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The_Deader Nov 12 2014, 3:49pm says:

Brilliant mod, I must say. I haven't downloaded it yet, but the feeling I get from just looking at the pictures is enough to give me wet dreams at night. (No ****) Keep up the good work friends!

+1 vote   mod: Bellum Imperii
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 10:34pm replied:

You Betcha ;)

+2 votes   mod: War in Tamriel
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 9:32pm replied:

Shut up shut up shut up.

-1 votes   mod: War in Tamriel
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 3:59pm says:

This is really creative.

+2 votes   mod: Crisis of the Confederation
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 3:57pm replied:

Really? cause the N word is still used. It was probably the main word to describe africans (not just african americans) until the late 70's. Nobody's gonna stop saying something because it's offensive, at least not in America thanks to freedom of speech. When I say ****** I immediately don't think of gay men. I say ****** to people who are acting like what the word entails. Faggots. So quit being a ******, ******. (This does not mean i am calling you a gay male, you're just a ******.)

0 votes   mod: The Faggot
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 3:51pm says:

Is trench warfare going to be a major highlight in this mod? (I'm sure this has been asked a million times) I love this picture because it reminds me of a movie I watched in high school about british troops in the Argonne forest... I can't remember the name but it was a pretty star-studded cast...

+1 vote   media: Italian infantry in action
The_Deader Oct 6 2014, 3:49pm says:

Oh hell yes.

0 votes   mod: War in Tamriel
The_Deader Sep 21 2014, 1:36pm replied:

Almost counts as a skirmish

+1 vote   mod: L'Aigle
The_Deader Sep 2 2014, 11:01pm says:

This is just beautiful.

+1 vote   media: Waving banners on battle
The_Deader Aug 26 2014, 8:13pm says:

Looks amazing. The Detail is superb

+2 votes   mod: Hispania 1200
The_Deader Aug 25 2014, 9:39pm replied:

@RancidRandy I don't think you understand. Bethesda pretty much gives the world it's content. Ever heard of the GECK? Yeah. It's pretty much the program they used to make the game. Know what's included with the GECK? Yeah. Every texture, model, sprite, voice, damn near everything in every fallout game. It's hardly illegal or "greasy." Get on your knees and praise the brave men who are making this mod.

+3 votes   media: "And to the dust we shall return."
The_Deader Aug 25 2014, 9:33pm says:

I have a question. How come there's always a server with at least one 12 year old on it? Maybe I should start playing after 10:00...

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
The_Deader Aug 25 2014, 9:31pm says:

This IS MY FAVORITE MOD!!! I love nothing more than pitting old rivals against each other and nothing is as old as the English and French Rivalry!

+4 votes   mod: 1429 : la Guerre de Cent Ans - Steel Edition
The_Deader Aug 13 2014, 8:18pm says:

Now that Sound Assault has ceased development, I beseech the MOW community to assist me in creating a new mod that will add new improved sounds to this game! Looking for anyone with any experience whatsoever to assist me. Inbox if interested.

+3 votes   game: Men of War: Assault Squad 2
The_Deader Aug 11 2014, 3:58pm says:

You Broke my heart. :(

+1 vote   mod: SOUND ASSAULT - HD sounds for Assault Squad 2
The_Deader Jul 31 2014, 3:35am replied:

Quite sound idea. Jolly Good. Hope this all works out for you very interested. Here's a crumpet and a spot of tea to wish you well mate. Jolly Good.

+4 votes   mod: The war in the UK
The_Deader Jul 31 2014, 3:32am says:

I cannot wait for this and possibly totalier krieg to come out. Men of War AS2 will be the greatest game ever.

+2 votes   mod: SOUND ASSAULT - HD sounds for Assault Squad 2
The_Deader Jul 25 2014, 5:09pm says:

This mod is going to die faster than Palestinian school children

+6 votes   mod: GTA San Andreas : Der Untergang
The_Deader Jul 22 2014, 7:10pm replied:

Seems to be sadly.

+7 votes   mod: Star Wars Conquest
The_Deader Jul 22 2014, 7:09pm replied:

Douglas MacArthur was old As heck when he was a general. Didnt you watch The World Wars on history channel? :3

+1 vote   media: Balion Stuff
The_Deader Jul 11 2014, 11:33am replied:

Rename it to one of your MTW2: Kingdoms campaign folder. Move "crusades" out of the folder and rename "Hyrule" to "crusades". Then whenever you start up Kingdoms, choose the crusades campaign. It may work better im not sure though.

+1 vote   mod: Hyrule: Total War
The_Deader Jun 27 2014, 1:05pm replied:

Just change the resolution dummy

+1 vote   mod: Historical Flags Mod for Hearts of Iron IV
The_Deader Jun 5 2014, 3:16pm says:

I know this question has probably been addressed but what changes to melee have been made?

+1 vote   mod: Morrowind Rebirth 2.81
The_Deader May 27 2014, 5:12pm says:

Great mod so far. i cant wait for the final version so much potential and already better than most roman mods.

+3 votes   mod: Bellum Imperii
The_Deader May 26 2014, 3:54pm says:

this is gonna be a great mod. really fresh idea

+4 votes   mod: The Red Wars, Calradia 1923
The_Deader May 26 2014, 3:51pm says:


+1 vote   media: Praven Re-Done
The_Deader May 10 2014, 4:11pm replied:

Hoping that its just a placeholder. Good luck to you. I hope that i see some realistic orc textures, but then again im just a greedy modplayer, i have no modding skills lmao. Great work anyways mate

+1 vote   media: Front
The_Deader May 8 2014, 6:55pm says:

Real orcs? But yet you use the warcraft textures and models

+1 vote   media: Front
The_Deader Apr 27 2014, 8:31pm says:

Damn ive been waiting for this mod since it came out. Shame I have to pay for it now. But will do so anyway cause im so dedicated to creativity.

+5 votes   mod: Battle of Empires : 1914-1918
The_Deader Apr 1 2014, 10:24pm replied:

thanks for the quick response and answer to my question.

I was mainly wondering who or what would start WWIII. I mainly play as the US in HOI and will be starring as Uncle Sam in your mod, with this i realize the middle east will be the main theatre of war. I thought about such events such as demonstrations of North Korean might (as if they had any) could be cause for war. Like if a nation was building nuclear weapons would one be able to use that as an excuse to invade and utterly crush them?

Keep up the good work

+1 vote   mod: Hearts of Iron III: Modern Warfare Beta 5
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