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OmeVince Oct 8 2004 says:

finalbig somewhere in the middel

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OmeVince Oct 6 2004 says:

The Campaign is not yet finished. This feature will be included in Beta 2.0 :)
Beta 1.6 coming up with fixes and a Generals Challenge.

About the Act on Instinct remake.
If you download FinalBig you can extract the mp3 files from the CnCHollandMain.big
They are located in the audio folder somewhere.

Ill add them as a seperat download in the near future with the release of beta 1.6

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OmeVince Sep 20 2004 says:

Hey guys,
Just wanted to ask an obvious question -> when you guys gonna release the beta? Ive been watching/hoping this mods release for a year now.

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OmeVince Sep 19 2004 says:

Yep :), also a single player campaign, which we are currently working on.

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OmeVince Sep 18 2004 says:

Tnx :D,
We worked really hard on it, and are pleased with the good reply we are getting from the public :D

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OmeVince Sep 11 2004 says:

Seems like Blizzard is the ONLY company acting like an *** in this industry.
This is free promotional and marketing material.
Anyway, i just hope Lord of the Rings and Aliens sues the ***** of Blizzard, bitches.

+1 vote   mod: StarKiller
OmeVince Sep 11 2004 says:

yeah, think he was voted lead for his party -> the CDA :P
He's our Harry Potter ( thats what they call him here :P )

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OmeVince Sep 10 2004 says:

Hey guys, im kinda loosing my respect for Blizzard !
If you have a strong and descent game company, you dont need to hunt down the gaming community for mods !
In that case, how about Lord of the Rings claiming copywright on the Orks, Wizzards, Treemen etc, that Warcraft STOLE !
Worse, they made there WHOLE company on stealing from that concept.
Steal from Lord of the Rings and make money out of it. Ok, its done alot, but then CLAIM COPYWRIGHT !
They cant claim any copywright on stuff like that.
Ive seen Blizzard close down some nice **** over this copywright trash.
As long as its not for a profit, how can they shut you down?
Same go's for Starcraft.
How about changing the title, and a little of the design. Check out Natural Selection.
If they send the same notice after that, then let them sue you. They cant do ****, you can say :
Never seen : WH40k? Zerg...Humans...Protos?, Never watched alien? etc
Another example of Blizzard PIRACY The company BUILD ON PIRACY

sorry for this, plz make the mod, im such a fan :D

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OmeVince Sep 7 2004 says:

The Dutch Prime Minister :)

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OmeVince Aug 24 2004 says:

Im sorry :P you need Zero Hour with patch :)
but its worth it :) And we're definatly continueing updates etc.
The release went well :) Some bugs that need fixing.
New sides coming etc :D
So stay tuned for the new beta which should be arriving soon :)

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OmeVince Jul 15 2004 says:

Ive been a HL mod fan/builder for years. And was really hoping for a release of this mod.
I think its dead :( :( :( :(
To bad for the o so much work that's obviously been put into this mod.
I pray they someday will release what they have made so-far.

Plz come back to life............

+1 vote   mod: Destiny
OmeVince Jul 14 2004 says:

Hey Guys, good work, the models look awesome. You guys really have talented modellers.

I think this mod will be the bomb when its done.

+1 vote   mod: Operation: CO-IN
OmeVince Jun 10 2004 says:

Hey mr-moot.
I must say SEThorian said it all. You must really be stupid te judge something you havent played or even know anything about.
You judge the Dutch culture, drug addicts?
We have the SMALLEST %% of drug addicts in the world... OUR SYSTEM IS WORKING.
The whole drug-holland thing is based on people's dumbness about the rule. And clearly your opinion states you have the same amount of brains my bottom has.

And i bet this mod will be a succes and downloaded ALOT, why?

1. Another thing you didnt read, it was a little sceptic the idea of adding the dutch. Why not read the ABOUT area, in why we add the side......

2. Also, the idea is original, and therefor interesting. What kind of mods do you like to see ?
I must say i like original ideas best.

3. The Dutch people would like to see there country in an RTS game, and this is my tribute to them. Dont like it, go away, and dont post...

Btw, What in the world made you think Holland was weak ? Because we havent got much citizens ??? Thats bull, our military is rated high, our kwality good.
And long hair has NO INFLUENCE on a soldiers battleling performance. What you think long hair makes soldiers afraid of battle? Under what stone do you live.
Soldier have been having long hair for decades.. look in your history books...

Anyway, im going to end this, im not deleting his post, because i think its interesting to see how stupid some people are...

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OmeVince Jun 7 2004 says:

haha, ja idd.
Prime minister Harry potter !
Ow, i meen Jan Peter !

mja, we zjinb btw met een mooie trailer bezig, met ECHTE OPNAMES ! :)
zeer gaaf.

Juli release maand, dus hou ons in de gaten !

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OmeVince Jun 1 2004 says:

Hey guys, i must say it looks super !
The skins and models look like EA made them in the original Generals :)
Only i mis Holland in it :P, thats why i started CnC Holland :P
Keep up the work !

+1 vote   mod: CnC Europe
OmeVince May 31 2004 says:

Nothing wrong with being Dutch and modding Dutch :D

+1 vote   news: CnC Holland in Pc Zone !
OmeVince May 21 2004 says:

Hey bedankt voor de goeie reacties dudes :D
We zijn al ver, maar er nog niet helemaal.
Duurt niet zo lang meer, ik gok ongeveer een maand of anderhalf.

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OmeVince Apr 19 2004 says:

Hey Guys :) sorry geen klompen. Wel Balkenende, Beatrix en Nederlandse stemmen + muziek. En de units en gebouwen zijn in nederlandse stijl he :P

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OmeVince Apr 7 2004 says:

Hey guys tnx. We zijn hard bezig en updaten vaak ! Kom dus regelmatig ons bezoeken. Nu hebben we bijvoorbeeld de Ambassade en Airfield af :D

btw Balkenende is er om er een klein beetje de spot mee te drijven , ook al wordt het een serieuze mod :D

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OmeVince Mar 28 2004 says:

Hey guys, finally posted this on Moddb :)
Hope you guys like the mod :D
We update the site with new screens etc almost daily , check it out :D

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OmeVince Nov 18 2005 says:

Hey dudes, please release it soon!
At least this would make a good Christmas present :P

+2 votes   mod: Rise of the Reds
OmeVince Dec 29 2003 says:

At last a ww2 game in which you can build like in CnC.
My god have i waited years for that :D

+1 vote   mod: Blitzkrieg II
OmeVince Nov 18 2005 says:

The unit-list as is for a modern war mod was not interesting, so indeed we did "add" a few units which were more interesting. Especially for Syria.
Adding more modern Russian equipment for Syria, as if they bought more :)
For Israel almost all the units are accurate.
We replaced the Hercules with the C17 because the standard game and all other mods have the Hercules, and we wanted it to be "interesting".
We "pretended" Israel had bought the C17 instead of used it from the USA. Most help Israel has gotten from the States has been flown in with the C17...
Its not that hard to think that in a war Israel would buy a few considering Israel buys at least 4 Billion dollars of equipment each year from the States..:)
As for the F4, Israel still has vast amounts of F4-Phantoms, so i dont know what you meen there? They used it ALOT during the wars, and now-a-days they are training aircraft for young pilots.
I can imagine in a war, you would use all the material you have, especially Israel...
Other than the C17, I think the Israeli arsenal is accurate.

Good job with IDF - fight for independence, cant w8 to play it :)
When's it due?

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
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