Welcome to Company of Heroes: Eastern Front!

Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding a full Soviet faction packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armie as well as the rugged Ostheer - a unique new Axis faction who was designed from the ground up to counter the Soviets s - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

We are constantly working to improve Eastern Front; our dedicated and experienced development team has worked on the mod for three years, and we don't intend to stop yet. The future will bring new campaigns, new reward units, further game mechanics and an overall better experience.

Special thanks to everybody who made this mod possible, including our supporters.

Extra Special Thanks to Christian Werner von Schlippenbach and Loran Dennis Kornis, much admired fellow modders who contributed so much. May you Rest in Peace friends.


Before downloading Eastern Front, please ensure that you have Company of Heroes patched to 2.700, this is vital as the mod relies on certain features from this latest patch. All future updates will be applied automatically through the Launcher.

Download EASTERN FRONT (Full) v2.30

-Does NOT require an existing Eastern Front install-

-Requires Company of Heroes ver. 2.700.2.42-

NOTE #1: Relic integrated Steamworks on Company of Heroes and turned off
the old servers since May 7th, 2013, this means the retail version is no
longer officially supported by them, so from now on, Eastern Front
can be played only with the new Steam version of CoH which
appears listed as "Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)"
in your Steam library. You can add your old CoH key in
Steam, for more information please read this.

NOTE #2: Eastern Front mod can be played in any CoH game
that is updated up to version 2.602. But you need to
install the compatibility fix for 2.602 in order to
not get a crash. If you install this fix in any
other version of CoH that is not 2.602
your mod will crash. We do not
support development for this
version of EF, so play
it at your own risk.

Problems, Issues and Bugs will get lost on our ModDB homepage.

We are warning you now that your query may not be answered by an Eastern Front developer if you post it below. We have probably already found an answer to your problem, so please follow this link to find the solution that works for you.


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RSS Articles

Good day comrades,

Today we bring you a new update about the status of the Eastern Front mod in Steam. It was a while since the last update, and while we have been busy with our own commitments outside this mod, but we are not dead and we will never be unless you read an announcement from us and you can be sure, if that moment comes you will read about it here firsthand!

Now about the content of the update, it'll be divided in sections to make it easier to read, so let's start:

1. Why the delay on the Steam version?
Besides our other commitments and obligations, we had a problem with our repository and we needed to set up another one, to those unware of that word, it means the place where we used to store the version in development from the mod was nuked so we lost the tool to centralize the changes and to avoid everyone having different changes due to the difficult of merging hundred of files, we stopped development until the server issue was resolved. Of course, since we were already busy to begin with, we delayed some time to set up a new one.

2.- When the Steam version will be released?
We had planned to release it near the current date, however, due to the situation mentioned above, the date is uncertain... however, you can be sure it will be released this year.

3. What about the models needed to replace?
We aren't finished on that, but we are closing the gap.

4. What has been changed on Eastern Front in all these months then?
So far, we have been working tunning the Soviet and Ostheer factions; we haven't made a total rework, so don't worry about having to re-learn how to use both factions. So about the changes:


The changes of the Soviets are subtle compared with the Ostheer ones, because the faction has been worked since long time ago compared to the latter. Soviets don't have new units so far, but they have received a lot of balance changes because of the feedback received in the beta.

We'll work on an updated teching system based on the feedback given from the beta players. Furthermore, the incorporation of Strafniki squads will be different from now - instead of being assault rifle infantry with ppd34 they'll receive SVT rifles.
There will be further tweaks of how the units are accessible in the future aswell as some unit availability switches.

Once the setup is clear we'll give further informations. Right now there's nothing specific.

Due to the feedback received so far, we are changing the Pool mechanic to make it better and also we are restructuring the tech path of the faction. Ostheer still has four advanced structures, however, only three of them produce units the fourth being a support-type building:

  • Infantry Gefechts Kommand
  • Schutzen War Camp
  • Panzer Kampf Kommand
  • Luftwaffe Divisions Quarter

We have removed the Infantry Gruppen post, but some of their units were put back in the remaining buildings. We are also considering how to improve the current gameplay with Ostheer, due to their use of pool based assets according to the feedback received from the beta players.

The new building, the Luftwaffe Divisions Quarter, has six plane-based abilities to support the Ostheer commander being half of them reserved to support pool and the other half for assault pool. Some of these abilities are from the Support Army Troops tree, which means we would have to replace them.

The plan we have right now(remember it is not final), is to add one of the reward command trees to replace the Support Army Troops one, and we are discussing about which will be.

There are some new variants of the halftrack planned to be used for Ostheer:

  • The Sdkfz. 251/20 (known as uhu or eagle owl), which was already announced a while ago.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/2 which carries a 81mm mortar.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/22 (nicknamed Pakwagen) which is equipped with a 75mm Pak 40 and a rear machine gunner.
  • The Sdkfz. 251/9 (nicknamed Stummel) which is equipped with a 75mm L/24 low velocity gun and a rear machine gunner.

20160609130102 120160609125942 120160609125753 120160609125842 1

The first three are going to be upgrades from the regular halftrack and we are planning to use the last one as call-in, although it is still WIP.

Furthermore, the pools no longer unlock units and the amount of total units has been reduced to streamline the faction and distinguish each unit from each other. Infantry units receive tweaks to their gear to fit them into their roles better aswell as making them more versatile in the course of the match.

The upgrades are connected to Assault and support pools. For example, Landsers when played in assault pool can upgrade MP40, while in Support Pool they get access to light MG34. Similar adjustments are made for all infantry units available to the Ostheer.

Another unit type that is heavily affected by the pools are now vehicles. The gunner/driver/commander vet system is tweaked, it no longer grants skirts or mg gunners to vehicles. Instead, each tank (StuG III, Panzer III, Panzer IV) receives the option to either upgrade Armour Skirts (Assault Pool) or Periscopes (with Support Pool) which give larger vision and weapon range to the vehicle. MG34 turret gunners are always available to the Ostheer commander.

Regarding the AI of the mod, Robotnik made tweaks so they tech faster the higher the difficulty. They also make better unit and upgrade purchasing decisions the higher the difficulty.

This would be all for this announcement, but if you have a doubt we can try to answer it in the comment section. As soon as we have all the details ready for both factions, we will let you know about it!

See you next time!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Third reward command tree: Hungarian Support

Third reward command tree: Hungarian Support

News 15 comments

This announcement is about the third reward command tree for Eastern Front, and the second for Ostheer. It was supposed to be shown last week but it wasn't...

Fourth reward command tree: Urban Combat Doctrine

Fourth reward command tree: Urban Combat Doctrine

News 12 comments

We planned to show the second reward tree for Ostheer, however, we couldn't have it ready for today and instead we present you one for the Wehrmacht faction...

Second Reward Command Tree: Mechanized Warfare Strategy

Second Reward Command Tree: Mechanized Warfare Strategy

News 25 comments

Time to post the second planned reward tree for Eastern Front, and this time is for the Red Army... The Return of the Forgotten.

First Reward Command Tree: Romanian Support

First Reward Command Tree: Romanian Support

News 32 comments

A short update about the first Foreign Command Tree that will be used as reward for an Ostheer command tree(not discussed yet).

RSS Files
Eastern Front 2.30 FULL

Eastern Front 2.30 FULL

Full Version 201 comments

Latest Version! [REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH 2.700 / "New Steam Version"] Eastern Front ver. 2.30 'Pre-Steam'

Eastern Front Compatibility Patch for CoH 2.602

Eastern Front Compatibility Patch for CoH 2.602

Patch 61 comments

If you don't want to play EF in the old 2.602 version, just avoid this patch.



Full Version 211 comments

Latest Version! [REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH 2.700 / "New Steam Version"] Eastern Front Patch 2.10 'Ostheer'



Full Version 63 comments

Latest Version! [REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH 2.700 / "New Steam Version"] Eastern Front Patch 1.80 'Doped Cope'



Full Version 86 comments

[REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH 2.602] Eastern Front Patch 1.70 'Red October'

Download the Eastern Front Soundtrack

Download the Eastern Front Soundtrack

Music 13 comments

The long waited Eastern Front OST is now released! It includes Ostheer compositions as well, everything made by our Composer Alex Cottrell.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 16,426)

I would like to make a porposal to the team of Eastern front: making a common mod together with the guys of Blitzkrieg mod.

No one of the people I know playing this game plays the original game, and we are a quite large bunch of people. But we tried the Eastern Mod and its superb. We just miss the Blitzkrieg improvements, and if we have to choose among both mods... we would go back to blitzkrieg. But why to choose?

I would definetly pay for a game like this. To hell with CoH2! It sucks. Eastern Front + Blitzkrieg mod!!!

Would you please guys consider that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

To be honest i cant understand why everyone is so focused on BK? EF was designed to be an "unofficial" addon for Relic CoH. So EF will use the combat system and dmg system of CoH vanilla. It is already a pain to get a solide balance on this system. BK is - basing on my experience - a pvp balance nightmare and monster. The "realistic" dmg system (i hate already the term because you cant simulalte "realism" in an abstract system like the pc) is a nightmare for pvp gameplay.
But thats my (!personal!) point of view. I think the most important points were already posted by Mr Burro ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

People is so focused in BK damage system because it allows you to make logical decisions in-game like you would do in a real battlefield. For example you expect a machine gun to cover effectively a sector and you dont expect an anti tank unit to reach a enemy tank aiming at them with the machine gun and the turret, thing you can do in the original game.

I totally understand your logic, but for me its a tragedy having to choose between the two mods, cause there's so much talent in both...

But as I said before, I still prefer to play realistic than playing with russians, because it allows me to think more logically even in pvp and is way funnier for me!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BurroDiablo Creator

EF has been our life for many many years now, and I don't think we're quite ready to abandon it just yet, which we'd have to if people wanted it to fit the BK style. If we ever change the mods damage system, it'd be in a similar way to Modern Combat mod, via 'Win Condition' game-modes, but even that is just an idea floating around the æther.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

i have an idea for the new steam version of the eastern front mod. the medic tent. it could have the american barracks model and would be like the medic bunker for the whermact. it would collect battlefield dead and injurded and would turn them into conscripts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

In first place thanks for the reply! It's great to hear from you guys.
I understand Steam release its a priority, and I also support that. But if I could get in contact with someone from the BK mod eager to apply the changes to your mod and add it to some kind of fusion (it would require to apply all the damage model changes), could you be willing to give your permission?
By the way I was not joking about paying for that! If this is ever going to be a thing, you will get something from us.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

That was me, sorry I forgot to login from cellphone :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BurroDiablo Creator

We've always worked on a quid pro quo system for anything bigger than a model request. If we're not offered something we need, i.e - extra modellers, animators, skinners, coders, any agreement we come to is never going to be mutually beneficial, and that's all we ask for in the end.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Also, about the AI. The Birtish AI seems worse than the original, all their trunks are't mobile, they just deploy on the starting territory and they dont't move around the battfield like the British original AI

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having a problem. When I play skirmish (with AI), after 15-20 minutes the game stop, and the screen says "Fatal AI error"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have the same problem. Occurs on every map and has made this mod unplayable. No other mods installed either.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There is an error in your installation.
Check our board at easternfront.org => Bug & Tech-Support.
Thank you very much.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Highest Rated (35 agree) 10/10

For those who know what Company of Heroes is, I will just review what the Eastern Front mods does. Overview: This mods adds the Soviet Union and soon the Ostheer, or the East Germany Army, to the Company of heroes game. You can still play the other factions, so there isn't a need to panic about not being able to play the Us or the Wermacht. Gameplay: Playing as the Soviets can be both fun and difficult. You begin the game with no engineers, and upgrades cost both fuel and ammo, so you can do what…

Jan 21 2010 by moraman

Lowest Rated (25 agree) 3/10

Simply, the Soviet faction is crap, the infantry is weak and costs too much, and if you actually can manage to play a game online your bound to get pwned by any other faction, even the US could kick the Soviet's ass easily if you could put them against each other. ------------------------------------------------ Update: Id be happy if they properly balanced their own units. Jagdtigers that are weaker than King Tigers, over expensive upgrades and units, units that aren't equal to the resources they…

Jan 21 2010 by ComradeWinston


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Hello comrades! It is time for a short announcement! It is about the first reward command tree!... Fb.me

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