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Age of the Ring is a mod for Rise of the Witch-king, featuring dozens of new heroes, units, spells, and abilities!

Our goal is to create an RTS experience that is faithful to the spirit of Tolkien's mythos,

with diverse, engaging, and balanced gameplay.

Take a look at our community forums to learn more about what is planned!

Note: there are no release dates for future updates,

so please don't ask.

Read our FAQ for answers to common questions,

and read our Installation Guide before installing.

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The Age of the Ring team is proud to present our second official release: Durin’s Folk! This release features the much anticipated Erebor faction, as well as additions to all of our previously released factions.

To play, please download and run the file below:
AotR Version 3.0 Installer
Note that AotR is based on the 2.02 community patch, and requires its installation to play.

If you'd like to see a video tutorial on installing the mod, feel free to check out TheDestroyer001's video out!

For an exhaustive changelog of additions, please visit:

Play online
AotR is designed to play online using T3A:Online. To play AotR online, please refer to the T3A:Online website and follow the instructions.

Join our community
Want to make suggestions or talk to other AotR fans? Join our community forums here. We're also on Discord.

What is next?

When is next?
We don't provide release dates!

Known issues
- War of the Ring doesn’t work
- Several new units don't have new voice lines recorded
- Targul Quarry's bridge can't be walked under
- Combo Hordes split into single units and become unattackable
- Stone Thower's volume can be heard accross the map
- Once you cancel something from the Mirror of Galadriel, you cannot buy it again
- Echo on some maps
- Dwarven cah sapper autoability can be used on units, but it doesn't do damage to units since 2.02
- When dwarven combo hordes refill they don't refill to the actual number of types of units they're supposed to
- Cannot decomission combo hordes
- Mineshafts enter a demolition state just before being fully built
- Great Goblin's Antiquarian occasionally spawns a dud

If you find bugs, please report them in the AotR Bug Reports forum.


Our wonderful patrons
Callous Allan of XC
Everaldo de Carvalho Neto
Lukasz Wos
Luuk Splithof
Max Neal
Mike Dillon
Nikolay Chernyshev
Rafael Borges
Saul van der Zwaard
Stephen Curley

Mod team
RiderOfRohan - Lead coder, visual artist
DúnedainRanger76 - Lead mapper, coder, sound artist, visual artist
Mathijs – Lead visual artist, writer, sound artist
MattTheLegoman - Mapper, visual artist
Fudge – Mapper, scripter
njm1983 – Mapper
tomasz_exe – Mapper
Fredius - Scripter
vengefulnoob – Coder
ahdover – Coder
Cammyfries – Coder
MaxHardy – Coder

Mr. Piggy

Voice actors
Iku Haiku - Idrial
Connor Moakes – Clansmen of Lamedon
Jonathan Bullock – Fili, Prince Imrahil, Golfimbul, Rumil, Orophin and Celeborn
Josh Williams – Lothlórien Announcer
Joakim Wiklund – Wulfgar, Dunlendings
Callum Lindsay – Khamûl the Easterling
Ki McKenzie (https://www.kimckenzie.com/) – Erebor Archers, Sentinels of Cerin Amroth, Riders of Pinnath Gelin
Phil Dragash – Knights of Amroth
Zack Young – Beregond, Kili, Vault Wardens, Wyrm Slayers, Laketowners, Bardings, Ered Luin Traders
Sam Jenkins – Bard the Bowman
Sean ‘Mad Dog' McGregor – Dáin Ironfoot, Iron Hills Dwarves
Ryan Antoine - Knights of Dol Amroth
Patrick Seymour - Axemen of Lossarnach
Joel Nisbet - Variags of Khand
Robert Benjamin – Rohan Kingsguard
Various Goats – Erebor Rams

Special thanks
Robnkarla for his camera scripts
Gnanw for his main menu APTs

Extra special thanks to Nertea for allowing us to use his The Dwarf Holds assets and Ruudy for letting us use his Tactics assets. Thanks to the 2.02 team for their excellent community patch, as well as to The3rdAge.net, our BFME modding home under the Revora Creative Network.

All assets contained within this mod are property of the AotR team or their respective authors, and cannot be used without permission. If you want to use any of our work, contact us and ask for permission. Using our work without permission but with credit is not allowed. We cannot give permission for the use of assets from The Dwarf Holds and Tactics as these do not belong to us.

Thanks and have fun,
The Age of the Ring Team

campaignfortress mapsheroes

map hazardspowersworld builder

Age of the Ring - FAQ

Age of the Ring - FAQ

News 41 comments

A list of frequently asked questions. Please check below before asking your question.

Lots of new maps!

Lots of new maps!

News 20 comments

An article showcasing various exciting new maps coming in the next release.

Spells of the Dwarves

Spells of the Dwarves

News 7 comments

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells, While hammers fell like ringing bells In places deep, where dark things sleep, In hollow halls beneath the fells.

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

News 7 comments

Mordor's getting 3 new spellbook powers next release. Read below to find out what they do, as well as take a look at a new map.

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Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Full Version 31 comments

The third release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Erebor faction as well as some reworks/additions to the already existing factions.

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch


PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!! This ZIP file contains what you will need in order to get AoTR working with GameRanger

Patch 2.0 French Language File

Patch 2.0 French Language File

GUIs 2 comments

A fan made french translation done for patch 2.0 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Full Version 112 comments

The second release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Lothlórien faction and some reworks of the Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, and Misty Mountains...

Patch 1.1 French Language File

Patch 1.1 French Language File

GUIs 13 comments

A fan made french translation done for patch 1.1 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Gondor's Maps Pack v1.0

Gondor's Maps Pack v1.0

Multiplayer Map 28 comments

This is a pack of maps for Gondor in the mod The Horse Lords. Don't forget to read the description.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 5,393)

Some balance suggestions;

1-Can you please make heroes immune to attack trolls aka olog-hai Aoe knock back so they can be a counter to them? you can also reduce the area of effect for the attack trolls/olog-hai since right now the only way to counter them is by ranged elite units and because of their crazy knock back and area of effect even heroes can't do job against a group of olog-hai.
I know they should be good against melee units but having the same advantage against heroes is so unfair :(

2-All of Celeborn's powers have like a 15 or 20 seconds cooldown which is just crazy! a double cooldown is the least i would suggest.

3-Akhorahil and Uvatha [even with their new ability and being close to WK and Khamul!] they still don't worth the money you pay. how about giving them a bit more damage?

4-Orophin is still overpowered. he can kill both fili and kili in the same time with his blademaster!

5-Already mentioned, but Dain really needs better stats + a more powerful aoe on his "Baruk Khazad" power.

6-Easterling swordsmen seems to be a bit underpowered. i know they are not meant to be particularly tanki units but giving them more armor or health even at the cost of more money is a good idea i guess, judging by the fact that easterling phalanx have 400 health and they are 15 in each battalion while the swordsmen are 12 in each battalion and only have 300 health!

Thanks, Best regards.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DúnedainRanger Creator

Please post these on the forums. They'll just get lost here.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

there is something wrong with the dwarven army they are weak very weak and died in minute and the heroes too the same

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The Dwarves are actually pretty powerful online and the campaign mission was difficult as intended, but completely beatable within a couple tries. The mission actually requires you to manage your troops instead of blindly letting them auto attack everything, that's how I beat it. Only took my second attempt on hard

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DúnedainRanger Creator

From how people have been playing them online, it seems to be quite the contrary. If you're talking about Azunilbizar, it's meant to be a bit hard.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

To download and play this game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do you need the original game lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 and the rise of the wotch king

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MattTheLegoman Creator

Yes you need the original game. Check out the installation guide.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

PLEASE TAKE THE ******* WITCH KING OFF THE FELLBEAST - LITTERY THE WORST USE OF HIM - not only did I try several a few war of the ring battles, but you can't kill and he can kill your builders, destroy your forces. Honestly who idea was it to have him on the ******* thing......

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is literally the first thing in the "known issues" section in the readme that comes with the download

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DúnedainRanger Creator

Known issues
- War of the Ring doesn’t work

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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G'day ModDB users!

This is the mod you are looking for if you enjoy high quality content, fun online games, brand new features and a fantastic development team.

I have enjoyed the rise of the mod and I hope to see more of it as they bring out new content and new factions!

Sep 9 2016 by MattTheLegoman

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