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Age of the Ring is a mod for Rise of the Witch-king, featuring dozens of new heroes, units, spells, and abilities!

Our goal is to create an RTS experience that is faithful to the spirit of Tolkien's mythos,

with diverse, engaging, and balanced gameplay.

Take a look at our community forums to learn more about what is planned!

Note: there are no release dates for future updates,

so please don't ask.

Read our FAQ for answers to common questions,

and read our Installation Guide before installing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which factions are currently in the mod?
    As of Version 3.0, the mod contains Gondor, Isengard, Mordor, Misty Mountains, Lothlórien, and Erebor.
  2. What are the planned factions for the mod?
    - Rivendell
    - Rohan
    - Mirkwood
    - Haradwaith
    - Dol Guldur
  3. Will Angmar/Arnor be a standalone faction?
    No. The mod is set during the final years of the Third Age, a time where both Angmar and Arnor are long gone.
  4. Would you consider adding more/different factions than the ones you have planned?
    No. We have weighed our selection carefully and will not change it.
  5. When will the mod be released?
    Current version can be found in our Files section.
  6. Can this mod be installed alongside Edain?
  7. Why did you base this off of 2.02?
    Because 2.02 is the best available patch for RotWK. It fixes bugs, improved stability, and contains dozens of amazing new maps.
  8. What will this mod do to Create-A-Hero?
    Currently we’re planning to give them better art. Further plans are TBD.
  9. I’m getting an error/crash/problem!
    Take a look at our common issues and installation guide.
  10. Will there be a campaign?
    Yes, eventually.
  11. I have a suggestion for your mod, where can I post it?
    Generally we only respond to suggestions made in our community forums:
  12. Will you eventually add in BFME1 style gameplay?
    Fortress maps will contain buildplots but otherwsie we’ll be keeping the free-build style.
  13. I want to play the mod but I don’t have BFME2 or RotWK installed.
    We provide clean versions of each game (them being abandonware) plus installation instructions here:
  14. How do I apply to be a tester?
    Be an active and positive presence in our community and we will consider you when we are in need of testers.
  15. I’m a modder and I’d like to join your team
    Message us on ModDB or The3rdAge.
  16. I'm a nice person and want to support you in some other way.
    We have a Patreon page for that.
  17. Do you have a Discord?
  18. Will you add walls to Mordor?
  19. Why can't I build a second fortress with Gondor?
    You can. The fortress icon is in the builder's personal commandset because we ran out of space on the right side of the screen.
  20. Why isn't Legolas a hero?
    Legolas will be a hero in Mirkwood, which isn't released yet.
  21. Will you fix War of the Ring mode?
    We're working on it.
  22. Will you add Bolg as a permanent hero to Misty Mountains?
  23. Will you add all 9 Nazgul to Mordor?

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

News 16 comments

Featuring the brand new faction Erebor as well as many other edits to our current existing factions.

Lots of new maps!

Lots of new maps!

News 21 comments

An article showcasing various exciting new maps coming in the next release.

Spells of the Dwarves

Spells of the Dwarves

News 7 comments

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells, While hammers fell like ringing bells In places deep, where dark things sleep, In hollow halls beneath the fells.

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

News 8 comments

Mordor's getting 3 new spellbook powers next release. Read below to find out what they do, as well as take a look at a new map.

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Age of the Ring Version 3.1

Age of the Ring Version 3.1

Full Version 34 comments

AotR 3.1 fixes several bugs, most notably the multiplayer out-of-sync (OOS) that frequently occured in 3.0. It also contains several balance changes.

Patch 3.1 French Language File

Patch 3.1 French Language File

GUIs 7 comments

A fan made french text translation done for patch 3.1 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch

Patch 9 comments

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!! This ZIP file contains what you will need in order to get AoTR working with GameRanger

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Full Version 66 comments

The third release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Erebor faction as well as some reworks/additions to the already existing factions.

Patch 2.0 French Language File

Patch 2.0 French Language File

GUIs 2 comments

A fan made french translation done for patch 2.0 of Age of the Ring done by Ursidey and Dadoone. Installation instructions are included in the readme...

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Full Version 112 comments

The second release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Lothlórien faction and some reworks of the Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, and Misty Mountains...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 5,803)

I love you guys, spells, heroes, and hero abilities are what make this game so awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

If I may ask, what was the reason for the hate? If you feel it's none of my business I understand

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DúnedainRanger Creator

I remember before you hated us. :P I'm glad you're enjoying the mod now.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Just downloaded and installed AgeOfTheRing_Setup3.1, completed the installed, but...… I have no Shortcut, have the Icon and the other essential files and folders, but no shortcut for the mod. Have I done something wrong here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MathijsRevora Creator

Is the shortcut not on your desktop?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

That's a Nopes my good sir, have attempted to fix the issue but am unable to, I could create a custom shortcut from the folder itself so it stops disappearing on my desktop? Just need to know the Path instructions is all, can't find them on Google or through Moddb.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
MathijsRevora Creator

Right. Clone your vanilla RotWK shortcut. Right click it, select Properties, then in the target field, add the following:

-mod "E:\Program Files (x86)\AOTR\aotr"

including the space before -mod. Substitute the drive and folders for the place you've installed it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

RiderOfRohan you have forced my hand the neglect of the Witchking has gone unpunished for too long I have taken the liberty of starting a petition to change the poor conditions of the Witchkings current abilities and hope you all join me in making this important change for generations to come! Change.org

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

This cannot be allowed!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MathijsRevora Creator

Hear hear

Reply Good karma+3 votes
RiderOfRohan Creator


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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G'day ModDB users!

This is the mod you are looking for if you enjoy high quality content, fun online games, brand new features and a fantastic development team.

I have enjoyed the rise of the mod and I hope to see more of it as they bring out new content and new factions!

Sep 9 2016 by MattTheLegoman

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