This mod brings the Black Templars Fighting Company to DoW:Soulstorm game.
Black Templars are zealous space marines that prefer close combat over ranged warfare.
Templars are added as the separate game faction, so this mod does not change the original gameplay of Soulstorm.

Mod team:

Me, aka jONES1979 (AE- ,OE-, AI-coding, voices post-processing)
Skinnie (AE-coding, FX-es)
Melooo (3D models, AE-, OE-coding)
Claymore MD (music, video)
Shodar (testing)


The mod based on models made by Melooo, and also reused his gameplay ideas about how to implement Black Templar's 'close to codex' style.
Also this mod utilize some other FOK/POK assets, like updated sound effects and FX-es. THANK YOU, FOK team, you are Best among DoW1 modders.
This mod would not exist without helps of Skinnie.
Glorious Thudmeiser, who organized voice scripting and recording process for the entire Warhammer 40k modding community. Follow his work on Revora!
Claymore MD made the cool trailer for this mod, and also he granted us permission to use some of his music tracks.
Great thanks to forum members who provide me a vital data about mod balance, etc: EyePatch, BloodyVomit, I_Chample, Amibari_Sen (and his friend).


- This mod requires DoW SS Advanced AI ver. 3.2 mod to play!
- This mod requires the latest Objective Points mod to play!
This mod is for DoW:Soulstorm only. Tested on both CD/DVD and Steam versions.


- Mod thread on Relicnews forum
- Mod thread on Revora forum
- Mod thread on Warforge.RU forum
- Mod community in Vkontakte (на русском!)

Other links:

- The latest (2015-08-24) Objective Points mod is now on Moddb, but also at Mediafire, check what's inside on Revora
- Best Played with: DoW Codex Mod
- Try BT mod with: Soulstorm:Strongholds mission pack
- Revora forum is the good place for modding and team collaborations. Plenty of unique options for mods hosting, developing and discussions.

- BTmod gameplay FAQ and tutorials

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Greetings, brothers-in-arms!

Our friend BoyarTactics made the cool movie series about the "Black Templars: Kaurava Crusade" mod! It includes the review, units preview in Army Painter, the tutorial and the bunch of recorded skirmishes for everyone's fun!

Updated 2016-03-16 All BoyarTactics BTmod videos playlist

Updated 2016-01-24 with new "How to install the mod", see below


How to install ver.


The full play-list is here: Youtube Enjoy watching!

Black Templars mod F.A.Q.

Black Templars mod F.A.Q.

Feature 8 comments

From time to time people are surprised by gameplay nuances they found. So here the F.A.Q.

The BT mod trailer 2013

The BT mod trailer 2013

News 3 comments

The new promo-trailer-overview video from our friends ""!

Black Templars Beta-4 is released 2012.02.12

Black Templars Beta-4 is released 2012.02.12

News 6 comments

The February 2012) Beta-4 mod build public release is uploaded. Read more about whats we have...

Black Templars Beta-3 is released 2011.10.11

Black Templars Beta-3 is released 2011.10.11

News 0 comments

The public beta-3 release is released at October 2011

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Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod beta-5

Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod beta-5

Full Version 51 comments

The latest October.2012 Beta-5 release of the Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod. Now with new intro movie :)

Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod beta-5.5.022

Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod beta-5.5.022

Patch 8 comments

Patch contains a vital balance changes. Also updated models and settings and "Heroes" wincondition. Just unpack into your Soulstorm with rewrite.

DoW Community Map Pack 1-4

DoW Community Map Pack 1-4

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

The most known community map pack of the past decade, age of glory of DoW modding. Uploaded 17-11-2006 on Now saved on Moddb.

Dawn Of Skirmish AI Mod v3.20 for DOW:Soulstorm

Dawn Of Skirmish AI Mod v3.20 for DOW:Soulstorm

Patch 1 comment

"Dawn Of Skirmish" v3.20 Advanced AI Mod for DoW:Soulstorm by Skirmish AI Team

Streets of Magerion DOW:SS map

Streets of Magerion DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

Here is one of my(Skinne) old maps that was kinda popular. I(Skinne) decided to put it on Moddb, since most of the old links are no longer available...

Shape of Things That Were (Svarog #5), DOW:SS map

Shape of Things That Were (Svarog #5), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 6 comments

Latest map set in the Svarog Sector. Should depict an archaeological site with 4 height levels and several SCAR additions to make the map more exciting...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 142)

Could it possibly be that I forgot to download your majestic latest
OP mod, that models of Admech and Rubric LP's when placing are invisible? xD
Well, thank you Captain-brother, see you later when Blood Angels will be released.

Emperor protects

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Great Mod, i Love your Work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jONES1979 Creator

Ah, thank you!
Please, Rate and Share!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
jONES1979 Creator

A bunch of real multiplayer matchups (Human vs Human) in BT mod beta-5.5.022 (Fun game of complete dual extermination) (Siege and counterattack) (A really long Tier 4 confrontation) (Templars teching vs Ork rush = economic fail) (Under Eldar besiegement) (Templar vs Templar)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

how does one install this mod to the actual game I have never modded anything though I have helped design mods

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jONES1979 Creator

Actual BT mod consits from 4 files, take them here:

Proper order:
- Install AI mod
- Install main BT mod (biggest one)
- Unpack beta-5.5.022 patch into game folder, confirm overwrite.
- Unpack OP_SS mod, confirm overwrite.

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jONES1979 Creator

The latest "how to install BT mod" video-tutorial by BoyarTactics!

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Thank you jONES1979 :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

although I don't use your mod, out of all the maps I have found for the original dawn of war ss expansion yours are superior to most of what I find good work on those

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

A mere suggestion jONES. Could you update the installation of the mod packing the current patch AND dismissing some old content?

I think (but it is just a guess) that the current beta is old enough (2012?) in a way that may contain some content not actualized and that may cause conflict with your new releases of Objective points.

The race mods should be free of Obj points content and address to it instead of including it. I think many of them do it but the exe of this beta still contains it.

If I'm wrong I apologize.

I noticed that there's some extra modifications on lua files of other races, either from DoW or other mods as Salamanders. I think they're related to resize. The logfile of the mod is very complete and readable but doesn't mention this modifications and should be pointed out as well.

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