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OmeVince Oct 26 2006 says:

oeps, my bad :P
Well, actually Stuffie's (gotta outsource this blame to somebone :P)

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip in Pc Zone UK!
OmeVince Oct 27 2006 says:

But the newspost is about 3 things -> mag scan, winning of noesis pack and announcing the olympics tournement.
If i remember correctly, ND got on frontpage with announcing their mapping tournement, so that pretty much explains it :)
Furthermore i second what Blueworlf said :P, lets keep this from other mods newspost (i remember i had a similar issue once, and simply pm'ed an admin".

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip in Pc Zone UK!
OmeVince Oct 10 2006 says:

Awesome mod! I love the idea :) Keep up the great work!

+1 vote   mod: The Lord of the Rings - Total War
OmeVince Sep 26 2006 says:

Dont get me wrong, please post as many bugs and troubles as possible. Preferbly in great detail, cause it allows us to fix it to get it working better.
Hopefully you'll post them on so we can keep track of em.

Just focus while playing on small player servers, with around 5-7 players tops, that runs best online. LAN games can be higher.
Dont expect us to be able to remove lagg on high amounts of online players (12+) => we just cant get 88+ npc's to run well over the internet (no matter how we code the netcode)...

All in all i hope you guys at least had a bit of fun :)
Stay tuned as more patches are on the way :D

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 19 2006 says:

Savage = full RTS with FPS players being the units
Natural Selection = full humans mix all sides of FPS and RTS

IG = 1 RTS team vs rest FPS team = massive AI controlled armies.

Differences in a nutshell :)

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 18 2006 says:

Rip-off of what? Half Life 1 or BMS? => arent they both remaking HL1?
I must be missing something here...

+1 vote   news: Operation Black Mesa Media Release 1
OmeVince Sep 17 2006 says:

Re-read the gameplay, there's a worlds differance between NS and IG gameplay...

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 26 2006 says:

Try to play on servers with up to 6 players. We should have hard-coded the limit to 6-8 tops which is a bummer.
Crashes seem to happen on huge amounts of players. Generally, this game is build for Lan-games, but during beta-testing worked fine online too (with up to 7 players).
Its also CPU intensive due to the AI, which i guess fries alot of servers.

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 25 2006 says:

Here's the server package:

Have fun ;)

+1 vote   news: Isotx September 25th Release!
OmeVince Sep 25 2006 says:

Here's the windows server package:

Client is coming in.. a few hours. Join the release part show of BlueWolf.
Go to for more info :)

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
OmeVince Sep 9 2006 says:

I feel very sad for the Halogen team :( I didnt think Bungee would pull the Blizzard tactic on mods.
Dammit, i was really really looking forward to this one.
I'd also say "accidentally release it", there's no point binning 3 years of hard solid work. Just say you were hacked.

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OmeVince Aug 27 2006 says:

As i mentioned to you in your pm, this is so one-sided and shows you really know little of the situation.
Israeli's didnt all-of-a-sudden walz in, go read the independance and the mandates.
These countries, militia etc all **** over EVERY international rule EVER created, you think a puny country with 6 million jews-christians and muslims would just sit back and follow every rule when they fight those kind of opponents?

Funny actually, wanna know what the difference is between Israel-Syria-Jorden-Lebanon?
A few years... All created in the period 1943-1948, after mandates by France and Brittain ended, and they drew up the country borders.
There is no freekin "stealing-land" motive here, its all a big pile of horse-crap. The Palestinians are created as an excuse so Arab governments like Iran and Syria can legally and morally attack Israel to destroy the Jewish state.
And "reading crap"? Are you seriously so moronic as to think Israel would simply give land to the Palestinians and then put in check-points because... they're evil? Or what?
Come on, read on how "The War Of Attriction" (carried out now in the name of "resistance") started, the further wars, even the independance war, which was sprarked by maraudic arabs raiding Israeli roads.
I ******* saw the destroyed convoys ruins in israel you idiot, thats how it was 60 years ago when Israel was fighting with WW1 weapons to ensure their existance.

And if you think it all evolve around the Palestinians: Go ask the Kurds how hypocrit this situation is, you hardly see all Islamic nations unite to help them, yet 6 million jews with a puny piece of land does, hmmm.
The Palestinians are an excuse, they never existed, Palestine way back before (and during) the British Mandates was a collective of what now is Israel and Palestine = Jews, Christians and Muslims controlled by Brits.
This is an independance war, that is not, and will never be accepted by some fundementalist Arab nations, because Israel's very existance is a thorn in their eye.
Last year funny enough the Palestinian Authorities blamed Hezbollah for attempting to destroy peace-talks between Israel and Palestine by offering insane financial offers to anybody willing to commit a terrorist attack.
Every time Israel and Palestine enter peace-talks it gets torpedoed by some terrorist act, responded by an Israeli reprisal.
Ever read up on the 1983 Lebanon-Israeli peacetalks? on how our Syrian friends killed the leaders and forced Lebanon out of peace with Israel? Its not the first time, Syria and Iran have a long history of pushing other countries to deny Israel peace.
They are all officially still freekin IN A STATE OF WAR WITH ISRAEL, how dumb can you be expecting puny Israel to give up the high-grounds in the Golan Heights to countries that deny peace, and even have mandates allowing organisations like the PLO and Hezbollah to freely operate vs Israel (go read on the Lebanese Civil War and its Cairo Agreements), and on top of that, who have constantly attacked through wars and Wars of Attriction Israel (and still are).
This is but a small piece of the cake, i'll explain more when i have more time.

I have lots of sympathy for the Palestinians, but FFS please look at it in a broader perspective, and the solution lies not only with Israel, its a common mentality thats needs to be crushed: an islamic fascist mentality.
Only when that ends, will the people of the MidEast have peace...

+1 vote   mod: INTIFADA DOOM2 TC
OmeVince Aug 21 2006 says:

Why wouldnt the Israeli's want peace? Maybe because they are "evil"? and they also kicked my dog, and they are, uhhh
Why dont YOU read some books for a change, this mod is a sick piece of propaganda.
Imagine making a mod called: "Neo-Crusades" which was about walzing around in christian outfits slaughtering muslims.
I think its sick your glorifying the intifada, which is not only cause of many civilian deaths, but also ensured that part of the world will further spiral downwards into mass attrocities by both sides.
Kudo's to morons like you for attempting to turn it into something honourable.

+1 vote   mod: INTIFADA DOOM2 TC
OmeVince Aug 18 2006 says:

To Listen:

To Chat: GameSurge and on #eSportsTV

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip on the Gamers United Show!
OmeVince Aug 16 2006 says:

That will give you an error -> game wont run.

+1 vote   mod: CnC Holland
OmeVince Aug 15 2006 says:

I'm out of town for some time, head over to our forums and there are plenty of guys that can help you.

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Aug 10 2006 says:

Thanks alot dethtoll,
I'll post your link here so people without DivX can still watch it in small format:

For better quality i recommend downloading the AVI :)

+1 vote   download: Iron Grip: The Oppression Trailer
OmeVince Jul 16 2006 says:

Nice stuff! Like the mood in the left image the best.
Keep up the good work! :)

+1 vote   news: Early Screens of our first map
OmeVince Jul 14 2006 says:

Why would patch 1.04 not work because an ini file is missing?
Ini files are extracted from the zero Hour ini.big, they are not part of the initial instalation so Zero Hour + patches dont need em.
If you have the patch succesfully installed, ModToaster2 will work.

+1 vote   mod: ModToaster (Mod downloader and manager)
OmeVince Jul 12 2006 says:

Mec Installer, the installer you downloaded from this moddb page, does not work with The First Decade pack, which is the Zero Hour you're probably using.

ModToaster2 a program also build by us, does work with The First Decade pack. MeC1.5 is on the ModToaster servers ( its a content delivery program for Zero Hour mods).
MeC1.5 is not available as standalone version, so you can download this latest version via ModToaster2.

Clear :)?

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Jul 7 2006 says:

De Mec Installer doesnt work for The First Decade. Simply use modToaster2 which works for TFD, and install the latest version of mec (1.5) there (which is not available as standalone yet).

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Jul 7 2006 says:

Impressive ND! Great quality and great design! Looking forward to this mod :D

+1 vote   news: Introducing: The Stealth Trooper
OmeVince Jul 6 2006 says:

Instaleer de mod in je "firstDecade/ZeroHour" folder. Dan werkt ie prima :)
Zorg er dus voor dat de .big files die hij uitpakt in de "zerohour" folder van The First Decade komen te staan.
Als dit allemaal niet lukt: = modtoaster werkt met the first decade en kun je cnc holland ook downloaden.

+1 vote   member: u.k.
OmeVince Jul 5 2006 says:

MeC2.0 will be available standalone + via modToaster 2.
We'll try to make an installer version for MeC1.5.

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Jun 28 2006 says:

How? I mean even the CNC remake mods use a construction vehicle..
Kudo's to you guys! that is indeed some voodoo to get working :P

+1 vote   news: Old C&C Conyard Build System to be Used in All-Stars!
OmeVince Jun 20 2006 says:

Amazing work guys! Kudo's to your hard work and dedication.

+1 vote   news: Media update June
OmeVince May 27 2006 says:

Yes it works offline.
Just import the mods you want, or download them first

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince May 25 2006 says:

You can import/export packages and host them on your own site etc.
So in short: yes you can, but you'll need packages which you can import/export.
More info on this:
Check the packages tutorial.
Hope this helps :)

+1 vote   mod: ModToaster (Mod downloader and manager)
OmeVince Apr 24 2006 says:

.NET you mean?

+1 vote   mod: MidEast Crisis
OmeVince Apr 20 2006 says:

Awesome model! great detail! only..... skin....??? It would make the newspost soo much more..
Keep up the good work though! :)

+1 vote   news: WiP Media Section - M4A1 Model Touched Up
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