Modern Warfare Mod brings World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. It also ups the ante on realism and authenticity in every role – Infantry, Armor, Support and Air, while trying our best to keep everything relatively balanced for fun and interesting gameplay.

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i love the smell of conflict in the morning!

Simply put, this mod is the best, period. Out of any other mod for any other game. Every time I play it, I uncover another level of detail and realism that crushes my previous preconceptions about balance and diversity and forces me to re-evaluate how I play the game. And I haven't even finished my exploration of the Air role yet! If this mod gets any better, Massive had better seriously consider making blahdy and his crew an official part of their team for WiC 2...****, this IS WiC 2 already. Just have Massive code a new SP campaign and we've got it. :D

one of the best mods i have played. the new units work well and the game play is hard and fun. this mod has its problems like the way the aircraft
move to slow, this is the best world in conflict mod and the only reason i still play WIC

BEST WIC mod and almost the BEST game mod!

The Modern Warfare Mod, takes an already great game to the next level. For so long military enthusiast's have been looking for a modern military RTS, that ticks all the boxes. In my opinion this mod does. It achieves a balance that few mods can.

The developers of this mod have clearly spent hours incorporating all the minute details required to elevate a great game to an outstanding one.

The following within the community is testament to the outstanding work the team has done. 10/10 keep up the outstanding work.


XD_skills says

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this game mod is the most interesting of all strategy games i have played and this is the most intence graphic gaming play.

Very nice mod, this game made the game very fun. Good seeing the mod being update even with the real game having only a few people playing left.

I like the effort and the realism of the game and there attention to detail in the most part but it isn't perfect. a few bug here and there as well as crashes (witch can in the most cases screw up my computer). there FLINT system is good but in most cases game play can get really hard specially when trying to use helicopters (i like the altitude system but in most cases its more of a nuisance then it is helpful). vehicles and aircraft half to stop in order to fire guided missile and they have to be pointed at a target in order for the missile to land (makes since but makes it hard as well) in and it also depends on were your target is heading as appose to were the missile launched from witch in most cases the missile miss completely. why WIC Modern warfare is much more difficult then a war simulator I don't know. that's probably because it try's to be a realistic RTS war simulator (witch is a rare bread). But anyway Its a good mod, not perfect but its a good mod nonetheless.

best WIC mod!

Hilariously overcomplicated and overdesigned. Transforms a fast, fun experience into a slow, unfun mess.