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OmeVince Aug 11 2007 says:

Great concept, also love the designs!

+1 vote   feature: Talon 1-5
OmeVince Jul 15 2007 says:

This mod idea sounds so awesome, and the visuals look great so far! Keep up the great work :D

+1 vote   news: Depth Media!
OmeVince Jul 5 2007 says:

Its in with permission, but you would be willing to remove it if asked by the creators? Thats a bit odd...

+2 votes   news: Master Sword July Release!
OmeVince Jun 17 2007 says:

hehe Kai-Li could you have put links to World of Padman anymore into that post :P

Anyways, I think people should distinguish different kinds of modders: modders that make mods for others, and modders that make mods for themselves.
What I mean is, that for instance I used to make tons of small mods which I'd never put on the internet, simply cause I'd play them in school, they often had ripped graphical and audio stuff, but it was all about the fun, making exactly what me and my friends or in school we'd like to play.
Usually this was wacky fun stuff, which wouldn't last longer than a couple of weeks/months, but is was wacky-fun that would never make it past an initial Alpha 0.4, lol

Then there's the guys that make mods for the "world" to either train their game design abilities, try and get into the game business, or like to share their mods with others and develop a community.
Whatever the exact reason is, it also often (not always) determines the reaction of that person towards criticism, whether its mindless ranting or serious reviews.
An example would be:
A modder who puts his work online just for fun and really doesn't care would respond to a mindless "this sucks" comment with a counter-insult or ignore it and simply continue to build the game that he "wants" (Same deal with a serious review). A modder who has a "bigger plan" with his/her mod will take politics into account as well as incorporate the feedback, and often feels a bit more offended because he categorizes the time he spend on making it differently.
Its like playing casual soccer, or pro-soccer, the difference is, when the stakes are "high" or you have something to win/lose/want, and its not about just "having fun" then your reaction and expectations towards it change as well.
Anyways, thats my opinion about this :P Good Article btw,

+1 vote   feature: An Honest Objection
OmeVince Jul 8 2007 says:

we're assembling the installer atm, will be here asap :D

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Jun 13 2007 says:

Awesome stuff man! but the red star destroyer doesn't look good imo :/
Hopefully the red color is just a temp color ;)

+1 vote   news: June 12th Update
OmeVince Jun 12 2007 says:

Interesting, a shooter MMO rather than the standard orc-goblin-paladin crap thats spawning like mad. Anyways, concept-art + graphics could use some work, in addition, your English in the PDF file could use some work :/
Perhaps ask a native English speaker to write your background story, it'll make it sound a whole lot better without the wacky grammar mistakes.
Anyways, hope this helps, keep up the work :)

+1 vote   news: Voices Of Pakistani Mountains going public in moddb
OmeVince May 30 2007 says:

Cool stuff! Though.. this must be like, the longest newspost I've ever seen on moddb :P
Awesome media though, quality = A+

+1 vote   news: Media Release 10
OmeVince May 15 2007 says:

There's also plenty of butchering going on VS this so called "illegitimate country" leftwingnutcase. Its a game, just like people make games about WW2, Vietnam etc etc. Get over it

+1 vote   news: IDF: Fight for Independence Update
OmeVince Jul 30 2007 says:

it has English subtitles...
Anyways, great vid, cool stuff that you got on GiGa TV! WoP ftw

+1 vote   news: ENTE on GiGA TV & Mapping files released
OmeVince May 1 2007 says:

yeah 1.7 is the last release :)

+1 vote   member: Rodgun
OmeVince Apr 30 2007 says:

hmm, not sure, you could try to download it via ModToaster which has the full version.

+1 vote   member: Rodgun
OmeVince Apr 25 2007 says:

Image links give me a 404, dunno if its FF here, but when i click on them I get the 404 error...

+1 vote   news: IDF: Fight for Independence Update
OmeVince Jul 9 2007 says:

Standalone is up :)

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Apr 13 2007 says:

AWESOME! update, great 360's too, love it :)
Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   news: Insurgency Media release!
OmeVince Apr 11 2007 says:

Were' you playing a custom map?

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Mar 24 2007 says:

You'll have no problem shooting Fifi when he bites you in the bum in the game :P trust me ;)

+1 vote   news: March Update
OmeVince Mar 21 2007 says:

Awesome stuff Renardin! :) Keep up the great work :D

+1 vote   news: Back on track!
OmeVince Mar 4 2007 says:

@Seth.hg? Do you have any crash logs? When does it crash?
Could you do us a favor and send us the crashdump? We didn't have any crashes, so it would help with finding and fixing whatever crash you had :) Thanks

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip: The Oppression Beta 1.31 released!
OmeVince Jan 16 2007 says:

Great work Renardin! Loved the presentation and was great meeting you guys. Looking forward to trying this mod soon.
Talk soon!
-Ome_Vince (Vincent)

+1 vote   news: Welcome Back Commander
OmeVince Jan 12 2007 says:

Its released via the OneClick system. Head over here to download the latest version which has map support:

+1 vote   mod: ModToaster (Mod downloader and manager)
OmeVince Jan 12 2007 says:

Savage has humans vs humans, some playing a "comander" who constructs buildings orders units etc, and the units themselves are all players.
In Iron Grip 1 team consists out of FPS players alone, who play guerrilla-warfare style vs 1 human player who is playing CnC building AI controlled tanks, infantry etc.
That is the never before seen new gameplay version of RTS/FPS.

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Dec 16 2006 says:

Go go Iron Grip :P

+1 vote   news: TOP 100 MODS Announced!
OmeVince Dec 7 2006 says:

Woa, that looks freekin awesome! Great quality guys.

+1 vote   news: Was kommt denn da von draußen rein?
OmeVince Nov 18 2006 says:

"like you see, my english is not the best, and i dont know the meaning of FFS”
FFS = for ***** sake

"the solution lies not only with israel, i agrre on that, the "islamic fascist" thing is ******** if you dont say nothing about the zionist fascism , like it or no , israel is not better than Iran, maybe smarter, defenitly more powerfull , but they are the same ****”

Like I mentioned before, the only thing I grant you is that Israel is not very smart, their reprisals often lead to an even deeper spiral into terrorism.
Yet, the core of the problem comes from that mentality. If you read into the history of Jordan, you will see that they too funded and pushed terrorism, until they got fed up with it, signed a peace treaty with Israel, and TADAAAA no war over there.
The only reason Lebanon is not in that place yet, is because Iran and Syria don’t want this and have killed to prevent it.
They need Lebanon (Hezbollah) so they can keep Israeli borders unstable, and can draw Israel into war, because they know Israel is fed up and will retaliate: which the Media picks up in Arab favor.
Why don’t you go read up on the “Wars of Attrition” you’d be mighty interested what strategy rolled out of that.

"by saying that youre saying israel has no guilty at all, is all becose of the "islamic fascist" and the big bad evil terrorist...and i am one-sided......”

Ofcourse Israel has blame! I personally believe in 2-fight = 2 guilt. Yet the cause of the fight should be analyzed and if we EVER want to have peace in that region, some things will need to be changed. Israel bares responsibility for their actions, but so do the Arabic nations that constantly attack Israel, its civilians and fund terrorism out of pure religious hatred.

”salam my friend, hehe , looking foward to your answer...if you have the time you need this tiome offcourse, i wold love to see the whole fuckink cake, but i doubt you have anyidea bout that”

Salam Alaikum, here was my response.

“listen, you think im blind and ignorant???, i think the same of you, just anmother zionist ******* full of hate propaganda, and maybe you know somthing i dont, off course, but believe, you dont konw **** cant say your not "one sided" at all, and i know, youre in the wrong side...but..i dont care you know, history will judge, i know that”

Haha, Zionist? I’m a Christian, and most of my friends are Islamic, but way-to-go for generalizing aye : “he supports Israel, so he must be a Zionist”. Idiot.

"i was talking about states and plitics, the same that perpetuate the violence in middle east (usa, israel, iran, etc..) but you seem to be a very racist person...all you can say is "the arabs this" the arabs that" even if "the arabs" are not the point, also, you generalize , and yes, there are, arab envioromentalist, but the media is busy talkink about the evil terrorists ones..*******”

aaaah yes, pull the Racism card. Way to go, I haven’t discriminated AT ALL, and as I mentioned before a lot of my friends are muslims.
I’m not against muslims, I’m against extremism causing wars. I also dislike Jewish extremists and Christians extremists and Atheist extremists, because its extremists that cause wars for their crazy ideas.
Don’t ******* pull the racist card cause that’s REALLY low.

"as i said, the arab thing is really anoing , about the arabs leaders, as i said form the begging, yes, they full of ****, i know, just like the israeli ones, both are cold blooded murderes who dont give a **** their people...but thats not the ******* point, and if the hipocrysy of the arab goverments justify the killing of arab citizens...its the same thing with the israelies....”

Heh? What are you spinning off into now: I’m explaining why the hatred is fueled and how, what does that have to do with justifying the killing of Arabs?
Why do you always go and mix-match all kinds of stuff I never said trying to pull the racism and Zionist-card.
If you cant debate like a man, don’t debate, and keep that racism crap to yourself: criticism is not racism.

”about the rant of "facts" proving arabs want war, and israel weant peace, save it, israel dont want peace, their actions prove it, i have no doubt about that , i follow the event in the middle east since ium a boy, and not only form the arab view...i read haaretzm and just for fun more one-sided zionist media, and i can realize israel is not the good guy here ...thats, somthing im shure of “

Heh, you watch Arabic media and your sure Israel is not the goodguy here? Your cartoon-view of the world is almost as funny as George Bush: Black & White, Good and Evil right?
Watch this:
I’ve got tons more authentic Palestinian and Iranian TV clips. Let me know and I’ll show you how one-sided Arabic TV is.
Israel doesn’t want peace? Why? Please give me a good motive why Israel, the puny nation with big guns doesn’t want peace.

"change israel for palestinians, and add poverty and occupation to the ecuation”
Poverty and occupation, hmm perhaps that comes from governments like when Arafat was around not spending Palestinian money on Palestinian infrastructure, but on terrorism and his rich-wife in Paris with a bank account of 500 million Palestinian money.
Yet… he’s a hero, hmmm. If my leader would **** over my country like that, I would **** on his grave. Still Palestinian TV manages to swing this around and blame the jews.
You cant blame the Jews for Palestinian poverty, oppression? You think Israeli’s put billions of dollars of troops per year in Palestine, a country with no infrastructure or anything of value, for nothing?
They’re their because Israel is scared to death of attacks, since its being constantly attacked.
I’m not saying the troops there is a good thing, but I’m saying there’s a clearcut reason for it, and not “they’re their because Israel doesn’t want peace”.
Stop terrorism, and the troops will move. When Israel pulled out of territories last year, what happened? Instead of taking this gesture, Hamas said: “today Gazastrip, tomorrow Haifa, the jews only understand the talk of blood”.
Then the rocketlaunchers simply moved up to the new borderline.
Hows that for encouraging and mending relations?

"**** man, you want to look like wise and impartial and say that kind of ****....of course, occupation have nothing to do with terrorism eh? is just "arabs" cant think of a jew state withowt blowing theyrself up....come on man! and youre the one that actually knows???? Pfff”
haha, did you even read what I said? Arabs started bombing Jews way before Israel was declared. Pure out of the thought of Israel’s existence!
Then when it was formed, they all attacked. This because.. Israel occupied them? ISRAEL DIDN’T EVEN HAVE AN ARMY!!!!!!
IDF was raised halfway into the war of independence!!!!!!!!

"offcourse,so what?? you talk like zionist propagand all the time”
Ah yes, I see so many Zionist propaganda mods around here.

+1 vote   mod: INTIFADA DOOM2 TC
OmeVince Nov 18 2006 says:

Israeli's didnt all-of-a-sudden walz in"

”offcourse not my friend, the zionist had a hard time tryng to convice the jew people palestine was the place for living, and they started paying people for travel there and buying lands, the idea of a jewish state in Palestine was very unpopular even among jews , offcourse...the nazis helped the zionists in thast matter....the hagannah was the first armed group in palestine and was a zionist terrorist organization, putting asides all the zionist propaganda, the ones who introduced the use of terror in the "hoyl land" was the zionist...theres not land steling you say?? zionists buy a good amount of lands yeah, terrorized a lot of arab population , and influenced in the UN voting (just read the declarations of all the parties involved in the UN when israel was declared, anyone can easily realize somthings wrong, go check my friend... ) and the UN happily created two states and guess what, the minority of the population (jews/zionist) won the mayority of the land! stealing?? Naaah”

Lol? You serious? Jewish religion is thousands of years older than Islam; Arabs are the immigrants there dude. Jews ALWAYS were there, and even though they indeed were a minority, and many jews immigrated from Europe and surrounding areas buying land (since when is buying land terrorizing..), this doesn’t change the FACT that Israel is a small nation that fought and is still fighting ever since: its independence.
Look at this:
You see how Jewish people are slowly vanishing?

O, and terrorism? Are you joking, Israeli’s fought the ENGLISH with guerilla warfare to get their own nation, not the Arabs.
Belgium people fought the Dutch for their independence, should I now walk over to Belgium and say; “well, you guys were once part of the Dutch Empire, now you leave and give us back this land”.
That’s just plain stupid.
It was also the Arabs who even before the declaration of Israel started bombing Israeli’s rejecting this.
This proves its not oppression that drives these Muslims to suicide bombing, but the very thought of Israel’s existence.

And minority stole the majority of land? What history books are you reading:

After the war of Independence in which the Arabs attacked the Israeli’s, THAT’S when the Israeli’ conquered land. Frankly I don’t blame them considering the messed up hatred and constant attacks Arabs did on Jews during that time.
Hell we did the same to the Germans after they attacked us 2x in a row, it happens in all wars -> shouldn’t start wars aye.

”i cant believe youre saying that ****... a puny country??? haha!! that puny country can defeat all the arabs and muslim armys and you ******* knowit...and besides that, isnt Israel "supposed" to be different than those big bad evil and powerfull terrorist scum??.. the way you speak is like israel is in danger of being destrpyed, thats exactly what zionist want us to belive, and thats ********, israel is the best armed in the region, with the best army, and a lot of nukes, so , i dont think such menace is even remotely possible...but noooo, Israel is the country with the most gross number of UN resolutions withoput being implemented, but that is becose their little and weak, sorriunded of really evil people that for some xtrange unknown reason dream with their destruction , so, they can just “

Jeez this really exposes your stupidity. There are 500 million arabs directly surrounding Israel, with 1000x more land. There are 6 million Jews with such a small piece of land it hardly shows up on a world map.
Oeps, I made a mistake, there’s not 6 million jews in Israel: there’s 5 million jews in Israel and 1 million muslims (I guess Israeli’s are oppressing those too huh?).
YET, you claim Israel is not a puny country? O please, take your head out of your *** for a second.
Do you have any idea why Israel has armed itself to the teeth? And why it doesn’t want to lose this military power? Do you have any idea why the entire population needs to go into military service?
How did they get there? Evil Zionists suddenly thought: “hmm, we need a big army to start attacking those huge Arabic countries and steal their land””
And, how about, being attacked by Arabic nations for over 60 years on a constant basis, wars of attraction, terrorism and full-scale wars.
But hey, shouldn’t the Israeli’s through down their weapons and declare world-peace?
They gave back the Sinai just so they could have a peace-treaty with Egypt, THAT’S how much they care about oppressing Arabs..

“complain with the UN and end the occupation-for example- becose that will be their end...xplain me how is that supposed to happen please..

i think is funny you laugh at me like the only motive i criticize israel is becose is "evil" (likes is there no occupation, no palestinian civilian life destroyed almost everey day and being call bi israel "technical error", no occupation of lebanon for more than 20 years and looots of civilian people dead there..etc...etc...etc..) but you are the one talking about people that want israel destroyed, just becose theyr "evil" they wake up one day and think oh, i hate israel..”

O right, you throw the emotional argument at me, right I could have expected that cause that’s what every person who knows little about the situation throws at me in dispair.
I wonder when the propaganda photos come into play.
Now: I’m not saying there is no Palestinian suffering, I’m also not saying what the Israeli’s are doing in Palestine is a great thing to do.
I do however see the big picture, where the problems come from. The Palestinians get their own state, their own country yet still attack Israel on a DAILY BASIS with rocket attacks and suicide bombing attempts.

”oooh i guess that really probs your point”
Ok, you must be 12, I’m sure now.

" ha, i agree, and you hardly see all the islamic nation united to help the palestinians, get real, the only reason some goverments finance palestinian groups is for propaganda issues, but theres no arab or muslim goverment ready to really risk anything for the palestinian people, as i said, i dont endorse any arab or muslim goverment they are hypocrites and war mongers, just like the israeli goverment and the zionists”

Haha? You serious? Why did the Arabs fight multiple wars with Israel? Ending in them losing territory to Israel. Why did so many Arabic nations send troops and funding even when they weren’t even close to Israel?
Check these directly at war with Israel:
(Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen etc)
How about our Iranian friends, why are they so vowing to destroy Israel public ally, are they being oppressed by Israelis? No, they’re doing it for the Palestinians, and the fact that they cant stand a Jewish state in their midst.

Also, and more importantly it was aimed at the rest of the world. EVERYBODY forgets and neglects the Kurds, and Chechnya, yet the amazing PR of the Arabic nations has managed to get Israel on the frontpages almost every day.
Hypocrites, all of them: its all 1 big media-war, in which Israel is clearly losing.
One thing I’ll grant you, the Israeli’s are not very smart, they should also start guerilla warfare and media-warfare, but then again, I doubt they would parade bodies of dead ppl especially children (and sometimes fake too) around in front of TV’s…

”hehe , you wish, thats what zionist want people to believe, but believe, they exist, and theyre not going anywhere, like it, or no “

I don’t wish anything, the only reason I’m involved in that region is because I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. I couldn’t care less who lives where.
Palestinians ARE an invention, they never existed. That doenst mean the Arabs there didn’t, but Palestine as a nation. It used to be a group of Arabs and Israeli’s living together under British rule. THAT’S it.
Both were referred to as “Palestinians”.

”sorry, but thats not really true, it happened, yes, but i also saw negotiations torpedoed by the israely army actions, more than twice....and even tho, the so called peace talks, are never going anywhere as longs as they ignore the palestinian people the famous oslo **** that zionist like to say all the time, "we oferred 70% of the land and they blah blah" anyone how knows what was that treaty really about can say : ********”

Haha you say that’s not true, then you say “it happened yes”, but you saw the Israeli’s torpedo peacetalks more than twice? Wtf, your all over the place man :P be consistent in what your saying.
It IS true, go look up the last peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine before Hamas took over. You’ll even see the Palestinian Authorities blame Hezbollah for trashing those peacetalks.
Even the last ones just before the war were trashed by Palestinians tunneling into Israel and kidnapping soldiers.
They really want peace aye, hmm.

" first of all, stop with the "puny" ********, israel isnt weak at all, and theres no existence danger...and, if you follow israeli politics i guess you know syria is trying to have peace negotiations withnisrael since months ago, but israel refuses even knowing peace with syria will be a hard blow for hezbllah “

Puny = not weak you moron. Puny as in SMALL. Haha which peace negotiations? Go look up what happened to Lebanon during the 80’s. How the Syrians killed the peace talks and murdered Lebanese to do so.

"oooh how bad!! israel can launch theyur shells in the middle of heavily populated areas, but if some ******* qassam that hurts someone almost never land in israel, we all must be horrorized!!!”

Haha, you really are desperate aren’t you? I just gave you a direct ground-based reason and treaty exposing pure terror-behavior against Israel, and all you have to say for it is: “oh yeah, Israel can shoot missiles at others, so how can you push this”.
Come on man, I know your desperate but this is turning ridiculous. That treaty is the DIRECT RESULT of the past few Lebanon-Israeli wars, DIRECT.
It is illegal, and pure terrorism legalized by the government in the Treaty of Cairo.

+1 vote   mod: INTIFADA DOOM2 TC
OmeVince Nov 11 2006 says:

Steam only recognises the Iron Grip servers if your Iron Grip foldername is exactly: "IronGrip".
So if you make it : "Iron Grip" or anything similar it wont work.

Also, @ the installer, hmm, thats weird, we'll definatly look into that since indeed thats fubar and we're sorry that happened :S

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Nov 5 2006 says:

There's currently like 6 servers with 3 players, lol. There are 3 1.2 servers. I have the same problem sometimes with no servers popping up, but i just refresh again and eventually they come.

As for the sound and such, that sounds really weird :S You sure you deleted the old folder before installing the new one? And its all installed in the right directory?
Hope it works :D

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Nov 4 2006 says:

Tnx moddb staff for the motm! :D This is awesome :D

ps, why this turn into an Empires vs IG ******* contest? Its like comparing Quake and CS, => they're nothing alike. Anybody comparing the too obviously didnt play either mod.
Empires = RTS/FPS hybrid vs RTS/FPS hybrid
IG = RTS player with AI units, vs FPS players (only playing FPS = guerilla-fighters vs big AI army controlled by 1 RTS player)

Its totally different and not done before, and in no way comparable with any other FPS/RTS hybrid.
O, and FPS/RTS hybrids in general are nothing new, if i remember correctly there's one even before NS (though i forgot the name). Its a WW2 game.

Anyways, kudos to moddb team! We're excited about this and hope we can get all bugs squashed shortly! :)

+1 vote   feature: Iron Grip: The Oppression
OmeVince Oct 27 2006 says:

Kudos to ND team for the visuals :). I hope this game works out well since i'm a huge fan of NS.

Ps JoseSkinner is right in some ways, but Empires didnt start it ya know, FPS/RTS is indeed nothing "new" (what is?), since HL1 -> NS fame ppl have been working on that "concept".
Its not about who's the first, its about who does it the best. FPS/RTS hybrid is even older than HL1 if i remember correctly, but mostly it gets fuxed and isnt smooth and solid in gameplay so the fame is no where near CS.
Then you have huge succesfull ones like NS, and follow-ups who tend to blend that succes with other smaller factors (who become succesfull because they've learned from the innovators mistakes and shortcomings).
ND's approach i think is to take the strenght of NS, mix that with some sci-fi elements to give them freedom of design and artistic elements, and add CS-style fighting to attract a broad range of ppl.
By focussing on quality in graphics and a smooth gameplay that they know will work, they are working on perfecting a Genre rather than creating one.
They're taking allready existing proven gameplay concepts, altering them slightly with this blend, mixing the best of genre's. -> its not innovation, but they have a big chance of being a succes nevertheless. This approach imo is smart, and a good load of these small design innovative blends end up making it to the top.
Look at DoD, NS and CS, analyse them and try and determine where there succes came from => total new genre? total innovative design? innovative graphics? -> smooth design perfecting existing elements to a solid game.
I wish them luck and am looking forward to this mod :)

+2 votes   feature: Nuclear Dawn
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