Welcome, welcome to the first ever, and original mod for Supreme Commander 2. Initially released on March 10th 2010, this mod features over a year of long and hardworking development. Featuring the original Forged Alliance / Total Annihilation drain based economy, and all units having now been scaled down; this mod aims to recreate the epic feel and strategic depth of its predecessors.

You can now join the official steam group at Steamcommunity.com

- Rate-based economy system, i.e FA/Supcom1/TA system
- Scaled down units, projectiles and most effects,
- Debug features,
- Z key for console,
- Ctrl+N rename dialogue,
- F8 Custom Markers
- X key for economy widget,
- Y key for economy Overlay
- Coding framework for easy customisation of new units

UPDATE 1.1 24/MAR/2011

(This mod is now built for use with CerusVI's mod Manager, see:Moddb.com, so that you don't have to overwrite the files time and time again)Today brings another update, focusing mainly on some major bug-fixing with the fixed economy. This also brings in a visually updated real rates economy widget, of which user OverRated, from the Revamp team created with using my code. Kudos to him for making it look nice and pretty.

Changelog as follows:

-When building units from factories / experimental units, no longer are you immediately charged when building
-Economy widget has been updated and moved underneath the economy section of the main UI (Unlike Revamps proposed edition, this mod DOES support any and all resolutions)

-This mod now supports the addition of units from other unitpacks and automatically converts the economy.


Download, extract and load into the mod manager to play.

UPDATE V1.0 [16/MAR/11]

Though a week past this mods anniversary, this update is released in light of that. Featuring the largest ever collection of clever work-arounds and fixes for long-standing near to impossible issues, this update finally allows the game to be played as it should have been. What has been done:


A new UI widgit is created on the start of a game, this shows you your real net income/losses due to your units constructions, this can disabled and re-enabled with the X key.

All -0 / -0 cost values have been fixed using another clever workaround, the only unfixable issue is that it shows the values of negative, but hey- you do have values! :P

In addition to this, the AI has been tweaked further to support the updated economy and shouldn't stall much with their own resources.

The projectile scaling code has been further tweaked, thanks to GPG user Mithy which also nicely fixes several issues with the core games projectile and effect scaling.

The F1 key no longer crashes the game - Thanks to modding friend LiveOrDie or Overrated for helping me find what was causing it.

All Mass Extractors have had their mass income doubled since the rate of income is too slow for the drain based economy. - Some preliminary exponential growth code has been added, though will hopefully be functional in later releases

Currently the UEF bomber now has a prototype carpet bomb functionality, the feature will be worked on for the rest of the bombers as a spiffy new feature.

Update 0.94B
- Implemented code that allows Projectile effect scaling and impact effect scaling from within the weapon blueprints
- credit goes to user Mithy for help in pointing me to use the weapon.lua file
- Redone / updated ctrl-N rename, and f8 - custom markers
- Selection Box fixes
- Gantry issues should now be fixed

Install by extracting the latest version zip into C:\&#xin;stalldirectoryofsteam%\steamapps\common\supreme commander 2\gamedata.
This replaces lua and bp.scds, so back them up.

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News: 1 Year on..

News 2 comments

Hello all,Today marks one whole year since the mod was initially released, and I thought it was appropriate to do something for it, to tell you whats currently going on. I had initially planned an update, though work caught up on me, like it has been doing for the past few months.But anyhow, I am going to start work on some of this very soon and the next version seeks to do this:
- Fix some projectile scaling code
- Add bombing runs to the bombers (i.e carpet bombing ala FA)
- Fix some nasty UI bugs like F1 crashes
- Buff current mass income and hopefully include code to increase the mass production based on how long the extractors been alive.

Some long term Aims include

-Fix no numbers being shown up with some clever code
-Add a modular AI so that it can build units based on categories so that new unitpacks dont require a base game modification.

I Thank you for your patience.

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Scale Mod + FA Economy 1.1

Scale Mod + FA Economy 1.1

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Welcome to the latest update, this version fixes some major bugs introduced in the last version and soups up the UI, read the description for full changes...

Naval Expansion Pack Alpha 0.3

Naval Expansion Pack Alpha 0.3

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You can now alpha test the imported Aeon navy. Post all balance suggestions here so that I may implement them

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Defence Pack V1.0

Defence Pack V1.0

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Hey people,news?

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Hey guys this mod dead?

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Also on another note, i read that you didn't know how to open a BDF file, If that is still the case, then i have found a link that where you can read about it :b (not sure if i am allowed to send links tho, still rather new to the forum :/ )

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Currently using the steam version of SupCom 2 (and the Mod Manager) and when i try to launch the game with this mod, all it does is... well... Nothing really, Steam does show that it opens, but then turns blue again (as to show that i am online yet not playing anything...)
Any idea of to what may cause this? is it just a problem with the steam release?

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Why does it keep erroring when I try to load it on CerusVI's mod Manager?
The error message is too long to post, sorry.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Welcome to the era of dumbing everything DOWN. TATB (A stands for you know what) have decided that not only should we have debt-slave based economies (regardless of surface ideology), governments that treat us like their property, scientific communities that consider us guinea pigs, and so on and so forth, but now EVEN OUR GAMES have to be dumbed down to cartoonishly simplified versions of what THEY want us to like, and this means you better like using less of your mind and more of your eyeballs when playing games, because that's what they are determined to bring to the market! And don't even TRY to MOD them, or have your own currency or your own garden or your own brewery, guns and ammo, water supply, anything, because you belong to TATB. They have backdoors into everthing, including you.

I think I'll just opt out of PC gaming and stick to Chess. Can't mess up that game. Oh wait, they are fluoridating our water and aluminating our air. Lovely.

If only a giant asteroid would get the hell over here and end this nightmare, I would be able to die knowing I wouldn't be forced ever to reincarnate on this trashball again. Damn Lemmings! SCREW THIS GAME and SCREW THIS PLANET.

If you need another example, and I'm sure there are MANY, just look at what they did to SIM CITY! Done with this.

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fluoride has been in the water supply for years.

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Thanks for the update.

I read my own comment in my gmail, thought it was the reply to my comment. As I read this comment, made a long time ago, I couldn't remember what on earth it might have been in reply to. As I read it, I was stunned at the intelligence and knowledge of the person who wrote it, and began to wonder if they were somehow trying to say "all the right things" to fool me into thinking I had met a kindred spirit. Then I realized it was MY OWN comment. That just made me happier.

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Teh **** did I just read

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The Ravings of a man gone mad.

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