose of vetrencies.
2.add a research tab for experimentals that will give you the oppratunity to get ahead in a game that has so many experimentals

OK here the answers to the 2 following questions

1. I increased the vet levels for XPs like 8 months ago when i was codding it --_--, What ever the monkey lord stands at wont be the same as it will be in 1.2 when its release.

2. Add a research tab for XPs not likely when i cant mod the UI because its encrypted .

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Jan 23 2012 Anchor

Now i haven't played the mod yet but im glad it has Large Map Support ( is there a campaign to be created like in forge aliance, i would like that very much
Bring back Support COmmanders and Assault Class Commanders and a complete series commanders like fast recon supprt comaanders who can move fast to a forward possition and build a small firebase
DOn't know if thier back Cybran SPider Destroyers and how about some walking assault ships or battleships and a;lso a Spider mech Factory and Large Assault Spiders with diffrent wepoan loadouts
Threse are only Sugesstions i look forward to Playing the mod

Jan 29 2012 Anchor

Well not an idea just a few images that perhaps you can use as inspiration for a new unit design, just found it while browsing some websites, also I was wondering that maybe you can make a new unit that has the same type of weaponry as the Kraken does, you know just a thought.

Jan 30 2012 Anchor

after i watched all the images from the new revamp version again , i came up with a unit i would really love to see it in future :D
its a 4 legged mech for rushing enemy defensis, i think it would fit to the cybran faction style.
it has a flamethrower for short range and some laserminiguns for middle range, moves at average speed and has 2 AAguns on its back (it should look like an fullmetal cybranasaurus^^).But its main weapon is the bombbouncer's shield attached in front of its face to completly guard the front side of the unit and units behind it (would be extremly effective against pointdefense-spamming^^).The shells and lasers just bounce back to the enemy until the shieldpower run out.
(if you are able to change the illumite flags you could add some at its back)
that's my unit idea for now! :D

Jan 31 2012 Anchor

A cybran amphibious tank (or otherwise) that travels through the water in the same manner as subs.

Feb 5 2012 Anchor

Experimental Nuclear Bomber

Built time : 4:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 10000
Energy 8500
Research points 56
Faction: UEF

Experimental Super Command Unit (ESCU)

Built time : 2:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 6000
Energy 5000
Research points 45
Faction: Cybran

A bit larger then the Universal Collusus, can make buildings like the ACU, but at a faster rate, due to its mass construction laser arm. its right arm however, has a large plasma gun and 2 rockets on the wrists. also works as a mobile tactical nuke launcher, which is carried on its back, but takes longer to build missiles then a stationary nuke.

Experimental Aeon Standard Bearer

Built time : 2:00 minutes
Cost : Mass 3000
Energy 2500
Research points 15
Faction: Aeon

Large Walker sporting a banner of the Aeon flag, 2 plasma guns and 2 AA guns. any units around it get healed.

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Feb 9 2012 Anchor

I don't like the battles in supreme commander atm, you just spam units and let them fight while you can read newpaper
it would be awesome to add some special abilities to the experimental units like changing weapons infight or activate abilities like overcharge the cannons or something like that

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

I miss the old mass fabricators from supreme commander 1 and hate having to press the toggle button just to convert energy to mass, and also find it too easy to spam T3 Mass Converters without any energy costs to gain massive amounts of mass :(
i decided to make this change to the revamp T3 mass converters (im not a modder of any sort so its nothing special, and it did take me a while to figure it out)

ProductionPerSecondMass = 24,
ProductionPerSecondEnergy = -240,

Decided after a few test runs in skirmish that 10 times the amount of energy is needed to make 1 mass, instead of the original supreme commander stats which were 40 mass /-1500 which was abit too much and took over 700+ T3 ion reactors to make just the 1 T3 mass converter run lol,
so for the T1 mass converters instead of 0.5 and no energy used, i have done it so that its like this

ProductionPerSecondMass = 1,

ProductionPerSecondEnergy = -10,

but the problem is when i dont need them on i cant turn them off at all, is there a code i can add like a "stop" toggle function?
and i know its a big favour to ask and im new here, but could you add something similar to the revamp mod,
thank you for this mod looking forward to whats to come

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Feb 9 2012 Anchor

i think it might be that way because of the pay up frount system SC2 has.

Feb 11 2012 Anchor

Sorry I'm not really sure where to post this but do you think with the 1.2 release or maybe afterwords or something you could release a map editor?

Feb 22 2012 Anchor

Ok, this is my first idea, so I'm gonna rip off somebody's format for this.

Experimental Submersible Battleship
Build Time : A bit longer then the Atlantis II
Cost : Whatever you guys think is suitable.
Faction: Cybran

Custom-made concept below...

Now, as a long time Cybran player, I can very honestly say that I hold no love for the Kraken. It is only good against small units, has no real way to fight against other experimentals effectively, and can be taken out easily by a handful of submarines that take less time and resources to build. Experimental-wise, the Cybrans have mediocre naval power at best, compared to the versatility of the Aeon, and the absolute naval superiority of the UEF. The Leviathan is meant to balance the books somewhat. In terms of strength, I would compare it to the Atlantis II. Torpedo-wise, they would be about the same. At close range the Leviathan would win due to superior firepower. At long range the Atlantis would win if aircraft were deployed, due to an extreme lack of AA on the Leviathan. Comparing it to the Super Triton, the Leviathan would possess superior range, but less damage.

In the end it simply depends on whether you guys decide to include it, and what you would want to do with it, so I'll leave you to your decision.
In the mean time, here is another shot of the concept model.

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

some new ideas

some ideas i had but i stink a getting names
1-(pick a name) (experimental)
cost-a tinge more then the universal colossus but takes a good bit longer to build
a walker that instead of guns has teleport beems. on one hand are an array of 3 beams for indidual unit and are good against small units and on the other hand is a mass teleporter to teleport groups. you could set a becon and teleport all the units there. Because it teleports the equivilent dps would be very large but there not actualy dead.

2-(pick a name) (experimantal)
alot but not a ton
basic alu a spider looking thing were the knees are above the body. it has twin 3 barrels brackmen canons that fire 2 times a second apeice (give ore take). but dont change the shot damage. It is kind of a throwback the the scathis, oh and it would wreck.

3-(pick one) (t3)
cybran coast a fair bit
if you follow the link you see a guy who made some models of it, so basicaly its a smaller spider robot wit rapid fire guns and the back launchers fire ballistic artillery rockets, pretty straight forward

4-(pick one) (t1)
m-0 e-2000
a small ball of energy with medium low health and shoots lightning for maby 35 dps (so about 1000 health and 35 dps)

fatboy cost give or take
a large tank with a large gatling gun so it has huge rof and dps but very little spash damage (sort of ml esque) (so 1500 dps, 100000 health (it is uef), 1 splash)

6-stalker (t2-t3)
stealth unit that had a high dps fixed gun and cant fire while moving, a tank destroyer more or less

7-siege artillery (t3)
real artillery with a little more range then light artillery, but a very slow rof. it does mabe 2500 damage every 20 seconds at 80 range or something

8-(whatever) t3
5 point defense (whatever that is)
a unit that cant move only teleport and has a duel plasma cannon 500 dps at 50 range with 3000 health. (a mobile point defense per say)

and since you can port fa units can you port fa units from a mod like total mayhem or experimental wars? because they both have some very cool experimentals and units
keep up the great work its and awesome mod

Feb 24 2012 Anchor

@Res_Novae I love your concept art and you are right cybran needs something better than the kraken

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

Firstly i argree with the cybran ship idea as well
secondly upon seeing the picture of the fortresses fighting it out, i though that the uef has always been the fortress faction to me and it seems as though they shoud have one as well, the fatboy fills this role but in a very different way then those two. So i thought of something for them and i realized that the mamoth mkii would fit the bill it would take little change to make it uef and giant guass cannons and missles are good in every game, so it seems to me like a good idea.
a moble nuke launcher that launches non stock pile tactical nukes (but has a very high shot cost) and also has light artillery and gauss cannons. aswell as maybe 100dps of air defense.

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

You guys should make something like the titan from warhammer 40k it's baiscly a huge ancient,irrreplacable,expensive robot that takes up tons of crew members to run and is hard to move but super powered

Feb 26 2012 Anchor

Err, all the units other then the ACU and SACU are robots.....and so other then that you will be wanting the king kriptor.

Apr 15 2012 Anchor

Hi i and my friend just installed yesterday and we gotta say: GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP.

For my suggestions, here an Aeon unit.

There doest seems to be a Aeon Naval exp yet i see other than the old Experimental Battleship..

Aeon Navy Exp

Hi i and my friend just installed yesterday and we gotta say: GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP.

For my suggestions, here an Aeon unit.

There doest seems to be a Aeon Naval exp yet i see other than the old Experimental Battleship..

Aeon Navy Exp

Cost : Mass:675
Something like this bellow,except Aeon design themed.
User Posted Image

Supreme commander 2,Aeon's navy is now quite understaffed a bit,so why
not and exp for them,even if they arent supposed to be good at it?
As it is a turtle, it will be very useful defensively,although, it can be used offensively.

1.Like the Fatboy of old, it will be Sheilded.
It can Hunker like an like acu.
2. It is amphibious.
3.For it's attacks,

Weapon: Sonic Pulse Battery x4
Anti Air - Projectile

Zapper Anti Missile x4
Defense - Beam

Weapon: Quantum Cannons x 5

Direct Fire Naval-Projectile

Apr 28 2012 Anchor

A new unit+tech idea. I think you could really improve the team play aspect if you had an alliance only tech tree that required donations from each player to build a massive unit. Think of it like EVE, how all the players pull together to create a Titan. Each player on the same team would have a certain quota of resources that they are required to donate, say 200k power and mass split amongst the team. Once all players have donated the resources, the players each click 'Launch' and an AI controlled unit will teleport onto the battlefield. It could be a massive space ship or mech unit. The unit should have super heavy shields, anti-nuke, unit production, massive weapons array and special abilities such as an EMP pulse.

This Ultimate unit would be extremely rare on the battlefield and should be announced like a nuke, something like "Enemy Ultimate detected". It would require a great deal of sacrifice by a team and only if the entire team works together can they get their ultimate.

May 18 2012 Anchor

Don't know what faction these will fit in but might as well pitch in the basic idea, whether or not you guys want to use them is up too you of course. I was thinking of kind of mobile factory type of experimentals, kind of like the megalith Mk1 but in a different fashion. Basically instead of creating the factions units it creates extremely weak units but at an extremely fast rate, maybe name it legion or something another. The whole idea is just to create a huge meat shield army for the rest of your units, don't know whether or not you guys would want to add weapons on the actual unit. Another Idea had was to have a necromancer type of experimental, have it go into a recent battlefield and recycle the wrecks, while using the material to either recreate the destroyed unit, or building a completely new one.

May 23 2012 Anchor

I just realized, in some categories, some factions lack a counterpart unit to the other factions when it comes to certain unit roles.Sure, it's for diversity,but when it comes to fighting as and against certain factions, you will want something to play on their field.


1.The Super Tanky EXP

Based off the old Seraphim Experimental Assault Bot,the Ythotha in design and shape,the Aeon made a fearsome guardian based from their revered worship of the Seraphim.

I was thinking it would be based on the design of the Seraphim's Ythotha from Forged Alliance,however,it would be designed with the idea of being tough in mind.
In this case,the rock/paper/scissors is burst beats sustained, sustained beats tanky, tanky beats burst.

UEF: Jackhammer-Burst Damage from Tank Shells,Tanky.
Cybran: Monkeylord Sustained Damage from Microwave Laser,Tanky.
Thus, why not the Eidolon's main aspect being Tanky,with some Sustained and Burst Damage mixed.?

The Eidolon,like the Ythotha, is meant to be able to charge into the enemy's base and do some significant damage ,withstand an decent amount of assault,or be able go 1v1 vs experimentals of it's class.

Shoulders: Light Displacement Missle Launchers (Anti Air)
Right Arm: Gatling Quantum Blasters (Rapid Direct Fire)
Left Arm: Heavy Disruptor Cannon (Long Range Direct Fire)
Eye: Graviton Pulse Cannon (Area of Effect Unit Paralyzing Blast)

However, since we aren't sure if the mod can support adding in the second stage of the Othuy from the Ythotha,the Eidolon does not have that ability.

2.The Naval Experimental Factory.

So far, with the mod added, UEF has the Atlantis II and Illuminate, The Tempest.So why not one for the Cybran?

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

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May 27 2012 Anchor

UEF Long-range Assault Bot

Four legged walker. Inspiration could be taken from Chromehounds and Armored Core IV.

Armament Ideas:
-Gauss Driver x1: A long range direct fire weapon. Its apperance and mounting could be similar to that of the Mad Cat Mk II's 'arm' weapon [as in directly mounted on the side of the turret].
-VLS Missile Silo x4 or 6: Mounted into the top of the walker's turret at the back.
-Rotary Airburst Grenade Launcher: Fires burst of grenades semi-accurately to saturate a target area.

Missile and Grenade warheads could have fragmentation, incendiary, concussive, and/ or flechette properties.

@ Rtys8
By titling it 'Naval' are you regarding its aquatic nature, or its ability to construct naval units? Please elaborate.

May 29 2012 Anchor

I have 2 ideas for the UEF

UEF Defence Transport
Type: Flying Experimental.
Hit points: Medium-High.
Build Time: 6 mins
Cost: Mass: ???
Energy: ???
Speed: Medium-Fast

Armament: 1 SAM Launcher on either side.
Unit Idea: It can build and transport small defences (T1 and/or T2) and place them on the ground like an air transport. It builds buildings at a faster rate but at higher cost.

UEF Mine Layer
Type: T4 Tank
Hit points: Medium
Build Time: 2 mins
Cost: Mass: 150
Energy: 600
Speed: Laying Mines: Slow-Medium.
Normal Movement: Medium-Fast
Armament: 4 Anti-Air Rail-guns.
Main Weapon: Mine layer: Builds like a Nuke and its build could look similar to this:
|* * * * * *| * = Mine
| * * * * * |
|* * * * * *|
| * * * * * |
Max Storage: 6
??? Secondary Weapon: Single Nuke Mine ??? Max storage: 1


Jun 19 2012 Anchor

Thanks for all the unit ideas we will be going over all them once we have finished the unit list we are working on.


Jun 22 2012 Anchor

OverRated wrote:Thanks for all the unit ideas we will be going over all them once we have finished the unit list we are working on.

Oh cool, so will you guys take idea based on what you need?

I just got a new idea for another candidate for the Super Tanky Land EXP

UEF: Jackhammer-Long Ranged Burst Damage Tanky Land Exp.

Cybran: Monkeylord-Medium Ranged Sustained Damage Tanky Land Exp.

So why not a Closed Ranged Sustained Damage Tanky Land Exp?

Star Tumbler.
Type- Experimental Wrecker -a big white sphere that contains a surging energy ball within.

Inspired by the Seraphim Othuy "ghost" which spawns from the Ythotha.

1.Phason Destruction Field - a powerful damaging field all around the Star Tumbler that damages any enemy unit near it within a 20 radius.
2.Unstable Phason Laser - "electric" jolt beams which arc off to strike nearby targets.

Nova Burst
-Increases movement and attack speeds of the Star Tumbler drastically, and also gives the Star Tumbler's Phason Destruction Field a Knockback effect upon contact with lesser units.

Now, this unit,as opposed to the slow or immobile designs of the Jackhammer or Monkeylord, is the opposite.
It is meant to charge through the enemy base ,in order to destroy them.

It's a literal speeding,wrecking ball unit.

It's like the Bomb Bouncer, except it's dedicated offensive sustained damage version.


This could be a Aeon Stealth Assault Bot.

1.Reclaimer Snare Beam- Activated on target ability. Slows down target's
movement speed and reclaims it and any wreckage left behind.
2.Shoulder Stingers - Ranged guns.
3.Stealth Detector Optics

The concept on this one is a stealth "scavenger" hunter.

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