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nervousquirrel Oct 22 2008, 1:47pm replied:

Lol, I was totally "wtf?" when he started flying. But it was pretty well done either way. Good music choice and pretty good editing.

+1 vote   news: Flying Fenix - A Gears of War Machinima
nervousquirrel Dec 13 2007, 9:19am says:

Wow, this is really great. Thanks for writing this.

+1 vote   tutorial: Post Mortem
nervousquirrel Oct 24 2007, 3:16pm says:

Ah, what a shame. You all did some quality work.

+1 vote   news: RIP NightFall
nervousquirrel Apr 28 2007, 6:31pm says:

Quote:As I watched hundreds of my drones swarming upon the last few survivors, I experienced an evil sense of hilarity I hadn’t felt since playing Dungeon Keeper back during junior high. When I ran forward into the zombie onslaught and started beating them with my sledgehammer, trying in vain to draw attention away from the others, any negative thoughts about playing this mod vanished.

What game were you playing, and were you the Zombie Master or a Survivor? You can't spawn hundreds of drones... sounds like you got too excited while writing this review.

+1 vote   review: Zombie Master
nervousquirrel Jan 24 2007, 6:24pm says:

Quote:making it worth questioning whether World War II was actually that much fun.

lol, it was a freakin war!

+1 vote   review: Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
nervousquirrel Jan 20 2007, 1:44pm says:

I like the concept, and it seems like it could be a really interesting way to tell a story. I was especially surprised at how you gave two different solutions to getting in the back door of the book store. My only problem here was how vague the dumpster puzzle was. I suppose if I had been playing the game for a while I would have learned to look for those kinds of things, but it was still a bit strange, I mean, how did those planks of wood get there anyways?

+2 votes   mod: Iris
nervousquirrel Sep 9 2006, 1:15pm says:

counldt find a team. it's a shame.

+1 vote   news: Mod Cancelled
nervousquirrel Aug 22 2006, 1:19am says:

Cancelled. Read news.

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Jun 16 2006, 9:51am says:

Heh, apparently more than a few days. Pleae check the News for updates.

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Jun 9 2006, 10:47pm says:

I read what this mod is about... you're a moron.

+1 vote   mod: God Damned Undead
nervousquirrel May 14 2006, 10:26am says:

Yah, the site will be back up in a few days. We're having some issues with the domain.

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Apr 29 2006, 1:18pm says:

You guys have really impressed me. Good job with this project.

+1 vote   mod: Hidden Source
nervousquirrel Apr 25 2006, 6:26pm says:

So. *******. Sweet.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
nervousquirrel Apr 23 2006, 9:27pm says:

Havn't trademarked it yet.

Terminal, I know it's not much to show right now. Check out our site for a few more renders:

We'll have more once we get a few skinners to help out. If this doesn't impress you, the future of our project will.

+1 vote   media: M4A1 Assault Rifle Mesh Render - Pre-Alpha Promo
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 6:18pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 11:05am says:

I like the feature, but the problem with periodical columns/features are that they require monthly installments, and mods don't tend to offer that kind of content so frequently.

+1 vote   poll: Mod of the Month - a good feature?
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 11:02am says:

Quote:Don't make the weapon take up the whole screen. I hate it.

The screenshot you see here is a likely position for our aiming system. We'll publish more information later on regarding how that will work.

Thanks for the compliments guys, it really helps.

+1 vote   news: WiP Media Section - M4A1 Model Touched Up
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:24am says:


+1 vote   news: Dreamscape Fine Specimen Wallpapering and More!
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:14am says:

I think the issue lies in how early on you publish your project, not that you publish early. People want to play it, but they also want to be impressed. That's why they tend to jump all over mods that feel incomplete, or that use placeholders. Mods are about new experiances, and in the past years they've grown into what are essentially, free games. So if you come out with something that doesn't feel fresh, or is painfully incomplete, then the community is likely to reject it, since for all intents and purposes it's not so much a game but a hassle/waste of time.

+1 vote   poll: A mod should release...
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:03am says:


+1 vote   news: More Info Published/Forums Up
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:03am says:


+1 vote   news: Pre-Alpha Development Underway
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:02am says:

Thanks, make sure to check out the most recent updates.

+1 vote   news: Firefight Project Promo Media
nervousquirrel Apr 20 2006, 3:00am says:

Thanks, I'm glad you're enthusiastic about the project. About the weaponry... we considered making this mod in a sort of "sci-fi" setting, but we tossed that out for various reasons, not the least of which is the fact that we are fond of the modern combat setting. The use of particularly conventional weaponry (the M4A1, and not a variant), is due to the game design, which would make such things somewhat superfluous.

Despite the conventional weaponry, I assure you the gameplay will not suffer. Things will stay in the realm of reality of course, but don't confuse that with an effort to make this another "realism" mod. The weapons will function as you might expect, but their properties and the systems behind their use are what we are counting on as the core of this project, and the workhorse behind the firefight dynamic.

+1 vote   news: Works In Progress Section
nervousquirrel Apr 10 2006, 2:48am says:

Thanks alot. You can view an updated version of the M4A1 at our site, in the Media Section.

Here's a link:

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Apr 5 2006, 9:37am says:

doesnt work for me, i just get a bunch of white blocks. what's up? i have a ati x800 and the latest dx

+1 vote   news: -Twilight Parallax Mod Release-
nervousquirrel Mar 11 2006, 9:09pm says:

Sure, we can use help. Anyone who's interested in helping out is welcome to contact me about it. We'll talk it over and see if we can't work something out.

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Mar 9 2006, 11:32pm says:

Lol, the post said a week or so. No worries, it's coming ;)

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Mar 1 2006, 5:17pm says:

Yeah, we are progressing. If there are people out there willing to help, this project will suceed. It's just tough as hell to find good members. We're trying really hard to secure a couple of programmers. We have one returning programmer, LordBronz, who is working on our first Alpha build. We're looking for another though to help him out.

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Feb 5 2006, 2:00pm says:

:) site up with new forums :)

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Project
nervousquirrel Dec 17 2005, 2:30am says:


+2 votes   news: Media & Gameplay update.
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