Using the Lord Of The Rings movie license, The Battle for Middle-earth is a Real-Time Strategy game based upon both the renown literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Players are given control of enormous armies in the many of the epic battles depicted in the film. From waging all-out combat among the vast forces of good and evil to controlling your favorite heroes and characters to managing the troops.

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The Age of the Ring team is proud to present our second official release: the Golden Wood! This release features a brand new faction, the Elves of Lothlórien, as well as additions to our original 4 factions.

To play, please download and run the file below:
AotR Version 2.0 Installer
Note that AotR is based on the 2.02 community patch, and requires its installation to play.

For an exhaustive changelog of additions, please visit:

Play online

AotR is designed to play online using T3A:Online. To play AotR online, please refer to the T3A:Online website and follow the instructions.

Join our community on Discord!

Want to organize your online games other AotR fans? Join our Community Discord here:

Join our community on Revora!

Want to make suggestions or talk to other AotR fans? Join our community forums here.

What is next?

The Dwarves of Erebor.

Known issues
- Campaigns don't work
- War of the Ring doesn't work
- Gundabad Berserker Create-A-Captain doesn't have a Leap power animation
- Buggy AI on various maps.
- Most new units don't have new voice lines recorded
- The Great Goblin's Antiquarian ability sometimes doesn't work

If you find bugs, please report them in the AotR Bug Reports forum.

Our wonderful patrons
Chris the Pirate guy
Rafael Borges
Luuk Splithof
Callous Allan of XC
Morgul Orc
Simon he
Max Neal
Pedro Mateus
Đăng Quang Trương

Core team
RiderOfRohan - Mod Emperor, lead coder, visual artist
DúnedainRanger76 - Mod Chieftain, lead mapper, coder, sound artist, visual artist, FX gaffer
Mathijs - mod SULTAN, lead visual artist, idea guy

Mod team
MattTheLegoman - Mapper, visual artist
njm1983 – Mapper
tomasz_exe – Mapper
Pasidon – Mapper
Fredius - Campaign Scripter
vengefulnoob – Coder
FG15 – Coder

Saruman - Lead tester

Voice actors
Ryan Antoine - Knights of Dol Amroth
Patrick Seymour - Axemen of Lossarnach
Joel Nisbet - Variags of Khand
Robert Benjamin - Royal Guards

NOTE: The above voices were part of The Dwarf Holds. If you are the author and wish to see your work removed, please contact the AotR mod team.

Stevie Haiku - Idrial
Connor Moakes – Clansmen of Lamedon
Jonathan Bullock – Prince Imrahil, Golfimbul, Rumil, Orophin and Celeborn
Josh Williams – Lothlórien Announcer

Special thanks
Robnkarla for his camera scripts
Gnanw for his main menu APTs

Extra special thanks to Nertea for allowing us to use his The Dwarf Holds assets and Ruudy for letting us use his Tactics assets. Thanks to the 2.02 team for their excellent community patch, as well as to, our BFME modding home under the Revora Creative Network.

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Thanks and have fun,
The Age of the Ring Team

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Spells of the Golden Wood

Spells of the Golden Wood

News 4 comments

A detailed showcase of Lothlórien's spellbook powers.

The Mirror of Galadriel

The Mirror of Galadriel

News 12 comments

The mirror shows many things... things that are, things that were, and some things that have not yet come to pass...

Lórien, And What Else?

Lórien, And What Else?

News 14 comments

The next AotR release will have more new stuff than just the Lothlórien faction.

Elites of Lothlórien

Elites of Lothlórien

News 8 comments

You'll want to watch out for these guys come release. This is a lore article, detailing the backgrounds of Lothlórien's elite units.

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Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood
Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King

Age of the Ring Version 2.0: The Golden Wood

Age of the Ring Full Version 67 comments

The second release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Lothlórien faction and some reworks of the Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, and Misty Mountains...

Middle-earth Extended Edition 0.875.1
Battle for Middle-earth

Middle-earth Extended Edition 0.875.1

Middle-earth Extended Edition Full Version

This hotfix includes an updated installer program, fixes a game crash and contains some minor balance changes.

Middle-earth Extended Edition 0.875
Battle for Middle-earth

Middle-earth Extended Edition 0.875

Middle-earth Extended Edition Full Version 9 comments

After two years of work and delays, the version 0.875 of Middle-earth Extended Edition has been released.

BFME 1 HD Edition V1.0
Battle for Middle-earth

BFME 1 HD Edition V1.0

BFME1: HD Edition Full Version 30 comments

A model pack that greatly improves visual fidelity of units, heroes, and more.

Return of Shadow Riddermark Edition
Battle for Middle-earth

Return of Shadow Riddermark Edition

Return of Shadow Patch 20 comments

To celebrate Rad Day I've released the new Riddermark Edition. The latest version focuses on improving the Rohan (now Riddermark faction)

Remove Zoom Limits - Exploit Map

Remove Zoom Limits - Exploit Map

Full Version 3 comments

After loading this map once, you will have limitless zoom for all maps you start afterwards. The map hereby only deals as an agent/injector to trigger...

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New SAGE Engine Modding discord server for LODR BFME and C&C games:

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Testing this in 1.06 patch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I want to know how I can install this game on a windows 8 laptop. How do I do so?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I wrote this and now made an account, please message me if you can let me know how and where I can download the game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi. I'm looking for someone who went to Eastern University in 2005. You sat on your laptop around lunchtime (could have been dinner-time) near the dining hall. We used to talk. I think you created mods or custom maps for Battle for Middle Earth, and I think you worked at McDonalds. If you get this message please reach out to me. My name is Eric Martin. I want to catch back up with you and have forgotten your name to look you up. Thanks.

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I struggled to solve the problems with this mod,I read and maybe a vanilla issue to my work.From the pictures I like very many factions.I hope I go because I love this mod.Sorry for bad english.

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I've created a new subreddit for BFME players,modders etc to discuss the game.
Looking for new people to join and chat and help me build up a community.
Tell your friends.
Join The Battle.

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I demand a remake of this game

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Is the Multiplayer still active for this game?

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Has anyone done a mod that includes the Balrog's CUT ability that was shown in the demo? He picks up a single soldier and roasts him. Is this is any mod at all?

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Not yet, you might be lucky with the BFME Classics Edition though..

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