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Recent activities at the Tolkien Modding Community.

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Hello fellow Middle-Earthians
This month we had some pretty good activity in the modding community. We have had several releases and many new updates, many new models from a great variety of mods. And also a new promissing big project has been officially announced, more on that next ;)

Activity at modding

Age of the Ring

Age of the Ring still busy as always, making new models every month. Wonderful work

Updated Misty Mountains Fortress
Lug the Mauled

A new map playable in the next release, quoting them : "Märos will be playable in the next release, as a little taste of the Haradwaith goodness to come!"


A new hero, unit models and Edoras map props

Men of Harondor
Edoras Map Props

Wars of the Firstborn

Mirkwood Gate Arcade

Edain mod

Edain mod working on making Goblin Town and remaking some of the models and here are some images to prove the wonderful work they have been developing :)

Loot HoardSlavelairScaffoldings

A new Texture Map Pack addon for the first BFME : BFME Texture Map Pack addon
uploaded by HalbaradTheDunedain

More maps now for Rise of the Witch-King for Umbar and Forlindon: MAPS UMBAR FORLINDON

BFME Mini mod

A new Rohan Spellbook

rohan spellbook

Power of the Ring: Campaigns of Middle-Earth

A release that has been updated 4 times since it was initially released. An improvement of the scripts for BFME1 style Castle and Camp Maps


A new release. 2.0 finally out! :D PLotR 2.0

Conflicts of Eriador
A new update on what we can expect of the Kingdom of Rhudaur. This mod has been one with a quite few surprises and without a doubt something to look for.


Fall of Barad-Dur

Many units in battle plus a campaign map image. Have to give props to those gondorian units (personally love them)

2021 05 02 19 04 48 Window2021 05 02 19 04 48 Window2021 05 02 19 04 48 Window2021 05 02 19 04 48 Window2021 05 02 19 04 48 Window2021 05 02 19 04 48 WindowRomeTW BI 2021 03 15 16 10 15 66

Third Age: Reforged

A beautiful model that i fell in love with made by White In The BlackCloud of a new unit and some new assets for southron and easterling settlements

Guards Of The SceptreSome assets for Easterling and Southron settlementsSome assets for Easterling and Southron settlements

Total War:Rise of Mordor

Rise of Mordor was really busy this month with many updates, new models, new concepts, a rebranding and also a release! Alpha Version 0.5 released with a big news, Rohan released. Something worth keeping an eye on and to play for sure

Variag Axemen, Bowmen & Riders by MaeronRise of Mordor gets a rebranding!Valesmen Levies by AroAdunakhori by MaeronOlog-Hai by AldurRhudaur Infantry concept by Teodort92Éomer 3D facemodelPrince Theodred model

The new trailer for the latest release: THE CHARGE OF THE ROHIRRIM - Rise of Mordor v0.5
And the changelog: Rise of Mordor v0.5.0 Changelog news

Divide and Conquer
A sneak peak on the update of improved visuals for settlements in the Campaign Map

DaC V5 - Northmen CSMs Before & After

Castellans Visual Enhancemets & Overhaul for Divide and Conquer
Some updates on his recent modelling work plus the first release!

second and final helmet attempt with new breastplateWip textures for Gundabad GuardGundabad Guard armor textures complete

And the link for the download: CVEO V1

Silmarillion: Total War
We have several new models plus a faction preview for the Blessed Realm of Valinor. Another modding team who has been occupied with work.

Plaza Guardians of Valimar (Vanyar Spearmen)Helmet Concepts for Finarfin Noldor RemnantTeleri Mariner VariantsFirst look at mid tier dwarvesdwarf upcloseHunters of OromëHeralds of Manwë WIP

And the faction preview: The Blessed Realm of Valinor Faction Preview

Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring
This game has been receiving the attention of the modding community lately and not letting it die or be lost. So a new patch and a fix for the original game plus a mod loader and an article with a tutorial about the common problems and how to solve them all in the following links:

Patch: Lord of the RIngs: War of the Ring EN-UK version
Fix for the Patch: WOTR 1.01.0011 Upgrade Glitch fix
ModLoader: WOTR Mod Loader
Tutorial to fix the common problems: LOTR WOTR Tutorial-Common problems and how to solve them

Palmz Insane Warfare Mod
A new fix patch for a glitch for this mod for LOTR WOTR game! Like i said, the community making this game become alive!
V0.51 Upg Glitch Fix

Legends of Middle-Earth 5.0
The team working on this mod has been aswell very occupied and working well
New concept art, models and a new article about the most recent state of the mod

Tan Gwyllt (fell beast) concept artLithlad Menu backgroundGothmog, The Balrog LordGostir (Fire Drake) concept artElven Fleet

The article released: The Return of the Mod

This mod for Civilizations IV released a new version!
Middle-Earth Mod 0.410

Tolkien in games outside the modding area

The Ring Roleplay Project
The creator of this game is always working in it, every month there are several updates from him. Amazing work being created here. Some pics of the Dimrill Highlands and a youtube video on the Zone Previews of the Golden Woodlands

Screenshot 2502Screenshot 2502Screenshot 2500Screenshot 2582

And the video: Zone preview - The Golden Woodlands

And now the new big project entering on our community:
Lord of the Rings Conquest: Reimagined

The text below written by Earendil on Discord will inform you of everything you need to know about this project:

"Today @Spareni and his team are announcing their project, on which they have been working on throughout the past few months: Lord of the Rings Conquest: Reimagined!

Working with the Unreal Engine 4 as base they aim for bringing you 4k support, way more units than, more and bigger maps, and more! Join them on their journey to reimagine one of the up-to-date most popular Lord of the Rings games out there.

Their team has also partnered with the developers of Rise of Mordor, they will be sharing many assets in the future to provide the best on both sides!

Check out these links if you want to know more about the game or talk with the team and the community:"
Website -

Discord -
Reddit -

Hope you've found this Article informative and that you are as much hyped as we are for all these projects. Don't be afraid to check those who look interesting to you and remember to comment on modders work with good vibes :)


That's it for Mai 2021. As you can see my fellow Argeomer wrote the article this time as I am still busy. I hope it was a nice and informative overview for you about the happenings in the Tolkien Modding Community!

As always, should he have forgotten to show off the recent progress of some of your favourite mod teams, don't forget to comment about them. They will be mentioned then in the next news article. Feel also free to join the Tolkien Modding Community

Best regards,

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Argeomer Author

It was a pleasure :)
Im happy to help

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Finally! This is well written, good job Argeomer! :) Let's hope Conquest: Reimagined shall spread in the google with more photos and ingame screenshots! ;p

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