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Mod Cancelled

Firefight Project 3 comments

I regret to announce that this mod is cancelled. Thank you to all fans who have supported the project, but unfortunately the development team never fully...

Firefight Project 0 comments

NEW DOMAIN! Site will be back up in August.

Site Recovery Overdue

Firefight Project 0 comments

Although it was stated that the site would be back up by the 12th, it seems the domain is still not available for renewal. Please stick with us, we'll...

Finally Figured it Out

Firefight Project 0 comments

We've finally figured it out. We were late in renewing the domain, and so we have to wait untill June 12th to get it back. Otherwise it would cost...

Still Having Domain Issues

Firefight Project 0 comments

We're still having some issues with the domain. It seems the address is still registered to us, but we cannot renew it. It's a very weird issue...

Site Down Due to Technical Issues. Back Up Soon.

Firefight Project 0 comments

The site will be down for the next few days while we iron out some technical issues. We will make a post here when it is back online.

M14 WiP

Firefight Project 0 comments

We've added the M-14 to the Media: WiP section. This weapon will be pivotal to the Designated Marksman role on the US team. (Click here to see the...


Firefight Project 0 comments

Well then, our first Alpha is almost ready for testing (Alpha 1.0). This buid will test core concepts, and will be strictly code, that is, no custom content...

WiP Media Section - M4A1 Model Touched Up

Firefight Project 4 comments

We have updated the website with a new "Works In Progress" Media section ( here ). We have already posted model renders of the current M4A1...

Works In Progress Section

Firefight Project 2 comments

We have decided to put up a "Works In Progress" section on the site and forums . It will showcase some of the work we've been doing, while...

Firefight Project Promo Media

Firefight Project 3 comments

The Firefight Project is an HL2 multiplayer modification that is focused on producing a game where firefights are the prominent gameplay dynamic. Firefight...

Pre-Alpha Development Underway

Firefight Project 2 comments

We've begun production of the Pre-Alpha build, that is, a test of core concepts sans any custom content (besides the code of course). We're...

More Info Published/Forums Up

Firefight Project 2 comments

More information has been published regarding the setting and general design of the mod. The details, that is, the bread and butter of this project will...

Reporting In

Firefight Project 0 comments

Still working on the project. Nothing in particular to report, but I wanted to post to let you guys know we're still up and running. We are still...

Production Continues

Firefight Project 0 comments

Seeing as how we are still generally in the early stages of production, I would like to note that there will not be many more updates for a while. The...


Firefight Project 0 comments

In the time since our last post, we have gained 7 new members, all of which are currently working on producing content. I would like to note that as of...

Coder Found / FF Project Graduation Soon

Firefight Project 0 comments

We have finally found a talented and dedicated coder. His name is Sloanbone of "Fl3x Mod" fame. We should have an internal concept test version...

New Members and Top 5

Firefight Project 0 comments

Well then, we have aquired 3 new members on the team since this mod's inception only a week ago. The first is CapNeatoMan, a sound/music/skiner guy...

Firefight Project | New Promo Images

Firefight Project 0 comments

The Firefight Project for HL2 has just recently registered with ModDB, and uploaded some beta images of their test map. Take a look.

Broken Link

News 0 comments

Apparently our mod's shortURL was not working properly. is broken. However, our new link is not, please feel free to visit it. It is

Firefight Project

News 0 comments

"This project, deemed the "Firefight Project" for the time being, is a gameplay experiment with the goal of discovering the specific elements...

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