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It's time for a new developer update! We've got a few things on the agenda: A progress report, the details regarding the estates, some details regarding the arsenals, and some info on the new factions!

First off let us start with a small but important update regarding our progress:

For a few months we had gone almost completely quiet as some of you may have noticed, well during that period we've been working on hard, but haven't had much to show; We've been focusing on a new method of making towns, and optimizing the mod as much as we can so it'll run even on low-end machines. So far we have had positive results, but they aren't particularly interesting to those that aren't interested in the development side of a project. Of course we've also had to divide our attention to other responsibilities, which means this project would have to be lowered in priority.

With that out of the way, we can talk about the factions!

  • The Khazidan Raj - They are a warrior civilization that value their honour and pride above all else, even the most innocuous insult would be cause for a duel to the death for these people. Their military is stuck in between the new and old ages, fielding both melee and gunpowder units in combat, making their forces lethal to engage for an unprepared commander. They occupy the lush south-western coast of Draecia, flanked by mountains to the north and east, and by oceans to the south and west, they are isolated from their neighbours.

  • The Kingdom of Sari - They are a brutal and pitiless primitive tribal society that value two things: Plunder and their tribes, loyalty to outsiders is an unheard of thing amongst the Sari, and showing compassion to foreigners is likely to incur a death penalty. They used to live under the boot of the Sumarids, but have risen up under the leadership of a ambitious and ruthless warlord, who unified them under one banner, they now amass atop the Rikeyeh plateau, waiting to storm the low land and oust the Sumarids from the desert, but the Khazidanis backed threaten to spill into their territory and drive them from the plateau.

  • The Northern Free Territories - They are the overseas provinces of the Englian Commonwealth that occupy the northern regions of Luciana. They are shrewd tradesmen and skillful hunters that maintain a unstable peace with their neighbours, though the land's native population pose a moderate threat to the civilian populations. Despite their appearance of being rugged forestmen and fur traders, they are no strangers to warfare, and can even put up a vicious defence should the need arise.

  • The Charni Territories - The Charni are a warrior society that live deep in the northern mountains, noted for being one of the more reasonable primitives societies in the New World, but despite their desire to co-exist with the foreigners they are not put off by taking brash and violent actions against their new neighbours.

  • The Santey Nations - The Santey Nations are infamous for their savagery and cruelty to their enemies. They have no fear nor mercy, and will fight any invader to the death. They raise armies of skilled and cunning warriors, born and raised to fight viciously and unrelentingly.

On top of those, we may also consider adding more in the future.

Now let's get onto the estates and arsenals!

Estates, what are they? Well they are a multi-purpose player home which features storage for all of your belongings, rooms for various useful NPCs, and has a number of other useful functions. Estates can be built anywhere on the map, provided you have a deed of ownership, building supplies and the right amount of money. All extra functions require that you have the needed materials, so players have something to work towards should they decide to construct an estate.

With an estate, you can:

  • Build a barracks to garrison your troops.
  • Build a War Room where you can access the diplomacy army functions, customize your troops, and purchase special equipment.
  • Build a Workshop where you can access the crafting feature
  • Build an office where you can access the diplomacy financial functions
  • Build a chapel where you can seek healing

Arsenals will play a different role; Each faction will have their own arsenal, including the player faction which will become available to be built after the player has established their own nation.

A few other functions include:

  • Ability to establish your very own regiments, up to three can be established.
  • Ability to receive promotions
  • Ability to purchase faction equipment like uniforms and firearms.
  • Ability to purchase faction units in large quantities.
  • Ability to purchase supplies

On top of estates, we have a few other things in mind too, like Gambling Dens, and economic buildings like Farms, Plantations, and Mines, but we'll see what comes of those in the future.

One last thing: A lot of people have been asking about a release date, specifically a beta release date; We don't like to disappoint people, but we have no intention on releasing a beta, and as for a release for the completed mod, it may not be for some time. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, and responsibilities in our day-to-day lives that require us to take time out from development.

Developer Update 8/2/17

Developer Update 8/2/17

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It's update time! Recruitment, create your own companion competition, and more!

Developer Update 31/10/16

Developer Update 31/10/16

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Developer Update 31/10/16: We've got some bad news.

Developer Update 25/9/16

Developer Update 25/9/16

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It's update time, and do we have a hell of an update for you! Over past few weeks we've gone quiet, and I can only imagine what some of you were thinking...

August 29th Update

August 29th Update

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Update on new factions, the future of the mod and release date!

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is this mod still being worked on?

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wildtexan Creator


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oh those are good news

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

where i can download the mod? or when the mod released?

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Come on come on we love you dear upper LOL

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

God! I left this in my favorites, i will access every day!
(Sorry for my english by the way).

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Just two questions.

The claimants are one of my favorite parts of Mount & Blade, helping them mount a rebellion to recover their kingdoms. Will you be retaining claimants in this mod, too? Also, sometime back, you posted a picture of a siege scene you were working on, which has since been deleted. Does that mean you're working on improving scenes for sieges?

I appreciate all your hard work so far. Thanks :)

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator

We'll definitely have claimants for the major factions.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Consider add some african factions?
like Mahdi forces, Boers, Zulus, Benin, Ruga Ruga, european colonies and ethiopia?
it would be incredible!!!

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Grand. Thanks for getting back to me.

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