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This article contains the whole MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v4 VersionLog. In other words this article contains informations about what i have changed in my fullversion built - in detail. This thread is just an archive of information. Old threads - posts and topics related to my Darkest Hours work - in a chronological order. Latest version no. is v4.1 (v4.0 + v4.1patch; and several optional patches to customize own built)

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MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v4.0

History Version Changelog
first release (December,8th,2018)

Fullversion standalone development history

It was a long journey. Started modding in january 2017.

All in all i released 37 single MC1 / MCG patches / updates. The development of v1.0 & v2.0 took 19 updates until it became v3.0 fullversion standalone. After v3.0 release - 12 patches later - v4.0, the latest (12/2018 ) & most complete MC1/MCG standalone ever is online. For v4.0 you can find updates above when they are released.
After the bugs of the very first merged version got solved - the main focus is to release v5.0 (6 file releases) in one single update.

Spoiler: all 32 update releases - list

v4.x file-releases (6 releases):
  • Optional Mod: Visual sight & Weapon range - Alpha
  • ExpMrgOp3Mis13 - Turkina/Mad-Cat bugfix: TC0304.FST
  • OrgMrgOp1Mis20patch\Exo_N3.FST
  • OrgMrgOp1Mis2 Solfile patch: Data\Savegame\RizZ0102.sol
  • OrgMrgOp1Mis1patch\RizZ0100.rar
  • OrgMrgOp1Mis1patch\Data\Missions\mechcmdr1.fit
  • MCG-DH v4.0 standalone fullversion.rar


v3.0 to v4.0 development (12 files released):

  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_v3.0tov4.0Patch.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_v3.3PuWaPatch.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_3.3_PatchFinal.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_3.3_Patch.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_3.2_Patch.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_3.0_Multi-Player_WarriorBugfix.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_FULL_VERSION_3.0.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_a_Solomissions.rar
  • SoloMissionSOLPack_II.rar
  • SoloMissionSOLPack_I.rar
  • MCG_DH_Multi-Player_Map_Pack_II.rar


Pre-Alpha v0.1 to v1.0/2.0/3.0 development (19 files released):

  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_3.0_Patch.rar
  • RizZArt_Extracted.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_Artwork_Patch.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_Multiplayer_Upgrade_v2.0d.rar
  • MCG_Darkest_Hours_Remastered_v2.0d.rar
  • MCG_Ultimate_zzMultiplayerpatch_v2.0d.rar
  • MCG_Ultimate_zzMultiplayerpatch_v2.0c.rar
  • MP_Gameranger_JJ_Patch.rar
  • MCG_ULTIMATE_zNew mixed tech_betatest.rar
  • MCG_ULTIMATE_zPatchv2.0b_PuWa_Art_Descfit_Update.rar
  • MCG_ULTIMATE_patch_v2.0b.rar
  • MCG_ULTIMATE_patch_v2.0a.rar
  • MCG_ULTIMATE_MOD_v2.0.rar
  • RizZen_Full_User_Campaign_Merge_1.0.rar
  • MCG_Ultimate_start0.pkk.rar
  • Optional_Art_Patch_1.0.rar
  • RizZenModAlphav0.1_Update.rar
  • RizZenModAlphav0.1.rar

LATEST VERSION (v4.0)Available as Downloadpackage
Update 4.0 content
More Bugfixes & Storyoverhaul

  • Bugfixes for several missions of Original & Expansion campaign merges

Original Campaign Mission Hotfixes

  • Bugfix Op5Mis13 - MisObj6 - Kill Wirth! = Kill all!
  • Bugfix Op4Mis10 - Turkina // Mad-Cat Bug

Expansion Campaign Mission Hotfixes

  • Hotfix Op2Mis13
  • Hotfix Op3Mis1
  • Final purchase balance update & doublewarrior (Op3Mis14) bug solve
  • New Versions of 00_MUpdate.fst, PuWa.fst, xRiz0204.fst & xRiz0301.fst
  • Mission purchase logistics Rebalance (PuWa.fst - fix)

an overview

Full Version 4.0 content

Here a list showing the whole remastering process up to version 4.0:

  • v4.0 - final Darkest Hours standalone basic version (without the new campaign missions)
  • v3.0/3.3 - first Standalone Fullversion - easy installing
  • v2.0d - integrated Mixed-Tech-Patch and Multi-Player MCX.exe, Original ISO-CD-file for compatibility with gameranger, introduced 57 working multi-player scenarios & 45 Solo-Missions to play free
  • v2.0c - first Multi-Player version without Mixed-Tech-Patch & Artwork update for MechWarrior "Michawn".
  • v2.0b - New Warrior skills bugfix, Artwork (pilot face for logistics & in-mission) & Campaign mission update
  • v2.0a - New Artwork, New Mainscreen, New Save-Load screens & New files for main game folder referring to gameranger
  • v2.0 - Integrated recreated (unfinished) original missions into existent XXL-User-Custom-Campaign Merges, New Artwork, New Mission order during campaign - balancing, introduced +20 new warriors for XXL-campaigns, bugfixes for new warriors, optional new music files for ingame sounds & created +42 purchase files for larger campaigns
  • v1.0 - took Original game folder from ModDB as backbone for remastered version, introduced ALL three big usermade custom campaigns into Original Game making it ULTIMATE XXL 59 mission original campaign and 29 mission Expansion campaign override, created +47 purchase files for larger campaigns
  • v0.Alpha - created some missions and built first own small campaign, figured out how to merge campaigns by introducing missions into existent written pre-built of MechCmdr1.fit-file in data\missions\ folder

For more information related to updates and file changes i have made in previous Versions have a look into the Old-Development-Threads Version 1.0 & Version 2.0, here you can find further and deeper information & explanations of how game was modded and finally remastered.MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures v1.8 by evolving it to new Free Full Version

MCG Darkest Hours v4.0

« Last Edit: 25 Jan 19 by RizZen »

v4.0 History Version Changelog
Updates 2019 (January,5th,2019)

Bugfixes / Missionupdates 01/2019:

  • Original Merge, Operation 1 - Mission 1 patch (for secondary objective issues & clan tech bonus salvage)
  • or play the vanilla original mission instead, both solutions offered as optional patch
  • Salvage added to OrgMrg - Op1,Mis20 - (clanner´s base supply mixed-tech loot)
  • Solo-Mission RizZ0102 Bugfix - download sol file below - delete the file "RizZ0101.sol from your savegame folders, it is corrupted, the other one takes it´s place
  • Kotare / Turkina / Mad-Cat bugfix for Op3Mis15 - expansion campaign (this bug existed twice, both solved)

Oh man - it is so comfortable working with sorted extracted source!

One year ago this probably have took me two weeks. « Last Edit: 5 Jan 19 by RizZen »

Bethor: This might be the wrong section, but for op one, mission 9, it seems to not register freeing the bondsmen.. so.. mission stuck?

RizZen: Expansion merge: Operation 1, Mission 9 - bondsman prisoners mission objective.

Solution: Just destroy the turrets & turret control & base complex. Mission objective will get triggered then. Capture the turret before destroying it!

When we are pedantic: strictly speaking this is Mission 98 - Mission 9 of Expansion merge - mission 98 when you count the previous missions of the Original merge.

No Gunner, it´s okay - when i played this mission for the first time i got the same issue - finding information like that - i would have been grateful back in time. This is exactly what i like to see. When someone has trouble - i/we help - i know the information is here in the forums - but there is many information - when people have trouble with missions i recommend always to have a look at the Original & Expansion campaign walkthrough threads - sure not each mission has a detailed walkthrough right now - but everytime such problems occure - i add information first there. Like as you can see, when you go through that mission - you see: There is a helping RizZ note! This mission-objective-trigger issue has been reported on May the 10th in 2018 there.

Have fun (i don´t like deleting)

v4.0 History Version Changelog
Optional Visual sight & Weapon range mod Release

Optional visual sight & weapon balance light mod v0.1a
Klick here - for more information. the gamesys patch can be downloaded and issues reported there. Added file as optional update. I have tested ~150 missions with that modification - no noticeable bugs or errors occured right now. I would like to know your feedback and if you think, that this can be the new MechCommander standard configuration or what should be adjusted. Folder:
"MCG Darkest Hours\Data\Missions\gamesys.fit"


RizZen - Developer interview - Mech Commander Darkest Hours

modDB download statistics

MCGDH4 DownloadStats
The highest number of total downloads for MCO629 in comparison was 42 downloads in 24h. For MCG-DH this is three times more downloaded than the MC2 built. And the MCO was downloaded 7.000 times in its time it is available for download. MC will outrun this count approximately until 2020 - i think.

« Last Edit: 26 Jan 19 by RizZen »

v4.0 History Version Changelog
Cumulative Mission Bugfix Patch v4.1 Release

Updates / Patches / Game enhancements

CityscapeHighDensity 1
v4.1 Patch - Download v4.1 patch!

  • Original Merge, Operation 1 - Mission 1 patch (for secondary objective issues & clan tech bonus salvage)
  • or play the vanilla original mission instead, both solutions offered as optional patch
  • Salvage added to OrgMrg - Op1,Mis20 - (clanner´s base supply mixed-tech loot)
  • Solo-Mission RizZ0102 Bugfix - download sol file below - delete the file "RizZ0101.sol from your savegame folders, it is corrupted, the other one takes it´s place
  • Kotare / Turkina / Mad-Cat bugfix for Op3Mis15 - expansion campaign (this bug existed twice, both solved)
  • Cumulative Org&Exp merge colossal bugfix patch - this update contains all those mission updates
  • +89 additional solo-mission skirmish scenarios for solo play
  • v4.0a Warriordowngrade for Multi-Player download 01_PuWa.FST (single *.FST for MCG DH root folder)

Single *.FST files need just to be dragged into MCG-DH ROOT\... folder - by replacing older versions.
Single *.sol/*.mpk/*.pkk files that are offered as download need to be dragged into MCG-DH "ROOT\DATA\SAVEGAME\...²

This download-package just needs to be put into your game folders. Readme is inside.

I proudly pronounce that we have 1.000 mod-DB downloads right now. v4.0 is online since december 2018 - that's really an impressive count and that more it will be - that more long-time motivation i will have.

Thank you to all MC players!!!
By using an evolved game fullversion you are keeping MechCommander alive!

modDB1000d 1

« Last Edit: 7 Mar 19 by RizZen »

On January 2019 the last official patch for MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours was released. This means when you download Darkest Hours, patch it to v4.1 you will have the most content loaded & perfect MechCommander built ever on your computer!

(c) by RizZen 2018 - overhauled (2020)

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