MechCommander is squad-based Real Time Tactical Combat game. Take command of Zulu company from the Federated Commonwealth's First Davion Guards and liberate the planet Port Arthur from the Clan Smoke Jaguar. The game's campaign progresses through 30 different missions. Each mission consists of a number of objectives. Each mech is piloted by a mechwarrior. The more missions and kills a particular pilot has, the more experienced and valuable he or she becomes. If a pilot gains enough experience, he or she will increase in rank. The four ranks from least to greatest are "green," "regular," "veteran," and "elite." MechCommander: Desperate Measures is an expansion pack that was released in 1999. Set immediately after the liberation of Port Arthur, the player once again assumes command of Zulu company in a campaign to liberate the desolate planet Cermak in the Periphery, taken by a renegade Smoke Jaguar Star Colonel for an unknown reason.

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"The proper business of the warrior is death. His only concern must be to destroy the enemy, or else to die fighting." - Dictum Honorium Volume II, On Proper Behaviour of the Warrior

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MechCommander Gold doesn't sound any different than before, and while the muted, bass-heavy weapon-firing effects still sound right on, your mech pilots' muffled and repetitive commentary will quickly grow tiresome once again. At least the game's dynamic soundtrack, which responds to whatever is happening onscreen, remains effective.

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MechCommander is magic—for me, it's the purest expression of everything anyone ever loved (having a garage filled with multi-story death robots and lasers) about FASA Interactive's more-famous versions of the series, MechWarrior, but packaged in a way that holds up better today than the decade-old iterations of its first-person brother.

Through escort, search-and-destroy and scouting missions, you field a team of up to 12 BattleMechs, fostering pilots and equipment like precious action figures that run out of ammo, need to be repaired and can suffer permanent death. That ownership over your Mechs and pilots is at the core of the experience — taking a cue from Wing Commander.

When i´m interested in starting to play MechCommander - how may i start?

1998 - Well, the basic version MC1 was released. From today´s perspective it is not recommended to play this version anymore. It contained the original 30 basic campaign missions, three solomissions and a handful multi-player scenarios for MSZone networks. It had many issues, no waypoint systems and only restricted technical functions.

1999 - The official expansion pack MechCommander Gold was released, coming as own standalone version on CD. You can download this version and others as pre-installed gamefolder here from moddb! The gamefolder was patched to latest version 1.8 - the last official patch. I recommend using this version to start playing MechCommander cause it contains the original 30 missions campaign plus the original 12 missions expansion of Gold version. For the original game folder you need the original CD or *.ISO to be able to play the game. You can download the seperate *.ISO here.

2001 - around six additional campaigns where created. They where splitted into three campaign pairs combining each an original & expansion campaign override with usermade missions. Those files went offline after a time and are not available anymore for patching any original game folder with them.

2006 - magic from hardlight-productions released those mentioned user campaigns on moddb as seperate standalone versions - in the same way created like he did with the "Original" folder - enhanced with high resolution executables. Here a list:

Those can be downloaded exactly the way it goes with the "Original folder" above. You need to download and use/mount the original CD / ISO in order to start game with one of the resolution.exe files.

2016 - i started modding MechCommander. I got much help by the guys of and so i published the early versions of my mod on their servers. On the forum you could find many downloads and content for MechCommander. Things like content that went offline over the years, massive guides and knowledge for the game - and the best thing: the most complete remastered standalone fullversion of MechCommander that ever existed.

000 MCG Darkest Hours v4 0 MainM

But still there is much more to uncover. Visit us on NGNG and look for yourself. Start a journey!

2019 - after finishing MCG Darkest Hours Fullversion for MechCommander 1 - Gold i started to create the version i would like to have done in the first place while starting to mod MechCommander wayback 2016: MechCommander Gold - P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. Merging eight different single player campaigns from the Inner Sphere Version of the game into TWO HUGE XXL campaigns was finally done with Darkest Hours and released as freeware pre-installed game folder with the ISO included in it's download content package. Bugfixing and serious issues got solved and MCG-DH is a solid extension to the available Vanilla and Customermade MechCommander game content.

MCG Prometheus - Xmas Beta Release Edition

2020 - the year of the Covid-19 disease. I decided to release a prior beta Full Version Built for my new MCG Prometheus - Version 0.1Beta!
After all the MechCommander content on NGNG forum servers got purged in 2019 i recreated and reuploaded all content here on modDB and This slowed down my modding work for the new Clan Wolf Campaign edition (finally will be MCG-P v5.0) - but i still got a solid Demo Beta Built Release for X-Mas. This is my tribute to one of the best RTS non building X-Com like pc computer games of the world:

Prometheus Content list:

  • new recolored artwork and menu design, Clan Wolf style logistics and HUD
  • 33 of 200 brandnew missions for the upcoming Clan Wolf Campaign
  • play more missions, after mis 33 you will go on playing the Darkest Hours missions that enlarges the current Beta Campaign up to 89 missions total
  • new voice package for one MechWarrior (others are in the making)
  • corrected female / male voice issues with new warriors
  • a full functioning second campaign (the original Expansion merge from Darkest Hours that will be replaced in the later phasis of MCG Prometheus development
  • integrated mixed-tech purchase into the whole campaign
  • more vehicles available in the vehicle bay purchase logistics menu
  • The whole game in a new shape
  • MechWarriors with unique MechPaints on the Battlefield - different color setups available
  • starting a campaign with nothing - building a MechBay from scratch

Planned in the next:

  • storywriting - full briefings with tactical and storyplot information for the players, not just mission objectives and air support parameters
  • completing the Menu Re-Design with nameplates and eliminating the last remaining "baby blue" from the built
  • creating more missions in order to complete the first Clan Wolf Operation with 50 missions total on eastern 2021
  • extending the game content
  • bugsolving and technical support
  • rebalancing the ingame parameters in order to make it comfortable to play for anyone

MechCommander 1 - Gold: Prometheus is a Vanilla oriented standalone that will be further developed in the future. It will become update releases, fullversion updates and technical support during the whole development process. MechCommander 1 / Gold is great! MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours is greater! MechCommander Gold - Prometheus will become the greatest of all versions. It's maximum campaign length of 200 missions will give players the feeling of an endless career. Only here - real time strategy non base building x-com style plus limit-breaking reverse enginering.

Have fun, that's an order!

Regards RizZen

(c) by RizZen - 2020 overhauled

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