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MasterofMetal Jul 1 2015, 7:37am replied:

Cops here in Australia are chill and you can strike up a casual conversation with them if you can buck up the courage, but they don't f*ck around when things get real.

So I guess it's sort of an inherited trait from our British ancestors?

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MasterofMetal Jun 26 2015, 9:18pm replied:

BMV's talking about why THE ACCIDENT happened.

+7 votes   media: Driver!
MasterofMetal Jun 20 2015, 11:19am says:

Smelling of petrol?
Religious fanaticism stinking our armpits?
A functional-if-slightly-oppressive government running amok in your hair?
Then what you need is the all new Democracy Deodorant, guaranteed to give your entire facelift* from your fingers to your toes. Our product works in three stages: it identifies the affected areas using our groundbreaking Once-over process, rushes in and covers over the bad smells, then is worn down by the odours after ten or so years and eventually gives up, leaving your body completely liberated**.
Hurry! This offer also includes the Freedom Toothpaste set, FREE of charge.

*Democracy Deoderant does not guarantee success and takes no responsibility of any side-effects.
**A second and third dose is recommended.

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MasterofMetal Jun 18 2015, 12:29pm replied:


That's racist.

+3 votes   media: India under nuclear Threat.
MasterofMetal Jun 16 2015, 8:31pm replied:

The dark knight rises.

+1 vote   media: Sorry for that!
MasterofMetal Jun 15 2015, 4:51am says:

True blue beaute, mate. Luv ya fellas!

+3 votes   news: That's Not A Knife!
MasterofMetal Jun 13 2015, 8:27am says:

They're going to make an MLP version of it. I guarantee it.

+2 votes   media: Grand design
MasterofMetal Jun 13 2015, 8:19am replied:

But why is one better that the other?

All Uzis are beautiful.

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MasterofMetal Jun 7 2015, 6:53am replied:

I hope this project turns out well for you.

I along with a few friends are trying to make our own dinosaur game ourselves. In what program did you model the raptors in and how difficult was it for you to model them?

+1 vote   media: Aftermath Environment Showcase
MasterofMetal Jun 6 2015, 1:21pm says:

Conceptcrash, I would like to apologise for a misunderstanding on the Christmas video.
I was trying to sound like I was building up for a violent rant over how you should have allocated your time better,but then dismiss it with kinder words. Obvously "Nice. Thankyou" was not the best choice as you and many others saw them as harsh sarcasm.
So I would like to say I have the utmost respect for your work and offer my apologies again, and hope you would accept them.

+2 votes   media: Aftermath Environment Showcase
MasterofMetal Jun 3 2015, 4:56am replied:

I feel guilty for the Aboriginals here in Australia, for the stolen generations, for the smoking and drinking we've introduced...
Any time I see an indigenous person on the bus who smells of drugs (not limited to the indigenous) or holds a blunt in their fingers, or who's acting off of their head, or who says "this is our land", I feel guilty. Sure they're a little nuts and maybe they made the bad decisions in life, but the Europeans forced them into those notches, and from my understanding - no matter what the government has done - the aboriginals have kept themselves there. Not all of them, but a large amount.
Don't know where I was going with this, I guess I was trying to show the contrast between America and Australia.

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MasterofMetal Jun 1 2015, 2:33am replied:

Kalga will take a tomato.
How far are YOU willing to go?

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MasterofMetal May 28 2015, 9:08am replied:

All around me are familiar faces.

+1 vote   media: The Elephant's Garden
MasterofMetal May 28 2015, 6:06am replied:

"For" research.

+1 vote   media: Was looking for the "Medal of ho" picture....
MasterofMetal May 27 2015, 5:56am says:

Metal shin and arm guards coupled with bullet-resistant thigh pads and vest. Like the up-armoured helmet too.
Also we have a new sketcher on board with the project. Meet me after exams tomorrow.

+1 vote   media: Marine concept
MasterofMetal May 26 2015, 7:18am says:

Which do you think came first, the animation or the music?

+1 vote   media: The Elephant's Garden
MasterofMetal May 25 2015, 11:07am replied:

Nailed the colour scheme.

+1 vote   media: Tavorkan
MasterofMetal May 25 2015, 8:05am replied:

I wot m80?
Lil boi, I don no how 2 even do dem xXx_69PRO_MODDB420_XxX pages. So don't u b tellin' me Imma casual, filthee scrublord. Or I'll bash u, I swear on me mum!

Really, a tutorial would be nice.

+1 vote   member: MasterofMetal
MasterofMetal May 25 2015, 8:00am says:

Holy mother of God...
Cartoony, but superbly done.
On Thursday I'll hand you the sketches you did before and you can do them digitally too.

On a side note, it's the UNMC now, not UNCR.

+1 vote   media: Tavorkan
MasterofMetal May 13 2015, 7:27am says:

You can even understand some of the words (0:25)

+4 votes   media: They're evolving
MasterofMetal May 10 2015, 12:35am replied:

*Re-adjusts glasses, jots down notes*
Kalga, are you one who is interested such activities?

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MasterofMetal May 10 2015, 12:27am says:

Was going to make a lesbian joke, but I don't speak to pu$$ies...
Did I go too far?

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MasterofMetal May 6 2015, 4:30am says:

My dad bought the entire Star Wars saga for Blu-Ray a few months ago. A few weeks after we watched them all, I - VI.

I have to agree.

Battlefront is going to be a disappointment.
So, J.J. Abrams, deliver as big of a blast as you did with the Star Trek reboots and you will be God to two fanbases of nerds.

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MasterofMetal May 3 2015, 8:28am replied:

But... you're a cat?

+4 votes   media: Sad life
MasterofMetal May 1 2015, 3:58am says:

Just a quick question.
How do you go about making scopes? Is it just a tube with a 2D polygon at the end that acts as a zoom-in camera, or... How? I'm trying to model for myself.

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MasterofMetal Apr 29 2015, 4:31am says:

Filthee casuals

+1 vote   media: fandom
MasterofMetal Apr 25 2015, 5:31am replied:

Why, you ask?

Because we're not cowards like yourself, m8.

+1 vote   media: Meanwhile in Australia
MasterofMetal Apr 20 2015, 1:44pm says: +5 votes   media: max pain
MasterofMetal Apr 20 2015, 9:04am replied:

Sorry, not even close.
It's Ori and the Blind Forest.

+1 vote   media: Who knows this game?
MasterofMetal Apr 16 2015, 9:11pm replied:

"Cat pictures"

+4 votes   media: 10 Weirdest Reasons Students Were Given Detention
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