You are Barney Calhoun, a security guard at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Unknowingly to you, the next few hours of your shift will change your life forever...
Re-live the exciting adventure of Blue Shift on the award winning Source Engine and prepare for the shift of your life!
Welcome to Guard Duty.


- As a total conversion mod, Guard Duty aims to be composed of entirely custom content
- All original maps re-created and re-envisioned for better realism and gameplay.
- Some maps are enlarge/extended to create a more lengthy and immersive game.
- Improved AI, making enemies smarter and even more dangerous than ever before.
- More enemy encounters to keep the action fresh.
- Scripted scenes with all the original Blue Shift characters to help bring the story to life.
- Textures and models that will push the limit of the Source Engine, to bring you as much artistic detail as possible.
- All new voices, sounds and music.
- Multiplayer, which may (or may not) contain various game modes.

And much more!

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Hello Tripminers!

We are glad we all survived the Holidays and endless New Year celebrations. Now, when everyone seems to be in full swing of their regular lives, we thought it is a great opportunity to break the silence.

It's not a big secret that we haven´t released much new media throughout 2016, but those who've been looking hard hopefully did find their vigialance rewarded in the series of smaller updates on our Facebook pages or releases.

Speaking of Dev.blogs., we have released 3 of them past few months and we definitely plan to release even more. You can always find them in „Research and Development“ forum on our official community forums. It is a great way to engage with our community and present a lot of „behind the curtain“ content we are working on. If you haven´t read these blogs yet, you can do it right now:

1) What's a Brush? - Chris's Prop Devblog

- An article related to Chris´s hard surface modeling.

2) Dev. Blog: Sky department

- Take off and reach the sky with our Sky department. This article will show just a tiny bit of our effort we put into skies.

3) EGGs Prop Party

- One more focused on 3D art, this time directed by Brandon, known as EvilGoodGuy.

Many took the lack of media updates as a sign of death, but nothing could have been further from the truth. In fact, 2016 was wonderful year for Tripmine Studios.

It was quite a milestone for the single-player campaign. Our team started to focus more on actual gameplay mechanics. Some chapters are close to something we could call being done and we started connecting them together.

Other departments are not falling behind either and we all work very hard towards our goal. As for now, one of the most crucial parts we shifted our focus on is NPC implementation. Our organic modelers are working around the clock to get character models ready for animation process. We will definitely share on how it goes in the future updates. We just cannot wait to share how they loook and work in-game!

You can also check our recent interview with Black Mesa VK community. It might give you an interesting insight into what is going on.

The year ahead is a very special one for us. It represents major milestone for our team and we believe not only for us, but also for our fans. We definitely have reasons to celebrate! First off, Tripmine Studios just turned 5! Yes, our team was founded in January 2012 and we merged Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty into one project. It was a great stride for both projects and even though it wasn´t always easy, we overcame the obstacles. Nowdays, we are very proud how we handled it and we believe it was for the best of both projects.

But there is one more reason to get in the festive mood! Can you imagine that Operation Black Mesa will turn 10 this year? Yes, it was September 29, 2007 and Xavier “Eleval” Tissot, the former project leader announced Operation Black Mesa project re-launch. Do you remember some of these old artworks and early level prototypes? Please note that these are outdated and final versions will look nothing like this ;).

An artwork from early pre-production of "We are not alone" by Ballsopt

How Zitax envisioned Otis back in 2016 :)

This is very early version of Welcome to Black Mesa. Nowadays, this chapter looks significantly different.

Not much left from these early years of Operation Black Mesa development and we can say things sort of settled down after the merge with Tripmine Studios. Even if majority of content made in these years is gone, it was defínitely very interesting era of the development that helped us to shape the game to its current form.

But enough with nostalgia, we have to look into the future! This year will be very important for us, as we work towards making the game playable. Be sure to stay tuned as we will definitely share more with you, when the right time comes ;).

Before we close this update, we would like to thank you for your endless support. It´s great to be surrended with people who don´t give up and still have faith in us. You have no reason to be worried, we have put so much time, money and energy into these projects that we can hardly imagine just letting it die. It´s our baby that is part of our everyday life. And it can be your baby too!

Tripmine Studios is always looking for talented people who would like to take a part in the development process. If you are skilled and ready to dedicate us your spare time, you will get opportunity to get to work with outstanding and solid team that will make you ready for the game-development carreer. Just head over here and see our application guidelines and currently available positions.

Life Signs 2015

Life Signs 2015

News 32 comments

Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty are back! It's been a very busy year and here's what we've been up to.

2014 Kickoff Update

2014 Kickoff Update

News 30 comments

The latest news on Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty!

Operation Black Mesa DEV.BLOG: Advanced AI

Operation Black Mesa DEV.BLOG: Advanced AI

News 52 comments

Our team proudly presents our new AI system we implement for our NPCs. Check out this for more information and a video.

Greenlight incoming for Blue shift and Opposing force remakes !

Greenlight incoming for Blue shift and Opposing force remakes !

News 29 comments

Few words about Greenlight, progress and more about Guard Duty and Operation Black Mesa.

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Elevator to hell

Elevator to hell

Music 4 comments

An example from our soundtrack. This track is made by "Becket007".



Music 3 comments

An example of Xen track. This track is created by 8BitLord.

Sigh of relief

Sigh of relief

Music 6 comments

An example from our soundtrack. This track is made by "Mordekai"

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i have high hopes for this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well I am glad you guys are showing progress & it's looking good keep up the great work. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I like this news!
Black mesa
Operation black mesa
Black mesa guard duty
Become source!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

but wait isint the entire mod free or will it be paid

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MR.sugar Creator

Go ahead and find your answer here ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

However, it much better to be paid since you guys also did a lot of job ever since 2007 by sacrificing spare time to put up something like this. Especially, you guys also needed to feed family as well in real life. All thanks to the crazy foreign policy you over there that ruined everything. Which you guys had lose the job.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hope it's alive.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Hope is irrelevant. We have been alive this whole time :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

return (are_we_alive===true?"yes":"dead");

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

I just want to know - since Simmons and Bennet are just there for the exposition and use the same models, could they potentially be replaced with Eli and Kleiner (as it's not explained how they got out)?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They said no, just to be clear.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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A little catch up on what is going on in the programming department :)

Jun 2 2017 by tripminestudios

Time for new dev. blog folks :)

Apr 4 2017 by tripminestudios

throwing a bone here. Keep checking back, as we throw bone from time to time ;)

Jan 22 2017 by tripminestudios

How do you feel about it? It looks like Valve might make some exciting announcements this year :)

Jan 18 2017 by tripminestudios

We are excited to share more info and media with you. :)

Jan 16 2017 by tripminestudios

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for your ongoing support. Here is another load of goodies for you all:

Dec 31 2016 by tripminestudios

An early WIP of Living quarters outbound by A_LegendaryEwok. This can give you idea how the content can change...

Mar 1 2013 by guardduty

The update is closer and closer guys. That's why we merge everything together. Like the twitter right now:...

Feb 21 2013 by guardduty

The Greenlight campaign will kick-start soon-ish!

Feb 16 2013 by guardduty

Guys, we have competition! Opposing force is being remaked for Minecraft ;)...

Feb 16 2013 by guardduty

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