This mod improves the Zero Hour game by fixing almost all bugs in the game, with tons of balances, improved AI, and many enhanced features. There are also additional stuffs for all factions and sub-factions including Civilians. This mod also including playable Boss General with fully functional AI.

The NProject Mod main features:

  • Almost perfect Zero Hour. It is what Zero Hour should have been in the first time, keeping the game's original look while greatly improving its content. Tons of bugs and exploits were fixed, the balance has been improved and retoned and the AI has been improved sightly. NProject Mod is the best patch mod you can get for Zero Hour.
  • Enabled Boss General to be played in skirmish and multiplayer with balance and playability added so it is not overpowered.
  • More than 35 new units, structures, upgrades, and special abilities. These new things were added to give each specific General more choices in tactics and preserve the balance among all factions.
  • More than 15 new maps for skirmish and multiplayer with improved AI. All existing maps also have been improved with better pathfinding, enhanced AI, and less lag. The Generals Challenge missions also have been enhanced, including the new Demolition General and Infantry General missions.
  • Small changes that makes big things. Several minor fixes and improvement have been applied as well. From the things like destructible props and trees, several improved explosion particles, to necessary model improvements.
  • Additional features for Zero Hour:
    - Expanded option menu, enabled the anti-aliasing, language filter, and draw cursor settings.
    - Integrated WorldBuilder Mesh Mold Tool, with several template shapes help the mappers.
    - Added the missing Generals Challenge missions, the Infantry General (soon) and Demolition General.
    - Complete Generals-Zero Hour campaigns, added with some extra missions. (soon)

Download NProject Mod v2.9

Mirrors coming soon

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RSS Articles

Here you go, as promised, here's the long awaited new release of NProject Mod version. Yes, I did said to not release the mod if this mod get into top 100 in the Mod of the Year. But it turns that it didn't get in the top 100 so here's the release!

There look like nothing much changed from the last version, but actually there are many things have been fundamentally improved, as you can see in the change list. Applying these changes is really grindy and not a really fun thing to do, I hope you can appreciate more of these things than those merely visual changes. So check 'em!

Click HERE or the picture above to download NProject Mod 2.9


Because the users often confused about how to install and run the mod even with provided readme and instructions, in addition the new operating systems having compatibility issues with the mod launcher, I decided to NOT including installer and launcher starting in this version! Check the readme for more information on how to install the mod.

Some highlighted changes:

  • Rescaled infantry units! Although not to the "realism" scale they are not taller than vehicles now.
  • Fixed various issues on all infantry model animations, such as running in place or skidding when moving.
  • All vehicles now can moves backwards! Such revolution! Now there are less pathfinding issues where units often stuck when moving.
  • Trimmed and cleaned up the building codes for better game performance and solved various issues with the individual building.
  • Slight adjustments to all buildings footprints and collision boxes to match their models.
  • All buildings with door animation have been standardized so their door opening time are all equal. Some buildings door opening time were way too long which greatly affect the overall build time of all the units produced from those buildings. Chinese War Factory is the most noticeable one.
  • Added new fancy scrolling animation for the command bar GUI, similar to what you saw in the Generals alpha build videos!
  • Removed the map limit on Skirmish and Network map selection. Now if you have hundreds of maps saved in your computer they all can be displayed in the map selection menu.

  • Base Defenses no longer block unit sights, allowing other units to attack enemies behind them.
  • Rocket infantry attack speed slightly slower to make better uses of their abilities.
  • Fixed the Particle Cannon animation bug that occurs when the building were disabled with Microwave Tank weapon during construction and released upon completion.
  • Avengers and upgraded Overlords will not block dozer builds anymore!
  • Laser Comanche gets Laser Charge ability.
  • You can demolish GLA Holes and Sneak Attack tunnels immediately now.
  • Hijackers now will be able to respawn correctly from all vehicles, not just from USA vehicles!
  • New SCUD Storm animation! Now the missiles will be hidden underground until they are ready to fire.
  • GLA Fake Structures now have the same healthpoints as their real building counterparts. They are also now gain benefits from Fortified Structure upgrade.
  • Even more shadow bleeding issues on several models have been fixed.

Check the readme files for the complete changelog.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Also don't forget to like our Facebook fanpage for more awesome stuffs!

NProject Mod Spoopy Update

NProject Mod Spoopy Update


What is this? An actual update after so long? As stated in the previous update, this mod is actually "finished", but that does not mean the development...

We are on Facebook!

We are on Facebook!

News 1 comment

We now have launched our official Facebook fanpage! Like and follow us!

NProject Mod Unexpected Update

NProject Mod Unexpected Update

News 4 comments

A faulty line in patch 2.8.1 has been found, here come the hotfix.

NProject Mod 10-4 Update

NProject Mod 10-4 Update

News 2 comments

NProject Mod 2.8.1 Patch Lives! Unleash the horde!

RSS Files
NProject Mod 2.9

NProject Mod 2.9

Full Version 10 comments

A new version of NProject Mod after it's long outdated "finished" state.

NProject Mod 2.8.1

NProject Mod 2.8.1

Patch 37 comments

Patch for NProject Mod 2.8 with its main feature the completed Generals Challenge with the new Infantry General stage.

NProject Mod 2.8 - No Installer

NProject Mod 2.8 - No Installer

Full Version 12 comments

No-Installer Version of NProject Mod 2.8. For Mac users, and also for people who cannot use the mod installer and launcher for some reason.

NProject Mod 2.8

NProject Mod 2.8

Full Version 29 comments

The third installment of NProject Mod. This version 2.8 has made another achievement in that each of the generals has received all of their new toys...

NProject Mod 2.7.1

NProject Mod 2.7.1

Patch 18 comments

Patch for NProject Mod 2.7 that adds the missing features in version 2.7 as well as several other tweaks, balances, and fixes as always. Requires NPM...

NProject Mod 2.7

NProject Mod 2.7

Full Version 49 comments

The new NProject Mod release. This new version further improve the game much more compared to the previous version. Almost all bugs in ZH have been fixed...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 543)

I know this might be annoying, just FYI, I found some stuff whic hdoesnt makes sense.
YOu have commented out the "damage" bonus on the shells in WeaponObjects, like Battlmaster-
What this does, I presme, is that tanks like BMs dont really gain damage bonus from Uranium shells.

Soem really weird stuff is also with the poison fields. They all do the same amount of damage, regardless of type, also found in vanila.

Same for overlord and WG uranium shells overlord.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
n5p29 Creator

the entries in the projectile objects were removed because they already defined in the unit objects. it is to prevent them gained the bonus twice from what they supposed to get. about poison fields, it is purely for balance reasons.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Damn, twice? Goddamn EA..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Voted too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I would like to report a bug, specifically with your mod.

On some challenge maps, the AI just stops "working" correctly.
Against the tank general, the AI will generally send a bunch of tanks, then a few emperor tanks and then basically the AI will do nothing any more.

The mission becomes a cake walk compared to the vanila mission.

I think the same happens with other maps, like with the stealth general, nuke general. The newer challenge maps also have the same issue.
Laser: fine
SW: fine
Airforce: easy
Nuke: easy
Infantry: easy
Thrax: fine
Stealth: easy
Demo: easy
Boss: fine

Removing the maps big you provided did not help, so its either some script thing or something else.

Its a shame really.
Its aclean installation. No other mods present. I even removed my own INI files I had from your mod.

Sad really, as your mod is the best I have seen when it comes to sticking to the OG zerohour feel.

Another bug, Demo Marauder tank damage is bad, weapon ini had two primary damages.
Another bug, boss nuke launcher has commandset issue when upgraded with mines. I think one of the upgrades disappears.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Mod is the latest version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
n5p29 Creator

Hi, thanks for the reports.
About the missing upgrade on BossGen Nuke Silo, it is already reported a few times before and will be fixed in the upcoming release. Not really sure what do you mean with the Demo Marauder though.
About the challenge AI, it has nothing to do with the gameplay changes this mod brings. It just nothing much can be done until we got ourselves a good AI scripter.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Let me copy from the ini:
Weapon REDMarauderTankGun
PrimaryDamage = 60.0
PrimaryDamageRadius = 5.0
PrimaryDamage = 15.0
PrimaryDamageRadius = 8.0

The last two lines should be "Secondary"
This makes Demo gens marauder Damage like a nerf gun,lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
n5p29 Creator

oh yeah sorry, looks like it really is like that in the current release build. I just forgot I already fixed it long time ago. xD
so yeah, this issue will be fixed on the upcoming release.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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a very good mod over all

Oct 19 2010 by sgtdumbass

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