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Seems like the C&C series is dead indeed. Mostly because of the three C&C titles that have been totally botched up during the last painful spasm of the franchise.

1) Tiberium: suffered huge delays; the development team took the money but never delivered anything except a demo; its management team had to be at fault, some rumours were circulating talking about e.g. how artists were playing web games instead of working on new assets.

2) C&C4: well, everyone knows its story. C&C4 is hardly a C&C title - it is merely an RTT game set in the tiberium universe, with exceedingly awful DRM (thank you EA for punishing your legitimate customers /sarcasm); perhaps failed due to community management and bad polls conveyed = extremely bad communication between developers and the community.

3) Yes, excruciatingly disappointing Free To Play C&C which most likely would turn out to be yet another Pay To Win (or DLC bonanza) game anyway. This one could be (and was supposed to be) a proper retail-style Generals 2 with one nice polished x-pack, not FTP(P2W/DLC) pseudo-marketing trickster's crap.

So sadly, the old era of C&C came to a horrifying end. Whether there is hope for the series or not... it remains to be seen.

Well, there are still some hopes and rumours around Gospelherald.com (newer) Gamerant.com (old) Uk.ign.com (older) that it may be only dormant and the franchise can be revived sooner or later, but knowing EA (and how the EA team deals with titles that cannot be sufficiently milked and developers easily left disgraced), would not keep high hopes for that. Not soon at any rate...

* * *

PS By the way, not sure if WarCraft 4 or Age of Empires IV ever sees the light of day. One of the Microsoft's studios was rumoured to work on an RTS title (which turned out to be Halo Wars 2) so not expecting AoE IV anytime soon either. WarCraft 4... may be likely, but Blizzard was worryingly quiet about this one.

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ALAA_AL-SOUDI Nov 17 2015 says:

سلام عليكم
How are you bro ?
Any planning to make new mods this days ?

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Eorl_256 Oct 14 2015 says:

Level 66?Wow!

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[TZP]LoNer1 Oct 8 2015 says:

Hah! I placed that comment of mine on Aug 2th, 2014, when I myself was rank 9! Now I'm slowly crawling up the ladder, so beware ehehehe.

Now for meh curiosity; Which part of ModDB do ye reign over, o' mighty emperor?

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Bastila-Shan Jun 27 2015 says:

Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles. Rlv.zcache.com

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cW#Ravenblood Feb 4 2015 says:

The staff badge looks nice under your picture ;)

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cW#Ravenblood Apr 24 2015 replied:

Oh, the new "Subscriber" one aswell :)
Hope you're fine :)

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Bisszy4ever Jan 9 2015 says:

Hey M8 Number 2?! 2 Pr0 4m3

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Kark-Jocke Jan 1 2015 says:

Happy New Year - Moddb.com

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Kark-Jocke Dec 25 2014 says:

✯Merry Christmas✯

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The_Chemical_Brother Dec 23 2014 says:

happy birthday buddy :)

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