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Basic developers:

- LoRdNazgu1
- DaedraWarrior

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After more than a year of silence from our side, The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.4, which we promised to you more than year ago, finally came out. A few months of hard work to improve that raw piece of material, as version 1.2 was, did not pass without a trace - from September to November, the mod have been downloaded more than ten thousand times and, we hope, will be downloaded even more. We will do everything to meet the expectations of the many people who already follow our mod and play it, and to attract even more fans of Total War and The Elder Scrolls series.

In this article, we want to outline our plans for future versions of the mod. Not all of the following will go into the next major patch, and some ideas may not even see the light at all, nor just what are described in this article will appear in version 1.5 and later until we decide that the mod is completed.


So, the first and most important point - the mod will continue to evolve. Yes, in summer we already mentioned that version 1.4 would be the last major version of the mod. But since then much has been changed and we decided that not all that we wanted in mod was shown, considering at least the fact that not everything that we wanted to show you in version 1.4 from the very beginning was included in the mod for now, and much of what was included was simply not originally planned. An impressive part of this "lot" is located on the strategic map somewhere between Cyrodiil, Elsweyr and Summerset.

Some potential changes have already been outlined in the latest patch numbered 1.4.1 (such a numbering is another broken promise from the list of what we have promised ourselves not to do in our mod). Therefore, in version 1.5, many significant heroes will get their own unique models, for example, all the faction leaders and key characters in the games of Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and TES LORE, such as the gods of the Tribunal, Titus Mede, Janus Hassildor, Nerevarine, Champion of Cyrodiil and others.

In addition, in the new version, we will continue to refine the updated interface of the mod, including such aspects as changing the fonts and icons of buildings on the strategic map for more appropriate to the world of Tamriel. In addition, we will continue creating videos and text descriptions for events, units, factions and locations, to bring more immersion for players in the history and life of this amazing world, and the finalization of portraits of generals and other characters for all factions.

hlaalu crossbowmen

In the next version, big changes will concern the balance of factions, both in combat and on the strategic map. For some of them, the conditions will be significantly complicated, for others - on the contrary, they are simplified, and some will undergo only a minor revision. We will strive to change the campaign in such a way that the game for each faction will be interesting and require player’s effort. We will also try to eliminate all those jambs in the balance of units that were admitted in 1.4 and not yet fixed. Let us hope that in the future we’ll have more opportunities to test and debug the balance before releasing new versions.

Another important aspect that we will work on is the addition of new units. Some factions, such as the Hammerfell Clans, kingdom of Pelletine, Great House Hlaalu and Orsinium, will receive new units corresponding to their style of play and TES LORE. Some models for these and other fractions will be finalized or corrected; something possibly may be remade from scratch. On the strategic map, most of the vanilla models will be reworked, and some older models from the mod will also be improved.

undead draugr

In the future, all factions will receive new unique mercenaries, like the Wild Hunt, the undead, the skaals and the Dawnguard. We plan that each faction will have access to two or three such unique generals with the possibility of hiring their squads in the Fighters Guild, like skaals and Dawnguard.

We will continue to work on architecture. The already existing settlements that need to be finalized, such as the Imperial City, Vivec and the fortresses of the Telvanni house, will be completed, while the Altmer and Bosmer will receive their architecture drawn from scratch. The creation of settlements for the Argonians is possible, but so far, it is not in our plans, besides, we have to "build" a number of new unique cities - Solitude, Windhelm, Markarth, Whiterun and Orsinium.

Among the listed innovations and changes, we plan to add in the next version 1.5 the following:

  1. - Complete redesign of the interface
  2. - Finalizing the balance of factions and units
  3. - New units for Hammerfell and Pelletine
  4. - The addition of new mercenaries to some factions (not all)
  5. - New architecture for Altmer and Bosmer
  6. - Unique models for leaders of factions and heroes


  • Q: playable undead faction somehow?
  • A: NO
  • Q: do you plan to add new factions at all?
  • A: there will be no new factions in this campaign
  • Q: release date of the next update?
  • A: approximately - the first quarter of 2018
  • Q: do you plan to add new territories? Akavir, Pyandonea, Atmora?
  • A: no, these lands are not described in details in TES LORE, and we have already engaged limit of settlements
  • Q: do you accept new ideas?
  • A: if they don’t concern new factions/campaigns - yes
  • Q: so you don’t plan to add other campaigns?
  • A: everything is possible

Thanks for reading our article. We hope you will enjoy playing our mod. You can support us by downloading it and vote for us on MOTY 2017, to help The Elder Scrolls: Total War become Mod of the Year


hlaaluvalenwood 2

The Elder Scrolls - Total War 1.4.1 Released

The Elder Scrolls - Total War 1.4.1 Released


New patch for The Elder Scrolls - Total War is finally released. It includes new bug fixes and a few new content updates.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War v 1.4 released!

The Elder Scrolls: Total War v 1.4 released!

News 19 comments

The Elder Scrolls: Total War v 1.4 is finaly released!

TESTW 1.4 Trailer with release date

TESTW 1.4 Trailer with release date

News 9 comments

New TESTW 1.4 Trailer that reveals mod release date

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.4 important announce

The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.4 important announce

News 10 comments

Good news abbout TESTW 1.4 are coming very-very soon

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TESTW v1.4.1

TESTW v1.4.1

Patch 13 comments

New patch for 1.4. Hotfix is already included in this version.

TES TW V1.4 Full

TES TW V1.4 Full

Full Version 77 comments

Full version of The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.4 in rar archive.

TESTW v1 4 Hotfix (OBSOLETE)

TESTW v1 4 Hotfix (OBSOLETE)

Patch 23 comments

This hotfix fixes some bugs. Not all issues of v 1.4 has been fixed.



Full Version 89 comments

"The Elder Scrolls: Total War" is a total conversion of Medieval 2 Total War - Kingdoms. It gives you a glimpse into the world of The Elder Sсrolls...

The Elder Scrolls: TW - Patch v 1.2 (OBSOLETE)

The Elder Scrolls: TW - Patch v 1.2 (OBSOLETE)

Patch 108 comments

Here is the first bug fix patch for The Elder Scrolls: Total War modification...

English Patch V 1.2 (OBSOLETE)

English Patch V 1.2 (OBSOLETE)

Patch 47 comments

The second english patch which includes some modifications. Just repack downloaded archive into mods/The_Elder_Scrolls folder. Then go to the "text" (The_Elder_Scrolls/data...

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The Create unit command does not work. Is there any fix to this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

It always work. You just need to write correct names of units, aswel as generals/settlements

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DaedraWarrior Creator

We've finally got a Twitter account @testotalwar. I hope we will have time to update it at least one time per week, and here I also will arrange voting from time to time, to know deeper what community wants from us except of adding Undead Faction:).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

NO NO NO you wont force me to make a twitter account xD

DaedraWarrior dont fear the undead fear the filthy stormcloak rebels ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

One of my favorite mod. However, the Empire seems to fall leaving large chunks of the empire for the taking a lot. I see the empire collapsing onto itself like a dying star in the course of many games due to the limited numbers of royal family members. This is especially the case with the Oblivion Crisis, which does make sense, but i'd suggest the Ocato be added to prevent this collapse as he took over (then was killed) causing a civil war in which Medes took over.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi there i am playing the elderscrolls mod some long time now and it seems to me it Always crashes alot after like turn 30. i am now at a point at turn 58 where i just cant get past it. when ever the redguard or the highelves get there turn it crashes. is there anyway to fix this? and if so wich bug fix do i need?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

tried to do a new campaign again but it emidiatly crashed again. like i cant even play the game anymore without crashes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Have you tried running the game as dlc expansion (renaming the folder to teutonic for example)? That usually fix such issues for me. Deleting map.rvm could also help

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

have just tried it and both didnt work. my game crashes emidiatly. even when i start new game, it crashes at loading point

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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