The most world-class game engine to date, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power to do more than ever before. Bring your creative visions to life directly in game without programmer assistance via the new Unreal Blueprint.

Unreal Engine 4’s architecture offers fully dynamic lighting features, cutting down on development time and ensuring less iteration on creative ideas. With significant new visual features, Unreal Engine 4 enables you to achieve high-end visuals, while remaining both scalable and accessible to make games for low-spec PCs.

Tool highlights/features for developers include:
  • Make updates directly in game without ever pausing gameplay with Hot Reload. This tool allows you to quickly find and edit C++ code and see those changes reflected immediately in game.
  • After an update is made, Instant Game Preview gives you the power to spawn a player and play anywhere in game without needing to wait for files to save.
  • The all-new Code View saves you time by allowing you to browse C++ functions directly on game characters then jump straight to source code lines in Visual Studio to make changes.
  • Live Blueprint Debugging enables you to interactively visualize the flow of gameplay code while testing your game.
  • Now you can quickly debug and update gameplay behaviors when they happen through the new Simulate Mode. This tool lets you run game logic in the editor viewport and inspect AI as the game characters perform actions.
  • View your game in full-screen within the editing environment with the Immersive View tool. This allows programmers to complete iterations on gameplay changes without added UI clutter or distractions.
  • Possess/Eject Features allow at any time while playing in editor to easily “eject” from the player and take control of the camera to inspect specific in-game objects that may not be behaving properly.
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Weekly Report - 32

This week the update is a little light on the big changes; due to time off for Thanksgiving and family. A big part of the work was also put into testing and finalizing the new checkout system and work on the improvements to the distribution system, both of which are not directly part of the game. We’re also preparing a to start creating the final set of meshes for the exterior of Ro’to village, meaning we’ll finally be able to get that ingame. At the same time, I was able to do some early design work on a new AI personality system, and we’re starting work on a whole batch of new creatures. Exciting times are ahead!

Weekly Report   32

This week's additions

  • Expanded Area: Sa’le’talo Canyon - This week, Sa’le’talo canyon (the northmost canyon) was expanded to connect with the recently expanded Da’te’coro canyon, via the pit. The map was updated to reflect this. This area is notable only insofar as it’s likely the last new exterior area for a while. Most landscape work will likely be to bring the oldest areas up to date, and add some additional caves.

  • Tessellation and World Displacement - Tessellation and World Displacement was added to the game, resulting in a much higher detailed terrain mesh. Offsetting this, the very small rocks scattered on the landscape have been removed (at least temporarily) as tessellation effectively removes the need for them.

  • (More) Improved Landscape Textures - Some of the weaker landscape textures from the last update were revised again, making them a moderate amount -more- realistic looking, and improving visual quality. The old landscape textures were removed, helping to maintain installation size.

  • Weapon Stamina Cost Adjustments - Weapon stamina costs were adjusted again, in order to more effectively balance them with the new prominence of food and virtues which affect stamina values and regeneration.

  • Atmospheric Fog Tweaks - Improved and optimized the atmospheric fog being used. It should now look more appealing, especially at sunset and sunrise, with the introduction of some additional color adjustments.

  • New Object Pickup and Drop Sounds - Many new sounds were added for when the player picks up and when the player drops an item. This should be a decent improvement over the generic sound used for

  • Improved Water Sources - The water sources where you can refill your water items, now also work on water horns. In addition, your character now automatically sates their entire thirst. Meaning you don’t have to refill, drink, and refill again!

  • Fixed: Dolfog Footstep Sounds - Fixed a bug which was causing the dolfog to use some of the old footstep sounds; causing confusion and consternation!

So, moving forward this week, we’re going to hopefully be debuting our new checkout system. Beyond that, we’re going to do some code cleanup, to make sure the foundation continues to be solid. The non-code work is going to be focusing on the exterior area of Ro’to village, getting it ready for it’s introduction to the game.

See you next week!


32   1

32   2

32   3

32   4

Vizaris is an open world, fantasy roleplaying game, with singleplayer and 6 player co-op multiplayer. Vizaris focuses on player choice and freedom.

You can play Vizaris right now by going to , Every dollar goes to supporting the development of the game, meaning more content at a faster rate. Free press access available! Questions, comments, help, and feedback welcome!

Faceless ~ December 2015 Mini-Update

Faceless ~ December 2015 Mini-Update

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Project Genom - update and the results of the alpha test

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Elder Thing Animation
At the Mountains of Madness

Elder Thing Animation

1 day ago At the Mountains of Madness 0 comments

Low poly model from a Lovecraft’s Elder Thing for ingame scenes. This self made model has 8.118 triangles and 4.263 vertices

Post-apocalyptic Action MMO Pangaea: New World hits Kickstarter
Pangaea: New World

Post-apocalyptic Action MMO Pangaea: New World hits Kickstarter

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redgrape404 Nov 22 2015 says:

First off, the video and the features is what I would like to have a Woody Woodpecker Tourment on Unreal Engine 4 and some single player campaigns in a redone and rewritten version of Woody Woodpecker Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park and the fifth installment of Crazy Castle all done by the commuity and Epic Games with some imput from CliffyB
Seconed off, the graphics looks like it's from the real world and imgain what Woody Woodpecker and all his pals from both classic times and modern times would look like in that said engin with full textures (especially on their gloves) realistic lighting and best of all the weapons used in Woody Woodpecker Tournemt and in single player would be exquisite
Escape form Buzz Buzzaard Park;
The game takes place in the universe cartoon of Wood Woodpecker. For much of the adventure, the player is Woody Woodpecker . During the absence of Woody's Knothead his nephew and niece Splinter were abducted by the Machiavellian Buzz Buzzard, which requires an exorbitant ransom for their release. Unwilling to pay,Woody goes in search of the missing by venturing into the huge and dangerous amusement park built by Buzz Buzzard rescuing then andthe three looks n the park for Buzz and they turnd up nothing then the three split up to search for Buzz in the places where he'd gose, Knothaed storms Rágñarök, a Mexican nightclub where Buzz gose there and the area where the henchmen from all three factions meets, Splinter storms the corporate HQ where Tweaky is residing with Buzz's finest and Woody storms Buzz's manor bult with the revue from his park, Buzz dose not turn up in all three places then the three woodpeckers soon gose back to the park to find him readying a portal and two WMDs made one with the devil's power and the other with rodent killer that'll ruin both the Rodentian's own buness and the faire's magis and start a one gigundo Fairy-Human-Rodent war but Buzz sends the three woodpeckers to the deepest parts of the pary but they dsoon reunite and they defuse the WMDs and termaites him then they head home to watch some Zack Zorbar but the news shows up rather than Zack Zorbar that the birdie's raids did not go unnoticed and Mother Nature apperds who needs Woody's help badley when the Fairy World is overrunned by demons, Buzz's force [a fraction of what the faced in the park, night club, and corporate HQ] and a galactic dictator who leads them all Woody accpes and poofs away in a Half Life ending while Knothead and Splinter are hailed heros with the absence of Woody Woodpecker; paveing the way for the next part

+1 vote     reply to comment
jpd101 Oct 11 2015 says:

Hi im new to the programming world im just starting to learn, i just wanted to ask a question. Would it be possible to create a game on the unreal engine 4 so it could resemble something like this:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Oct 12 2015 replied:

Yes it is possible but understand your game wont look like that instantaneously. It will probably take a few years to get it to look like that but really it will take a few years for any game engine.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jpd101 Oct 15 2015 replied:

I seems to me that these videos were created in real time rendering is that why it looks so realisic. i compare them to capturing video with an old camcorder. i did find an engine thats almost smiliar to the videos above. I went to their website but i dont think their engine is for public use. check it out Unreal doesnt compare to this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jih1111 Oct 7 2015 says:

eww... UE4 is an awful engine really

+1 vote     reply to comment
reok May 7 2015 says:

UnrealEngine4 - the best!

+4 votes     reply to comment
kcs123 Mar 12 2015 says:

What a paradox. Using unreal engine to make more realistic looking games.
Pretty much a lot of them will be epic. :)

U4 is engine with lot of features. Such number of features makes engine more complex to understand. Fortunately a lot of good video and text tutorials are available to anyone willing to learn.

Even expirienced developers need some time to get familiar with engine itself before they unleash their creativity. So, it is no wonder that there is no sudden boom of new games made with U4. But new U4 games poping up more frequently each day on moddb, that is good trend.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Scotland3d Mar 11 2015 says:

No Return is moving to UE4.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Half-Rats Mar 7 2015 says:

Some creep went through and disagreed with all of the reviews...Don't nobody say nothin' bad about Mrs. Jenkins...or Unreal...

+1 vote     reply to comment
mohammadyasir3 Jan 31 2015 says:


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