The Best Modern Combat Simulation in RTS

Have you ever wanted the experience of WiC in a modern setting with all of your favorite vehicles and equipment?

The World in Conflict: Modern Warfare Mod focuses on combined arms warfare in the modern realm. Detailed new mechanics and new units add increased levels of realism in gameplay and encourages teamwork through networked battlefield elements.

Main Features (Outdated list)

  • Latest modern vehicles and weaponry
  • Intensified & Improved visual effects
  • Fire Direction Center and infantry's ability to call for fire from support's MLRS artilleries.
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) permits infantry to lase targets and provide terminal guidance for supported guided munitions.
  • Flying aircraft units (non-playable) on station to provide air support for in-game players. JTAC infantry can call for air support from overflying aircraft.
  • Improved infantry combat and enhanced anti-tank attack options for infantry.
  • Increased realism for armor, with enhanced details for Main Battle Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles providing support.
  • Challenging, but rewarding gameplay for attack helicopters, combined with heavy firepower on attack options.
  • Launch ballistic missiles & cruise missiles using TA purchased launchers.
  • Integrated Air & Missile Defense with Patriot, Iron Dome and S-300 systems providing defense from enemy ballistic missiles, rocket artillery and air attacks.

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MW Mod 6.0 Release

News 8 comments
mwm5 logo

Modern Warfare Mod Version 6.0

Build 8425 (code-named Shockwave)

Highlights of new features in 6.0:

  • Introduction of naval assets on supported maps (see change log below for details): Arleigh Burke class Flt IIA destroyer and corresponding updates to 3M55 Oniks cruise missile for anti-ship attack mode
  • Significant improvements to SACLOS based Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs) and integrated vehicle protection system for Main Battle Tanks (M1A2 and T-90)
  • Enhancements to scripted AI events for more immersive gameplay when playing with bots
  • Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) 7.0 engine significantly enhances aerodynamics modeling of supported missiles and rockets (see change log below for details)

NOTE: This mod requires your World in Conflict to be patched to the latest version ( / Update 11). or it will not work. If you purchased WiC via online distribution (i.e. Steam), your game should already be updated to the latest version. Otherwise, download the latest patches here:


Choose which type of install you would like to do. Please note that the installer is only compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. Not Windows XP.

Download Installer from ModDB:

Download Installer from WiC MW Mod Mirror:

This is a full version of the mod. Even if you don't have the mod at all this will install it as the current version. If you do have a previous version, it will update you to the current version.

Updated Map Pack for MW Mod 6.0

New map pack has been released since Mod version 6.0. Please update your map pack by using the installer download link below. Simply run the installer, it'll overwrite the old files and update you to the latest version.

System Requirements

Due to the increasing complexity in the simulation of missiles, aircraft, artillery, and more- Modern Warfare Mod requires a higher-end system than specified on the original World in Conflict system requirements.

At minimum, your system (including video card) must maintain 30 frames per second or higher, and 40fps or higher is recommended for a good gameplay experience. Below 30 fps, numerous homing projectiles may miss their targets or fail to perform altogether. Try lowering your graphics settings if you cannot achieve enough frame rate.

Multiplayer is NOT required to enjoy the mod. If you'd like to play solo (setup skirmish matches with bots), simply click "PLAY SOLO" under "SETUP GAME" menu option. If however, you'd like to play multiplayer online (with a friend etc), please see below.

Important Update Regarding Multiplayer:

You can host your game session and invite friends through the new community operated system! Visit to patch your World in Conflict installation for multiplayer games.

For details on how to host a game with your friends or other MW Mod players, please see: Understanding Multiplayer for WiC MW Mod.

Lastly, dedicated servers (wic_ds) for Modern Warfare Mod are now technically feasible (thanks to Nukem). More information is at

To find other MW Mod players, join the Discord channel. Also, consider joining our Steam group !

Firstly, here are some lists that may be useful:

Complete development change log follows.

Change Log 6.0.1 Build 8425 (codename: Shockwave)

Last updated July 31, 2020

Map Changes:

  • do_Fjord:
    • Rebalanced spawn zones to keep them further away from each other
    • Changed weather + environment back to game defaults
  • do_Liberty: Flipped spawn zones; extended spawn zone to Governors Island

  • (MW Mod Map Pack 6.0):
    • do_Canyon (MW Mod): Fixed "out of memory" crash on loading
    • do_Caucausus (MW Mod): Fixed "out of memory" crash on loading
    • Added new map: do_Pacroad (MW Mod)

Game Unit Changes:

  • (REDFOR) Medium SAM:
    • Tor (SA-15):
      • Unit has been renamed to 9K332 Tor M2E (from Tor M1)
      • 9M332 missile: improved kinematics and cold launch sequence, max velocity is 2.3-2.5 Mach depending on dynamic pressure
      • Simultaneous engagement channels increased to 4 (from 2)
  • Pantsir (SA-22):
    • 57E6 missile now has insane thrust: booster propulsion accelerates to Mach 3.3 in 1.6 seconds
  • Main Battle Tanks optimized for Armored Warfare (M1A2 and T-90):
    • Integrated Countermeasures and Vehicle Protection System (ICPS):
      New program that auto-controls smoke grenade launchers on vehicle. More details under Programming and Software Library Updates section below.
  • (REDFOR) Kornet-D (Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle)
    • Smoke defensive ability recharge is now 15 seconds (same as BLUEFOR ATGM vehicle)
  • Changes to Anti-Tank Guided Missiles:
    • (REDFOR) Anti-Tank Infantry (Metis-M): no longer fires while soldier is moving
    • Vehicle launched ATGMs now outrange MBT main cannons; ranges increased as follows:
      • BGM-71 TOW, 9M113 Konkurs, 9M117M1 Arkan: range increased to 3km (from 2.5km)
      • 9M133 Kornet: range increased to 3.5km (from 3.2km)
      • Note: MBT main cannon range is 2.5-2.6km
    • The following ATGMs use Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight (SACLOS):
      • BGM-71 TOW (BLUEFOR vehicle ATGM)
      • 9M114 Shturm, 9M120 Ataka (REDFOR attack helicopter ATGM)
      • 9M113 Konkurs, 9M119 Refleks, 9M133 Kornet, 9M117M1 Arkan (REDFOR vehicle ATGMs)
      • 9M131 Metis-M (REDFOR infantry ATGM)

        Command to LOS form of guidance is a beam-riding derivative (three-point guidance). The guidance law works upon a principle that the launcher, missile and the target are all going to sit in a straight line. Guidance commands are thus generated to steer the missile to keep it on the line of sight (LOS) beam between the launcher and the target. The "straight line" from launcher to target is an inefficient logic, as it is not an optimal geometry for interception. Mathematically speaking, the fastest route to interception is collision via line of sight (LOS) between the pursuer and the target, not the launcher and the target. Three-point guidance will not achieve a perfect constant bearing without knowing relative geometries of the engagement (e.g. range information).

        For passively tracked missiles which are "range-denied" (such as SACLOS ATGMs), a "lead" is generated by reacting to the beam motion from the launcher's point of view. Therefore, it is advised to NOT issue any move orders to the launching unit while missile is being guided. If moving, unit should move in small increments or move toward the target while missile is being guided, to minimize LOS changes. Moving in different directions or driving over uneven terrain will create beam oscillations, leading to over-compensated steering inputs. This may cause the missile to fly over the target, pass behind, or crash into the ground while being steered back onto launcher-target LOS.
  • (REDFOR) Mi-28N Attack Helicopter for Experts:
    • Auto-pilot Altitude Hold to aid SACLOS guidance:
      When 9M120/Ataka ATGM is fired, game will force-hold the unit's position to prevent excessive beam oscillations for SACLOS missile, until:
      1. player issues move order to break off the engagement while missile is flying;
      2. 10 seconds has elapsed; or
      3. outbound missile has hit the target or lost track
  • Scout Helicopters (MQ-8B, Ka-27):
    • Vision (eye sight) range increased to 7.5km (from 5km), so they can be better used under safety of the spawn zone.
    • Scout helicopters now hover at a much higher altitude, allowing them to spot enemies easier, but more vulnerable to AA fire.
  • (BLUEFOR) NLOS Missile Launcher (purchased from TA menu) (Spike NLOS):
    • Minimum engagement radius reduced by half. Now ~1.5km (150wm)
    • Lock On Before Launch (LOBL) is now supported:
      When engaging target in closer proximity (within ~4km), Spike NLOS missile will now lock onto the target prior to launch via fire and forget (EO track). The purpose of adding LOBL feature is to allow the NLOS Missile Launcher to be used as a defensive platform to protect rear areas from enemy rush. At long distances greater than ~4km, only Lock On After Launch is supported, where JTAC infantry will have to provide target designation for the missile.
  • (BLUEFOR) PAC-3 MSE: Maximum engagement altitude has increased to approximately 34-36 km (from 29-32km).

  • Subsonic cruise missiles (9M728, JASSM, Tomahawk):
    • Missile now flies at higher altitude (~8,000 - 10,000 ft) while cruising inside friendly territory.
    • Upon entering hostile territory or approaching target area, autopilot will shift to terrain-following mode and missile will drop down to low altitudes.

    • Maximum cruise speeds are adjusted as follows:
      • RGM-109E TLAM/Tomahawk: 0.74 Mach
      • 9M728: 0.8 Mach
      • AGM-158A JASSM: 0.85 Mach

        Missile's actual cruising speed may vary between 0.6 Mach to transonic barrier speeds, depending on aerodynamic conditions and orientation.
    • AGM-158A JASSM: Visibility by enemy units has been reduced slightly (stealth characteristic)
  • (REDFOR) Shahab/NoDong MRBMs: Improved RV accuracy - CEP has been improved to 1.6km (from 2km)
  • (REDFOR) 2S7M Pion: per player unit limit has been increased to 5 (from 4)

  • (BLUEFOR) TPQ-53 Counter-Battery Radar (TA dropped unit): Now detects nearby air-breathing targets, allowing the radar to also act as an AA sensor platform

  • (BLUEFOR) **New Unit!** DDG-81 USS Winston S. Churchill (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class destroyer):
    • Naval unit: This unit is only playable on the following supported maps:
      do_Apocalypse (MW Mod), do_Canal (MW Mod), do_Canal_v2 (MW Mod), do_Caucasus (MW Mod), do_Delta (MW Mod), do_Eurorock (MW_Mod), do_Fjord (MW Mod), do_Liberty (MW Mod), do_Pacroad (MW Mod), do_Paradise (MW Mod), do_Provence (MW Mod), do_Riviera (MW Mod), do_Ruins (MW Mod), do_Seaside (MW Mod), do_SpaceNeedle (MW Mod), do_Wake (MW Mod)

    • The ship will automatically spawn if you have Support AI player in BLUEFOR team. If not, to manually spawn the ship, select the Forward Operating Base (FOB) unit (purchased from Air reinforcement panel), click the Defensive Special Ability button and then left-click anywhere on the map. The ship will then enter the battlefield.

    • To move the ship, select the FOB unit while ship is present, click the Defensive Ability button and then left-click on the desired destination position. The ship will attempt to move closer to the targeted location, but will stay within deep water constraints of the map.

    • Voice acts from Act of War: High Treason game have been added for naval unit events.

    • Hovering/landing a same team's helicopter on top of the Burke destroyer's helipad (at rear/aft section) will repair the helicopter and re-arm any used AGMs.

    • Ship fire support weapons:
      • Mark45 5-inch naval support gun: joins team fire support channel (JFSN). The ship will fire the tube artillery on locations called by any infantry or ground unit requesting artillery fire, just like Networked Artillery MLRS units.

      • 20mm Phalanx CIWS Block 1B on both forward (mount 21) and aft (mount 22) locations

      • Note: NATO Battle Management Radar unit or Patriot Heavy SAM site must be operating on your team in order for any of the following weapons to function:
        • 24x RIM-162A Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) for Anti-Air Warfare (AAW)
        • 32x RIM-66M-5 Standard Missile (SM-2) Block IIIB for Anti-Air Warfare (AAW)
        • 26x RIM-174A Extended Range Active Missile (ERAM SM-6) Dual I for Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)

        • RGM-109E Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM):
          WCC automatically generate TLAM missions when enemy has fortified any perimenter points and ship will launch cruise missiles at enemy fortified CPs.

          Ship will also watch for a human player to fire Tomahawk missile (using TA-dropped ground launched cruise missile launcher), and will also listen on JFSN for counterfire missions generated by the counter-battery radar (purchased from TA). When a fire mission has been found, ship will add its own TLAM missile to the target area; if targeting an air defense site, ship will saturate the site by unloading half of the magazine.

          If no human players are present in the BLUEFOR team, AI player will take over and command the ship to fire Tomahawks on AI selected targets. AI will prioritize targeting against tactical missile launchers and air defense units on opposing team.

  • (REDFOR) Supersonic Cruise Missile Launcher (P-800 Oniks):
    • Anti-ship capability added to 3M55 Oniks: When targeting an area where BLUEFOR ship is present, guidance will use Maritime Strike Mode, using surface-skimming flight trajectory and performing S-shaped evasive maneuver during terminal homing.
    • Land attack mode: When targeting a non-naval unit, Land Attack mode is engaged. Missile will loft into high altitude trajectory (10km altitude) then dive down onto the target at highest possible speed.
    • Missile maximum speed is Mach 2.1 while at low altitude, Mach 2.5 at high altitude.

Game Behavior and Software Library Updates:

  • (EX_CAI) Improvements to AI Players and MC_CommanderAI support libraries:
    • EXCAI Scripted Events: New feature provides scripted AI assistance to bot players fighting against opposing team with human player(s) present.

    • Currently only supported on maps with naval support and the following non-naval maps (more maps will be added later):
      do_Aurons (MW Mod), do_Canyon (MW Mod), do_Countryside (MW Mod), do_Farmland (MW Mod), do_Hometown (MW Mod), do_Libya (MW Mod), do_Reforger (MW Mod), do_Xmas (MW Mod), do_Xmas_Daytime (MW Mod)

      Recommended to simply use "Auto Setup Teams (Recommended)" w/ minimum players of 7 under Add Bots page when setting up a game match. Otherwise, Support role AI player must be added to enable EXCAI Scripted Events. Following scripted events are provided when support AI player is present on a team that does not have a human player on its side:

      • Perimeter points (CPs) are scanned throughout the map periodically. AI attacks using ballistic and cruise missiles will concentrate fire against opposing fortified command points.
      • Paratroopers will be dropped to provide forward vision for the bots-only team that does not have a human player present.
      • (REDFOR only): Defensive AT/AA units may be spawned in do_Canal, do_Hometown and do_Xmas
    • REDFOR AI: Nuclear missile attack will now be performed on frontline area, if there are no friendly units within 1.6km radius.
  • (NavalMover) Movement constraint mapping for naval units
    • MC_NavalMover: An arbiter that grants movement authority to units using MXMover vertex graphs & pre-defined path constraints. Requests for movement are accepted from FOB unit or AI player.
    • MXMover Module: New pathfinding code using Dijkstra algorithm
  • (MC_icps) Integrated Countermeasures and Vehicle Protection System (ICPS)
    • Only the following units are equipped with ICPS: RU_T90, US_M1A2_Abrams
    • Dynamically senses threat platforms and incoming ATGMs within visible radius of the tank. Upon detection, ICPS establishes tracks of enemy threats and controls smoke grenade launchers (without using up player's Defensive Ability) to proactively screen the vehicle with smoke grenades against the threat azimuth. 66 smoke grenades are provided per vehicle; will take 180s to reload after depletion.

      When MBT is in standing position, ICPS will smoke up the vehicle in presence of enemy threats once every 20 seconds to continually keep the MBT under smoke screen. When vehicle is moving in presence of threat platforms, ICPS will continually launch smoke grenade every 2-3 seconds.

      Note that smoke grenades are fired facing the visible threat platform. ICPS generated smoke screen can be compromised if an infantry or another source of vision is flanking the vehicle undetected, so be sure to protect your flank against enemy paratroopers/JTACs hiding in forests.

      When incoming ATGM is detected, ICPS will automatically smoke the vehicle to disrupt laser designation (for SALH guided ATGM). If the vehicle is maneuvering, ICPS will continually throw smoke grenades along the Line of Sight (LOS) azimuth between the vehicle and incoming ATGM to break guidance. If the incoming ATGM is SACLOS guided (Kornet, TOW, Konkurs, etc), ICPS will attempt to jam beam position signals returning back to the ATGM launcher/guiding unit, by appending negative value to cross range rates being reported to FLINT. SACLOS jammer will only operate while smoke grenade ammunition is available -- when smoke grenades are depleted, jammer will also shut off.

    • US_M1A2_Abrams: TROPHY Active Protection System (APS):
      Engages ATGM if soft-kill jamming is unsuccessful. 4 ready-to-fire interceptor rounds; takes 120s to reload
  • (EXFLINT) Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) 7.0.1
    • EXFLINT_Integrate(): Advanced Flight Modeling (AFM)
      New AFM physics simulation now adds calculation of weight force while rocket motor is burning and significantly improves calculation of lift and drag forces acting upon a projectile. Previous FLINT versions used a simplified form of physics when calculating the total net force, omitting these details. Dynamic Pressure (Dyn Q) equation is now used to compute atmospheric pressure (drag force) and lift.

      AFM also introduces custom impulse (Isp) profile for each missile. Net thrust generated by rocket motor varies on burn profile, weight (as motor fuel burns, weight drops, speeding up even more) and dynamic pressure (Dyn Q) from atmospheric drag. The point of maximum dynamic pressure exerted against the rocket is Max Q. After motor burnout, as missile is falling back on earth, the point of zero acceleration (where drag and weight forces become equal and effectively cancel each other out) is Terminal Velocity, where object will then continue falling at constant velocity.

      With AFM, the actual speed of a missile is now an intricate balance of four forces acting upon the rocket. For example, when a missile lofts up into higher altitude, it will initially be at a speed disadvantage, as it has to fight under its own weight against gravity. However, as it gains speed and reaches higher altitude, dynamic pressure exerting against the rocket frame reaches peak (max Q) faster due to the air density thinning out at altitude, thereby allowing the missile to cruise down at a longer range and sustain its speed longer after completing the loft maneuver. Conversely, a missile that does not loft up (flying directly facing the target) will initially have higher speed advantage, as it's not fighting as much against gravity trying to go up, but higher atmospheric pressure at lower altitudes will work against the missile as it gains speed, and rocket will slow down faster as a result. Lastly, a missile that is fired from higher to low altitude (e.g. fighter jet firing air-to-air missile on low altitude target) will have high energy advantage to the point of drawing a small, but assured "no escape zone" around the launcher itself -- it is launched from higher altitude where atmosphere is a bit thinner, and is then aided by gravity as rocket motor accelerates the missile downward. However, its effective cross range will become limited as it hits thick atmosphere at lower altitude.

      AFM has been implemented on following missiles. Missiles not listed below will continue utilizing the older unrealistic flight model:

      Patriot (PAC-2, PAC-3 and PAC-3 MSE), Iron Dome, S-400 (48N6),
      9M332 (Tor), 57E6 (Pantsir),
      FIM-92 (Stinger), 9M39 (Verva/Igla),
      AIM-9X, R-73M, AIM-120C, R-27ER,
      AGM-114R/L (Hellfire), Spike NLOS, GBUs (JDAM, KAB-500),
      RGM-109E Tomahawk, AGM-158 JASSM, 9M728/3M14E, 3M55 Oniks,
      SACLOS ATGMs (BGM-71 TOW, 9M120, 9M119M, 9M133, 9M113, etc),
      RIM-162A ESSM, RIM-66-M-5 SM-2 Blk IIIB, RIM-174A ERAM SM-6 Dual I

    • EXFLINT_Orientation, quaternion_matrix33, qt_axis_data:
      Completely rewritten functions for rendering missile angle of attack (AoA) and direction of rocket plume.

    • Command to Line of Sight (CLOS) guidance law:
      Beam motion (Bmp) is now derived from angular rate change of LOS between launch platform and the target.

    • Common Source Library (CSL):
      System common methods and exception handlers are now moved to EXFLINT import modules.

    • boundary check:
      When excess units are being spawned beyond the hard limit allowed by EX3D game, MemoryError will be triggered and game will be closed.

  • (MCJTDS) Joint Targeting & Designation System (JTDS) v 3.0
    • Apache Longbow is now moved into JTDS python module to permit JAGM and SDB-II/Stormbreaker developments.
    • Common code base to drive both AGM-114R and AGM-114L Hellfire variants.
  • (JFSN) Joint Fire Support Network
    • (BLUEFOR) Added code support to drive tube-based gun artillery units (required for Naval support)
    • (BLUEFOR) Local fire director: Naval guns can generate fire missions by themselves for close-in ship defense
    • Fixed broken targeting logic: a single moving vehicle in the area will no longer trigger a ADJUST FIRE (single round shot) mission, when in fact, the player meant to order a full 12-round fire for effect.
  • (REDFOR) S-400 Air Defense Missile System (ADMS) 5.4
    • Updated trajectory shaping of outgoing interceptors to take advantage of the new FLINT AFM flight model.
  • (EX-WCC) IAMD Runtime System 10.0 for BLUEFOR Integrated Air & Missile Defense:
    • ecpd (engagement control processor for Patriot mid-course updates & missile data-links):
      • alpha-beta mid-course update filter: Updated trajectory shaping of outgoing interceptors to take advantage of the new FLINT AFM flight model.
      • Fixed bug where COMMAND DESTRUCT message was seldomly lost to PAC-3 missiles flying at low altitudes.
      • Track reassignment: missiles may now be re-tasked onto a new track in mid-course update mode, if their previous target was destroyed while enroute.
    • rdpd (radar data processor):
      Fixed a bug where targeted unit's radar warning receiver (RWR) sometimes didn't trip when manually engaged by the player using console interpreter

    • eocmon (engagement monitor for NATO Command Radar):
      Altitude information is now tabulated for each track under "ALT" column, denoted in kilometers (ex: 004.7 means 4.7 kilometers altitude).

    • Initial support added for naval units:
      • nifcd: Naval Integrated Fire Control Daemon (nifcd) generates fire missions for ships
      • aegis-lseqd: Launch Sequencer Daemon for scheduling and dispatching launches for Mark 41 VLS.
      • awsd: Aegis Weapon System daemon for Anti-Aircraft Warfare (AAW), more on below
    • Aegis Combat System (for DDG-81):
      • Aegis Weapon System Daemon (awsd): provides mid-course updates and management of outbound interceptors and terminal illuminators
      • Naval Integrated Fire Control Daemon (nifcd): provides translation of engagement messages between IBCS and Naval NIFC-CA elements.
        nifcd also integrates with artillery and aviation system in game to provide Navy Surface Fires using TLAMs.
      • SARH Scheduler for awsd: time shared resource management for SPG-62 fire control/illumination radars
    • MEADS Battle Management Radar: Players can now deploy more than 1 MEADS radar in game.
      • Engagement geometries and defended asset footprint are computed against all FCR units (called EOC gateways) that are deployed in the game. This has a performance cost, as more EOC gateways means more computation required for every air defense track. For game performance reasons, no more than 6 EOC gateways may be online at any given time. When 6 EOC gateways are alive and operating, additional EOC gateways in the game will simply be ignored.
      • EOC gateways include: Heavy SAM (MPQ-65 Patriot MFCR), Battle Management Radar (MEADS X-Band MFCR), DDG-81 (SPY-1 AEGIS)
      • Missile Defense Radar and Counter-Battery Radar are not EOC gateways (they are sensor-only nodes with no C2 capability), and thus are not counted against the EOC unit limit.
    • MBI (Minimum Boot Image - system bootstrap loader) v 3.02
      • Support for boot environment variables (for developer or sandbox testing modes). Press Ctrl-C during bootstrap to select environment.
        Warning: Do not select "Developer Mode" option when playing a normal game, as game will likely lock up -- it's for FLINT debugging only.
      • wicpy and wicg environment errors (broken maps, etc) are now checked during program load prior to starting the WCC Virtual Machine
      • wico_pythonc.cpp, MBI_Loader(): wicp I/O (mouse + keyboard) and console interpreter are disabled when game is running from dedicated server (wic_ds)
      • Note to map creators:
        Custom maps *must* include server_autogen and Python files in your map distribution. If your map does not include these files, MBI will not boot and none of the air defense units in BLUEFOR will function in your map. You'll be notified with a boot error message asking you to check your game installation.

Bug Fixes:

  • MC_Assert(): EXCO_CloudType.cpp: Fixed assertion fail crash when forward section Mark 41 VLS is firing.
  • (REDFOR) 2S7M Pion: rounds are now correctly called 3OF43 (not ZOF43) (
  • REDFOR airdropped Medium SAM description now updated to "Tor-M2E"

  • (ULA) Unified Launcher/Artillery:
    • BM-21, Mortar Squad infantry and 2S7M Pion could not be used even though per-player unit limit was not reached - Fixed.
  • (EX-WCC) BLUEFOR Integrated Air & Missile Defense:
    • jfired: Counter-battery radar incorrectly traced firing source to an infantry squad located near from the ballistic firing arc - Fixed.
Air Role Guide - Part III: Attack Helicopters for Experts

Air Role Guide - Part III: Attack Helicopters for Experts

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In this tutorial we will go over how to play the Expert Attack Helicopters. This is the tutorial that pro air players will want to read.

Air Role Guide - Part II: Surviving from SAMs

Air Role Guide - Part II: Surviving from SAMs

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Air Role Guide - Part I: The Basics

Air Role Guide - Part I: The Basics

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Support Role Guide - Part II: Air Defense Strategies

Support Role Guide - Part II: Air Defense Strategies

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MW Mod 6.0.1 Installer (Uploaded 8/1/2020)

MW Mod 6.0.1 Installer (Uploaded 8/1/2020)

Full Version 73 comments

This is the installer/updater for the latest version of Modern Warfare Mod. It requires Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

MW Mod 6.0.1 Manual Install (Uploaded 8/1/2020)

MW Mod 6.0.1 Manual Install (Uploaded 8/1/2020)

Full Version 20 comments

These are the files required to do a manual install of the mod. To manually install, the "Modern Warfare" folder inside the downloaded zip file MUST go...

Modern Warfare Mod Maps (for 6.0 and onwards)

Modern Warfare Mod Maps (for 6.0 and onwards)

Other 23 comments

This is the map pack for the mod, containing several maps exclusive to Modern Warfare Mod.

Recommended WiC Settings: Unlocking Camera Freedom

Recommended WiC Settings: Unlocking Camera Freedom

Plugin 12 comments

For those of you who are not aware of camerafreedom, it's recommended that you use it. Open the attached zip file and unpack the 'wicautoexec.txt' file...

Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) 2.0 Presentation

Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) 2.0 Presentation

Other 7 comments

A technical presentation about FLINT missile simulation engine used by WiC MW Mod. This presentation is geared toward indie game developers and modders...

WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 2 for Vista/7 (Release Candidate 1)

WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 2 for Vista/7 (Release Candidate 1)

Full Version

Modern Warfare Mod brings World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. It also ups the ante on realism and authenticity in every role –...

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KasaneT - - 9 comments

For some reason i cannot see the rwr warnings on my choppers, no icons for radar lock or anything appear. Just the sound warning and text at the side.

For some reason i can see the enemy rwr icons if i use aerial recon tactical aid

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Guest - - 699,703 comments

Whould you please update and add new weapons and combat systems in wic mod
This game is my best game ever i had seen before i very love this mod please update it if you can thank you so much.

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johnwarren653 - - 36 comments

could you replace riflemen squad and anti tank infantry squad with us army infantry squad with ocp camo as riflemen squad repalcement and us marince squad as anti tank replacement? and i dont know if it works, can number of infantry squad changeable? example : riflemen squad normally 5 change to 6 or 8

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Modfetish - - 8 comments

Can i complete campaign with this mod?

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It is only skirmish/mp mod

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Will you continue to update the mod? I'm really looking forward to your mod

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Guest - - 699,703 comments

Cómo activo el mod?

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Vladapo63 - - 88 comments

Options > select mod> click on mod from the list> select mod :)

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Guest - - 699,703 comments

why my untivirus see virus?

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Vladapo63 - - 88 comments

False positive? I redownloaded mod 3 days ago was all just fine.

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