DOOM:ONE is a new look on the classic first game DooM. Imagine, a game full of surprises, new secrets, and one continuous, fluid DooM. No loading screens, No waiting betweens levels... No breaks in the action. That is the aim of DOOM:ONE. I am working on a beta release version of the complete game. The 2nd version is available, which explains what I am trying to achieve here better than I ever could!!! I have found its best to play this with the Brutal Doom mod installed, however it is not required. This will be released as a PWAD that will work with GZDooM and Zandronum, due to the scripting involved in tying everything together. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below!

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This mod has a great flow and it also adds challenge to the first episode of Doom. The developer does a great job keeping people updated and is constantly posting pictures of his progress as he keeps working. The mod also adds more interesting details to the maps. Science labs look more like science labs, and some of the work areas look more disheveled, better driving home the fact they had been attacked unexpectedly. It really makes the maps look more like an operational paramilitary research facility. There are also nice touches of windows being in spots that weren't there before. It really adds a nice environmental touch while keeping the look from episode one that we all remember. There is also some new areas that make going from map to map believable and interesting. As of this writing, there is only episode one and the first four levels of episode 2 completed with the usual beta bugs, but I think this mod, when it's fully completed, will have great potential on adding a new fun element of one long, continuous map, to maps that all Doom fans will know, while adding some new surprises for vets, and a great intro for people wanting to introduce a new generation of people to Doom.


This is just a great mod. It really adds cool levels and new designs to the normal doom. I loved to play trough the 2 episodes and really like the leveldesign.

This is probably the coolest level mod I've seen for Doom. I figured it'd be just the levels in a row with elevators but the changes the author have made are beyond my previous expectations: he adds things like chairs and joysticks to computer terminals (small but important details), signs, and a lot of stuff that really should've been there before. It looks much better, especially with the high definition texture pack, and actually looks like it'd be a base/research lab. Aside from that, the fact that all of them are in one level is more immersive and way cooler than I'd have thought. Oh yeah, and it comes with a totally kickass soundtrack and an intro cutscene.
As much as I like the Brutalized Doom co op WAD, I probably prefer this one since it's much easier to play as one person. Both of them have an excellent amount of detail added to the levels, of course, and if you've got two people or really want a truly psychotic challenge, I suggest you play the Brutalized Doom WAD as well.
For a really good experience here's the mods I use:

Brutal Doom v19 (or whatever the latest version is when you read this)
HD Textures (ZDOOM HDTP I think is what it's called)
Doom visor hud (in the Brutal Doom addons somewhere)

As a hardcore doom fan, I find this pretty appealing, I look forward more of this, also Hexen guys on Doom was a majestic addition to this.

Keep up the good work man.

This was one of the best Doom maps I've ever played. The flow is spectacular, and the new environments (ie the hydroponics area) makes the base feel more lived in than just hallways with tech on the walls. I wish he or someone else would do the other chapters too!

Great maps ^^ ... match very well with Brutal Doom

Woah 2014 from now! is much changed this mod! and is legendary! Good mapping and good monsters, good!

This is a brief review for Doom One 0.4.1 full beta. I find this 'telling' of ultimate doom brilliant! I've never had such an impressive doom experience as the one I had with Doom One. The author of this mod has a creative strategy that's second to none. This mod is an art. A masterpiece in fact.

I rate this a well deserved 10 out of 10. I personally launched this on GZdoom 2.1 & it even ran surprisingly fine with a half dozen 2015/2016 mods for me! I don't use a whole echo system of mods (just a half dozen) so I only speak on my own behalf. And Doom One is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do yourself a favor and download it :-)

Огромное спасибо за столь шикарный .WAD! Прошел с удовольствием, автору респект!

Понравился дизайн уровней, дополнительные комнаты. Молодец, автор!


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When I first downloaded it I said hmmph, Ill play it with brutal doom cause its just a level with elevators going down to the next...I WAS WRONG! I started up and said HOLY **** this..... is ******* awesome
not only its 1 level you added Custom monsters new levels new areas.
BEST WAD EVER...but why am I giving it 9/10 because I just cant play Inferno. I have brutal doom v20 latest version of Zdoom (Tried on Gzdoom)
and it just ends.I cant skip the cutscene either, fix it and I will give 10/10

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