*IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING DESURA*: Desura should work now, so long as you download the full installer instead of DL/installing through Desura.

The full change log is 18 pages long, but here is a highly summarized list of the mod's features, omitting details like damage changes.

Full details can be found here: Crydev.net

Note that the full change log is very, very long (>90,000 characters). It will take some time to read but it's worth it.

Should you decide to download this, please be sure to read the installation info, which is in a separate "readme" file.

**Note**: There's a mistake in the install info. "Assault" should be "Harbor" instead. You're not missing a level.

**IMPORTANT Note**: Do not use the in-game mod loader to load the mod, as it does not work properly for DLL mods. Use a modified shortcut or the CryTools launcher.


-New blood effects added for all weapons, including explosive direct hits.

-Ballistics changes. Tracer effects, bullet drop and working penetration with exit decals.

-AI enhanced with Rad15's AdvAI mod, used with permission.


-Increased player ammo capacity for most weapons.

-Added High Velocity Ammo to SMG.

-Added Armor-Piercing Incendiary ammo and Tranq ammo to SOCOM.

-Added Incendiary ammo to the SCAR itself.

-Added new types of 40MM GL ammo to both assault rifles. These include seven colors of smoke, thermobaric grenades, singularity anti-tank grenades, nuclear grenades, and flechette canister shells.

-Added "Tactikill" attachment to both assault rifles, makes Tactical attachment kill instantly instead of putting enemies to sleep. Note: Not a replacement. You can choose between "sleep mode" and "kill mode" in game.

-Added FRAG-12 and Slug ammo to the shotgun.

-Added Armor-Piercing Incendiary ammo and Silencer to the DSG-1.

-Gauss Rifle now capable of destroying all vehicles. Also added Anti-Tank ammo to do it more efficiently.

-Firepower of Hurricane significantly increased.

-Added Barret M107 .50cal Sniper Rifle. Courtesy of Fortran, this is perfect for heavy-duty sniping activities. Has M33 Ball, M23 Incendiary, and Mk211 HEIAP (anti tank) ammo types.

-Added lock on, fire-and-forget fire mode to the LAW.

-Added Remote Nuke.

-Repair Torch now functional in singleplayer.


-Armor less vulnerable to collision and splash damage.

-Vehicle zoom added.

-US Tank has SABOT, HEAT, and Canister shells.

-NK Tank has HEAT, SABOT, and AT-11 guided missiles.

-Both Tanks have considerably more effective machine guns.

-Added Canister shells to APC's, and missiles are now guided.

-VTOLs faster, added AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles.

-Helicopters are now highly vulnerable to direct hits to the engine from the M107 (with Mk211 ammo), Gauss Rifle, and LAW.

-Realistic mass and engine power for armor.

-Many, many other changes....

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It's that time again...

Feature 5 comments

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this mod since its surprise appearance in March of last year. Your feedback and comments were very much appreciated.

As of this writing, Tactical-Expansion V1.1 is in its very final stages. I'm putting an installer together right now. Expect the new version to be out very, very soon.

Meanwhile, here is the change log since version 1.0: Dl.dropbox.com

To summarize, I have added several new weapons to the game. These include the MP5SD, SIG P226, H&K UMP-45, Colt M1911, M110 SASS, and the FNP-45. Also included are the AY-69 SMG and the FGL40 Automatic Grenade Launcher ported over from Warhead.

Most of the weapons in the game have also had their sound effects changed. These sound effects are more realistic and have a lot more bite to them. When stealth goes out the window and things heat up, there are going to be some pretty intense firefights.

Another change concerns vehicles and their engines. In regular Crysis, you can critically damage a vehicle engine and that vehicle will still be able to move. In the latest version of my mod, you can stop a truck with a single shot to the engine from the Barrett M107. Additional damage to the engine will result in that engine catching fire and destroying the truck after a short time. The same goes for tanks, put an AT round from the Gauss Rifle in their rear and watch them burn.

In addition to adding new things, some previous features of the mod were adjusted. For example, some parts of the blood effects were revised and optimized.

One very important thing about this new version is that it will have an installer. That means no more messing around in the sandbox to finish installing the mod. This is due to the fact that quite a few people have had issues getting the sandbox to work properly.

Tactical Expansion Mod V1.1

Tactical Expansion Mod V1.1

Full Version 42 comments

Second release of the mod. More guns, a few more ammo types, .50 caliber rounds in truck engines, and better sounds.

Tactical Expansion Mod V1.0

Tactical Expansion Mod V1.0

Full Version 43 comments

Full version of the mod, most notably including 22 new ammo types, modified campaign levels, bullet drop/penetration, and many weapon and vehicle changes...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 654)

How do I modify shortcut to play the mod ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

in target crysis shortcut add -MOD Tactical-Expansion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi..i want ask why enemies is freeze? they are not moving and shoot,my crysis version is 1.1 is that the problem? thank you and sorry for my bad english

btw i use crytools to play the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Does anybody know how to run blackfire and Tactical expansion mod at the same time?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Guys, is the game abnormally hard for you too?
My game is super hard and the AI cheats while I play on normal.
For example, there´s thick fog but the enemy helicopter still literally snipes me or can see through vegetation, someother AI can do that too.
Also any heavier gun kills me instantly, im currently stuck in the second mission I think after you found the scientist that turns into ice and you have to get to the extraction point cause then enemies come with guns that can 1 HIT me. Its really ****** up and retarded, I wish the AI would be realistic and not this ********. I dont know if this is the mod fault or the fault of a mod I installed before that did not uninstalled correctly, thats why I ask. Please answer me if you have the same issues.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yeah, I usually don't play on easy but the AI just two taps me

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

In real life you can be killed by one hit, so everything is logical and realistic. The mod's name is "Tactical Expansion". "TACTICAL Expansion"! Use tactics to avoid enemies or to kill them stealthly, so everything would be great.
The mod is fantastic, this is one of the best developments for Crysis ever. We definitely need fhe same one for Crysis 2.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i finished it in delta with this mod enabled :D If u love crysis u will not despair! ( ps. Its the 10 time i finish this game xD)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah the game is more hardcore with this mod they've made better ai but its really bad to that u can be seeing while in bushes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They can hear you not see you. When you go fast through bushes you make noise. This was a thing in vanilla but now you have to crouch walk near enemies so they won't hear you. Also if you are heard enemies will shoot at the source of noise. If they actually saw you, you would be dead in seconds as mostly they form groups and lay suppressing fire. Just go into cloak mode and slowly - to reduce your movement sound - flank them.

As for the helicopters those have advanced targeting systems such us night vision or thermal vision. Bushes or fog will not hide your thermal signature. Just run into dense vegetation (thick trees) or buildings and be sure to always carry an rocket launcher with at least 2 rockets. Also you can avoid helicopters at all by killing comm troops. Just scan checkpoints, emplacements with your binos and check who has the comm gear an down them first later. Also down everyone who tries to launch an signal flare. Helicopters show up when called. Not counting few scripted events.

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the. best. mod. ever

it... completes crysis

the guy is a genius

May 26 2011 by kijebe

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