Five Elite Mercenaries are send to an Island in middle of the 1980'. The Task: Find and Eliminate a local Drug Baron. Features: new Physic, real Sunmovement, Day/Night Change, Hunger/Food system, realistic (!) Weather system, Light/Dark viewing system for AI, 5 different Fractions on the Island. Complete Realistic simulation of nearly all things, including Sleep. New weapons, new Vehicles. Vehicles driving system is now exact (!) like GTA IV , FireSystem,... this mod is Heavily inspired by GTA, IGI, FarCry.

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Operation Clearing general
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F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

Creditz for OPERATION CLEARING (ice_trey 1 month ago)

installing Sweet FX

Donate me with PayPal

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Talk about the Game Operation Clearing Talk about the Game Operation Clearing

Ideas for new locations (pvcf 10 months ago)


opcl lvl snow video 2 comments

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New Game Play Ideas New Game Play Ideas

Simple entity that likes rain (pvcf 3 years ago)

weight limit


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New Technical Ideas here 8) New Technical Ideas here 8)

backpack attachable to players... (pvcf 3 years ago)

add EAX proxymity trigger

opcl_maxviewdistance command have...

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Clearing developing
Technical Discussion for OP CL Vanilla Mod Technical Discussion for OP CL Vanilla Mod

Dynamic weapon sound system´╝č (pvcf 3 years ago)

The player will he wear goggles...

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Technical Discussion for OP CL Devkit Technical Discussion for OP CL Devkit

scripting help needed (pvcf 6 months ago)

some new code

realtime wpnstats

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Bug or Feature ? Bug or Feature ?

Three notes (pvcf 3 years ago)

Too short view distance inside...

Active entity of light - reset

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Game Bugs Game Bugs

fog in scalemode 0 doesnt take... (pvcf 3 years ago)

2 bugs

(PENDING) helmet or shilded AI...

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Fixed Bugs Fixed Bugs

fixed bugs april 2015 (pvcf 1 year ago)

fixed bugs july 2014

(FIXED) fog in scalemode 0 doesnt...

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Story Errors Story Errors

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Hardware Bugs Hardware Bugs

(cant fix) cant enter vehicle... (pvcf 3 years ago)

Phew, FPS is still high texture can cause memory...

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scripting questions scripting questions

Change camera FOV (pvcf 1 year ago)

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