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MechCommander 1 / Gold

Content collection - The holy grale!


Beginner's Guide
Player's Guide
MCGold.iso & Downloads (look into the description)
Overview - All MechCommander standalone version (pre-installed game folders)
What is MechCommander?
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Free Fullversion Download (Patch v4.2)
What is Darkest Hours all about?


You can find ALL MechCommander Downloads here & here

So we are back online. Most of the content got reuploaded now. Enjoy it! You can find about 50 articles of knowledge and several Download-Packages full of content for MechCommanders!

Start the journey...

(c) by RizZen 2020

Ingame footage
Ingame screenshot - game played with 1440x900 widescreen high resolution - zoomed in


Greetings RizZen,

First I must salute you commander. (Salute) I remember purchasing the Original MECHCOMMANDER years ago with one of my meager paychecks as I skipped school and went to the mall. I stumbled upon a game I never saw and fell in love with it at first sight, so much so I bought it. Even though I did not have a computer that could play it (at that time).

I found your creation by accident, I was looking for ways to get Mechcommander 2 to work on windows 10 and do some mech and pilot editing, when I found the holy grail. I found DARKEST HOURS downloaded 4.1 almost a year ago. Since then, i've been crushing mechs, taking bases, killing pilots, and morning fallen comrades since then.

When I saw 4.2 I was overjoyed. A work of art made even better, maybe even perfect. :D

I grabbed it and went to went to work crushing the clans all over again, with everything made even better.

That said, I have a few questions. First a bug question. The Cermak Op-3 Mission 12 crashes over and over at the start. I can find a away to get the crash report if you need it. The only commonality I have found is clicking on an uncovered map square on screen.

My second question, why are the Heavy and Medium mechs are missing from Port Arthur Op-1, Mis-01? I though it was a nice homage to have them in the game to try and take on the hidden Mad Cat at the bottom... I have wondered why you did not give us enough tons to take a commando, raven, hunchback, and centurion... then make the pilot go Mad Cat, jaguar mad cat when it's spotted... but I do not I do not know the challenge to make it so. Still, I am very happy with what we have...thank you for all your hard work, time, dedication, and love you put into this creation.

Third question, why is the salvage rate so low? I get blasted to hell and back trying to take off both enemy legs or their head only to have the mechs constantly blow up :-(

Thanks for reading this, thanks for the years of work. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to trick out mechs and fight for the survival of the Inner Sphere again and again. :)

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MCRizZen Author

Thank you for the feedback.

I offer different starting options. You are right, during the development i had chosen an easier start mod but went back to the original cause this should be considered normal difficulty scale. You can customize your built by downloading all starting conditions, using the one you desire - making it ease - or a harder competition.

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