DOOM:ONE is a new look on the classic first game DooM. Imagine, a game full of surprises, new secrets, and one continuous, fluid DooM. No loading screens, No waiting betweens levels... No breaks in the action. That is the aim of DOOM:ONE. I am working on a beta release version of the complete game. The 2nd version is available, which explains what I am trying to achieve here better than I ever could!!! I have found its best to play this with the Brutal Doom mod installed, however it is not required. This will be released as a PWAD that will work with GZDooM and Zandronum, due to the scripting involved in tying everything together. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below!

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of his most momentous game release, WIRED spoke with Carmack about the creation of Doom, while John Romero does a Lets Play with IGN.

Posted by TheUnbeholden on Dec 11th, 2013

The WIRED interview with John Carmack
a snippet:

At the stroke of midnight on December 10, 1993, an executive at id Software uploaded a file to an FTP site on the University of Washington’s network. The filename was Thus did one of the great revolutions in the world of gaming begin—not with a spectacular launch party and a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, but with a 2MB file transfer.

From there, gamers picked up the ball; they downloaded the shareware file and immediately uploaded it to other FTP sites and local bulletin board systems. Download by download, Doom started to make its way around the world. It would become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, popularizing the first-person shooter genre of games and shifting the predominant aesthetic of games from “Saturday morning cartoon” to “Saturday night horror double feature.”

Id’s previous games like Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3-D were technological marvels that were starting to make personal computers a viable alternative to game consoles for fast-paced action games. At the heart of these innovative games was the technology created by id’s programming genius and co-founder John Carmack, who in the years since Doom‘s release has continued to create increasingly stunning graphic engines for id’s games. On November 22 of this year, Carmack left id to become CTO of Oculus VR, a company developing a head-mounted gaming virtual reality display.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of his most momentous game release, WIRED spoke with Carmack about the creation of Doom, the game development world in 1993, and his thoughts on the future of the series. (Carmack’s responses have been edited for space and clarity.)

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden Dec 11 2013 says:

id Software's Doom 4 is plagued with development troubles ever since it was announced that the game went into production in 2008. However, Kotaku reported that its development was trapped and the game suffered from mismanagement and its development was completely started form the scratch from 2011. So seeing John Carmack here have trouble defining, or figuring out what Doom is supposed to be, where its heading, a tad troubling if not honest and provokes discussion. I'm kind of liking John Romero's take on what he thinks Doom 4 should be like. The sort of innovation I would take on board is trying to make the game more non-linear, but still have a clear defined path ie one way to "finish" the map. Either way taking inspiration from the original doom and other thinking-outside-the-box FPS's should be a priority I think.

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WeeGee9000 Dec 11 2013 replied:


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JCDenton2000 Jan 1 2014 replied:

Yeah, that sounds like it would be good. In my opinion certain levels of Dishonored should be a good concept for that- big levels that rewarded you for exploring but still fairly linear. However, perhaps a better example is Bioshock Infinite.

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Quaker540 Feb 21 2014 replied:

John Carmack sadly left id Software officially and he become a CTO of a team called "Oculus".

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WeeGee9000 Dec 11 2013 says:

Imagine how awesome it would be to play Doom with John Romero!

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TheHappyFriar Dec 11 2013 says:

Thanks for these. :)

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EricBoyceU Dec 13 2013 says:

John Romero has always been a favorite of mine from Doom Series to Ion Storm! And while people knocked Diakianta it was the first game to have companions and the vids were great in camera direction. With the release of Thief 3, Ion Storm hit a stumbling block as it was their last released project, but still a good installment to the series. Hoping Romero returns to Doom! And the crazy level design in Quake 1... both titles need a reboot. Now that ID is with Zeni Max will we see a Huge open world concept with RPG elements?

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VGames Dec 15 2013 says:

I'm not understanding how you guys can say that John Romero is good. He has ideas but he has a lack of understanding how to get a game to stand out from the generic. Ion Storm is crap. Daikatana was generic. Quake 1 was I'm sorry to say boring. Quake 2 is where it's at. Romero did nothing to keep my interest. Carmack is a key part in Doom. I hope he still gives his 2 cents in the development of the game. Hate me if you want but Doom 4 needs Carmack all the way. He understands that great tech means better gameplay and innovation. And I'm not talking about graphics.

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EricBoyceU Dec 18 2013 replied:

I agree with you on Doom 4, it was a generic station n zombie game that could have been made with FPS Creator. But it did spawn 2 expansion and BFC edition and movie staring The Rock. But Quake 1 was far from generic, take a look at the level design which has been repeated in a game since Daggerfall. And Quake 2 was very boring in the Cyborg green levels, which were all straight with small levels, the game did not find it's own until Quake 4! As for Diakanta everyone hates this game. But for Thief 3, it was a good installment to the series, not as good as The Dark Mod project. But John Romero has been given a bad rap for Diaktana and Ion Storm.

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden Feb 7 2014 replied:

you mean Doom 3 XD

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