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Indie hobby (2252 votes)


Indie professional (2412 votes)


Freelancer (1407 votes)


Commerical AAA (1788 votes)


Don't want to work in games (2315 votes)

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Spe¢ter Nov 1 2012 buried:



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horny97 Nov 1 2012 replied:

First to die -.-

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savi467 Feb 6 2013 replied:

Also this is the most liked comment I've seen ever too.

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medve Nov 1 2012 replied:

as a lvl23 you should be familiar with the ammount of negative karma for firters

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Spe¢ter Nov 1 2012 buried:


Sorry, couldn't control myself.

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K3pChyk Nov 2 2012 replied:

i know how it feels

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InsurgentCeLL Nov 13 2012 replied:

now every comment you make will be buried >:D

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Spe¢ter Nov 16 2012 buried:


Nope, just my profile and all of the comments I make here :)

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najeebshah Dec 14 2012 replied:

why does it matter ? i still dont know :P what happens when u get bad karma ?

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Lux│Smash Dec 28 2012 replied:

ok guys... we are getting out of the theme here: The Current Poll

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CaptSierra Jan 15 2013 replied:


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Spe¢ter Nov 29 2012 buried:


Lol, just noticed people tend to dislike more than like, I've never seen anyone go over 50+ karma or so.
Also, almost most disliked comment on moddb! Hooray!

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Bunseth168 Dec 15 2012 replied:

dude you are one crazy "CENSORED" XD try not to **** people off!

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FILM_Smartson Jan 11 2013 replied:

if there is a most disliked comment on moddb, then who owns the most liked comment on moddb?

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savi467 Feb 6 2013 replied:

...Have never seen so many Negative votes on a comment ever.

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SC2NilssoN Feb 16 2013 buried:


- The amount of ***** I give about you being first. Virgin.

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Radu_IceMan Nov 1 2012 says:

I'm glad we're getting more polls recently. It's really interesting to see people's thoughts on things.

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tschery Nov 1 2012 says:

wow, thought the result would be totally diferent =)

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cW#Ravenblood Nov 1 2012 says:

To sum it up (current stats), most of the people want to work in the Indie Industry, instead of joining a huge AAA Crew.
Understandable of course, if you see that most inovatives games are Indie Games! The current AAA titles (Genre: FPS) are (nearly) always the same. One-way level with 90% scripted sequences - boring as hell.
And developing a game you don't like must sux like hell.
So creating your own games with your own ideas is pretty much the better choice.
And that 24% said that they don't want to work in games just doesn't mean that these people don't mod ;)
So, there is a trend going to indie games, instead to big titles like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty.
Good to see - because than indieDB / slideDB is growing :)

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Guest Jan 4 2013 replied:

It's not about the title... I like MOH and COD... But I ALSO *prefer* indie games.... I wouldn't mind working on COD, but I also wouldn't mind COD becoming an indie franchise ;)

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TheGamerUnknown100 Nov 1 2012 buried:



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LordIheanacho Nov 2 2012 says:

WOOO!! Indie Professional FTW!!

Indie Hobby - Creative freedoms, make your own ideas, take your time. (e.g. Ivan's Secrets)

Indie Professional - similar to Indie Hobby, except there are possibly deadlines depending on release, and professional quality is expected. (e.g. Renegade X)

Freelancer - Alternative, it would be nice to make some extra cash every once in a while. (e.g. UnrealScript Programming tasks)

Commercial AAA - This is where your passion for games could begin to drain. Forced to work on a set title that you probably despise, forced to follow strict and fixed deadlines, even those that are logically unrealistic (rushing progress), have to show up at the studio at a fixed time-frame instead of working at your own home (although may not be a problem for some), and hoping to God, the game is successful and that the company superiors do not lay off or rat out it's employees. (e.g. **** of Duty: Same Modern WarShit 3 [Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3])

Don't want to work in games - Either you prefer to stick with Mod development, or rather be a gamer, either is ok.... So long as you are not a basement dweller (if Case Scenario 2 is the reason)...

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ZeroPie Nov 4 2012 replied:

Modern WarShit 3 wasn't rushed though, They had 2 freaking years and they still gave out MW2 a second time, lazy bastards.

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Shirk Nov 2 2012 says:

I mod, but I dont want to work on games in the future. I just want to purely mod.

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Eylam Nov 2 2012 says:

Freelancer! Work when I want to and decide what I work on!

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CombineA Dec 17 2012 replied:

Same. Most of the time, I just review different mods for my favorite games. But I also like to spend time deciding what to work on and whatever it is that I would like to add to my mods for those games. So, yeah, I can relate. Better than having someone tell you to add this or that without spending up to half a month figuring out how to add it. Patience is the key to success, I guess! :P

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Macrobius Nov 2 2012 says:

AAA games these days are over-hyped, over-rated pieces of trash. They tend to succeed in the visual department, but fail miserably in more important aspects such as gameplay or even something as simple as actually fixing the issues with the game such as bugs.

Indie games know how to be creative and create fun new experiences. AAA games are too scared to take risks, so they make the same old stuff over and over with the only thing new being maps and the name of the game. :|

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Anothink Nov 2 2012 says:

Indie hobby. It's (personally) the most enjoyable of all.

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robofork Nov 3 2012 says:

AAA is my choice. I really hope everyone doesn't assume AAA automatically means Call of Duty and stuff. AAA also includes games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Crysis, Dead Space, Fallout, Gears of War, Half Life, and lots of others.

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Hels Nov 6 2012 replied:

And all those games, althought being great titles, could have been better ones. For example, all TES get repetitive in terms of combat. New titles add little features, new special moves, and all that, but in fact, the basic mechanic of the TES is always the same. Smash the button attack like if there was no tomorrow, then block, then smash attack again. I have not played Borderlands, but in case of Grand Theft Auto, a component of RPG games is missed (at least for me), that was only featured in San Andreas. Max Payne has an incredible plot, awesome novel-game... but I miss something more appart from shots and shots and shots. I would have liked more investigation situations, for example. A system to melee fight, with varied punch, kicks and grab combos, too, that is something that I miss in every shooting game. Being a shooting game, in my opinion, doesn't mean you only have to center on weapons. In fact, all marines have a big instruction in personal defense, with and without weapons in their hands.

The fact is that nearly all games nowadays are clones of, either previous titles, either other games of the same style, and most of them have a seriously lack of original contents, from close to close combat (even in games like TES or AC, that despite of being supposed to focus on it, their system is ridiculy simple) to other features more dependable of the genre of the game.

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robofork Nov 6 2012 replied:

A complicated close combat system would give games too big of a learning curve, and if not, make it a button masher but with more buttons. Especially if it was combined with shooting.

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Nuvendil Dec 30 2012 replied:

Yeah, don't you love how when indie dev's say "we don't give a s*** about combat, we are focusing on exploration!" they get a round of applause, but when Bethesda or any other game company says that they get 39 lashes from the same 'fans'

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Guest Jan 4 2013 replied:

You say this as if the company is perfect.... EVERY game in EXISTENCE could have been better. EVERY indie game could be MUCH better. No game has or EVER will be perfect. Those games are FUN, even more so than most indie games, that is all that will ever matter. And if you think that only AAA games have similarites or are "clones" than you are foolish, Most indie games have lots of similarities with other games as well, or at least the "good" ones do. Do you know why? If it's not broken, Don't fix it.

Also you, and every other idiot needs to realize that to make a TRUELY "original" game, you would have to make an entire GENRE. Otherwise it will ALWAYS feel kind of like a "clone"

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juicytoot Dec 10 2012 replied:

Lol dont think its mainstream cod. its also mainstream everything else. i too, am hoping to work in AAA later.

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MrTimm Nov 4 2012 says:

I want to make games in the future, for now I'm just modding but when I'm done with that I'm going to move to the Unity engine to see what it can handle. My plan in the future also is to open a game studio for the people that have the knowledge and like to make games but cant because they dont have the papers or the education needed to join a studio I'm willing to hire them so they can do what the want to do and later on move to a bigger studio.

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toiletguy Nov 4 2012 says:

AAA for me. I'd rather working with an experienced with lots of $$$ companies instead of working something else.

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Guest Jun 6 2013 replied:

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Antiscamp Nov 5 2012 says:

I know I'm never going to work full-time with this, but I'd like to do my own game some day. As a hobby and no monetary interests involved at all. Just as a gift to the world and the artform of gaming.

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UltraElectroMagnetic Nov 5 2012 says:

I'd love to write games(and their novel adaptations) for AAA developers, though realistically, It'll probably be Indie as a hobby for me.

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joqqy Nov 5 2012 says:

I think AAA production is becoming too bloated.

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dirtzdan Nov 6 2012 says:

Indie games ruin all point in development nowadays, sick of going on steam to see games with graphics worse than a gameboy or sega...

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eratez Nov 22 2012 replied:

If you could explain why that is bad, then that is a fine opinion to have, but please explain. Why are indie games bad. Especially when a large majority meet, at minimum, graphics of a genesis (and when they do, it is meant as nostalgia) and with an increasing amount in Unreal Engine and Unity.

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juicytoot Dec 10 2012 replied:

Do not get me started on these graphics whores. If it were up to me, systems would have low 16 bit graphics/sound proccesors because then the gameplay is the focus, not the visuals. I will ALWAYS take mega man x over [insert high end game here].

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JonathanPL Dec 28 2012 replied:

That's SO TRUE, eh? That ****** Black Mesa with their 1999 gfx, Chivalry Medieval Warfare with pixelated models and 64x64 textures, not to mention ***** like ArmA III (still considered indie) that apart from Duke Nukem 3D graphics give you any freedom... and freedom is for loosers who can't stand going through the tunnel-levels like a man. I'm not even gonna start about Natural Selection 2 which both look bad and requires teamplay... TEAMPLAY? WHAT IS THIS - 1999?! So yes, your point stands. Indie games suck major ***, both because they suck, and also\mostly because their gfx is bad (like the ones I pointed out). If only the blind masses would understand it... right?

Now please, go buy some IQ.

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Dearnike Jan 20 2013 replied:

Oh man you still looked like a CoD- Wait,my ***** is floating away! Hey! get back here! Come over here dammit i need to argue with JonathanPL! COME OVER HEEERRREEE.

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vocaloid9299 Nov 6 2012 says:

For me it's basically indie hobby as a learning voice actor & sound designer/musician.

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Hels Nov 6 2012 says:

Freelancer, of course. You decide what you work on, and you do it when you want. My second option would be Indie hobbie, the third, you will get surprised, Comercial AAA, and I would never work as Indie Professional unless I had previously worked on it as a hobbie, and had got some exit with a game, either I got some experience in a AAA, and moreover, I don't deppend of it to have my life solved.

You will ask yourself why. It's pretty simple. Videogame's world is pretty difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get a good game not only work, but to get it sold and/or well distributed. You will understand then, that to dedicate yourself to it as a work is a bad idea as long as you don't have, either enough people you are sure they'll buy your game, or enough money to live without your games being your main economic incoming. I will explain why on next comment.

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Hels Nov 6 2012 says:

Most of people must think... "Indie professional, great, I make my own games with my own ideas and it's my way of earning money. I get my life solved doing something I like." Moc. Error. You MIGHT get your life solved doing what you want, with big tons of luck and, of course, talent. But you need talent to really a lot of things that I will explain in more comments(it is long as hell).

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Hels Nov 6 2012 replied:

First of all, a fresh, original idea of a game. If you try to, for example, to make another WoW, obviously you will fail, because there is already a game with the same (and more) features than yours. And this make us going to the next point.

Second thing you must be talented on. Having concrete ideas to make your game unic. Not only the main idea of the game, but the gameplay features. You may have an idea of the game you want, for example, hardcore MMORPG with real time fights. Ok, now you must design in your mind a fighting system, and all features you may imagine for an open, hardcore MMORPG. And of course, once you have your game running, you must think on new features.

Third thing to be talented on. Music. Music is completely neccesary on a game. Either you use it to enhance a sensation you want to transmit, or just use it simply as OST, you must have a good OST.

(continues on next comment).

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Hels Nov 6 2012 replied:

Fourth think to be talented on. If your game needs a story, making a good plot, and here you must think if you want to make it lineal or if you want that player decisions affect to the game, story as well as scenarios, npc's that may dissapear, objects or skills that player will find, and all you can imagine that can be modified for a decision. You will also need good guionist to make fresh dialogs, full of humor, or irony, or just well written, in order to be not repetitive and/or boring.

Fifth. Once you have the main core of the game in your mind, developing it. And that's pretty hard if you begin from the scratch. You will need graphic designers and a lot of people to do all drawing work, moves, scenarios, etc. At the same time another team must work on game programming. During this process, you will have to review, correct, discard or rebuild the ideas you have had on step 1 and 2, as well as doing the same with the plot, argument lines,etc. You have to mixture all, fix bugs, and all those things. People like me, who never have made even a mod, and barely have programming skills & knowledge, will get lost here, if not before.

Since here, the first part of game work, the making off of the game till you have a product you can sell or, at least, open to a public beta. But there is another part, wich I'll explain now. On my next comment, of course.

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Hels Nov 6 2012 replied:

Ok, we have the game ready to be released or at least tested on a public beta. If anytime in your life you make this far... congratulations. You have made probably the most thought work... or not. Behind a game is more work than just developement.

Cause now, there is still a lot of work to do. First of all, get your game and yourself known. Is probably the most difficult thing. Even with the internet, there are a lot of fan-made games that doesn't manage to get well-known and fall into oblivion.

Appart from this, if you are just a developement group, you should have previously found a producer (that gives you money to make the game) and a distribution company.

There is a lot more of work related to commercial terms, contacting people, etc.

In case that you are an indie developer, and asuming that you have managed to:
1. Find more developers to have a developement core team, and find graphic designers.
2. Build your company and have it legal registered.

You still have to find a team to make the music, guionist, someone to write the game plot if you can't imagine one... and much more people.

For a big company is easy, but for a small one is really hard, even having previously experience on videogames sector and all the contacts that that means. Imagine then to be a newbie indie developer, and moreover, to make it your job and your life sustain. It is a madness. More than your talent on programming, it will be your social and businessman abilities the ones who determines the success or failure of your venture.

And as I said before... to have all the luck you can think about... and even more.

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