Faction Changes


Air and Armor are the real strength of the USA. The heavy attack helicopter is the best and the heavy tank has the most armor. Some Air power TA’s are cheapest for this faction (Tank Buster, Heavy Air Support)


Almost the same as the USA. With the exception of the Heavy Tank, which shoots a little bit further and is more accurate. The Medium Attack Helicopter is also the best among all three factions.


The real power of the USSR is in Support and Infantry, this represents the mass amount of manpower that the USSR has. Some heavy hitting TA’s are cheaper for this faction as well. Armor units are 2/3 price of other factions and are not as good. Infantry are ½ the price of both the other factions.

Change Log

The following log lists most of the changes.


Heavy Tanks – Line of sight is still poor. Firing distance has been increased by 2x-3x depending on the faction. Has a very powerful round for its special ability that is good against all ground units.

Medium Tanks – Same as the Heavy Tanks with the exception of the special ability.

Light Tanks – Same improvments as the both the medium and heavy tanks. The offensive special ability has been changed to the Heat round of the Heavy Tank. The speed has been increased to allow for quick capture of CP’s.

APC – The clip size was increased from 4 to 20. This makes it something to watch out for when you are playing air or inf. The TOW missiles can almost destroy a Heavy Tank in one hit. The range on the TOW was decreased.

Amph Transport – Same as the APC except for the TOW.

Transport Vehicle – Same as original except for USA, which had some minor improvments.


All Choppers drop 6 flares now.

Heavy Chopper: Very powerful now with increased range, LOS, and bigger rocket clip. The Hot missile for all factions can kill any armored vehicle in one hit. The offensive ability reload time has been reduced to 10 seconds.

Medium Chopper: Increased machine gun clip, LOS, and speed. Sidewinder can take out another helicopter in one hit. The medium choppers can now shoot missiles and behave similar to the Heavy Choppers when attacking armor units. The Heavy Chopper is by far the best for attacking ground units though.

Scout Chopper: Vastly increased price and LOS. Only available to the air role. Reload time of the IR scan is down too around 5 seconds.


Heavy Artillery: Increased range and power. USSR has the best.

Medium Artillery: Increased range (also power for USSR).

Repair Tank: Increased repair rate and decreased reload on special abilities.

HAA: Increased Range. Smoke flare recharge time was decreased.

MAA: Increased Range, reduced reload time on the offensive ability, decreased price.

Engineer: Can now repair ground vehicles. Det pack has double the blast radius.


All squads have increased stealth and heal rate. Below are specific changes.

AT Squad: Doubled the power.

Reg Squad: Doubled the power. Doubled the range of the AA trooper and halved his reload time.

Sniper: Greatly increased price, LOS, and halved the reload time. The sniper has a much greater stealth amount than all other infantry squads. Sniper can now call in small Artillery strikes just like the Paratroops.

Paratroop Squad: Increased Artillery Spot range, increased amount of artillery rounds, decreased reload time of Artillery special ability.


Light Artillery Barrage: Dropped price to 3 TA.

Airstrike: Increased radius. USA is cheapest.

Tank Buster: USA is cheapest. Reload time decreased to 45 seconds.

Napalm Strike: Reload time decreased to 45 seconds

Repair Jeep: Cheaper.

Medium Tank Drop: Changed out light tank for a medium tank.

Paratroop Drop: Drops 2 squads.

Bunkerbuster: Can kill a bridge or building in one hit now.

Air to Air strike: 2.5x radius

Heavy Air Support: 2.5x radius. USA has the best.

Daisy Cutter: 30% bigger. NATO gets a big price break for 2 or more.

Fuel Air Bomb: Price dropped from 30 to 25.

Carpet Bomb: Cheaper for USA. Also has larger spread and more rounds for USA.

Gas Strike: Cheaper for USA and NATO.

Heavy Artillery Barrage: Bigger and cheaper for USSR.

Precision Artillery Strike: Decreased price.

Tactical Nuke: Increased blast radius a little bit. Radiation is much more powerful. USSR has big price incentives for it.

Official Page: Massgate.net

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Call For Beta Testers


Hey Everyone,

Well TA Mod 4 is finally ready for semi-public testing. This will probably be the last major update for a while so I need as many people to join the testing group as possible. The group has been created so that all its members can have details on a server that I am hosting and gain acsess to the latest mod files.

Understand that if I make you a part of the testing group than I need you to show up during one testing time at least. This will only be a couple hours of your time. Server times will be announced on the group's page.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of you on the battlefield.


Please PM me or contact me on Xfire with the name "bravoseven" or Skype name "canoworms1" (both without quotes) for more information and for entrance into the testing group. Alternatively, you can post in the comments below this news post.

Tactical Assault 4.0 beta coming soon

Tactical Assault 4.0 beta coming soon

News 2 comments

Here is just a heads up that Tactical Assault 4.0 beta is and has been worked on and is coming soon.

Official Server

Official Server

News 1 comment

Title says it all. We now have a official server up by massgate. Right now it has no bots but we will see to that. Name is: Tactical Assault 3.6

Future updates

Future updates


Unfortunately there will be no new updates any time soon unless there are huge errors

3.6 Change Log

3.6 Change Log


3.6 Change Log Adds on to previous change logs which can be found at the main site.

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Tactical Assault Mod 3.6

Tactical Assault Mod 3.6

Full Version 11 comments

Version 3.6 of the Tactical Assault Mod for World in Conflict.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 52)

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hmm doesn't seem to work... it crashes at the loading screen when you load a multiplayer game up the tutorial and the campaign seems to work fine though

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I didn't have this problem in the past, but I do now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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keeps on crashing on load screen :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Do the changes affect the campaign too, or just multiplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

its is work for wic:sa?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

where do i extract this to i use steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Go to "My Computer" and find the Users folder. Go to the Public folder then go to the Public Documents folder. There, you should see the World in Conflict folder. Open it and then open the Mods folder. That's how you do it

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The maker of this mod certainly had a terrible understanding of the military world in 1989 when he made this, but the mod quality for what it is trying to do is definitely good, so I'll give it that.

Dec 7 2010 by Heaney

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