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MCG Prometheus vs MCG Darkest Hours - Main Menu

The differences between MCG Prometheus & MCG Darkest Hours:

MechCommander Gold v5.0 - Prometheus

  1. Backbone for this standalone is a pre-installed MCG-Darkest Hours v4.2 folder
  2. Clan version of the game
  3. Brandnew Clan 'Wolf XXL campaign, but contains ALL previous mission content for MC in it's libraries
  4. New 'Clan Wolf Style Menu / MFD & HuD design with new artwork and recolored environment
  5. Ongoing development & technical support
  6. Next Full Version update on Eastern 2021
  7. Mixed-tech base (Clan & Inner-Sphere) in purchase logistics
  8. Extended Vehicle availibility during campaigns
  9. Prometheus will be the greatest version of MechCommander and is the future!
  10. Integrated Visual- & Weapon Range Re-Balance Mod for more realism! (for widescreens)

MCG Prometheus versus MCG Darkest Hours

MechCommander Gold v4.xfinal - Darkest Hours

  1. Backbone for this standalone is a pre-installed MCG Desperate Measures v1.8 folder
  2. Inner Sphere (IS) version of the game
  3. Content merge of four previous standalone versions, contains none of the new clan campaign content
  4. Basic Menu / MFD & HuD design
  5. No further development but ongoing technical support
  6. No Full Version updates planned anymore
  7. Inner Sphere (IS) tech base in purchase logistics
  8. Standard Vehicles during campaigns
  9. Darkest Hours v4.2final is greater compared to the original v1.8 and a finished product!
  10. Standard Vanilla Ingame Physics!

MCG Prometheus vs MCG Darkest Hours
MechCommander Gold: Prometheus vs Darkest Hours

All MechCommander 1 / Gold Versions:

As this seems to be not clear - or easy to misinterpret here a clear sight on my version mess...

v1.0 - MechCommander 1 - Original campaign - The original campaign is v1.8 content
v1.8 - MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures Expansion (+ three different customermade campaign standalones with six additional campaigns to play on the original built)
v2.0 - MechCommander Gold - Ultimate campaign merge Update (prior Darkest Hours built)
v3.0 - first MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Full Version Standalone release
v4.2 - MCG Darkest Hours final
v4.3 - MechCommander Gold - Prometheus v0.2beta (actually v4.3)
(v5.0 - MCG Prometheus) - The game is under ongoing development until it's finished!

Strikethrough = Those versions are outdatet, not supported or don't exist anymore! Their content remains in the existent builts that are available as freeware download content here on modDB or other places and gaming sites in the web.

1. Download MCG Prometheus Fullversion - Mod DB
2. Download MCG Prometheus Non-ISO Fullversion folder
(~700MB less in size for people who already have the original CD / ISO)

MCG P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. - is the future...

... v5.0 is the total version number for MechCommander in general. Only Prometheus will be evolved up to that level. Reason is that i took new paths during the creation process of the new standalone. The further development of the game content is obsolete for the existent versions. They are finished products and their version numbers won't change anymore. The Version number of the Prometheus Beta built will change to 4.x above when v1.0 beta is released. This v4.x built will be further developed until it can be considered as complete (v5.0 then).
During the creation process of Prometheus i'm limitbreaking many things that where untouched before. Such like unit limits become obsolete in my built. I managed to create scenarios with more than 200 enemy units for example. I created the biggest convoy ever seen ingame on screen for the next example. All of those mentioned details are already part/content of the current Beta release that weighs 33 missions !!! - a demo release for testing that offers more content than the original game had even with it's expansion content altogether!

MechCommander 1 / Gold 2020 - useful links:

MCG Prometheus Fullversion

(c) by RizZen 2020

MechCommander by RizZ

MechCommander by RizZ

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Neferata13 - - 99 comments

First of all, please allow me to thank you for reuploading this! I had always wanted to try this game but never got round to until now.

Now I just have a question about Prometheus and your Darkest Hours versions of the game. And it's basically what are the key differences between the two? Having never played this before I am utterly clueless if there is a difference in campaigns or if Prom is an multiplayer version or what....can you reply when you get the time please?

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Cyberias - - 404 comments

Hello Rizzen keep the good work on Mechcommander!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
MCRizZen Creator
MCRizZen - - 71 comments

Your appreciation always was my motivation!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 689,389 comments

Rizz, this is simply amazing. Perfect timing given the need to stay in and play some games. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MCRizZen Creator
MCRizZen - - 71 comments

You're welcome!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
MCRizZen Creator
MCRizZen - - 71 comments

Update, April 4th 2020:

- overhauled linking structure of several articles
- in the Overview-Articles the links should now open a new tab for better reading and routing articles
- at the bottom of most articles there are "Next/previous"-article links. I put majority of articles in a readable order - so that the MechCommander content of information can be read like a common game guide

Thank you for visiting my profile and showing participation and excitement to one of the best Retro RTS games, that exist. MECH COMMANDER!

For technical support i would like to see people posting comments here:

There are solutions for any imaginable ingame issue. The game has a sh**load of content and guarantees hundreds of hours playing fun.

Slowly we get all guides back online and polished. MechCommander lives!

Have fun, that's an order!

RizZ, over and out.

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