Awakening of the Rebellion 2.7 is the upcoming Version and its a massive Update and Improvement then the actual release Version 2.6. The AI is almost rewritten and will be a challenge as ever before There are new Story Events and reworked existing ones. All Space and Ground-Units are updated and/or replaced with new Models/Textures. New Soundeffects and Music-Tracks, a New Galaxy Map that is almost Canon and new Space and Groundmaps.

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2017, lets recap! Whats in store for 2018? All will be revealed soon. Let's get started.

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Welcome to another mod update!

Gosh, we haven't had a mod update since last year! Hee Hee. in all seriousness lets get going

First, mod of the year! if you didn't already know, Awakening of the Rebellion won fourth(4) place in the best upcoming mods! We really appreciate all the support we received from you all. Thank you so much, it means a lot to us all the support you show for the mod and the work we do!

Stiener 4th place meme

We also want to give a shout out to all the mod teams that have helped us with the creation of 2.7. Without their models, code, and insight we couldn't have worked on this mod at the speed we have.

Thank you to the developers of Empire at War remake! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the developers of Republic at War! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the developers of Yuuzhan Vong at War! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the developers of Rise of the Mandalorians! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the developers of Star Wars Empire at War Rebellion! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the developers of Star Wars Rise of Hope! Check them out at this link:

Thank you to the Development group Thrawn's Revenge! Check out their mods:

Imperial Civil War:

Fall of the Republic:

Ascendancy (for Sins of a Solar Empire):

So what is the team doing now?

First, there is a new developer! Octravon was added as a developer on December 25th. He now helps manage the community and creates models.

Throughout the year, Maxim and Bullet have tirelessly stripped the AI and put in a new one. So now the AI knows how to attack beyond blockaded worlds, build up its defences and production properly, use the new systems Maxim and Bullet created, and even make a mistake. Yup, the AI is so human-like it actually makes mistakes too! But that's only the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more changes to the AI that two games will never be alike.

Just Rush the Landing Zone to Win...

Yea... about that... Sly took the painstaking task of adding hard points to every landing transport. This wasn't an easy task. At one point the gallofrees were invisible, another point nothing worked, but finally, we have it working and it's beautiful. The new transports with weapons add a much-needed balance to ground. Now you can expect to have more interesting ground battles instead of camping the landing zone.

Rebel attack on Nemodia

Will you be adding...

As the new movies come out, they give Star Wars fans many new heroes and units to expand our universe. With all this new information, we get the recurring question, "will you be adding the units from Rogue One, The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi?" In 2.7? No. But don't worry. We will be adding all of these ideas in due time.

In 2.8 we will be adding a campaign that takes place before the battle of Yavin. This campaign will include many new units and heroes seen in the Rebels t.v. show and in Rogue One. It will also allow players to experience the struggle of building an alliance and the importance of allies when fighting a monster like the Empire.

U wing

In 2.9 we will be overhauling the New Republic era of the mod. The First Order will be added as well and all their units! The Empire will get a special story that allows them to choose their path in the New Republic era story. This will allow us to incorporate the Imperial Remanent and the First Order.

All Units are to Scale... for the Most Part

Something that Steiner started doing was creating an official scale for all of our units. Now we can make sure that our units on the ground and space have a realistic scale. While seeming small and irrelevant, it actually gives a more immersive gameplay. Now on the ground, AT-AT's tower over infantry and look monstrous! In space Star Destroyers look huge and menacing to your small rebel force. Now this scale does come with its exceptions. As we get into the larger ship area like Super Star Destroyers and small ships like fighters, you will notice the scale not be perfect. To make every unit playable we have to use our discretion to size these ships.

Updated ModDB Page

New ModDB Page

Steiner decided to create an updated ModDB page background. Looks pretty amazing. This will be updated soon, but for now heres your sneak peak!

Until Next Time

That's about it for this small update. If you want to better socialize with the community and ask your questions, join our discord:

Until next time. Bye!


Congratulations on fourth place! AotR and its devs deserve it. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more great stuff in 2018 from you guys!

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Octravon Author

Thanks dude!

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Nice to hear from you guys, and congratulations!
About the scaling, I think we all know that pathfinding of larger ships in FoC is terrible. Imagine having the Supremacy, or even the Executor scaled, it just wouldn't be fun (just visually stunning). Hope to play the new version soon, this is an amazing mod.

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Octravon Author

Yes, very true. we do have some ideas to add those big ships in a way that we can have large sizes.

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Oh Hey! I Thought That The FA And TLJ Stuff Wasn't Going To Make It In Until 3.0! I'm Glad That It's Going To Be In 2.9!

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Can't wait for the NR overhaul.

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Octravon Author

Do make sure you check out the other mods! There are vital to our mod and they do amazing work. They have some amazing mods with awesome gameplay.

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I can help you with voice.
My e-mails or (for contacts)

I can try to do it, i bought some days ago sound-system and mike.
If you need my help, i will be glad to do it.

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Very exciting!! Thank you for the update!

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What about stronger Emperor in AotR?


Redirect_Blaster_Ability Name="Emperor_Redirect_Blaster"
Redirect_Chance>0.50 to 65 [more reflected missiles]
Block_Chance>0.30 to 40 [more blocked missiles]
Reaction_Arc_In_Degrees>180.0 to 270 [doing it from more arcs!]
Absorb_Blaster_Ability Name="Emperor_Absorb_Blaster"
Absorb_Chance>0.6 tp 0.7

What do you think?

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Another suggestion: what about adding fighter escort to Allegiance SD?
I mean fighters (like TIE Fighter/Interceptor) not bombers.

Fact that Allegiance-class lacked ventral hangar bays could not mean that ships do not carry ANY small craft on it (eg. shuttles for personal use, boarding parties, star bases visits).

This ships were designed years after starfighter tactics proved successful, so providing it without even minimal fighter escort would be unwise. Maybe with upgrade system, we could rebuild into Allegiance SD version with 12-24 fighters as close defense escort?
says: Hangar (24) Shuttles

If she has Imperial Shuttle on board, she had to be equipped with some internal hangars (without ventral hangar bays).

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Larger than an Imperial class star destroyer with its 2.2 km long, the Allegiance had a firepower probably consistent. The exact composition of the armament of the Allegiance cruiser is unknown, as is its ability to carry hunters, but its measurements suggest the use of about a hundred turbolaser batteries (at least as much as the Imperial class) and a number of hunting devices equivalent to 8 or 9 squadrons (96 to 108 fighters).

This class of heavy cruisers was therefore entirely dedicated to ship-to-ship fights, as evidenced, besides its armament, the presence of the immense bulb-shaped energy generator, located on the ventral part of the building, and which suggested the use of shield generators with a capacity two to three times that of the Imperial class. The power of its deflector screens coupled with reinforced armor made the Allegiance battle cruiser an almost indestructible warship.

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Suggestion about space map ICONS. Can you make them a little bigger than in 2.6? It's cumbersome to have them so tiny.

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Great job guys, this mod keeps looking better and better :)

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