Game Designer / Software Engineer / Writer / Scenarist / Antagonist. Also the creator of award winning White Night, Paralycid and Reflections.

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Who am I?

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Hi all;
My name is Tansel, and my nickname is Tanshaydar.

I'm working as a Software Engineer in a company and studied as a computer science student in college.
I write stories and try that stories become a game. White Night was first example, more will follow.

More about me?
Personal website.
English Twitter.

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Hi, you've probably already answered this but I couldn't find any information XD Is the custom content from WN available for use in custom stories (given full credit to you, of course)?

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Tanshaydar Creator

Sorry for the late reply, I check my profile page rarely.
Yes, you can use everything in White Night, just refer to disclaimer.txt :)

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Thank you...(sorry that guest was me!!! Ignore the comment) but A guy named Green Shoe helped me out!!! Desura doesn't work on Mac!!!!

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Hi, my name is Denver, and I have no idea how to install White Night on my mac!!!! Plz help!!!!

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Tanshaydar Creator

Hi Denver;
Using Desura is easiest way.
Or you can read here Mac title.

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Well I am about to play White Night for the first time it looks like fun if the game you are working on is anything like this I will be the first to but it. I just bought Amnesia A Machine For Pigs and I am very disapointed because it is not as good as amnesia was. You don't have to look for anything but notes basically and you never run out of oil. Then anything that you can pick up is something that you will use. I thought that took a whole lot of the fun factor out of it because there is no searching or wondering what is going to be important to use and you do not have worry about your supply of tinder boxes and oil. I think with out those features it is really boring. In any event when I watched the preview for white night I thought it looks more fun then the game I just purchased for twenty dollars.

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Tanshaydar Creator

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the kind words about White Night. I cannot guarantee that you'll enjoy White Night, but well, it has more interaction and item searching than AAMFP.

I am a guy who goes for story, and gameplay comes second. For the new game I'm working on, I can't disclose much information, but I am pretty confident it will be a good one. Advanced AI and use of other mechanics will blend just fine. It is much better than White Night.

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Great Mod !!!

I Just Love WHITE NIGHT !!!


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Tanshaydar Creator

Happy to see you enjoyed it :)

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No problem

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Zeitgeist belgeselini izleyip izleyip gelmeyin bana sıkıldım artık.

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Olm o kuleye gitmeyin lan, ben bile yenemiyorum kendi yazdığım boss'ları...

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Mar 29 2016 by tanshaydar_en

Buralar hep Türkçe olacak dostlar, merak etmeyin. Çoklu dil desteğini de ben programlıyorum çünkü :D

Mar 22 2016 by tanshaydar

We've been working on this for some time :)

Sep 1 2015 by tanshaydar_en

When someone writes 'Visionary' in their profile description, I automatically think they're an asshole who doesn't pay people for their work

Sep 1 2015 by tanshaydar_en

Finally Gave Up On ‘Asset Server’ and Now It’s Git Time

Jun 25 2015 by tanshaydar_en

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