The mod is based on adopting the corruption mechanic of the Zann Consortium to be used as "rebellion" by the Alliance.

Galactic strategy will require two very different gameplays,
the Empire has to guard it's systems and hyperspace lines against pirates and rebels, while expanding and absorbing neutral systems on occasion, and hunting down the rebel leaders,
while the Rebellion will have to disrupt commerce and support lines, raid key systems, sabotage imperial superweapon researches, and constantly be mobile to avoid the Empires iron fist.

There will be plenty of neutral planets, behind which the Alliance can hide, but only for so long. The Galactic Empire on the other hand is based on fear and tyranny, which are very susceptible to the ideas of hope and freedom. If not managed right, the Empire will collapse under it's own economical and ideological weight.

Space battles are changed to mimic the LucasArts X-Wing series and the pacific theatre of the second world war, while land battles are smaller scale battles with mixed units, which represent whole invasions. Rebellion (former corruption) missions will be added too later.

Galactic economy now has maintenance costs for every single unit and installation, which creates a sensitive balance. You'll not be able to build and maintain a Death Star just like that. It will cost you... a lot.
Taxing star systems and hyperspace routes, mining operations on planets and asteroids, or raids, smuggling operations and benefactors of the Alliance on rebelled planets will provide now the credits to run a war in the galaxy far far away.

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News 4 comments

Alliance Intelligence Agent /Defiler/ (represented by SpecOps squad in ground battle missions)

spreads: Rebellion /Corruption/

Resistance /Racketeering/

Estabilish an underground intelligence and support network on a planet.

requirements: agent, specforce line battalion, credits

benefits: reveal, salvaging, income

Sabotage /Intimidation/

Destroy a key facility to halt production of enemy war material.

requirements: agent, minor hero / starfighter hero squadron, credits, ground/space battle

unlocks: Capture

benefits: disables planet speciality permanently

Capture /Kidnapping/

Capture and interrogate a high level imperial officer to aquire tactical information.

requirements: agent, SpecForce infiltrator battalion, credits, ground battle

unlocks: Insurgency

benefits: reveal

Insurgency /Bribery/

Creates a diversion to occupy thus block all garrison units from entering battle.

requirements: Capture, agent, credits

unlocks: Revolution

benefits: reveal, no enemy garrison units

Revolution /Corrupt militia/

Ignites an open revolution to free the planet from imperial oppression.

requirements: Insurgency, agent, credits

benefits: use of indigneous rebel units in ground battle, if rebellion is removed, planet is evacuated of enemy units, and all enemy facilities are removed

Space denial /Piracy/

Employs hit-and-run tactics, convoy harassment and captures enemy starships.

requirements: agent, hero starfighter wing, SpecForce marine regiment, credits, space battle

unlocks: Black market, Alliance

benefits: reveal, captured ships, income

Alliance /Slavery/

Enlists the help of Allied Commands and recruits indigneous units from the Sector Forces.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

benefits: unlocks buildable cheap/unique Sector Force and Alliance Starfleet units

Black Market

Buys space or ground units and advanced technology via underground operations.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

unlocks: unit upgrades

benefits: purchasable units, technology research

Imperial Intelligence Agents (minor imperial hero, represented by Storm Commandos squad in ground battle missions) has the remove Rebellion ability.

This video summarizes the strength and tactics of the Rebel Alliance.

Starship Classification Systems

Starship Classification Systems

Feature 3 comments

All starships are classified according to these systems for ease of use. Rock-paper-scissors just got upgraded.

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Models Pack 1 comment

Modders resource package. Blaster, laser, turbolaser and heavy turbolaser models for both space and ground battles. Free public release. Merry Christmas...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 117)

Very interesting concept. Looking forward to the finished product whenever that may be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This still in the works or?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Megabalta Creator

or it's in development
or it's under construction
or it's released (it's not)
or is it?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Honestly I cant wait for this mod to be released this mod is just what I've been looking for and I hope a proper release of the mod even if its just a demo will be released soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Grat work Megabalta, finally someone who understood Star Wars battles comes directly from WWII pacific battles!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Glad to see this mod is still being worked on! Looks kick-*** so far.

Just curious...have you ever played the board game aptly named "Star Wars: Rebellion"? You might want to look into some of its mechanics (especially the whole Mission and Project system) and balancing and incorporate that into your mod, since it depicts a fairly realistic version of the Galactic Civil War. The Rebels are guerilla pests who need to be flexible in order to evade, sabotauge and hinder the Empire, while the Empire has to try to hunt down the Rebel base before they can gain enough strength to topple the Imperials.

I'm also curious how specifically you plan to handle the Death Stars. It's obvious that by default in EaW the Death Star is much too easy and cheap to construct, and if you were allowed to build both the DS-I and DS-II at the same time, it would be completely ludicrous. I once had in mind a system where you have to build the Death Stars in phases, starting from a skeletal, stationary version without a functional superlaser, into the stationary, half-finished version we see in Jedi, and then finally into the usual mobile version. Of course, each phase would probably take a few hours in real-time...this would allow the Rebels time to find and hunt down the Death Star before it can be finished, as they did in the original canon.

Finally, considering the historical combat-based focus of this mod, would a realistic armour penetration system be something you would consider? I.e. small arms laser bolts simply ricochet off of vehicle armour, but a single well-aimed high-caliber turbolaser shot into the exposed mechanical rear of an AT-AT could cause it to immediately detonate. I recall finding parameters in the Armour settings for EaW units which allowed you to determine armour from degrees-on-the-nose by percentage.

Now we just need Stuka-style sirens on TIE bombers and my dreams of becoming the Space Fuhrer can finally come true...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Megabalta Creator

The mod wasn't named the same as the board game (and the old video game) coincidentally ;-)
The original concept was the same in EAW with tech levels. If you look into the xml files, imperial tech levels are named after Death Star tiles. On the other hand the game isn't really compatible with the death star imho (it's op as ****), I don't know yet, how I'll utilize it.
A numerical armor (and shield) vs ap (sp) system is already built in into the mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I think the death star should just have a realistic cost, not like 50000 credits as in other mods.... maybe around 1.5-2 million credits would fit :)). And also its production time in other mods is so stupidly short, let s be honest, it took the empire years to build the death star! And yeah, the freaking infantry not damaging vehicles and vehicles being very strong would be amazing, right now I m playing the RE mod and it cracks me up when I see an AT ST destroyed by one civilian group...And when I also see that an AT ST shot takes 4 years to kill an infantry squadron XD Anyway, the hype is real!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I just hope that star destroyers will be very strong considering the cost and the maintenance tax. I mean, I hope the mod won't be like other ones where you can just spam super star destroyers. Better lower numbers, but realistic, like in the movies. Also, I think the capital ships speed should be low, while the lasers should have a powerful glow and travel fast, these elements really add realism to the mod. (example of realistic gameplay mechanics: AotR or RE mod). Also, you re the first one to realize that the rebellion should not be able to have the same military and financial power as the empire, but just have more smuggling abilities. The revolution idea is awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Your mod looks awesome and realistic with all these new features!! Do you have an estimated release date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And btw, please make the ground battles realistic! I just throw up when I see in some mods that infantry has the same height as a tank and also that it has a ton of hp and it takes a formation of T2-B tanks 100 years to kill a trooper. The tank cost should be much higher, but a cannon shot should destroy at least 4 or 5 soldiers. I hope the scales will be appropriate too! Can't wait! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Megabalta Creator

All of the above and more are in the making.

Reply Good karma+5 votes
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