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The Shapers

The Shapers

6 members Developer & Publisher

This is official development group of the Yuuzhan Vong at war.

Oculus Mentis

Oculus Mentis

5 members Other

Oculus Mentis is dedicated to forging the highest quality and most innovative mods. Our current project is Golden Age of War: Incursion of the Sith. Built...

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✯Grievous✯ - - 19 comments

Hey burnstrobe id like premission to use one of your models i pmed you the info.

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Sutehp - - 1 comments

We meet at last, Burntsrobe! The circle is now complete!

My name is Sutehp and I'd like permission to use a few of your Star Wars planet images. A friend of mine and I are making a Star Wars fanmade D6 & D20 RPG fanbook for the Legacy of the Force novels and I was hoping to use your Adumar picture for it. In fact, Unusualsuspex of DeviantArt pointed me your way when I asked him where he got the Adumar image for his artwork.

I'm about to look through your gallery to see what other Star Wars planet images I might use. In particular, I need images for Terephon, Adumar and Shedu Maad. Looking forward to talking to you! :-)

EDIT: Ok, I look through your planet gallery and I found some exceptional planets I'd like to ask permission to use: Adumar, Bastion, Commenor, Fondor and Kuat. Of course, any image we use will have your name cited in the credits. PM me with your reply.

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Newgamemodder - - 100 comments

Did you recieve my pm burntstrobe? :)

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Maimbot6000 - - 1,748 comments

Okay, okay you can stop playing a trick on us now, its okay, we all know you finished the YVAW months ago, you can release it now! Yay! :P ;)

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BagaturKhan - - 7,926 comments

Will be in Christophsis in Vong Mod also giant buildings like in Clone Wars movie 2008?

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Dанил - - 5 comments

Help please download Moddb.com

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Shout_Giropalm - - 257 comments

hi i have for u a question what is a date of release of the mod Yuuzhan vong at war? or beta version release

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Bees? - - 1 comments

if he knew and or wanted to tell us he already would have told us.

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DarthRevan39 - - 179 comments

Hey Burntstrobe,
Do you know of a way to get multiplayer to work in EAW Gold Pack on steam? And if so is there a way to make it work with mods?

A buddy and I have tried to get it to work through Hamachi to no avail. (keep in mind this isn't the first game we've played a game using Hamachi) And I'm not stranger to setting up servers for games, but I just haven't seen any information about this game readily available.


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Darth_Raius - - 465 comments

To get the multiplayer to work, I would recommend Tunngle or gameranger. Both are fairly straight forward and free, you just need to be be careful with mods as they may prevent you from playing with friends who lack the mod.

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