Rise Of The Reds is an expansion mod for Generals: Zero Hour that adds the Russian Federation, European Continental Alliance and is packed with overhauls and changes to the original factions. Whether it's steamrolling Russians, indomitable European defenders, American high-tech, Chinese strength in numbers or the brutal cunning of the GLA - Rise of the Reds has a faction for everyone's tastes - even to take your opponents on land, air and sea!

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Hello there RotR fans. Sorry to announce that 1.72 is gonna be delayed a bit due to the AI not being finished yet and we're pretty much out of updates for you guys. The good news is that we're well on our way into the development of 1.8. However, in the meantime, the waiting game begins.

Posted by NergiZed on Sep 9th, 2012

Unfortunately, the much anticipated release of Version 1.72 is still being held up by a few issues with the AI that need to be ironed out. We apologise for the prolonged wait and present you a little something to compensate:

After the Global Liberation Army had gotten its hands on a sizeable number of Gazelle helicopters left behind by the weak Central African militaries, the organisation was quick to develop several highly effective tactics hit-and-run around them. Limited solely by the bounds of their own resourcefulness and creativity, the crafty mechanics and pilots also tested a variety of different weapon configurations on these fast, lightly armoured helicopters, the latest of which was the installation of agricultural pesticide sprayers. Any Gazelle that has been outfitted with this peculiar modification is able to unleash a deadly downpour of toxins that turns an entire strip of land into a no-go zone for unprotected infantry for a prolonged period of time.
In addition to this new Gazelle weapon loadout that will be available in 1.72, we would also like to introduce you to the third and final GLA General:

-SWR Team signing out

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SveaRikeSoldier Sep 9 2012, 6:00am says:

Oh cool, finally you revelaed Yusuuf! Are you planning on revealing all generals before the next release?


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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 6:24am says:

I probably gonna get karma raped for saying this, can't there be one "sane" (A general who truly belief the cause but also values the life of his solders and prefer to field a "Proper" army rather than a terrorist one) general in the GLA?

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POORBOY13 Sep 9 2012, 6:36am replied:

GLA = Sane?
that doesn't work in my brain.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 6:44am replied:

Exceptions exists everywhere. Why can't be in the GLA?

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 6:52am replied:

Also, their "cause", is virtually no different then that of the other factions. Why can't there be some good guys among them?

Yeah, another karma rape incoming...

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ConscriptDavid Sep 9 2012, 1:32pm replied:

Their so called "cause" is a myth.
Heck, They drowned their ALLIES (the village that helped them in the first GLA mission in generals) by destroying a dam, they burned down a city to pillage it, they stole aid money from the people they claim they fight for, and they staged a chemical attack on a city.

They are insane, Hypocritical, bunch of crazy maniac who have almost nothing that unites them, except the cause of 'liberation'.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 4:14pm replied:

Well that's what precisely what I wanted to see changed, if I haven't made that clear in all of my other comments.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 4:23pm replied:

That said, ALL cause are ultimately myth. No one can truly achieve them.

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phoenix8 Sep 10 2012, 11:01am replied:

Looks like you're gettin' karma fed instead. Good perspective though. :D

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Glarg Sep 9 2012, 6:48am replied:

>in the _Global Liberation Army_

A sane general would never try to constantly pick fights with a USA that has space lasers and a China that thinks nukes are perfectly fine to use against a couple beat up toyota's with guns bolted on.

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kijebe Sep 9 2012, 6:52am replied:

maybe not "sane", but one that commands complete fanaticism, and knows how to use his troos in the most efficient way, but has no problem sacrificing them for the greater cause

you know, like the whole GLA theme

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 6:57am replied:

Yeah and I'm kinda got tired of it. I want to see something different. Why in every mod GlA has to be completely Nazi? Practically, a faction of that size cannot exists with out some good guys in it.

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MARS2588 Creator
MARS2588 Sep 9 2012, 7:14am replied:

There's still a fundamental difference: The four other factions represent the official armies of highly developed nation states (or in the case of the ECA, the joint military task force created by an alliance of nation states). They're -all- state actors forced to pay at least a passing degree of attention to international law and there's both some dubious and some honourable elements to them. The GLA on the other hand is not a country; it was a terrorist guerilla army since the original Generals and ever since then, their moral bar has been the lowest of the low. Any remotely decent individual simply could not exist/survive among this kind of crowd.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 7:31am replied:

Like I said an EXCEPTION. He doesn't have to be completely good guy, but a guy who is isn't a fanatic and somewhat respects the rules of war but knows to get really dirty when someones tries to get behind him.

This could be featured in the camping when this general will ask the player to help him cleanse the GLA from fanatics (Like in the Emperor battle of Dune). I mean, GLA's goal is't so different from the others, why can't they become one of the "good guys" for once?

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MARS2588 Creator
MARS2588 Sep 9 2012, 7:40am replied:

Arguably because most people do not want them to become good guys after all the stuff they've pulled, though just want them to die. Story-wise, all four factions hate the GLA and as such, USA/China/Russia/ECA fans would also have an inclination against liking them.

One thing to consider though: Yusuuf IS an absolute fanatic and an intolerant hatemonger. Sulaymaan, while still very ruthless and brutal, is at least somewhat cunning and is interested in nation-building. A twisted kind of nation building, but unlike the rest of his GLA which mostly wants to destroy stuff and cause misery, his interest is to build a 'GLA nation' in Central Africa. One that would still be very much about violence and brutality, but it is atleast 'constructive' in a macabre kind of way. Tech and gameplaywise, his sub-faction is also supposed to be a bit more resourceful/competent.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 8:10am replied:

True, but he's still isn't an exception. I just want to do things little differently with the GLA. As there is some "Sane" middle-east or third world faction in C&C Generals, GLA more or less represents all the third world countries. I live in a third world country, so I am a little sentimental to this faction. Thant is one of the key reason I want to see some change in it, we are not all barbarians as most western games indirectly calme.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 9:42am replied:

I meant no "Sane" middle-east or third world faction in C&C Generals,

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SveaRikeSoldier Sep 9 2012, 12:38pm replied:

Well then why dont you just make your own mod with 'sane' GLA general?

+1 vote     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 4:22pm replied:

Probably because I am already working in a mod and my skills are very limited. And next time speak about modding after you start doing it yourselves wholeheartedly, it's nowhere that simple like using worldbuilder to build maps.

PS: No offense meant. Just stating the facts.

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phoenix8 Sep 10 2012, 11:06am replied:

You're bein' too harsh dude, the man is just giving an opinion. Is that not allowed? If you don't agree, just say so, you don't have to paste him all over the wall.

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APB_ICE Sep 9 2012, 4:00pm replied:

Just so you know, the Nazis and their original cause were actually quite noble before things got taken too far. Now, the Soviets on the other hand... Those bastards were truly evil.
Anyway, you can't really compare the Nazis (Who actually followed the Geneva Protocol) to the GLA (Who liberally uses bio-chemical weapons on civilians). Just saying.

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rkraptor70 Sep 9 2012, 4:37pm replied:

Dude, I used 'Nazis' cause of the common stereotype that they are the "Worst out there" nothing more then that.

And on that note in game, china uses nukes on everything yet the USA is all "Goody two shows" we have to see where and when the game was made. That time is changed now, so the factions need to be changed too.

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Zeke_Dlyoung Sep 9 2012, 9:08pm replied:

Well Swedish does have a point, as much as you'd like a "sane" GLA general, it's not your mod and the SWR team is not taking any suggestions. They already have a plan for this mod and they will stick to it.

If you really feel that things need to change nothing is stopping you from making your own mod/fan fiction with a "sane" GLA.

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APB_ICE Sep 9 2012, 9:22pm replied:

Ya true. It's kind of ironic since the US in real life is perhaps the biggest terrorist of all. Did you know that, back in the late 1980's, they gave billions of dollars in aid to the guerilla groups which would become Al-Queda? The US also carries out false-flag operations all over the world and creates militant groups to overthrow other governments, among even more sinister doings. Just something to think about.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OhNoesBunnies! Sep 10 2012, 8:31am replied:

While most of what you're saying is true, many of those groups were neither evil at the time, nor had any intention of terrorizing civilians as the current Al-Queda in power does.

When weapons were given to the guerilla groups back in the 1980s, the Soviet Union (this is actually a little earlier than the late 1980s I believe) was brutally destroying the country. Civilians were being mauled left and right, and they barely had any means of defending themselves until the US began to indirectly supply them with weapons to fight the Soviet Menace.

As far as "False-Flag" operations around the world- every nation does that. The United Kingdom is actually far more notorious for those than the United States, especially the SAS.

Most governments (I say most, because there have been a few unfortunate democratic governments stupid presidents of the past have funded military uprisings against) have been tyrannical, even the democratic ones. "Democratic" doesn't mean by any means friendly either.

Also keep in mind, some things are a necessary evil. The United States didn't become the strongest military in the world (this is statistically fact, both due to our current technological levels and growing numbers in the military) with a military budget larger than any major country in the world -combined-.

Keep in mind, I'm by no means a red-neck patriot who believes the United States Government is innocent of all sin, but at least get your facts straight instead of trying to say the US is this big, sinister force out to kidnap your children and drink the blood of newborns.

Seriously people.

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APB_ICE Sep 10 2012, 1:49pm replied:

I am well aware of the facts; I've been studying this subject for years. That was really just a quick reply as I was leaving for work, to get some people thinking. It was NOT, by any means, a full, proper reply which would require an in-depth analysis or anything of the sort. Such material would take a long time to write and word well and would need to be backed up with specific names, dates, locations, etc., which I had no time for when I typed that.

But, if you wish to discuss things in more detail, please PM me, and I'll welcome the discussion.

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Anubis_theDark Sep 10 2012, 2:31pm replied:

Nazi's followed protocol ... LMAO. Dude nazi's did more twisted stuff during ww2 than the entire humanity togheter. Their so called secret experiments done in camps tortured prisoners in ways you cannot even imagine. Here is an example of how good they followed the convention - Dr. Mengele.
If anything the soviet idea of marxism (which developed into communism was somewhat noble), however the end result was atrocious to say the least.

+1 vote     reply to comment
APB_ICE Sep 11 2012, 10:21pm replied:

Ya, just so you know, there's a lot of misinformation about the Nazis (Your highschool history textbook is full of half-truth propaganda), and a lot of the stories about their alleged experiments are exaggerations, half-truths, or outright lies. To say that the Nazis "did more twisted stuff than all of humanity together", as you suggest, is a ridiculous exaggeration and is also impossible given the span of human history. I'm not saying that they didn't do bad things. They did, but there ARE a lot of exaggerations and half-truths with certain aspects of this topic.
Plus, if you think their experiments were bad, the Imperial Japanese were worse. Look up Unit 731.
Oh, and by the way, the US and many other countries are still doing the same stuff today.
On a final note, there is nothing noble about Communism. Stalin killed twice as many people as Hitler did, and Mao Tse-Tung killed twice as many as Stalin did, not to mention the fact that the Soviet military raped and pillaged every country they invaded.

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cronos35 Sep 9 2012, 6:31pm replied:

sorry, but sanity and GLA are like oil and water.

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Erick_Auron Sep 9 2012, 7:50pm replied:

while i agree with you, a little soap can make them mix indeed.
what i mean is, there could be a general that is a little more on the good side for GLA, so long as his circumstances explain it, but he could not remain allied to the GLA on the story, he would discover the ruse that is theyr "ideals" and try to save his people from it, but not before he is decieved and manipulated into joining it and attacking the other factions.

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OhNoesBunnies! Sep 10 2012, 8:33am replied:

There is no good side to the GLA. It's not even possible, and the lore of CnC Generals makes this abundantly clear. They're basically maniac tribes and gangsters with nothing better to do than violently seize power and torture those weaker than them.

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8ft_Robot Sep 9 2012, 7:16am says:


Now i'm gonna imagine him talking like a pirate. (well, he already is anyway) Yarrrr'

+1 vote     reply to comment
getfreurr Sep 9 2012, 9:18am buried:


eye for eye ,tooth for tooth evil for evil

the vision of GLA Americans and Chinese are bad and they are good then to confront the "evil" they already Utilization evil they have no resources to make war with dignity and positive mSQL between them and someone good 'because he thinks that way.
and I still think russia is giving support to the GLA

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MARS2588 Creator
MARS2588 Sep 9 2012, 10:58am replied:

``and I still think russia is giving support to the GLA´´

Obviously, considering we spent an entire 7 part plot-arc on a series of brutal, unforgiving GLA attacks on Russian soldiers, eventually resulting in Russia's wholesale removal from the African theatre and an abrupt stop to almost two decades worth of progress, all thanks to Russia's 'secret ally' the GLA...

+4 votes   reply to comment
OhNoesBunnies! Sep 10 2012, 8:35am replied:

Some people don't read and like to believe the Russians in modern day are still evil and murder babies.

+2 votes     reply to comment
nr14 Sep 9 2012, 6:47pm says:

Will there be a limit for anything in this mod aside from heroes/commandos?
I remember playing this some while ago and GLA could only build one black market which sucked, they got killed all the time due to that everyone else could get money way faster than GLA and simply outnumber them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OhNoesBunnies! Sep 10 2012, 8:39am says:

Fantastic work so far guys, I can barely contain my excitement for the next release.

I'm eagerly looking forward to play with Russia and the USA side by side, mauling these damned GLA (but well designed) scumbags! <3

+1 vote     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Sep 10 2012, 9:28am replied:

Given how the lore is going so far, that's probably never gonna happen.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OhNoesBunnies! Sep 10 2012, 10:31pm replied:

I live in my own little world when I play Skirmish modes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lawnm0wer Sep 28 2012, 1:59pm says:

EM this is a bit worring :(
"we're pretty much out of updates for you guys"


+1 vote     reply to comment
InsurgentCeLL Sep 29 2012, 10:50pm says:

actully thats an exaggeration, but u get my point

+1 vote     reply to comment
loltothend Oct 16 2012, 5:20pm replied:

lol man,it is out 22 days later!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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