The Legend of Phoenix says:
>>Every 1000 years the Phoenix burns himself down in his nest.
And then out of his ash the new Phoenix rises, young and beautiful.<<

In the year 2028, the countries of the world merged into one big entity, the
"Federation of Mankind", the "Terran Union", the "United States of the Earth",
so the humanity as a whole could fight against global warming, spreading diseases
and massive famines.
A big group of companies worked together along with a charismatic politician named
Riley Newson, to support a new enterprise, that allowed the people to "design" their
children through genetic engineering, letting them become strong, attractive and intelligent.
But secretly, they manipulated all these children and added a gene to reduce the psychological
and intellectual developments normally caused during the end of puperty. Thus, the
children became very prone to the messages of mainstream media, advertisements and
other propaganda instruments, like the educational system, and barely ever questioned
those things. Thus, they were turned into the perfect slaves, that did anything that
was told them, not complaining about long working times and being exploited.
The new humans were called "the perfect humans", the "master race". The poor, not
having the money to afford plastic surgery and genetic design, became the "sub-humans".

The new secret service, the GSA, Global Security Agency, completely consisted of
members of this master race. They were under the command of Riley Newson, who
justified the existence of the GSA as needed to "fight terrorism".
But then, the government of the "United States of the Earth" was completely
executed by the GSA agents, by this quick and bloody coup Riley Newson gained the
world domination, and all his commands were enforced by his massive army of 5
million obedient, ruthless supersoldiers, any resistance against his order was
oppressed, and no one was able to compete with the superior GSA soldiers, with their
high-tech equipment and their fearsome arsenal of weapons.

All values were eradicated, and the new generations were completely annexed and
enslaved by the new society that was forming. The companies had achieved their goals and
gained lots of money and power, and Riley Newson became the ultimate dictator.

At some point however, a person appeared, that had to endure expulsion and tyranny from
the other people from his birth on, because he wasn't fully perfect in their opinion, which
lead to him become an embittered warrior who later started a rebel organization that
commited terrorist attacks and assasinations in the name of freedom, being depicted as
terrorists in the main stream media, and the rich people were agitated against them,
which eventually lead to an horrific world-wide civil war that left the earth devastated and
milliards of people dead.

On a destroyed earth the remains of humanity were then united by a mysterious man only
known as Secade, who promised to lead them to new glory, and to a new era of peace and
prosperity. And they followed him. And so the humans were reborn out of their own ash,
just like Phoenix, and they named themself "The Phoenix", ready to conquer the galaxy,
punish all infidels and bring "The Truth" to every remaining citizen of any species.
The Phoenix are a superior race, only the best of human genes united under one flag, and
they are ready to do what the humans were always best at:
They will do anything to take their place amongst the gods, and the galaxy will soon
take any shape the Phoenix want it to.

But they have met a new enemy: The Tecteron..
Greedy for power, this star empire is known as the worst warmonger of the galaxy, as it has tried
to gain total galactic dominance multiple times.
They have puppeted the Cadanians, a race that isn't that different from humanity in some
ways, and that plans a massive rebellion against their oppressors. They are secretly supported
by the mangrove-like Vuun, a secretive race of intelligent plants that live at the borders of
the unknown, and also by the vengeful Entersians that are even more mysterious.
The war clouds are gathering, and soon the entire galaxy will be a huge battlefield, when
Evil and Evil crash...

Choose your empire, and create a new era...
Command powerful starships equipped with devastating nuclear weapons or destructive energy beam guns, conquer star systems of all kinds, build up an economy, develop your planets, take care of your citizens, and finally bring your faction to the final victory!

If you want to know more about the factions and so on, you should read this:

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As said in the summary, christmas is approaching, and i want to release a beta version during the Christmas days or around them(23th? 27th?). It might be later, like far end of december or beginning of january, but i think that overall quality is more important than the exact release date as long as it isn't too far away, and i want it to be at least a bit enjoyable. So yeah. I will probably post some more progress information during the next time. I am not sure though, it depends on what is going on in the next 2 weeks.

I am currently playtesting a lot, and have made lots of little or medium changes. The galaxy and the ground combat are taking shape, and even the factions are, but the AI still sucks in GC mode space, because it doesn't produce any ships. It is very kickass in space skirmish though.
What is planned for the next weeks:
-general stuff like balancing and bugfixing
-adding cadanians and making them playable
-galaxy building
-AI improvements

Also there will probably be two variants of the Sandbox, one with all 4 factions and one with Phoenix and Tecteron only.



1 year ago News 0 comments

Another 2 months have passed, and i gonna give you some information about some major changes.

Phoenix at War is alive

Phoenix at War is alive

1 year ago News 4 comments

A sign of life, after 3 months. What has to be done and what happens in the near future.

Star system types

Star system types

1 year ago News 4 comments

Back after a long, long time, i am going to reveal more about...the Galactic Conquest.



1 year ago News 4 comments

There is something that has to be clarified. What Factions will be playable?

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Phoenix at War Beta 0.4

Phoenix at War Beta 0.4

10 months ago Demo 11 comments

Finally, here it is, the Phoenix at War Beta. Sorry for the delay.

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Captain-Rex(501st) Jun 8 2015 says:

is it alive or did you took a break or is it dead?

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Jun 25 2015 replied:

It is alive, but i have taken a break due to various reasons. I am going to continue, i have worked on it during the last months but it was mainly some bugfixing and other stuff that is just not worth showing.

Same applies to Force Corruption, but the changes i made there were more obvious.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AlbinoDolphine Jan 29 2015 says:

My mod is in german for some reason

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Feb 4 2015 replied:

You need to open the Text Folder and then change the file names.

+1 vote   reply to comment
1radref Feb 12 2014 says:

I think if any others the Vuun would be interesting because they would present a varied playstyle from the others judging from their description. Not only that but since plant like races are also a rarity in themselves as a playable faction.

However, this is your mod and as such whatever you want to work with and create if the final verdict. I feel we are all just thankful for the work you're putting in to give everyone a more enjoyable experience with your mod and more time for a game that thrives off mods over its initial gameplay.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Camo7 Dec 10 2013 says:

Made this, what do you think?
Perhaps I should have posted this on the map's page, but this is more visible.

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Dec 10 2013 replied:

You are amazing. :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Camo7 Dec 10 2013 replied:

If you like, I can update it with the planet positions you uploaded and add it to the mod's images.

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Dec 11 2013 replied:

Yes please :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Camo7 Dec 12 2013 replied:

Alright, updated.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Camo7 Dec 12 2013 replied:

do the Vuun have any planets? And is Enlysium intentionally spelled that way, or is it supposed to be Elysium?

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Feb 13 2014 replied:

Enlysium is going to be changed to Elysium.

+1 vote   reply to comment
rumiks Aug 4 2014 replied:

so you have seen the movie i guess :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Aug 4 2014 replied:

What movie?

+1 vote   reply to comment
spaceship_2012 Creator
spaceship_2012 Dec 12 2013 replied:

Yes, they have, but those are not available for Galactic
Conquest yet, maybe never. The Vuun are just part of the
story and have some connections to the other races.
Enlysium is correct.

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