This mod improves the Zero Hour game by fixing almost all bugs in the game, with tons of balances, improved AI, and many enhanced features. There are also additional stuffs for all factions and sub-factions including Civilians. This mod also including playable Boss General with fully functional AI.

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Jun 14th, 2009
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NProject Mod first official release. This mod fix almost all bugs in Zero Hour, improves AI and effects, retoned balances, add new stuffs for all factions and subfactions, new features, and also unlocks the Boss General to be playable with fully functional AI.

NProject Mod first official release. This mod fix almost all bugs in Zero Hour, improves AI and effects, retoned balances, add new stuffs for all factions and subfactions, new features, and also unlocks the Boss General to be playable with fully functional AI.

Version 2.6 Change List (from version 2.5):

  • Change the menu user interface from blue to red, including buttons and unit descriptions
  • Add Brown to the Skirmish and Multiplayer house color selections
  • Fix a major bug that makes Laser Ranger Flashbang didn't unlocked by the proper upgrade. Now the Laser Ranger Flashbang requires the right upgrade (Flashbang upgrade at Barracks), not the Laser Capasitors upgrade.
  • The missing 'Armored Fury' and 'Scorched Earth' map from the classic Generals now can be played in skirmish and online properly
  • Boss General Generals Challenge campaign now included
  • USA, GLA, and China Campaigns temporarily disabled
  • Add some hidden scripts/features from DeeZire World Builder:
    • Integrated Mesh Mold tool, useful to make mountains and volcanoes
    • Add camera shaker at a waypoint feature
    • Enable/Disable 3DS Max camera playback mode
    • Show/Hide weather on the map
  • Add the new "Tech Cave" on several maps to travel forces between two/more caves, not connected to Tunnel Networks
  • Fix the AI problem on 'Brige Busters' and 'Swiss MP' maps that didn't build anything
  • Fix cargo plane error that just turn around after passing a big tall rocks (thanks to AuDaGokil @ ModDB)
  • Balances, plus some "hidden treasures" on some maps. Happy hunting! :)
  • No more salvage crates from destroyed Dozer and Supply Truck for balancing reason

  • Fix the 'Swiss MP' map that have unflat terrain at the north-eastern base
  • Normal SCUD Storm (not the Toxin General's) missiles never get Anthrax Gamma cross-upgrade again from Toxin General
  • No more Flamethrower infantry for Tank General, since his army designed to use more tanks rather infantry
  • Fix the Boss General SCUD Storm that's not counted as building loss when destroyed
  • Add some tweaks on skirmish AI:
    • vUSA AI will upgrade their Cold Fusion Reactor properly after the Particle Cannon built
    • AI now will prior to build Reactors first before they build Barracks
    • Change some object AI priorities (e.g. Avenger is an AA Vehicle, not a Tank)
    • Now the USA AI will use random battleplan
  • Superweapon General Point Defense Drone upgrade cost increased to 400 from 300
  • Now you cannot purchase Bunker Buster upgrade if you haven't unlock the Stealthfighter
  • Now you cannot purchase Neutron Shells upgrade if you haven't unlock the Nuke Cannon
  • Fix a minor error that didn't allow you to purchase several upgrades from Nuclear Missile Silo when low-powered
  • MiG production rebalanced to prevent MiG spamming:
    • Build cost increased to 1300 from 1200
    • Build time increased to 150%
  • Repair the fixed Combat Chinook bug that makes they can't collect supplies. Now they can collect supplies again.
  • Combat Chinook can't load vehicles anymore
  • Stinger Sites and Firebases can be attacked by Ranger Flash Bangs again
  • Fix Palace model that lost some fireports after upgraded with Fortified Structures
  • Increase unupgraded Overlord locomotor initial acceleration speed to 125%
  • Now you cannot build AirForce General Stealth Fighter if you didn't unlock it on the Generals Promotions
  • Now you cannot build Nuke General Nuke Cannon if you didn't unlock it on the Generals Promotions
  • Increase Laser Turret weapon damage that too much reduced in version 2.5
  • No more EVA warning for activated enemy GPS Scrambler and Sneak Attack, make sure to check your base more often

  • Fix the Minigunner animation that standby after rapid-fire mode before finally dying
  • Fix the wrong Dozer death when constructing animation
  • Improve the Nuclear Missile superweapon explosion effect
  • Improved SCUD Storm launching animation. Poison sprayed at the building when launching now match the anthrax upgrades
  • Fix the burned infantry bug when the Firebase destroyed
  • Fix the wrong Superweapon General vehicles Point Defense Drone upgrade cameo
  • Fix the Stealthfighter missile that shake the monitor even the Bunker Buster upgrade haen't purchased yet
  • Fix some missing death voices. Aircraft death voices now can be hear by not only owner player
  • Change the Boss General Avenger hotkey from G, that conflicts with Gattling Tank hotkey, to V
  • Fix GLA Supply Stash Fortified Structure upgrade model that have floating sandbags
  • Quad Cannon recoils better
  • Tech Oil Refinery animation fixed:
    • Fix the double blinking lights issue
    • No more blinking lights on day maps
    • Fix the model issue that have double tech flags on snowy maps
  • Optimize the Nuclear Missile Silo smokes and fire effects that use too much particles
  • New build cursor. You can see it when you want to place buildings
  • Supply boxes covered with snows on snowy maps
  • Change the Laser General ColdFusionReactor into AdvancedColdFusionReactor with purple rods to make it different with the normal ColdFusionReactor
  • Fix Laser General AI that build base in odd angle
  • New Chinook cameo

Complete change list:

Frequently Asked Question:

I have installed this mod, but it cannot run.

First, check your install path. If you're using The First Decade (TFD) or custom install path, you must change the mod installation directory when you install the mod. If you didn't install it on the right directory the mod cannot run and the launcher will give an error. Because I have tested the mod on Windows XP and Vista, also using a custom install path, and it works fine.

Second, if you did install it on the right place but still cannot run from the launcher, try to renistall your game and patch it to 1.04 (TFD users didn't need to patch)

And, if those solutions didn't help you, this is the last option:
1. Rename all NPM files into BIG files. For example, there is 00nproject.npm, rename it to 00nproject.big
2. Rename the Data/Script/ folder into Data/Script1 or something.
3. If you want to play NProject Mod.. start your Zero Hour normally.
4. If you want to play original ZH or another mods.. return all renamed files filename, same if you want to unistall NProject Mod

Still need helps, any difficulties, found bugs, contact me.

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NProject Mod 2.6
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R3ven Jun 15 2009 says:

first download :D

0 votes     reply to comment
PeeWee_89 Jun 16 2009 says:

Will play! :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jun 17 2009 says:

PS: If you found any bugs, please let me know. So I can fix the problem in the next version.

+1 vote   reply to comment
R3ven Jun 17 2009 replied:

same bug i had with 2.5, the no start bug(easy fix - change the NPM files to BIG format)

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jun 17 2009 replied:

are you using the first decade, Mac, other language, or custom install path?
because I've check it in XP and Vista and it runs well.

And remember, if you can't run with the launcher, besides renaming all NPM to BIG you must rename all files in Data/Script/ folder to get the improved skirmish AI and integrated Worldbuilder

+1 vote   reply to comment
R3ven Jun 18 2009 replied:

i'm american so i use english language(technically american language because of subtle word differences)

and yes i use tfd, but i do not have a custom install path on my sisters computer

i run the exe file that uses the xml which converts the NPM files to big and switches the AI scripts and runs the game but all that happens is a batch window shows up then disappears and nothing else happens

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jun 19 2009 replied:

Try to rename nproject.dat to nproject.exe and run it. Can you run the mod then?

+1 vote   reply to comment
R3ven Jun 19 2009 says:

i'll try later man, i'm still playing the mod :P

even if i dont get the AI

+1 vote     reply to comment
jend_maggot Jun 23 2009 says:

airfield for GLA?

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jun 24 2009 replied:

No. I've planned to release it on version 3.0

+1 vote   reply to comment
eufrate Jul 3 2009 says:

question how improve is the AI in this mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jul 9 2009 replied:

basically increase the attack wave, fix EA's scripting errors, and some improvements.

read the readme file. it's too much to explain all of them here

+1 vote   reply to comment
supernova90 Jul 25 2009 says:

dude where can i get the file converter. pls leave a link so we can all easily convert the file from npm to big file.

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Jul 26 2009 replied:

if you want to convert NPM files to BIG files, just rename the file.
for example, rename 00nproject.npm to 00nproject.big

+1 vote   reply to comment
maverick44 Apr 28 2010 replied:

that doesn't work my friend

+1 vote     reply to comment
ThePredatorBG Jul 31 2009 says:

I played the test map! I like the new units, structures...
VERY NICE MOD! Now I'm waiting for the 1.7!

+1 vote     reply to comment
dodogod Nov 27 2009 replied:

2.7* and also i hope this mod is good i dont want any trojans ive had to clean my comp 3 times already i dont think it can handle many more

+1 vote     reply to comment
dodogod Nov 27 2009 says:

darn i got v1.03 i dont want v1.04 til next comes out so my bro keeps off this

+1 vote     reply to comment
Akubi Dec 7 2009 says:

Can't wait to play. Read the description, why the campaign is temporary disable?

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Dec 11 2009 replied:

the campaign is disabled because it's being redesigned.
and if the campaign enabled now, it will cause a lot of bugs and crashes.

you can play the skirmish and challenge though ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Akubi Dec 11 2009 replied:

It's a very good job. Stick to the original very closely with good balance. I was amazed that the lazer general soldier with lazer gun. Whoa, cool stuff.

I played medium Infantry Challenge 4 (vs Alexander) and crash to desktop during the versus screen. Does that happened to you? I'm using mod 2.6.1.

+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Author
n5p29 Apr 29 2010 replied:

there's still some issues in 2.6.1
however, in version 2.7 all bugs and issues might have been fixed.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Boeing778 May 9 2011 says:

it sayes it cant find it please help

+1 vote     reply to comment
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