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I couldn´t even say it better, very well translated XB-Walker! This is why i remastered the game.

New update releases (2019):

  • Visual sight & Weapon range balance - light mod
  • OrgMrg: Op1Mis1 patch - optional replacement - you can play the new modded one or the original on desire
  • OrgMrg: Op1Mis20 salvage patch - with both (1&20) missions mixed-tech is optionally available in Original Campaign, too - not only Expansion
  • Solo-Mission bugfix for OrgMrg: Op1Mis2 - *.sol file was corrupted - repaired
  • Kotare - Turkina/Mad-Cat bugfix - Mech (Turkina) - just used Turkina sprites in mission but was actually a mad-cat model - corrected wrong file relations

Planned content (2019 - 202x):

  • introducing/implementing ~250 additional mission scenarios
  • new master campaign (going on with storyplot after operation bulldog (~150 missions minimum)
  • new voices for additional pilots (voice packages)
  • new in-mission music for new campaign
  • a third - new campaign button
  • more artwork (menu-design in depth)
  • establishing new ingame-physics standards - compareable with higher resolutions effects
  • maybe the creation of a MC `Gamelauncher`exe file that does even the last steps that needs to be done by people in order to start game (auto ISO load, auto *.exe file handling with right compatibility mode and auto adjustments for hardware usage) - just choosing resolution and some ingame settings like difficulty - then starting the game and just play
  • one more Standalone version with campaigns like X-Ray, Xenocide or Exodus - just unpublished ones that can be played but where never released as indipendent campaigns
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