My very first attempt at creating a full race mod for Dawn of War, featuring... THE FARSIGHT ENCLAVES!!! Why? Is it because I'm a blue-skinned weaboo sympathizer? By the Emperor, no, they can't even melee! Except... that Farsight fellow, such a badass... Ahem, anyway, there is already a mod for Tau Enclaves underway by brother Thudmeiser however I have his permission to release my build in the meantime. I created this mod on my own mostly, with reference to other awesome existing mods such as Tau_Mod, UA, Eternal Confrontation, etc. I wouldn't have been able to complete it without help from brother Gambit and Norwegian_Loki. I... can't remember if there was anyone else, if there was my apologies! Anyway, straight to the point, behold my release of the Farsight Enclaves, fully playable even with Heroes scar support! Unfinished are team colours, thus the default black slates and no working ai... yet. PS - It's a WIP that's only just taking its first steps!

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Farsight Enclaves Mod


And a blessed greetings to you, good reader!

Welcome to my very first mod page and very first full race mod! First off, I am only a beginner when it comes to the modding business, I’m also only just decent in IT stuff. But I LOVE what mods are capable of, as well as the passion and devotion of members of the modding community.

It is thanks to mods that 40k is thriving in digital gaming! And there are SO many fantastic mods and projects in existence for Dawn of War: Soulstorm itself! So I thought, what if I try to give spotlight to one of the coolest Tau forces who aren’t afraid to MELEE!

Farsight-kun kakkoi-desu!

Of course, there were obstacles such as the fact that I didn’t know how to mod initially and also that I found out later on that an Enclaves project has been underway for a while by Thudmeiser. Speaking of which, thank you again, brother Thudo, for allowing my release of my build! I also received a lot of help from brother Gambit, Norwegian Loki and all other supporting members of the modding community.

Anyway, this is my first steps in modding and I hope I was able to portray the Farsight Enclaves in all their rebellious glory!

May you enjoy!


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Enclaves (meatshi3ld) 1.1

Enclaves (meatshi3ld) 1.1


First mod of mine featuring the Farsight Enclaves, all rights to their respective owners. Feel free to leave any comments, reviews and suggestions.

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Thank you for doing this mod. Farsight is my favorite faction, they have the Greater Good ideology without the brain washing. I hope you will keep it up ^^.

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meatshi3ld Creator

Thank you to all who tried out this demo of mine which was my first attempt at creating a full race mod, you guys are what's keeping this community alive and thriving!

A reminder though, that this is a demo and a proper Enclaves mod that has been under way longer than I joined in here will replace this mod upon release. So unfortunately, creating a functioning ai for this mod will be redundant.

Please be patient and said patience shall be rewarded in the future with a complete Enclaves mod.

Thank you for your attention, For the Greater God-Emperor!

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no teaser just straight forward release you played it once very satisfied hope someone can help you with the AI;s later

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meatshi3ld Creator

Thanks for liking it! The ai issue is being worked on as priority!

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Absolutely awesome!
A little OP, but, well... it's work-in-progress :)

Keep it up!

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meatshi3ld Creator

Thank you so much! Feel free to give suggestions, they’ll really help!

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Balance-wise, you get the same fire warriors as vanilla Tau for 20 req less (when it comes to reinforcements), at least at Tier I (can't remember the upgraded statistics after Tier II research).
I think it's not easy to balance fluff and gameplay... For instance, all races have a Tier I commander (or command squad), while the Enclaves "only" get the Eight later on. I'm not sure how they would hold up against a big mek or a force commander (though I usually don't use commanders at Tier I myself, but the AI tends to retreat rather than push, even when their commander could really corner you). However, you can't just put a "generic Tau commander" just because, right?

Resources are another thing... Even though I understand the will of putting a research for each caste in the armory, and the water caste would indeed feel more related to economy than other things, that is only one upgrade while other races have to go through four (two for requisition and two for power). Not mentioning rates here, I haven't been too attentive on that front :D

Listening posts... They can't be upgraded... I haven't been able to properly test their active defense skill, but I am more concerned about the economic and structure resiliance aspect: other races may upgrade LP to make them sturdier, meaner (with guns) and produce more requisition. I'm not sure it can be properly balanced with just one research (though I doubt anyone ever upgrades ALL their LP to Tier II in a game).

Mercenaries... the Kroot and Vespid may be fine, albeit perhaps they may need a soft-cap of one each rather than a hard cap of one at all. The gue'vesa... Fluff-wise, I doubt Farsight Enclaves would be able to field an entire regiment of gue'vesa so a limit is fine, but it's still imperial guardsmen. Just one squad with no special weapons choices doesn't count much, when you can have fire warriors shooting harder and from farther plus their own support abilities. Not sure they can just be given imperial granade launchers. Do they have some strange feat that I haven't noticed, like a super-fast reinforce rate?

Drones... Maybe allowing fielding one more squad at a time? :)

And, maybe allowing for one more (hard-capped) kroot mercenary squad of some sort? Haven't really tested the vespid in close combat, but... maybe one more close combat unit would be handy.

There's a few animation issues with Farsight when shooting and/or moving. Nothing strange I noticed on his close-combat animations.

Looking forwards to seeing developements :D

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meatshi3ld Creator

These are all very good feedback and will be taken into account. Thank you very much for your input! Making changes as we speak as well as coding the ai files

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After a game I've noticed this : I don't know if this have to do with the absence of default team color, but when you play as the Farsight enclave with or against regular Tau Empire, Tau Empire takes the color scheme of Your Enclave Farsight army. (Sorry if I report a bug that was already known ^^")

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meatshi3ld Creator

Yes, the team colour for Enclaves is an issue to solve along with the ai. Thanks for the feedback!

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