Report poll How do you set your resolution for PC gaming?

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Fullscreen max res! (5626 votes)


Fullscreen smaller res (1073 votes)


Window mode max res (249 votes)


Window mode smaller res (180 votes)


Output to a tv/projector (110 votes)


I dunno how to game, I read books. (329 votes)

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Henley Creator
Henley Aug 12 2010 says:

Window mode gamer here, I also get pissy when a new game does not support it, will mod game files until it works.

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Jokerine Aug 12 2010 replied:


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cW#Ravenblood Aug 12 2010 replied:

yep. But I only play few games in window mode. Most of them full screen because I have an epic old 5:4 screen, which is now 10 years old.
Happy birthday Hyundai screen!

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August_K Aug 16 2010 replied:

I like to use windowed mode when modding.
Full screen max-res when just gaming.

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xcv2007 Aug 29 2011 replied:

I use Fullscreen when I'm not talking to anybody off the game, or if I just feel like playing in Windows.

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Medevila Sep 5 2011 replied:

With Source games you can do "-noborder -w 1920 -h 1080 -windowed" in launch options and have it look fullscreen, but be able to alt tab or move your mouse off the game without problems, allowing for multitasking or just switching to choose a different song. Yet to see the no-border capability in non-Source games though, so I just play fullscreen usually.

EDIT: dohoho 3 balck meas fgts :X

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Medevila Sep 5 2011 replied:

only a year late ofc

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ambershee Aug 13 2010 replied:

Windowed is slower than full screen. I want max efficiency for max frames at max detail ;)

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Xylemon Aug 14 2010 buried:


Wouldn't windowed be faster? It's less to render than full. Plus you can multi-task with window mode.

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Nickel_Dare Aug 15 2010 replied:

nope it uses same resources as in Full Mode , but besides that it has to smaller them to the windows size and when you do something besides the game then the CPU has even more to do then just the game ..

I dont know how so many people can play with window mode ..
Window mod annoys me :P

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kileratlarge Aug 22 2010 replied:

same >.>

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rorios Aug 29 2010 replied:

You would think, but no when you run it windowed it goes slower cus it's still having to render exactly the same, but it's using more CPU to run everything thats showing in the background. it's like when you render something in wire frame you would think it would be quicker, but no it's much slower.

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Brainlaag Sep 5 2010 replied:

Well on 24" viewsonic fullscreen is maybe a bit too much for playing without spraining your neck xD

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Erikonr Mar 4 2011 replied:

I don't get why people always vote comments down when someone makes a guess that is wrong or overall says something that is wrong, Their trying to say the right thing!

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Knight_Ken May 20 2011 replied:

I remenber when i was playing UT 1 engine games on windowed mode this is terribly slow... because it will be on software rendered..

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Wiweeyum Aug 14 2010 replied:


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Centaur1um Aug 14 2010 buried:


Windowed ftw.

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preowned Aug 23 2010 replied:

I like windowed,
As long as it has a "no border" option

So it looks full screen, but i can place windows over it.
Pro Tip:
To do this with source game on steam, Right click the game, go to property, go to "Set launch options" then type this in

"-sw -noborder" (sw= start windowed)

Very useful.

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Theon Aug 28 2010 replied:

You never play seriously in windowed mode... Unless it's some TBS or puzzle-game which doesn't require reaction skills or precision.

I understand playing in windowed mode when you're editing game files and watching changes on the run, but otherwise it just hampers gaming experience (precision, perception, etc.).

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Crawlinson Jun 29 2011 replied:

Why would you go to such lengths to window mode it?
I can't see any benefit other than multi-tasking.

If you are going to why not buy two smaller cheaper monitors and dual them. No boarder problems then :)

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Maxen1416 Aug 12 2010 says:

my crap-top can barely play Source 2007 engine and newer games D;

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Dr.Worm Aug 12 2010 replied:

Good news I just built my friend a gaming PC for $368 on newegg play's UT3 High and L4D2 and TF2 on High flawlessly

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SweatbackSTEEN Aug 12 2010 replied:

please tell me of this computer which you speak of

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Capt.Harrington Aug 12 2010 replied:

Tell me as well please!

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dsi1 Aug 14 2010 buried:


TF2 on high for 368$? Thats unpossible!

Give him a few days or an update or two, TF2 is the new Crysis.

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GeneralOwn3d Aug 16 2010 replied:

Reqlly? I had to make mine with... like 1300euros, or something around that... How did you do that? Do you know a guy who works at a computer retail or building shop!
Ya lucky bastard...

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Awesome_ninja Aug 17 2010 replied: did you do that? I build mine to play Crysis full def and full settings for 1200$ CAD (around 1000$ USD), but 368$ is unstoppable... How did ya do that?

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sdkillah Nov 27 2010 replied:

umm... pc under 400$ say good bye for games wich comes this and next year.. u cant play them :S

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MitchellS Aug 15 2010 replied:

I like to play max res, but I cant.... lawl.

Can't even run CS:S Completely low with decent frames

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Cremat0r Aug 24 2010 replied:

My PC is near explosion, when playing TF2 or EP2, so I have to set resolution lower to avoid death. :(

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sasasa Aug 30 2010 replied:

blue screen of death... almost everytime to medium shader

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Aguila. Aug 12 2010 says:

Fullscreen :P

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MadMonkey119 Aug 12 2010 says:

Come on. OF course max resolution for me!

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Cozmin95 Aug 12 2010 says:

Fullscreen 1280x1024(max)and although my PC is not very good i still push the limit a bit to keep that resolution and fullscreen!For me there is no other way to play a game than fullscreen! :D

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TheSkunk Aug 19 2010 replied:

Same here, my computer is a bit old, but I have a nice monitor and will settle for nothing less than 1280x1204 res. I too must push the limit when the time calls for it.

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Marffy Aug 12 2010 says:

my comp sux to much for full res. =(

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Silverfisk Aug 12 2010 says:

It depends, if I'm developing or have for example chats going on I go windowed. But generally when gaming I'm fullscreen.

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DedMustDie Aug 12 2010 says:

Fullscreen with max resolution ofcourse! It lets you feel game's atmosphere much better. Don't like window mode coz you always getting diverted from game by ICQ, Skype, Update news for some random soft etc. Atleast on Windows.

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MrSkwidge Aug 12 2010 says:

Fullscreen max!

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GriffinZ Aug 12 2010 says:

Not fullscreen, because my settings are totally messed up and fullscreen means everything gets short and fat... compressed heightwhise.

So I say whatever resolution that doesn't compress the screen

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[$#!T-Happens] Aug 12 2010 says:

Full screen Gaming FTW

BTW anyone who votes for "I dunno how to game, I read books" should be Bi**h Slapped :P

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Dremth Aug 12 2010 replied:

Damn people and their books. What have books ever done for humanity? Nothing. Games on the other hand provides millions with quality entertainment. Hooked on Phonics can suck my nuts. I'm Hooked on Electronics.

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ThatBritishBloke Aug 14 2010 replied:

Well the ancient egyptians won't be happy with you will they, being the forefathers of paper an' all.

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stephan262 Aug 17 2010 replied:

Well game manuals (Which are books) have informed gamers how to operate their games.

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ThatBritishBloke Aug 14 2010 replied:

Well I'm sorry if I like to partake in reading a good sci-fi novel whilst I sit comfortably in a large arm chair whilst wearing a nice smoking jacket and fez.. Nothing wrong with a bit of civilized behavior old bean!

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TheSkunk Aug 19 2010 replied:

Aw yeah!! Read Philip K ****? he is my favorite sci-fi writer. Undoubtedly one of the best. I heartily agree with you, my friend!

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PytoX Aug 12 2010 says:

24" Fullscreen max 1900x1200 :D

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peterpatat Aug 12 2010 says:

i read books.

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DedMustDie Aug 12 2010 replied:

And what are you doing here then?^^

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crusader148 Aug 12 2010 replied:

because you can read books and play video games too
they arent exclusive
(posted while READING dune:The machine crusade)

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DedMustDie Aug 13 2010 replied:

Well, original answer was "I dunno how to game, I read books." So I thought, that peterpatat just cut his answer =)

In any case - there're too many great books that are must have. Ofc Fullscreen.

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