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Linear (Cry of Fear) (3056 votes)


Non-Linear (MISERY) (4230 votes)


Competitive (DOTA) (985 votes)


Emergent (DayZ) (5389 votes)

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ComradeWinston Feb 25 2013 buried:


I prefer my mods to be Skyrim.

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somonels Feb 25 2013 replied:

*Steps on soapbox*
Okay guys, I'm putting together a Source MOD to make combatants into dragonborn - of skyrim.
Simplistic melee combat can be easily simulated and for the spellcasting we need a somewhat experienced programmer. I hope someone finds a way to directly import original models to the game and we need some animators and particle effects dudes.
Come on, step up
dm_dust_dragonborn for summer 2013, the only real chance you have to make the world a better place

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squizla Mar 16 2013 replied:

tru dat

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AdamX777 Mar 28 2013 replied:

Honestly Daggerfall: Source would be great, randomly generated RPG adventures! Maybe take the source code for the NPC Director from L4D and use it for world generation.

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AdamX777 Jun 4 2013 replied:

or MAYBE a mod for like Morrowind that has all other areas on the continent of tamriel.
Or a port of Daggerfall to Morrowind, or maybe a mod for the mod DaggerXL that adds 3d models for characters, weapons, trees, plants, enemies, items, etc.

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Stiivais Jun 15 2013 replied:

I regret nothing...
(while Daggerfall had interesting concept, it was terrible (although advanced for its time))

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Outlawproductions Apr 15 2013 replied:

I wish you much luck i only model things

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AdamX777 Jun 4 2013 replied:

Wait, maybe he means that he wants a voting poll on the best mod for Skyrim.
IE: "I prefer my mods to be... - Skyrim special".
Maybe this could turn into a little series of voting polls, I hope you like clicking ****.

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Sgt_Prof Online
Sgt_Prof Sep 23 2013 replied:

Person who posted first post is totaly mad.

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Guest Oct 17 2015 replied:

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Filizitas Apr 15 2013 replied:

lolz :D love that command
made my day :D:D:D:D

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alonsh2006 Jun 2 2013 buried:


Skyrim sucks.

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AdamX777 Jun 7 2013 replied:

on what

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RichardGreenlambda Jan 1 2014 replied:

Look! You suck :D

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ghost_rider Feb 25 2013 says:

Why is competitive so low D:

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Icedecknight Feb 27 2013 replied:

Real question is, why are you voted down for an opinion lol? The most fun I've had is with competitive and single player experiences. My example for my competitive mod choice would be Modular Combat. My single player choice would be Research and Development.

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medve Feb 28 2013 replied:

competitive games are usually skill based, people prefer fun games instead of competitive games, you want to be entertained after a long day, not called by a noob by a kid

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.JAS Feb 28 2013 replied:

I hate to break it to you medve but a lot of us competitive type gamers don't call everyone noobs and most certainly don't act like kids.
That being said, I voted non-linear. I like RPG's and free-roaming games, mods don't usually have big playerbases so I stick to competitive gaming on more popular titles.

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Baryonyx Mar 5 2013 replied:

That might be true of the majority but the "three" individuals with an all expenses paid rehabilitation ego trip seem to be everywhere at the same time throwing the word noob around like free condoms during aids awareness week.

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Tatsur0 Mar 6 2013 replied:

I think you completely missed the point. No one claimed EVERY single competitive gamer is a 12 year old racist severely lacking the vocabulary to communicate with anyone over the age of 50. That said, you're more likely to be insulted or called a racial slur than not whilst playing competitive games. Personally I prefer immersive (emergent?) games where I get lost for a week. Then again I'm loving the hell out of Trials Evolution atm.

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AdamX777 Apr 8 2013 replied:

Don't forget the raging 40 year olds that bully kids for no real reason at all.

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TheTarman Mar 30 2013 replied:

Some people may feel differently than you do on this and many other topics.

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legionostra Mar 1 2013 replied:

Because everyone hates dota 2 and want half life 3 instead...

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GreenMagicDust Mar 8 2013 buried:


When the **** is people gonna realize half life 3 is gonna take a few years to develop, its not like the game is able to be created in a year or so, so shut up about half life 3 and let Gabe work on the game he wants to be as good as possible for their half life series fans.....

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Zmalski Mar 8 2013 replied:

Well, good sir, it has been over 6 years since they started development on half life 2: Episode 3, so your argument is sort of invalid. Although I am not one to hurry production, I dislike flaming and people that can't get their facts right.

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JaceColeman Jul 4 2013 replied:

i spammed the "great comment" on this comment

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psn_toonjuice Mar 3 2013 replied:

I think its because of the examples they put.

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Tatsur0 Mar 6 2013 replied:

Because of the sample mod/game names vs the style.

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yourgrandma Mar 10 2013 replied:

Because the market is ridiculously over saturated with competitive games of just about every genre.

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Wowwars Mar 15 2013 replied:

I loved Dota, At first than it started to get way to bigg on wc3 and started eatting up the Gameslist forever untill now.

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Kryptonater Mar 27 2013 replied:

Because of CoD

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BrendioEEE May 19 2013 replied:

Maybe because Dota sucks and it was a bad example so people voted it down?

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Maxen1416 Feb 25 2013 says:

Non-Linear offline(or online co-op) games usually means more replayability, without counting Competitive and Emergent online games because they mostly have almost-infinite replayability, like a number of certain online MMOs and the popular valve online games(though there are some exceptions of course).

so i prefer to play non-linear mods with randomised elements than linear one-time-play mods/games, but i still love playing dota and garry's "mod"

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AudioGhostX Feb 25 2013 says:

Misery's the best, great example for non-linear.

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Lacedaemonius Feb 25 2013 buried:


I was going to say non-linear, but then I remembered Misery is surprisingly mediocre and overhyped. Remember when the zone wasn't run through a ****** sepia filter and you weren't literally counting every bullet you fire as you're minutes away from starvation?

Then I was going to pick emergent but all I could think of was all the crashes, bugs, and hacks I had to contend with to play DayZ and even just vanilla ARMA in order to play what amounted to sub-par PVP that stretches out a 10min DM game to several hours of stalk & stealth of the very worst sort.

So I picked Linear because even though I hate linear goldsrc is the greatest engine ever

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Henley Creator
Henley Feb 25 2013 replied:

You should be picking the game types you enjoy not the examples given.

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Lacedaemonius Feb 25 2013 buried:


That implies enjoyment of the examples cited, and I don't much feel like lying, even to strangers.

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Henley Creator
Henley Feb 25 2013 replied:

Seriously I have never actually received a headache from a line of text before, I guess there is a first for everything.

The examples I gave where simply that, in case a player or visitor did not know what the gametypes where. There is no lying or influence given by having cited examples of emergent, liner, non-liner or competitive aside from those who do not understand what examples are. You should vote on this poll by selecting your favorite type of gameplay rather then voting for the example given.

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Lacedaemonius Feb 26 2013 buried:


Then why not just list the games the mods are built off of instead?

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TheTarman Mar 30 2013 replied:

You make me laugh. In a good way.

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AdamX777 May 26 2013 replied:

Because "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." is a shooter with freeroaming and some rpg inventory type ****.
Hey Stalker has an open world, GTA has an open world, but ones an fps and the other is this weird lock-on shooter combined with driving and some parkour mechanics like vaulting over fences.
And you get chased by cops and you can change your clothes.
It's a horrible way to do things, point people to a wikipedia page or something ATLEAST.

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Tatsur0 Mar 6 2013 replied:

Basic trolling. But yeah I would have linked definitions rather than provide names of games people were going to vote on/against even though they KNOW that wasn't the point.

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somonels Feb 26 2013 replied:

No it doesn't, you misunderstood the question. Henley just said you should not be picking based on the given examples.
You keep misunderstanding and giving Henely a headache, stop it >:|

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OrangeNero May 7 2013 replied:

What if Misery is more Emergent than DayZ?

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Angerfist219 Feb 26 2013 replied:

The mod is called "Misery" for a reason. Even if you don't like the extreme difficulty of it, it's hard to ignore all the new and interesting gameplay features they've managed to squeeze into the X-ray engine. Not to mention all of the brand-new models and textures, which tend to be brown because it fits into the atmosphere emphasizing rusty death and decay, of not just people but buildings and society as well.

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Lacedaemonius Feb 26 2013 buried:


Keyword: difficulty, not artificial difficulty. Just like bosses with an endless pool of health, scripted infinite enemy spawns, and arbitrary save limitations, Misery is full of a whole lot of artificial difficulty and surprisingly little substance on the front, such as: shops that do not stock sufficient food to keep you from starving to death before they resupply, gun dealers that refuse to buy weapons in anything less than perfect condition (this wouldn't have been a problem *IF* enemies ever dropped weapons in perfect condition or there was a way to repair and then sell them), or my personal favorite example: enemies that can literally mag-dump on you through several reloads (looking at you zombies!) and then leave, no exaggeration, 5 or less rounds of ammunition on their corpse almost every single time. The list goes on and on and on. Clearly TZP wanted the player to feel miserable throughout their playthrough, but could only think of extrinsic punishment.

Oh, and did I mention it's BBBRRROOOWWWWNNNN?

If you want good examples of difficulty done right, check out AMK, Zone of Alienation, or LURK for SoC.

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cykososhull Feb 26 2013 replied:

Grab SweetFx and tune the color to your liking, then enjoy being Miserable.

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damjancd Mar 3 2013 replied:

Played AMK all the way through on hard, didn't find it that of a challenge. I was sniping military with a ******* gun. Wiped the whole checkpoint with a ****** shooter.

They had a lot of extracurricular stories though, which was great, and a very well developed emission cover damage system

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TheTarman Mar 30 2013 replied:

The funny thing is your totally spot on in all of your examples. Yet, I like that mod more than Redux and I like it a sheet ton more than complete. As always, why does this guy deserve to get Karma *** blasted just because he feels differently than most? I like Misery a lot but can you say hes wrong here in the examples above? It's hilarious that we can't! Awesome!

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loner85 Apr 13 2013 replied:

Whoa, chill dude. Misery 1.1 isn't that bad. I never encountered an enemy with unlimited health. Apart from that everything you mentioned is changed, so it can be re-changed by ourselves. It is maybe not what you want to do, just wait for 2.0...and about brown: Misery is misery. I like the brown toned environment because the Zone isn't in that condition as the "real" zone of alienation...

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Lacedaemonius Apr 13 2013 buried:


You're right; Misery isn't *that* bad. In fact, I quite liked and enjoyed a good portion of my time with it. But it's over-hyped and overrated in the TZP circlejerk, despite everything it does wrong. However opinions are subjective, so I'll just leave it at that.

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AdamX777 May 26 2013 replied:

So you're a masochist?

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