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OmeVince Jul 30 2012, 3:21am says:

Happy Bday!!!! <3

+2 votes   article: Celebrating 10 years of ModDB!
OmeVince Dec 19 2011, 7:36am says:

Awesome job guys! MeC2 ftw!

+1 vote   article: Final Version Released
OmeVince May 18 2011, 3:47am says:

w000t! Holland!

+1 vote   group: Moddb Holland
OmeVince May 13 2010, 12:55pm says:

Bah, and I wanted to be first! yay we're live! :P

+2 votes   game: Iron Grip: Marauders
OmeVince May 9 2010, 10:45am says:

The full version has much more stuff; maps, badguys and weapons :)

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: Warlord Hits Steam, Full-Force!
OmeVince Jan 30 2010, 9:12am says:

dude! join Isotx forums in cnc holland section! lachuuu

+2 votes   member: Lingasm
OmeVince Jul 23 2009, 7:39am says:

nice mod! and the Turks (+ greeks!) are our pals in NATO, just please make sure the Islamists don't take over ur country Turks :( they'll turn it into a medieval shitpool

anyways, good mod guys

+1 vote   mod: Turkish Union Mod for Armed Assault
OmeVince Jul 23 2009, 6:03am says:

and don't go around breaking young girlz hearts!

+2 votes   download: Michael Jackson Skin
OmeVince Jul 23 2009, 5:51am says:

haha awesome, gonna try this one

+1 vote   mod: The Happy Friar's Civy's
OmeVince May 13 2009, 2:01pm says:

This is awesome! :D

+1 vote   article: Dark Salvation Trailer, Manual and Pre-Orders
OmeVince May 3 2009, 5:58pm says:

Tnx for the great review! :) btw, the poison-traps not only poison enemies that walk over them, but also slow them down ;)

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: Warlord Review
OmeVince Apr 5 2009, 11:48am says:

Nice!!! Looking forward to this one :D

+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: Tiberian History
OmeVince Jan 27 2009, 7:24am says:

guys, this lost patch is not a fully functional mod, it's a collection of INI scripts, art, audio, etc for modders to use :)

+2 votes   download: MeC The Lost Patch for Modders
OmeVince Dec 23 2008, 11:10am replied:

yup, in addition you can turn off the christmas content in the options menu (system->display then turn "christmas content" to off).

+2 votes   article: The Winter Offensive Releases
OmeVince Dec 18 2008, 9:47pm replied:

Are you connected to the internet when you run the game? Make sure Windows Firewall isn't blocking the game, as the copy protection upon first launch will want to do some checks.
If that doesn't work, wait a bit longer to make sure it isn't just stalling for a first-time run (although games load here in under 4 seconds).
If that doesn't work try turning off shaders, and if that doesn't work send an email to
Hope this helps :D

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Nov 20 2008, 6:35am replied:

hey dude, try updating your video-driver, that seems to work for 99% of the people :D let me know if it works!

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Nov 14 2008, 6:57am says:

yay XD

+1 vote   article: War is Here - Warlord Releases
OmeVince Nov 11 2008, 10:23am replied:

you have other mods installed? (multi-mod installs create that problem).

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Oct 10 2008, 12:41pm replied:

MeC1 got in a bunch of mags :P

+1 vote   article: MidEast Crisis 2 in PC Gamer
OmeVince Oct 8 2008, 3:44am replied:

Nope :) It's standalone so you don't need anything :D

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Sep 28 2008, 7:24am replied:

you mean where are the players? or? since there's a couple official servers you can play on :D

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 18 2008, 3:08am replied:

XReal would have been great, but we're using Quake3, we heavily modified it ourselves though, since using XReal is illegal (unless you want to fully opensource it).

+1 vote   article: An Epic Amount of New Screenshots!
OmeVince Sep 15 2008, 3:07am replied:

@Smurf; eh, considering I build most of MeC1 by myself :P I'd say there's a majority shared teammember in that case ;) Though the MeC2 team indeed is DS, with Isotx being publisher.

+1 vote   article: Indie Rumble! Pirates, Vikings and.. Warlords?
OmeVince Jul 26 2008, 12:24pm says:

We added a bunch of stuff; bloom, shaders, but mostly we tried to max-out the Q3 engine as it allows the game to run on more different comps and allows us to put in a ton of enemies :P
System specs will be a bit higher than original Q3 due to the mass loads of NPC's, and other than that depends on which engine features you turn on/off (though we've textured it so that playing without shaders has baked lighting into the skin so it doesn't look meh).
Hope this helps :D

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Jul 26 2008, 12:19pm says:

hey stuffio, do I know you from somewhere?

+2 votes   member: Stuffie
OmeVince Jul 3 2008, 3:25pm replied:

oeps! indeed you're right! thanks for correcting my mistake :)

+2 votes   article: MEC2 screenshots, new units, and the upcoming release date!
OmeVince Jul 3 2008, 6:51am replied:

Those are UN troops, not IDF ;)

+1 vote   article: MEC2 screenshots, new units, and the upcoming release date!
OmeVince Jun 28 2008, 2:33pm replied:

yup, indeed. It's great PR and the MeC2 guys deserve it!

+1 vote   article: MEC2 Featured on EA's Battlecast
OmeVince May 3 2008, 12:11pm replied:

I've noticed many people think we're remaking the IG:TO gameplay, but that's not the case. The gameplay is actually significantly different. I'll try and update the overview page on the website to make things more clear soon :)

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince May 2 2008, 8:47pm replied:

Well, it's hard to copyprotect anything when you have to give away the source. Basically this means somebody can easily recompile the source without copy protection and bingo you're game is free to play for everybody.
Of course this is only if ppl care enough to do so, but it's not a very safe starting position if you know what I mean.

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince May 2 2008, 2:57pm replied:

Nope; most of the engine modifications found online are opensource, or use opensourced libraries hence we can't really use those and sell the game.
So we've been rebuilding all that stuff from scratch on a vanilla Quake3 engine.

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Jan 10 2008, 4:28am replied:

Hey guys :D Thanks for the feedback :) We'll be releasing ingame shots asap!
As for Iron Grip: The Oppression, we're not going to discontinue it! In fact we're also not far off from a new release. It took so long because we decided to do a complete rewrite of the code, which was a bit messy, and on top of that are implementing a bunch of new features, smoother UI and controls.

+2 votes   article: Iron Grip: Warlord
OmeVince Jun 17 2007, 4:03pm says:

hehe Kai-Li could you have put links to World of Padman anymore into that post :P

Anyways, I think people should distinguish different kinds of modders: modders that make mods for others, and modders that make mods for themselves.
What I mean is, that for instance I used to make tons of small mods which I'd never put on the internet, simply cause I'd play them in school, they often had ripped graphical and audio stuff, but it was all about the fun, making exactly what me and my friends or in school we'd like to play.
Usually this was wacky fun stuff, which wouldn't last longer than a couple of weeks/months, but is was wacky-fun that would never make it past an initial Alpha 0.4, lol

Then there's the guys that make mods for the "world" to either train their game design abilities, try and get into the game business, or like to share their mods with others and develop a community.
Whatever the exact reason is, it also often (not always) determines the reaction of that person towards criticism, whether its mindless ranting or serious reviews.
An example would be:
A modder who puts his work online just for fun and really doesn't care would respond to a mindless "this sucks" comment with a counter-insult or ignore it and simply continue to build the game that he "wants" (Same deal with a serious review). A modder who has a "bigger plan" with his/her mod will take politics into account as well as incorporate the feedback, and often feels a bit more offended because he categorizes the time he spend on making it differently.
Its like playing casual soccer, or pro-soccer, the difference is, when the stakes are "high" or you have something to win/lose/want, and its not about just "having fun" then your reaction and expectations towards it change as well.
Anyways, thats my opinion about this :P Good Article btw,

+1 vote   article: An Honest Objection
OmeVince Dec 23 2005, 6:54am says:

look at that guys little weener, did the people back then all have suck small bratwursten?
Congrats people!

+1 vote   article: Darwinia Photo Contest - the results are in!
OmeVince May 8 2005, 7:14am says:

The Majestic was the main Rahmos command Airship.
It was destroyed 25years ago.
More info can be found on our website :)

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
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