An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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The low-down on the Confederate Revolutionaries, their units, their play style, their commander abilities, and so forth.

Posted by open_sketchbook on Jan 13th, 2009


The Confederates, or Rebels, are a ragtag group of patriots, survivalists and veterans looking to free America from Allied influence. Ironically, their lack of resources forces them to use old Allied equipment from the Second World War. Funded by the late President Ackerman's "In Case the Commies Get Me First" trust fund, the Confederates arose when it was announced that the new American President would be appointed by Allied High Command rather than elected. Well trained and highly motivated, the Confederates struck from nowhere in late June of 1969, and soon closed on Washington DC itself.

At a Glance

Faction Colour : Yellow
Gameplay Style : Teamwork, balance, and misdirection.
Preferred Theater of Operations : Guerrilla Warfare
Strengths : Elite infantry, large numbers of stealth units, underhanded units and tactics, fully upgraded vehicles are extremely powerful.
Weaknesses : Vehicles are underpowered at the start of the mission, almost no amphibious land units

Build Mechanic

Anywhere visable on the map, the Conyard can place Scaffolds for buildings, defenses, and Fake Buildings. When 'Dozers or Con Trucks, respectively, come near this Scaffolds, the construction starts.

Tier Mechanic

The Confederates have no tier system; all the units a structure can construct are available when the structure is completed. This is balanced by their upgrade system; you may be able to build a Sidewinder tank immediately, but it won't be very powerful at first.

Unit List

Buildings (Constructed by ‘Dozers)

Construction Yard : Allows the construction of ‘Dozers and Construction Trucks.
Power Plant : Similar in most respect to the Allied Power Plant. It is slightly tougher thanks to more robust building materials.
Tent Barrack : Trains Infantry. It has a special ability that disguises it has a civilian building, allowing you the ability to deploy infantry away from you're base.
Refinery : Identical to the Refineries of other factions.
Vehicle Warhouse : Constructs combat vehicles.
Service Pad : Repairs any nearby vehicles, and constructs non-combat vehicles.
Air Pad : Supports a single helicopter or attack airplane, and allows their construction.
Shipyard : Builds naval units.
Radar Dome : Your Tech Building, the Radar Dome constructs any Stolen Tech units. It reveals a large area around it when constructed, and allows you to reveal small areas of the map.

Defenses (Constructed by ‘Dozers)

Sandbag Wall : These free walls stop infantry movement, and increase the defense of infantry that are standing nearby. Any unit can fire over these walls.
Concrete Wall : The classic concrete wall, it functions identically to other walls.
Pillbox : This concrete bunker is equipped with six machine-guns, each of which fires in it's own 90 degree arc at enemy units. Toggling it's secondary function activates it's cameo mode, which disguises it from view until it fires.
Turret : A tank turret on a concrete frame, the Turret is highly resistant to damage and is effective against vehicles of all types. Secondary fire turns the gun into a short ranged howitzer, allowing it to fire over walls and increases splash damage radius, though it does less overall damage.
AA Guns : A pair of powerful flak guns on a swivel base, the AA Guns have a very limited range but is extremely powerful, making it excellent against slower moving targets. Secondary fire powers down the guns and paints aerial targets, so other guns will do more damage.
PAWI Tower : Using it's ability to paint out objects from it's surroundings, turning the PAWI tower on makes it and all friendly units completely invisible to the enemy. Despite it's massive power draw it is one of the most effective tools in the Confederate arsenal.
Pumpjack Turret: A turret containing a powerful resonance hammer, the Pumpjack stuns groups of enemies with it's attack. It's power it's limited by it's own structural integrity, but activating it's toggle function allows it to do damage and stun for a longer period, though it takes damage from every attack it makes.
PAWI Array - The defensive superweapon, the jury-rigged PAWI Array renders a group of units invisible for a period of time.
Resonance Jackhammer : This offensive superweapon is adapted from oil rigs, the Resonance Jackhammer shatters enemies with a pulse of sesmic energy. Infantry and aircraft are immune, but the weapon does extra damage against sea-based units and structures.

Fake Buildings (constructed by the Construction Truck)
Fake buildings are buildings created by the Construction Truck capable of imitating other buildings in the manner of the Spy, but by activating their special ability the disguise disappears and the unit's function occurs. They are cheap and quick to build, so use 'em to throw the enemy off track. Fake Buildings have no sight radius.
Decoy Structure : No special function at all, the Decoy Structure is simply very cheap, and can be used to make whole fake bases in seconds.
Small Bomb : These buildings explode with the force of an Allied Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Medium Bomb : These buildings explode with the force of a Level 2 Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Large Bomb : These buildings explode with the force of a Level 3 Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Machine-Gun Turret : Dealing light damage to all attackers when activated, the Machine-Gun turret has a limited store of ammunition before it self-destructs. It cannot be reloaded.
Rocket Turret : Similar to the Machine-Gun Turret, but more damaging.
Jammer Array : When activated, all enemy vehicles in a very large radius are stunned. Great for starting the ambush.
Observation Post : No secondary function, the Observation Post has a sight range, unlike other fake buildings.
Trigger Node : Trigger Nodes are designed to destroy (and therefore set off) all Bomb-related fake buildings in a radius, allowing them all to be detonated at the same time!

Infantry (constructed at the Tent Barracks)

Guard Dog : Much like the Allied Attack Dog, the Guard Dog is faster, but has a lower health. By selecting a target with secondary function, you can confer "Guarded" status to a unit or building. The Guard Dog automatically stays close to the guarded unit, cannot leave the radius, and gains regenerating health and improved speed.
Minuteman : The best, and most expensive, infantry in the game, Militia are armed with an assault rifle and a rocket launcher. Minutemen are excellent anti-infantry soldiers on par with the Peacekeeper, but are also good against vehicles and helicopters with their rockets. They run at a very quick pace. They suffer against heavy tanks and fast-moving aircraft.
Mortar Infantry : A soldier armed with a Second World War era mortar, capable of laying down long ranged anti-infantry fire. Secondary fire is a targeted flare that uncovers fog-of-war. When garrisoned, Mortar Infantry cannot fire their mortars, so use heavy anti-infantry revolvers which do high amounts of close range damage. When firing into garrisoned buildings, they have a good chance of killing enemy soldiers inside.
Marksman : Armed with a hunting rifle and an anti-material rifle, Marksmen are useful additions to the Confederate army. They can kill infantry at long range and use the anti-material rifle against light vehicles and tanks at similar range, though it isn't as effective as rockets. Secondary fire switches weapons. When garrisoned, they use whichever weapon is appropriate for the target, and if only marksmen are garrisoned there are no indicators to the enemy that the building is occupied.
Mechanic : More expensive than regular engineers, Confederate Mechanics repair nearby vehicles, can repair buildings and capture structures like regular engineers, are armed with a Peacekeeper-style shotgun, and can set up hidden claymoore mines that can kill large numbers of infantry in a fan-shape. However, they cost more than regular engineers.
Thief : These stealthy infiltrators rely on their optical camouflage to stay hidden, which makes them invisible to a casual glance by enemy sentries; however an attentive commander may notice her and order an attack. Theives steal enemy funds by tapping into the electrical systems of enemy structures and diverting money to Confederate accounts; this requires her to be in contact with the structure in question, but she can stay there indefinitely. As a targeted ability, Thieves can carjack enemy vehicles; unable to handle all the functions of a modern day battle tank by herself, the Theif will use the vehicle as a disguise.
Delta Ranger : Elite infiltrators armed with silenced pistols and micro-charges. Ineffective against vehicles, they are none-the-less vicious against infantry, as they are cloaked when not moving and can remain cloaked even when firing. They' possess a blind which allows them go to ground and hide for a short time from enemy forces. They are amphibious. They're high cost prevents use as basic infantry.
Tunnel Rat : Tunnel Rats have personal drilling kits and demolition charges. They can tunnel into enemy bases and rig explosive charges to buildings before escaping again with another tunnel. With no cooldown for the digging, they can use the tunnels much like the tankbuster spider holes. Multiple charges are usually required to destroy a building. They have a carbine for self-defense, and can use their charges against vehicles.
Dixie : Commando Unit. Armed with an Assault Rifle and a satchel of dynamite, Dixie is lethal against infantry and buildings at mid-range. Secondary fire lassos and drags an enemy vehicle towards her, where she turns it into a lethal remotely-controlled bomb, still disguised in the enemy colours!

Combat Vehicles (constructed at the Vehicle Warehouse)

Ranger Scout Car : A quick and nimble scout car with a machine gun, the Ranger has a very small amount of health and is venerable to all weapons, but is very fast and can deploy scanner mines.
Sub Unit Scanner Mine : Small immobile mines, default mode is visible, and acts as a scout, watching the terrain in a large radius. Secondary mode is as an invisible, reusable mine that becomes uncloaked as it pounds the ground around it in a seismic attack that stuns infantry and damages vehicles.
Beagle Light Tank : A nimble light tank with a rapid-fire 30mm autocannon, the Beagle is effective against infantry and light vehicles. Secondary fire sacrifices the cannons of both vehicles to boost nearby medium tanks to the Light Tank's impressive speed.
Mastiff Medium Tank : The Mastiff was the mainstay Allied tank throughout the 50s and is even now an effective combatant. It has a heavy cannon that does decent anti-building and anti-tank damage. Secondary fire reduces nearby Light tanks to it's speed, while boost their rate of fire to double the norm.
Jackson APC : A tough as nails transport for five infantry, the APC is a useful vehicle because of it's impressive resistance to damage. It is unarmed.
Lee AA Half-Track : A classic design mounting quad flak guns capable of swatting planes from the sky, though not capable of attacking ground targets. Special ability "Scramble" causes the vehicle to become cloaked to air units when not firing or moving, but heavily reduces it's defenses.
Bulldog Tank Destroyer : Powerful mid-range, direct-fire artillery designed for anti-vehicle use. Despite it's rather short range it is capable of deploying into cameo mode, which prevents it from moving but cameos it, allowing it to ambush enemies. It moves rather slowly and has less armour than the Mastiff.
M100 Artillery Track : A powerful heavy vehicle, the Artillery Track can hit targets from long range, killing buildings and infantry with a large splash radius. Secondary fire is a targetable "supershell" that can flatten most anything and leaves a deep crater that slows movement. It has little health and a large dead zone around it. It is also very, very slow.
Piledriver Tank : An unusual vehicle armed with an oversized hammer, the Piledriver sends vicious seismic forces through the ground to throw vehicles high through the air. The Piledriver is an effective direct-fire artillery vehicle against vehicles and buildings, but has no effect on infantry. Secondary fire is a one-shot charged attack that damages all buildings in a radius and stuns infantry.
Sidewinder Burrow Tank : This strange vehicle is armed with a pair of high-powered wind turbines that send infantry flying, knock down buildings and pull aircraft from the sky. However it is not nearly as effective against vehicles. The secondary fire activates the front-mounted drill, allowing the vehicle to burrow under any terrain a fair distance, to emerge and attack. Any unit above the Sidewinder when it emerges tend to take very heavy damage.

Non-Combat Vehicles (constructed at the Service Pad)

Transport Truck : A combination of amphibious transport and resource gatherer, the Transport Truck is faster than other resource gatherers, but carries less per load. The Transport Truck can carry five infantry, who can shoot out for a surprise attack.
Ambulance : This light non-combatant will not be fired upon by enemy units unless targeted by the other player. It deploys permanently into an Aid Station that heals all infantry, friend or foe, around it. Obviously, this means enemies can "capture" the deployed Ambulance and use it for themselves.
Minelayer : An amphibious vehicle that places down clusters of mines. It can place up to 10 mines down before having to return to the Service Pad for reloading. Each mine will kill an infantryman or damage a vehicle.
Jammer Truck : A radar scrambling amphibious vehicle that jams enemy vehicles, disabling a single target vehicle at long range. It can also disable the weapons of all vehicles in a large radius around it, friend or foe.
PAWI Generator : The Projected Alternate Worlds Imager, it makes up to three fake tank images (randomly either a Beagle or a Mastiff) that can be moved in a large radius around the PAWI. Alternate fire makes the PAWI visible but cloaks nearby targeted units. Fake units can move, shoot and use special functions, but cannot harm enemies.
Demo Truck : No attack, next to no defense, this amphibious truck places a high explosive charge onto the target, which can then be remotely detonated. These bombs go off with frightful force, destroying anything (anything) in the radius. Bombs can be placed on the ground or sea, onto Confederate fake buildings, enemy structures and units, Remote Cars, tech or civilian structures, and pretty much anything else not a living unit on your side.
Remote Car : A very cheap, amphibious remote controlled toy car, the Remote Car cannot travel into fog-of-war or reveal territory, but it's Spotter Package lowers enemy defenses in a fashion not unlike the Guardian laser pointer in a radius. The Remote Car must be manually targeted by vehicles or defenses; only infantry will automatically target it. It has a limited effective lifespan due to it's batteries; when they run out, they need to be recharged by a Mechanic in order to move. It is also a good delivery system for the Demo Truck's bombs.
MCV : The Confederate MCV is much faster than other MCVs, but has less health.

Construction Vehicles (Produced at Construction Yard)

‘Dozer : This amphibious bulldozer projects a control zone at all times, and allows the building of a single building and defense structure. Can deploy, losing the building ability but doubling it's build zone.
Construction Truck : A fast-moving amphibious vehicle that projects a small build radius and offers the ability to create fake buildings, identical visually to regular buildings but packed with high explosives that are triggered when the building is destroyed. Secondary fire makes the truck look like (and move as fast as) a ‘Dozer.

Aircraft (Produced at Air Pad)

Sparrow Scout Helicopter : This useful light vehicle is armed with a weapon spoofing system which shuts down the offensive functions of a single enemy vehicle. It's secondary fire, Radar Pulse, gives a long range radar pulse that can show you a great deal of the field (several screens) but reveals it's location to the enemy.
Hawker Jumpjet : Basic VTOL craft, armed with four Rattler Heatseeking Missiles. Slower and less nimble than most fighters, the secret to the Hawker lies in the Ambush mode. Secondary fire drops the Hawker to the ground and engages the active camouflage system, like the pillbox. When a plane flies overhead, the Hawker automatically boosts itself airborne and launches it's missiles, usually enough to down most fighters instantly.
Duster Fighter-Bomber : An ancient propeller plane, the Duster is armed with powerful whirlwind bombs, which kill infantry and vehicles by creating tornadoes. Slow and lightly armoured, the Duster can land and reload on any area of flat ground as it's secondary function. The Duster is capable of landing in the water.
Bluejay Transport Helicopter : A simple gunship, the Bluejay carries five soldiers who can shoot out the sides at targets on the ground.
Longbow Helicopter : Armed with heavy anti-tank missiles, the Longbow fires individual missiles at long range, slowly sniping enemy vehicles to death. It's special ability, Alpha Strike, fires all it's missiles at once, but it must remain still for some seconds afterwards as the racks cool.
Skyfortress : Predecessor to the Stratofortress, the Skyfortress is a Century-style bomber that can lay down a huge number of explosives. Secondary fire, activated before taking off, switches between building-destroying Sesmic and everything-else destroying Firestorm (basically Napalm)

Seacraft (Constructed at the Shipyard)

Patrol Boat : This simple craft is basically a floating machine-gun, capable of engaging other sea targets and air targets. It can transport a group of three soldiers, providing they are amphibious.
Gunboat : A light attack boat with torpedoes for basic sea attack, the Gunboat can also lay magnetic sea mines, which slowly move towards targets and can be ordered to shift to new locations.
Razor Submarine : The Razor is a simple ballistic submarine that fires mole missiles at land targets. Mole missiles are special controllable vehicles that drive around under player control underground for a short time before running out of power. If used against a target, a mole missile will drill up under the target and explode, causing great damage. Razors are otherwise unarmed.
Turtle Mini-sub : This slow but steady mini-subs can attach powerful explosives to enemy ships, but it has to be able to catch them; usually, this means they need to be sitting still. They have very little health, so if forced to surface they will be easily destroyed. Secondary toggle switches to Parasite mode, where the Turtle can ride a friendly or enemy ship, hidden, so it can move to a new area faster.
Destroyer : The first of the larger boats, the Destroyer is the predecessor to the Assault Destroyer. It is armed with a cannon, and can switch to Active Sonar to target submarines with depth charges.
Frigate : Festooned with missiles and anti-air machine guns, the Frigate dominates the skies. Secondary fire turns on the Radar Scrambler, which disables the weapons of all aircraft nearby while disabling the frigates own weapons.
Cruiser : Heavy ship nearly on par with the Shogun, the Cruiser has a pair of devastating heavy cannons and a large dead zone. A group of six flak cannons defend against air threats. Secondary fire points these guns downward, where they tear apart enemies that stray into the cannon's dead zone, while disabling the cannon.
Transport : A bizarre square vehicle with omnidirectional landing ramps, the Transport can carry five tanks of any kind. It is unarmed and slow, but heavily armoured.
MCV : As above.

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BigCheese256 Jan 15 2009 says:

hmmm... so is this sort of like a mix between RA1 and RA2? cant wait to see these things ingame :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kerensky287 Jan 23 2009 replied:

It's RA1 meets RA2 meets Generals (see 'Dozers) with a bunch of entirely new stuff thrown in. Check out the Piledriver Tank, for example - what other units have you seen that use earthquakes to break stuff?

+1 vote     reply to comment
quad_cannon Jul 26 2009 replied:

the anvil tank in the shockwave mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
FiremariomkiZX Oct 9 2009 replied:

Not to mention this one unit Mental Omega is planning to have

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rabboticus Jan 23 2009 says:

Dixie should have a gattling gun to make her more "unique" like Tanya twin pistols and Natasha sniper rifle

+1 vote     reply to comment
open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Jan 23 2009 replied:

Gattling guns are completely overdone, actually leaving a regular assault rifle an underused weapon for heroic characters. Besides, it enhances the "pin-up girl" feel

Also, you explain how a regular person is supposed to be carrying several hundred pounds of rotating machine-gun.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Rabboticus Feb 7 2009 replied:

well this game has giant mechs and a blimp that drops 100 ton bombs i don't see why that would be a probelm but your right lol

+2 votes     reply to comment
blokrokker Feb 6 2010 replied:

'I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and this: is my Weapon.'
-Heavy Weapons Guy

+1 vote     reply to comment
flamingvipir Feb 28 2009 says:

I can see that the Confederacy loves physical attacks (seismic stuff) a whole lot. Sweet!

+1 vote     reply to comment
0microns Mar 1 2009 says:

Maybe the Sidewinder tank should have a toggle ability between pushing/pulling things away, so it can either push things off, say, cliffs, or pull light vehicles closer to other confederate units. Or pull infantry into its turbines. <evil laugh>

+1 vote     reply to comment
open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Mar 1 2009 replied:

Unfortunately it needs to use it's secondary function for diggging, but that is a cool idea.

+1 vote   reply to comment
shinmg92 Mar 18 2009 says:

Dixie looks really cool...
remotely-controlled bomb, this idea is great~

+1 vote     reply to comment
AllBetsAreOff Apr 5 2009 says:

you need to make a draw back in the pillboxe's second ability, or else the ability will always be on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Apr 5 2009 replied:

That's the idea. The only time a player shouldn't be using it is when he wants to use the defense as a deterrent rather than an ambush unit.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Admiral_FCS Apr 15 2009 says:

If only Dozer/Truck provides build radius, does that mean you'll have to keep a dozer in the base at all times in order to build new structures?

+1 vote     reply to comment
open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Apr 15 2009 replied:

Basically. The Con Yard projects a very small radius so you can get started though you'll still need a dozer for the build queue. However, you have a great deal of flexiblity; playing a 2 player game on a 5 player map with the confederates basically means you have 4 starting locations :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Admiral_FCS Apr 16 2009 replied:

So, it's like Generals/Soviets mix?

+2 votes     reply to comment
open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Apr 16 2009 replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Blood-Russia-Mk2 Jul 9 2009 says:

Because the mcv is a truck, is it amphibious

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kerensky287 Jul 25 2009 replied:

Yep. It isn't as good at crushing stuff, though.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Maku1337 Jul 20 2009 says:

wow, this mod seems like a whole new game! O.o this, is gonna be awesome! really looking forward to it :D
seems ur doing a great job, keep it up :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Myrrh7x Aug 30 2009 says:

Nice Graffiti on the War Factory.
Really brings out the Rebel cause.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chronohawk Nov 8 2009 says:

Well done- looks great! The only thing I'm worried about is too many factions. It could get confusing, and how large is the download going to be?

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Red_Duck Dec 30 2009 says:

lol id love to see my idea in this list

+1 vote     reply to comment
ImSouperCursed Jan 2 2010 says:

So, the confederates are weak when used straight forward but if used right they can be good?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darkjolly Mar 2 2010 says:

Since their best units are better learn how to micro

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ivangard Jun 25 2010 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
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