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Forgotten Hope 2

Mod review

Global Storm

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod is not the best of the best sorts. It is nothing compared to Project Reality or Forgotten Hope 2, yet it makes up with the simple and undeniable fact; its simplicity. In my opinion, it is the best 'minor' mod, and I say that because it is not a complete overhaul of the game or total conversion or anything of the sort, I mean it is minor in the sense that it doesn't change a lot. It adds and changes simple things, like adding all map sizes to singleplayer, or kicking up the accuracy of weapons, or showing where enemy ground vehicles are while in an attack helicopter. These simple changes are what I love about the mod, and the fact it is still a work in progress makes me like it even more because we can say what we do and don't like, and Foxfort may or may not change things. The animations are getting better, textures are being enhanced and now vehicles will be improved - though it has not been specified how. His skills have definitely improved since the first release and he is certainly getting better. I wonder how long it will be until this Battlefield 2.5 comes out.


Mount and Blade: Imperialism

Mod review

An overall good mod. However, there are a few bugs, or things that need to be worked on:

Invisible legs
Bare chested lords
Bots not reloading
Bots not engaging melee

If those were fixed, and perhaps more new things added, then this would be the perfect mod.



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One of the best mods I've ever played. And great to see a mod that has the Maus. If they can find a 3D modeller, that'll be great because then they can end the Maus's tyranny with the allied heavies (T-29, T-30 etc) if they decide to put them in. An equally daunting goliath to the Germans would be the T-95. This experimental Tank Destroyer was only able to pass trials right before the end of the war.
Once they find a 3D modeller, this will be absolutely perfect!
Also, think of the other two factions; British and Panzer Elite. For Britain, I say the Tortoise, and Panzer Elite have the E-100, or maybe stick with the non-realistc theme and go for the LANDKRUEZER!

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