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DRM! (60 votes)


Platform-protection (releasing games on platforms least pirated, PS3 for example) (25 votes)


All games made free to play, only premium content paid (174 votes)


More demos, betas and exclusive content (396 votes)


All games made legally free (195 votes)


Good games are rarely pirated (320 votes)


Government's crackdowns on torrent and warez sites/servers (123 votes)


Anti-piracy campaigns and education (88 votes)


Cheaper games (1089 votes)


Solution? What solution? There's no solution! (630 votes)


Other solution(s)... (157 votes)

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MrElusive603 Sep 12 2011 says:

DRM encourages piracy by making it harder for legitimate customers to play their games.

Do you see pirates whining about how Ubisoft requires them to have a constant internet connection? About how you only have 3 install limit? About how StarForce/SecuROM has installed hidden spyware on your machine just to check you've got the disc in the drive and "phone home" to their servers?

To fix this, they need to make games cheaper and also get rid of this DRM ********. Until then, people are always going to pirate. Believe it or not but the price tag does make a quite a difference. You're less likely to pirate a game if it's dirt cheap, but why buy it if you have to put up with DRM?

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Metalspy Sep 12 2011 replied:

Yeah I always get angry if my new, bought, game doesn't work as it should because of annoying DRM while all the pirates 1) Were playing before the release date and 2) Don't have any DRM troubles.

I voted for "What solution?", because there always will be people that are just going to take whatever they want. People with who(m?) The Moral (derp) is less strong. Not judging anyone, just stating a fact.

Also, Feillyne, you know polls/threads about piracy usually result in angry people, right?

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Kedgeree Sep 12 2011 replied:

In all honesty, as Metalspy said, no matter what the price is, some people will just pirate it regardless.
One helluva example would be the Humble Indie Bundle, you paid whatever you wished to pay to recieve the games. Yet people still pirated it.

One source:

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Icedecknight Sep 12 2011 replied:

Um, the price does matter. Look at steam, I bet with all the deals going on they cut piracy down by at least a 1/5 with their users. It's only when the person cannot possibly afford the game, or does not have a credit card for online purchases. Hell who wouldn't want to buy Mass Effect 2 or Crysis 2 for 10 bucks.

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Kedgeree Sep 12 2011 replied:

While a cheaper price can indeed infuence a person to buy instead of pirate. There is still people who would pirate the product even if it was £1 or less. Hence my reference to the Humble Indue Bundle.

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moci Sep 12 2011 replied:

You'll never STOP piracy, you can however reduce it. And cheaper games is one way of doing that.

Instead of complaining about how much money they are losing they should think of ways to invest less in games.

I'm sure that blizzard/ea/crytek/... can make AAA games without the need for an XXX million "enter currency here" investment upfront.

They are digging a hole for themselves and are demanding that WE (consumers) fill it back up.

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Mr.John Sep 12 2011 replied:

they could do valves solution. "MAEK MOAR HATZ!"

Thats a way to let people pirate and such.

Anywho, its a good idea acually to give pirates a limited window. See demos dont just cut it. Secure the multiplayer expirience or whatever requires internet connection and let people pirate as much single player as they want. In the end their all alone in that.

Yarr harr fiddledidi, being a pirate is allright with me.
Do what you want cuz a pirate is free!


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Kyou. Sep 12 2011 replied:

Well your pretty right on that one even if games were $0.50 I would still pirate them.

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StrictLime Sep 12 2011 replied:

Agreed completely.

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shroomman Sep 21 2011 replied:

most of that money seems to go in marketing and not in developing, I'll never understand that.
As I worked in development (electronics not software) marketing allways did big ****. Selling features that where very hard to implement, but using masses of money for PR, instead of listening to developers...
.. don't know how its in game industry, but seeing games presented on fairs 3 or 4 years before they actually hit the street (diablo 3 as an very good example), I have to ask myself was that money good invested, or did some managers just wanted to party???

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Garyn Dakari Sep 12 2011 replied:

This is a good article that I agree with completely:

I posted in this thread a while back about this matter as well(I still like Joe's arcade idea):

The gist of it was that pretty much the only the only thing that will stop piracy is the thieves themselves, if they decide to stop. Although I think the crack down on torrent sites would actually help. If they actually tried to take down the sites, and come after the thieves that have been downloading things from them, you might even be able to cut piracy in half because a lot of people wouldn't want to take the risk. As it is now, there are no consequences for stealing things online, so it seems perfectly acceptable to do so.

I don't think DRM and price cuts will actually make much of a difference. As The Humble Indie Bundle and World of Goo proved, DRM and high prices is just another excuse for pirates. Sure, DRM is bad and should go away, I agree with that, but it won't stop the thieves. I also agree that in most cases 60$ is way too much to pay for a game, but that won't stop piracy either.

Go to my forum post to see the rest of the message.

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sharkwouter Sep 13 2011 replied:

Seriously? What I read in that article is that piracy is stealing, every pirate is a lost sale and the games industry should just stop releasing games on any platform with high piracy.
Piracy isn't theft, but it should be illegal. If you would stop releasing games on any platform with high piracy you will have no reason to release games at all, since pirates will just move to another platform. I have pirated games in the past and I sometimes still do, the reason for this is either lack of a demo or the game is not being sold anymore because it's quite old. If I pirate a game which doesn't have a demo I will buy it if I like it and delete it the same day if I do not.
Edit: Piracy is not yet illegal here in the netherlands, which means im not a criminal. And just one more thing, copying and stealing a different things, thats why there are copyrights.

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Garyn Dakari Sep 14 2011 replied:

But that's the thing. Piracy IS theft.

Theft is taking something that does not belong to you without permission. If developers make a game, set a price for it and throw it out there, then people download it for free instead of paying for it like they're supposed to...They just stole the game, no?

Developer: Here, I just made this thing. If you give me money, you can download it.

Pirate: I don't want to pay for it, so I'll just take it for free instead.

Are you telling me that that's not stealing?

Just so we're clear, I'm not trying to pass judgement on anybody, or tell them what to do, I just don't like all the invalid excuses people give -_-

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Jeff_Katarn Sep 14 2011 replied:

This idea of 'theft' is impregnated with capitalism. Piracy is communism. The Internet should be property of the people and should be used by people, there should not be those big capitalist companies selling games at a nonsense price if they already have millions of dollars. Sure, there are costs of maintaining such companies, but every day they steal millions of dollars. I'd much rather pirate a big company game than a game made by just one person or a small company.
But, anyway, most of the big gaming companies are in the United States. They have many branches in many countries. Perhaps the price could get lower for these countries if they nationalized the branches.

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Garyn Dakari Sep 15 2011 replied:

The big companies are stealing? Seriously? They're not forcing you to buy it, it's a VIDEO GAME for crying out loud.

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Jeff_Katarn Sep 15 2011 replied:

The big companies ARE forcing you to buy it, if you aren't strong-minded. You forgot that they have the capitalist powers of advertising and marketing. A video game is a product like every other, it is just a category of products. The big companies can persuade people to buy their products even at nonsense prices. The money that they gain shouldn't belong to them, it should just belong to the customers, that sometimes are fooled into thinking that a product has a good quality and, instead, have a bad quality and an extremely high price.

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BunnyJen Sep 16 2011 replied:

Someone's easily influenced by others it seems. ;)

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sharkwouter Sep 15 2011 replied:

"Theft is taking something that does not belong to you without permission."
You just said it yourself, piracy isn't theft. If you pirate something you do not take it, you copy it.

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Garyn Dakari Sep 15 2011 replied:

So if someone hacked into your bank account and stole all your virtual money it wouldn't be stealing because nothing physical was taken from you?

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BunnyJen Sep 16 2011 replied:

Lmao this is exactly why piracy happens. People cannot seem to see that it's stealing! The reason for this is there is NO PUNISHMENT. If you stole someone's bank card and took their money....chances are you'd get tracked down and caught because it's seen so seriously that the police would put a lot of effort into doing so. This doesn't happen on the net as it's so hard to police, so because they know they won't get caught, they do it....their just either not intelligent enough to realise it's still stealing, or they don't care. But that doesnt change the fact that it is stealing. it's just stealing with no consequence.

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LordIheanacho Sep 18 2011 replied:


An outrage! That's like saying a player hacking into your Runescape account to take away your cash is NOT stealing. Theft is what it is. Not just physical, even virtual or potential. There shall be consequences in all respective categories - physical theft being the most harsh.

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Garyn Dakari Sep 19 2011 replied:

Obviously you misunderstood my posts - That's exactly what I was saying. I was posing a question to all these people saying that pirating isn't stealing. If you go by their logic(Which I do not), then stealing virtual money from a bank account isn't stealing.

I'm still waiting for a counter argument on that -_-

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sharkwouter Sep 22 2011 replied:

stealing from a bank is theft, even if the money is virtual. Just like it's theft to steal money in runescape, But copying copyrighted software is not stealing which doesn't mean it's not a crime! A banana is a fruit, but a fruit isn't necessarily a banana!

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shroomman Sep 21 2011 replied:

that would still be stealing, as the hacker would take the money (real not virtual) and not copy the money.
If he would copy the money, you still would have your cash on your account.
Only in capitalistic order probably the money would be less worth (resession).
But what I'm talking: only governments can print money, so money can not realy be copied, sorry GarynDakari!

hope this is good counter argument! :D

and stealing "virtual" money can not be crime, as it does not exsist anyway
virtual = imaginary
please read what you post first!!!

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radir Sep 13 2011 replied:

Bringing down torrent sites does not help.
In hungary the police brought down nearly all the torrent sites. They confiscated the servers. So you'd think all is gone. No! In one week, all of them were back up with their latest backup.
But you were right about the first one. Only pirates can stop piracy.

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Jeffman12 Sep 13 2011 replied:

At first I thought makingg games cheaper, and then I realized, there's no way around piracy, in some form or another. Making all games free and requiring money for 'premium content' only really works with online games, there'd be a limited tolerance for that in single player settings.
As you said, DRM just ****** people off. But there's still the fact that people will steal these products regardless of price or product quality. Piracy isn't as big a threat to developers as they make it out to be, but alarmism is their attempt at cutting down on it regardless. Sure, lost revenue isn't something to be taken lightly, but developers spend too much time on that instead of trying to make their games up to snuff if they really care about it THAT much. For clarification, I chose 'No Solution'

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Sanguinius Sep 14 2011 replied:

As i said in the previous poll, games are really expensive. Developers release unfinished games for 50+ euros, after that they release countless "updates" that actually don't fix what needs to be fixed. And after that they release pointless DLC for half the price of the entire game. All i can say is that they are greedy bastards. If they lower the price from lets say 50 to 25 euros, they would earn more money because more people would actually buy the game, that way we are all happy, devs and us customers. So as long as they stay 50+ euros i wont stop pirating. Btw to all those clueless morons saying pirating hurt the developers, that's a total ********. Pirating is same as if i bought the game, installed it and then passed that same game around 4-5 friends so they can also play. I can do whatever the **** i want with the game i bought, and no one can say otherwise. I can burn, break, bury, give to friends, share on the internet...basically anything. Warning Warning: Karma rape imminent :)

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BunnyJen Sep 15 2011 replied:

Ahem...correction....PUBLISHERS are greedy (if you think anyone is greedy) NOT devs :P

And you're wrong. Pirating DOES affect the developers, you're the clueless one on that front clearly. ;)

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attackmike Sep 15 2011 replied:

I really do not see how pirating a game, which is basically sending copied files to another pc is a lost sale. The one pirating obviously had no intention of buying the game in the first place plus a pirated game is merely data its not hardware. plus anticipating revenue is alike to counting your chickens before they hatch.

I personally believe that pirates can not be stopped unless some extreme actions are taken. Though reducing prices can help.

And why is it that when almost every game released it automatically cost 60$+?

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BunnyJen Sep 16 2011 replied:

The one pirating didn't have any intention no....but what about the thousands of other people that then download it as it's offered up for free. A percentage of them would probably still buy the game. They must have SOME interest in the game in the first place to look into it and download it for free....meaning if pirating didn't exist in the world, they would still have looked into it and some of them might have bought it.

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Sanguinius Sep 16 2011 replied:

I see you have a reading problem mate. I know publishers are greedy but the main problem are Developers. They are the one "Making" the game, right ???

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BunnyJen Sep 16 2011 replied:

I have no problem reading at all mate. ;) You are correct, developers make the game, but they do not control the prices. Publishers and other none devs sort that out. The developers simply create the game (unless it's a small studio/indie company that might be different).

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Sanguinius Sep 18 2011 replied:

Yes but the thing is "developers" do not make the game that is worth 50-60 euros. That's the main problem.

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BunnyJen Sep 19 2011 replied:

And you know why that is? Because people moan if games don't come out fast. Look at Half Life ep many people complain just because Valve take their time. But if they released junk they would moan too. Publishers and retail set the prices and the deadlines for the games....the developers just make it, they ahve very tight strict deadlines to meet. If you want to complain about that then you wanna be complaining to publishing and retail I'm afraid....not the devs.

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shroomman Sep 21 2011 replied:

Yea DRM is a problem
for example there are some old games with starforce copy protection (BK2 for example) I had great problems with it on my new laptop, as that "starforce" copy protection does not seem to be compatible with vista or win7.
So to play game on win 7 I was forced to get cracked game exe.
Thow I had been running game on winxp without any problems.
So in some cases it actually IS easier to have pirated version as official version. (In that case price is no issue, as its a older game and can be purchased for 5 EURO at some retailers)
Too needing to have internet to play your (singelplayer) game just sucks, same as needing to register to setam or other sh*t.
Its good to have steam as retailer, but beeing forced to register there just to play a game you bought in a shop?????

After all if they want to play multiplayer most people actually buy the game, so maybe put (good) MP part in every game and all should be ok!
And above all DON'T release games before they are ready. Not that you need to wait for first patch untill you can actually play your expencive game.

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masternerdguy Sep 12 2011 says:

DRM sucks.

More demos would be nice.

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Tanshaydar Sep 12 2011 says:

Cheaper games are not only/enough solution, but we need tech demos to see game 'actually works' on our system.
Most of the AAA games are simply consolized and developers don't even properly test them on PC. So, why should I pay a game which I'm not even sure my system would handle?
I'm a student and I can't spend 50 bucks to every game released, only if they deserve it with content (F: NV).

DRM, crackdowns on warez... These are the things only make games more expensive than they already are. You can't stop piracy, you have to show a better alternative.

Don't -> DRM, region protection, no demo, consolize, too much ad with crappy content (DNF), expensive.
Do -> No DRM, no region protection, demo, system friendly, good content, cheaper.

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Landon1121 Sep 12 2011 says:


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Kamikazi[Uk] Sep 12 2011 says:

Personally for me i think it's just making games cheaper. If you look at steam for example it's almost stopped piracy now because who wants to pirate a game and go through all the trouble, when they can get it on steam deal for very cheap.

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Jokerme Sep 12 2011 says:

-Make games cheaper (even best games don't worth more then $30, most games should be between $19-$26 range)

-Demos are a must and betas are good.

Do these and you'll make piracy a small problem rather than a huge one. Piracy can't be stopped though.

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MisterPennyPacker Sep 18 2011 replied:

If companies offer more betas and content pre-release more people will buy it if the game is good enough and they have a beta, although, this is only my opinion, try before ya buy.

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InStars Sep 12 2011 says:

All games made free to play, only premium content paid.

Many people pirate games only to try them out. A good example of this model is Trackmania and LOTRO, you can play the game for free, but you have to pay for premium content.

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PaulTheWriter Sep 12 2011 says:

I wonder what excuse would use EA if the where no piracy for dont bring bot suport for Battlefield 3?

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Cyberpresident_CORE Sep 12 2011 says:

There is only one reason we are ripping out games.
The reason is cause they are too expensive , and the count of money to give is simply too far over the top to give for just that one experience we need.

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aidas2 Sep 12 2011 says:

The problem lies not in the people that pirate, but in the developers of the game. If they can't create a game worth spending money, rip off people every year *cough*IW*cough* or cost twice more than they are worth, then it's a problem on devs end and they don't deserve the money.

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stocko2k Sep 12 2011 says:

digital distribution is the only way to slow piracy, i dont think we can ever stop it.

steam/desura/psn/xbl all have the capacity to be the sole way to buy games but unfortunately the worlds not ready to let go of physical media

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Graykin Sep 12 2011 replied:

Yeah, but the problem with many digital distribution services like Steam is that you don't actually OWN the game, you merely own the right to play them. You can only play them if Steam lets you, which shouldn't be a problem most of the time, but it has caused problems for me when out of range of an internet connection. Plus, if you do anything to **** the system off, POOF, you just lost your account and all of the games you spent hard money on to NOT own.

Not all DD is like that, thankfully, but I'd take a physical copy over DD anyday anyway.

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BunnyJen Sep 12 2011 says:

It's a tough one. I think more/substancial demos and content would be a good start. Also cracking down on people pirating stuff. I'm not sure making games cheaper is an option for all developers sadly. So many games companies have gone under in the UK recently....devs are struggling for money as it is without making the games cheaper.

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ice_trey Sep 12 2011 says:

"DRM encourages piracy by making it harder for legitimate customers to play their games.

Do you see pirates whining about how Ubisoft requires them to have a constant internet connection? About how you only have 3 install limit? About how StarForce/SecuROM has installed hidden spyware on your machine just to check you've got the disc in the drive and "phone home" to their servers?

To fix this, they need to make games cheaper and also get rid of this DRM ********. Until then, people are always going to pirate. Believe it or not but the price tag does make a quite a difference. You're less likely to pirate a game if it's dirt cheap, but why buy it if you have to put up with DRM?"
Nuff said

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PS2viciado Sep 16 2011 replied:

Why are you copy/pasting the top comment, wtf? seriously?

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shroomman Sep 21 2011 replied:

sometimes a "quote" is needed to indicate, the stuff you want to say to it.
its a diffrence to quote or to copy/paste.
But not evan the former german defence-secretary seemed to have know the diffrence and had to step back.... leading to another copyright dession!

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