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Jeffman12 Feb 24 2015, 4:38pm says:

Act on instinct, nice! I never really thought C&C and Starcraft could go well together, glad to see I was wrong.

+1 vote   media: Terror Drone and Spearback
Jeffman12 Feb 19 2015, 1:01am says:

This gamemode has never turned out as fun as I hoped, at least not when using it in RA2.
Personally, I think I'd prefer a tech shuffle where different units and structures of specific tiers/roles get swapped between their respective factions' tech trees. Not presuming this is possible, just making a pitch.

+4 votes   media: Game Mode: Unholy Alliance
Jeffman12 Feb 17 2015, 4:42pm says:

If you REALLY want to simulate natural selection, give the players no control over individuals until they have a basic brain, instead letting players tinker with designs itteratively until they work on their own.

That being said, I find this to be far more promising than I had hoped it would be.

+4 votes   media: Thrive 0.2.4 Release Trailer
Jeffman12 Feb 7 2015, 7:53pm says:

Outstanding performances, every one.

+2 votes   media: Wyrmstooth Voice Acting Samples
Jeffman12 Feb 6 2015, 3:56pm says:

Actually I did need to be told which was the better one, they both have their merits, but I like the left more anyways.

+4 votes   media: Wormwood - now with better foliage!
Jeffman12 Feb 3 2015, 11:46pm replied:

Seriously, that madness is kind of a big deal in the changeover to FS.

Simple remedy is to concoct a secondary plot element explaining that a corps of mutant warriors named their group/class in honor of the storied sniper.

+2 votes   article: New year update, finally
Jeffman12 Feb 3 2015, 11:35am replied:

I wasn't suggesting they not be allowed high tech? I just like the idea of a vehicle dropping cubes of scrap from things it has crushed.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 Forgotten
Jeffman12 Feb 2 2015, 11:39pm replied:

They did have plenty of opportunity to pick the brain of the dude who helped decipher the tacitus.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 Forgotten
Jeffman12 Feb 2 2015, 11:37am replied:

Mac, you know what you doing, take off every Kodiak.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Jeffman12 Feb 2 2015, 2:53am says:

Oh, wow, those red cacti things really look great in game.

They really fit well with the otherwise barren desolation.

+3 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Jeffman12 Feb 1 2015, 9:36pm replied:

Perhaps the scrap it drops are compacted enemy vehicles whenever it runs something over.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 Forgotten
Jeffman12 Feb 1 2015, 5:15pm says:

Doesn't seem to functionally different from the MARV with that special ability.

How about that initiates an auto-repair system that deducts the "cost" of repairs from the tiberium it collects?

+4 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 Forgotten
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2015, 9:41pm replied:

Reminds me of certain illegal breeds of cacti.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2014
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2015, 11:44am says:

Sorry to double post, but that coop mission sounds f'n amazing.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2014
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2015, 11:34am says:

I kinda feel like those yellow plants should uproot and move occasionally (maybe to get closer to the tiberium?) and when units get near they hastily take root again.

Iunno, just spitballing, may be too much.
They'd also probably need some defense mechanism if rooted and you try to kill them with fire. But I know that's not how plants currently work in the TS engine.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2014
Jeffman12 Dec 31 2014, 3:53pm says:

Might consider giving upgrade modules an "ammo" slot with the ability to stack infinitely so that they are "consumed" when collected, this would prevent people from exploiting the infinite upgrade glitch.

+1 vote   media: v7 Interactivity
Jeffman12 Dec 31 2014, 1:44pm says:

There's a distinct disadvantage to having long protrusions coming off of your head, typically, this is applied to helmet design, but in this case it'd still be an issue. One could hypothetically grab the end of one of those protrusions and have an easier time of snapping their neck, granted, the attacker would need to move more, but that gives them a major weakness if attacked from behind.

That being said, length of their... spurs? Could indicate combat prowess as a form of combat boast, better warriors wouldn't need to trim them so short, or they could be used to indicate status in some form of social hierarchy.

+2 votes   article: New Character Designs
Jeffman12 Dec 30 2014, 12:34pm says:

Mutants? Aliens? Extensive body modification?

+1 vote   media: Bone People
Jeffman12 Dec 17 2014, 3:55pm says:

That barrier's appearance in the last image need not be 'natural'. It would make more sense if it looked man made considering the surroundings.

+1 vote   article: Renegade X: New Maps!
Jeffman12 Dec 17 2014, 11:50am says:

I had a heck of a time installing this, booting in safe mode worked though.

Anyways, I started two new games and I noticed when you skip the tutorial you miss out on a landmark worth of points at the very start. Didn't seem to lose out on anything from the combat tutorial, though.

+1 vote   mod: TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod
Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 7:04pm says:

For a start, I think all commodities would be charged at a premium, that being said, ammunition could get smugglers a lot of money or at least be worth their weight in artifacts.

It certainly wouldn't make sense for there to be an ammo shortage in a relative warzone that has a high value to black markets around the world, no. But I don't think it'd be too cheap. Afterall, each bullet could mean one less customer in a semi-closed ecosystem like the zone.

I think you've got the right idea.

+5 votes   media: Community Feedback - Ammo Scarcity
Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 2:10pm replied:

I don't think C&C 4 would have been considered so terrible if they had just called it what it was: A C&C themed MOBA designed by fisher price.
Also would have helped if it wasn't made according to a survey sent out to people who just bought Kane's Wrath.

So, Cruentus and Aboreus were present in the TS game files(As in the code, not actual .shps), but never saw the light of day, and this led to a lot of fan speculation on the topic, even whether it would be red or yellow, possibly even orange. As I recall, cruentus itself would have been unharvestable due to a lack of efficient industrial processing.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 4:42am says:

The sound has certainly progressed, and I like the new direction, although it might be more appropriate to call it a course correction as it maintains that same feel, but sounds better refined.

+2 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection Version Update / OST Volume 4 Coming Soon
Jeffman12 Dec 14 2014, 4:34pm replied:

It was widely considered to exist in the universe as an extreme rarity, it had an appearance in Firestorm as a single recolored blue tiberium formation and was later used in C&C 4 for the research mechanic.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 12 2014, 4:38pm replied:

I just feel like it was established that larger formations tend to be more stable, hence the vinifera "trees" that were able to produce more tiberium even when the field had detonated.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 12 2014, 1:42pm replied:

Yeah, the only giveaway is where the water meets the shore close to the 'camera'.

You could probably make it even more convincing with some sort of effect. If it's possible, making the water more transparent the closer it is to the shore might do it. And I mean like, REALLY close to the shore, like a couple of feet or a meter out.

+7 votes   media: Swampy zone
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2014, 10:24pm says:

It looks awesome, but I don't think you'd be able to give a new and interesting delivery method for a blue tiberium bomb.

I think if blue tiberium was carpet dropped into an area and then detonated, that'd be a neat delivery method, but I don't think it'd generate an explosion like that.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2014, 10:20pm says:

Ride the lightning.

No, but really, a localized ion storm would probably be best for their super weapon.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2014, 4:01am says:

Stop all the download'n...

Help computer.

+1 vote   media: Vandenberg_Computer
Jeffman12 Dec 9 2014, 11:22pm says:

Iunno... Cheaty exploits?

+1 vote   media: GMDX Options Menu
Jeffman12 Dec 9 2014, 10:44pm replied:

Ah, very good.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/12/2014
Jeffman12 Dec 9 2014, 9:31pm replied:

Wait, if Nod's not the threat at present, why does GDI need a massive weapons platform? Sure they might have designed one, but I don't see why they'd be in mass production. I agree with the sentiment on build limits, but I just don't feel like the idea's been fully developed.
Is there some other sizable adversary we should know about?

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/12/2014
Jeffman12 Dec 9 2014, 12:08pm replied:

How about it starts with one cannon, and then somehow upgrades in the field?

Forgotten are also known to be scavengers, so if these had that sort of mechanic, I think it'd make sense enough not to make that mechanic seem too much like its been done before.

+5 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Nov 18 2014, 12:47pm replied:

Actually, I should note that if you're up to the task of making them fit in with the rest of the art, my votes would be:
3 (Cyborg Commando has always been a heavy shock unit, and thus fills a different role than Nod's Commando)

+1 vote   article: Need Your opinion 4
Jeffman12 Nov 18 2014, 11:07am says:

I think these would need a pretty significant overhaul to make up for the change in aesthetic between C&C 3 and 4.
1 and 1 if only because the models and textures are a bit too... Buzz Lightyear.

+2 votes   article: Need Your opinion 4
Jeffman12 Nov 15 2014, 11:46am replied:

To be fair, I feel Steel Talons could use rail guns of a sort, but I think an older model like that would probably be better relegated to a high-tier sniper, say an enlisted mutant Ghoststalker(As a commando replacement?), or a weapons platform bearing a striking resemblance to a Mammoth Mk. 2

+1 vote   media: Steel Troopers
Jeffman12 Nov 15 2014, 3:00am says:

I feel like that goes against the idea of steel talons' second tiberium war tech level. High-tech heavy hitters is more ZOCOM's thing.

Maybe something akin to a fast attack light armored jumpjet squad would be more appropriate?

+2 votes   media: Steel Troopers
Jeffman12 Nov 8 2014, 11:46pm replied:

It's a little hard to visually discern, maybe find a way to get a little more contrast into the color scheme?

+1 vote   media: T2 Taurus
Jeffman12 Oct 28 2014, 10:58pm replied:

Compare the dogs to the full masked helmets both factions wear.
Not only do dogs need to rip through that full-body hazmat armor, but they need to be able to breathe and survive in contaminated locales.

+2 votes   media: GDI Sidebar + first stuff from T2
Jeffman12 Oct 3 2014, 10:10am replied:

Huh, yeah, sounds good.

+2 votes   media: Sniper Team Air strike
Jeffman12 Oct 2 2014, 1:19am says:

And this is instead of spotting for juggernauts?

+1 vote   media: Sniper Team Air strike
Jeffman12 Sep 30 2014, 12:16pm replied:

So I found it, buried in your FAQ.

Here, for any of you who come here wondering:

"When players join a server they start in the Ready Room, an intermediate area where players can hang out and choose which race they’ll be playing as. Players may also choose to join a random team, or spectate matches. Once a round starts, both teams battle it out, earning experience points for purchasing advanced weaponry, abilities upgrades, and different lifeforms. The team that destroys the opposing race’s command structure wins the round." -

+2 votes   game: Natural Selection 2: Combat
Jeffman12 Sep 29 2014, 11:15pm replied:

Those are auxiliary fuel tanks, compared to the T-72 they are optional.

Don't get me wrong, I won't pretend for a second that the Red Alert universe is "realistic", but assuming they were at the appropriate fuel to air ratio to explode as violently as possible, they would not do significant damage to the tank's armor itself as they are not shaped charges or contained in such a way that they direct the force at the tank.

Just looked it up, apparently T-72s also used Diesel, which is not known to be very inflammable, and is used in compression combustion instead of ignition.

+2 votes   media: Heavy Tank armor allocation
Jeffman12 Sep 19 2014, 11:54am says:

I've always had an issue with comp stomp in TS because the AI tends to target Player 1 and rush early on, and if alliances are enabled, they all join up at once.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/09/2014
Jeffman12 Sep 19 2014, 11:06am says:

So, the description is very vague, and while I've been playing NS since goldsrc, I'm still not entirely sure NS2: Combat is supposed to be the equivalent of NS1's CO maps or something different.

Anyone coming into this without that experience probably can't tell this apart from NS2 itself with the way this has been worded. NS2 is already an asymmetric combo of stealth and twitch action, why should we think any differently?

It reads like a pitch to a boardroom of non-gamers designed to sell them on the idea of clearing the project.

I say describe the game in how it plays, not in terms of who it's made to appeal to, and if it is like old NS1's CO mode, play up the nostalgia a bit so us returning players can vouch for it to the uninitiated.

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2: Combat
Jeffman12 Sep 18 2014, 10:51pm says:

If only there was some way to align those lights...

+1 vote   media: Alien Forest
Jeffman12 Sep 17 2014, 2:53pm says:

I have two opinions on this, but mostly apathy.

+13 votes   article: Microsoft bought the whole Minecraft!
Jeffman12 Sep 8 2014, 7:10pm replied:

I've got to agree with this, unless they were both made uncrushable by tier 1 units and only enlightened were mind control resistant.

+2 votes   article: Need Your opinion 2
Jeffman12 Sep 4 2014, 12:51pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Hooked Beast
Jeffman12 Sep 2 2014, 2:33am says:

I just realized the primary cybernetics facility has an open air surgery.

While I harbor no illusions about CABAL believing in the use of petty humanitarian "Ethics" or "Anesthetics", I suspect atmospheric contamination, or other unwelcome variables, such as stray munitions from pathetic Luddite human resistance may irreparably contaminate cybernetics production.

+2 votes   media: Cabal T2 base
Jeffman12 Aug 26 2014, 4:06am replied:

I'unno, kinda reminds me of House Ordos from Dune. They had hover tanks too.

+1 vote   article: Bionite: Origins REV 3.0 released
Jeffman12 Aug 19 2014, 3:41pm says:

Looks great.

+2 votes   article: Need Your opinion 1 Completed
Jeffman12 Jul 27 2014, 12:48pm replied:

it could probably be easily remedied by only allowing the AI to build them after a certain structure has been made, it should be some structure that marks the end of base expansion.

I don't think setting it to sell structures would be great considering they'd probably start selling vital ones by mistake.

+1 vote   media: Fixed GDI AI walls
Jeffman12 Jul 14 2014, 6:29pm replied:

Dude skipped ahead to now.

For us what was 5 days was one hour for him.

+4 votes   media: 5 Days Remaining...
Jeffman12 Jul 9 2014, 12:01pm says:

I do believe that cements this as the definitive RA1 remake, now too.

+1 vote   media: A Path Beyond
Jeffman12 Jul 9 2014, 12:00pm says:

Aiming looks like a real pain in this build. I think you'll need to smooth out the motion so your tank doesn't jolt whenever it hits uneven terrain, and you'll probably need to allow them to alter their pitch.

+1 vote   media: Pre-Aplha Teaser
Jeffman12 Jul 6 2014, 12:38pm says:

Looks like he's had a few too many.

+4 votes   media: beer. Just beer
Jeffman12 Jun 24 2014, 10:50pm replied:

Yeah, naming's hard. Not a bad map, not many original works get posted here.

+4 votes   download: My Minecraft World (Vardenfell)
Jeffman12 Jun 13 2014, 2:56pm says:

At least change the f'n decals.

+1 vote   media: Grim Reaper
Jeffman12 May 14 2014, 3:01am says:

Credit the original author(s).

+3 votes   download: Silent hill texture pack 128x128
Jeffman12 Feb 9 2014, 3:17am says:

I wonder if we can bring sunedit 2k here, too. That was a decent utility, but it may bring a flood of low-quality mods with it.

+1 vote   download: Final Sun
Jeffman12 Feb 5 2014, 11:33am says:

I think it could use more "lifeless machine" in the face.

+1 vote   media: Final Saren done proper
Jeffman12 Jan 24 2014, 12:46pm says:

Will the player be able to scale or build on these formations? Perhaps create some sort of pulley system from the top to the base?

+6 votes   media: Environment WIP
Jeffman12 Jan 24 2014, 12:44pm replied:

I'd say moreso for an intentionally misleading and entirely unrelated picture.

Especially when the creator has images and even a video demonstrating this.

+2 votes   download: iPC
Jeffman12 Jan 20 2014, 2:24pm replied:

If you mean "Can I play on the same side as AI" Typically, no. Not in Tiberian Sun derivative games, however with the DTA launcher, I believe this becomes a distinct possiblity.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
Jeffman12 Jan 4 2014, 11:50am says:

I think it's safe to say they're not going to provide support for pirated copies as they cannot account for the variables that presents. Also, other reasons.

+1 vote   mod: Fallout: Project Brazil
Jeffman12 Dec 31 2013, 12:14pm says:

Why not use Moddb's file hosting services?

+1 vote   article: The Mod is done!!
Jeffman12 Oct 7 2013, 2:08am says:

Did someone say Robusst? *Prepares a toolbox*

+3 votes   article: September in Review
Jeffman12 Sep 25 2013, 5:29pm says:

Very Nice! I expected a facsimile of the original, not what I see here.

+5 votes   media: GDI Mobile Sensor Array
Jeffman12 Jul 22 2013, 12:15pm says:

I like it, most of the titans I see look washed out and amorphous.

+7 votes   media: GDI Titan Texture
Jeffman12 Jun 21 2013, 1:53pm replied:

This is typically how agree vs disagree systems work. These votes are for a critical standpoint. If "C&C shouldn't have hitboxes" had garnered significant support, the devs would be encouraged to look at it and possibly reevaluate the decision.

I for one think it's a move in the right direction as tank battles will no longer consist solely of two tanks revving back and forth constantly in a futile attempt to not get hit. There's more /strategy/ to a game derived from a strategy franchise. Now I just wish there was something done with infantry so they weren't just bunnyhopping healthbars with different flavored guns.

+5 votes   article: Exploding Things
Jeffman12 Jun 20 2013, 4:26am says:

Modular turrets! It's never been utilized in too many games, but I love when it is.

+1 vote   article: Devlog #9 for Exoplanet: First Contact is ready for you!
Jeffman12 Jun 19 2013, 5:01pm says:


+1 vote   media: Interrior
Jeffman12 Jun 4 2013, 1:17pm replied:

Wow, I never knew the plot until now, I just remembered Raiden as "That game with the awesome VTOLs where buildings come to life and try to kill you."

+1 vote   game: Raiden Legacy, The Return
Jeffman12 May 23 2013, 1:45pm replied:

Awesome, I'm glad to hear that.

+1 vote   article: Devlog #8 for Exoplanet: First Contact is out!
Jeffman12 May 15 2013, 11:09pm says:

Damn, I just wish there was a game like with cooperative multiplayer.

+1 vote   article: Devlog #8 for Exoplanet: First Contact is out!
Jeffman12 May 4 2013, 2:39pm says:


+1 vote   media: Improved buildings' textures
Jeffman12 Mar 24 2013, 10:40pm says:

Absolutely fantastic, however I might suggest instead of a standard joint, use of a special broadcasting joint be used, or even a microline conversion for powering low-draw equipment.

+2 votes   media: New Video: Powerline Demonstration (March 24)
Jeffman12 Mar 7 2013, 6:42pm says:

Did I pay for this already?
If I did, can I pay for this again?
If not, when can I secure my ownership of this game through currency transaction?

+2 votes   article: M.A.V. Massive update
Jeffman12 Jan 4 2013, 9:16pm says:

Oh, snap. Do want.

+3 votes   media: Splitscreen mode
Jeffman12 Dec 6 2012, 7:37pm says:

Anims looking great, a bit more fluid than I expected.

+2 votes   media: Dev Diary #7 : Version 0.4.0 Update
Jeffman12 Nov 26 2012, 8:06pm says:

The yellow on white of his face could use some work, and the torso seems a little too broad. The torso width isn't a huge problem, it sorta grows on you, but his face definitely needs something done about it, it's hard to look at as is.

My thought is maybe put a visor there? If the front portion of the mask had blue or black under the eye layer it wouldn't be so bad.

+1 vote   article: All-new video: Starman!
Jeffman12 Nov 5 2012, 12:37pm says:

Damn, I lent it to a friend and never got it back.
And NOW an update for your mod comes out.

+1 vote   article: User Error v1.1a - Parts 1 and 2 Released
Jeffman12 Nov 4 2012, 9:51pm says:

Wow, that's amazing.
Looks like it'd be a great bomber or gunship.

Depending on loadout, that is.

+1 vote   media: Onagar Gunship
Jeffman12 Oct 11 2012, 1:39pm says:

Lego also has hinges. When you place a hinge on a swivel, you have pitch and yaw, but these look a little wonky, IMO. The less bizarre looking brick hinges look better, but present less freedom of range, but the plate hinges tend to look terrible. Seeing as you're making a videogame and are not quite as limited as designing little pieces of plastic, this shouldn't be as big a problem, but I can't think anything up myself with all the lego comparison.

The best idea I can think of is the more advanced kits that use ball sockets, but that would only be ideal for a single mounted weapon and that's stretching the 1x1x1 brick rule a little far.

+1 vote   article: Blockade Runner - Blocks and Prefabs
Jeffman12 Oct 9 2012, 7:59pm replied:

Furthermore, it's only supposed to target larger vehicles that could potentially damage its tendrils by rolling/walking over them. I may be mistaken, but I believe the waving tendril animation may have been intended to be veins snapping and spraying corrosive chemicals on the thing causing it harm.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
Jeffman12 Oct 7 2012, 12:27pm says:

I like the sound of this particular change and it makes sense, and I can think of at least one way to make that better, as, let's face it, you couldn't very well justify giving a capital ship a 1x1x1 megalaser, then anyone could plop one down, but it would be silly to arm a cruiser with anything less.

Larger more complex weapons could be made from multiple 1 meter blocks.
Imagine you have your standard laser beam block, a decent weapon in of itself, but you want it to have a longer pulse duration, so you add capacitors on each exposed side, these allow it to sustain a beam longer. That's a pretty simple upgrade mechanic, but how about larger more complex weapon designs with more upgrades than just adjacent blocks?
The beauty of this system is that you can always have a bigger weapon, but it will always cost more energy and space to transport and to use.

I think I'll flesh out the idea a bit more on the forums.

+2 votes   article: Blockade Runner - The Blocks
Jeffman12 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm says:

I take it these will be replaced by some other mechanic at a later date, or is this how it's gonna be for the foreseeable future?

+3 votes   media: Blockade Runner - Terraformers
Jeffman12 Jul 26 2012, 11:01pm says:

Man, I forgot all about this, but I'm glad you're back.

+6 votes   article: RE: fusion
Jeffman12 Jul 25 2012, 12:14am says:

Seems like a lot of ship for an 8 container capacity, although I must say it looks good.

+1 vote   media: Cargo Runner
Jeffman12 Jul 14 2012, 1:28am replied:


+3 votes   game: 1D Sports.
Jeffman12 Jul 12 2012, 2:19am says:

Oh, now the hipsters have a game too. I hope consumerism isn't too trendy for them.

+4 votes   game: 1D Sports.
Jeffman12 Jun 30 2012, 11:49pm says:

Practically looks stealth.

+1 vote   media: Poseidon Class Cruiser
Jeffman12 Apr 27 2012, 10:47am says:

So is the building going to allow the bizarre armoring technique people used that would let them obscure their cockpit by rotating "arms" so they could place armor in front of it?

Also, upside down guns? I kind of hope that has the same effect, but at the same time, I hope it causes no change to a weapon's performance.

+1 vote   media: M.A.V. Drag and Drop mech builder
Jeffman12 Feb 29 2012, 10:47pm says:

Concept art such as what's already posted on the mod's page?

+2 votes   article: 3D-designers required
Jeffman12 Feb 7 2012, 12:33am replied:

I can see what you mean by the design growing on you, but there's still something off about the proportions. The forward lean makes me feel like it's unstable and easy to tip over. This feeling could be offset by giving it a rear counterweight and maybe larger feet.
In keeping with the wolverine design aspect;

As you can see, the wolverine in both examples has a more narrow base but a wider stance giving it a better semblance of stability, this is aided by the generally balanced shape of the chassis. There's also this ambiguous skirting around the 'hip' joint that looks like some sort of suspension system and detracts from the whole ED 209 look the legs have going on here.
And this example may be a stretch,
If you can imagine this without the jetpack it just wouldn't look right. I'm not saying add a jetpack, just something that looks heavy enough to keep this from falling on its face, but of course not too bulky looking to make players feel it could fall over backwards at any second.

Widen the base, hide the 'hip' joints internally, apply a counterbalance to the back and that should address any proportion concerns. Trying to envision this, I think the feet should look fine, but making them a little wider wouldn't hurt.

+2 votes   media: EU - L3 "Klein" - Fast Attack Mech - Grassland
Jeffman12 Feb 5 2012, 1:17pm replied:

In this instance copyright isn't even an issue because it was made by Valve and is being ported to a mod that requires ownership of a valve game.

My perspective on copyrighted model ports is that if I'm downloading it, I usually own the game it's from, so the content is already on my computer, no harm in that.

+2 votes   download: Rebel Player Model
Jeffman12 Feb 1 2012, 11:59am says:

The problem here is that Vectorman is actually composed of several sprites. Vectorman presented an animation breakthrough in which the character sprites appeared to have more fluid motion and animations that lined up better with the world around them. Characters' feet would line up with any slopes they were standing on, no part of a character would clip through a wall they collided with, and Vectorman's death animation was pretty f'n dynamic.

Each unique sphere composing Vectorman (And his enemeies) was a modeled in a 3D program, rendered, and then brought into the game as a sprite. Animations are more or less guidelines, while Vectorman will obey them, there's no saying what will happen to interrupt them. This technique is still alive today and can be seen (to some extent) in games such as Cortex Command, Aquaria, A.R.E.S(?). Although some games use this yet maintain rigid animations for characters, only reaping half the benefits of the system. But it still sounds pretty cool, right?

+1 vote   media: Every frame of Vectorman.
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2012, 11:59am says:

Looks pretty good.

+2 votes   media: here we are !!
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2012, 11:58am replied:

Yeah, have to agree, the HUD is just fine in my book.

+2 votes   media: Fray Aros Map Gameplay
Jeffman12 Dec 27 2011, 4:03pm replied:

We'd have been to deep space already. And Pirates would still have peg legs and eye patches.

+2 votes   media: More Lego
Jeffman12 Dec 17 2011, 4:12am replied:

Why, you gonna hit on it?

+14 votes   media: UN Medibot
Jeffman12 Dec 13 2011, 4:29pm says:


+2 votes   media: CronaCorp Shadow Class
Jeffman12 Nov 19 2011, 1:03pm says:

Synonym for Avatar is Icon(Interchangeable with Ikon?), maybe call it The Icon of Nod. Other synonyms are;embodiment, incarnation, shape, personification, symbol.
Another fitting word is Aspect, but good luck getting any of those to sound particularly good.

+2 votes   media: The new Avatar, code name : Medium Avatar!
Jeffman12 Nov 9 2011, 11:54am replied:

Could use a paint job, it's very grey in comparison to other GDI units. I know the faction colors are the little things on top of the turret, but, well, you know.

+5 votes   media: GDI M-28 Mammoth
Jeffman12 Nov 8 2011, 3:05pm says:

Retro yet with that modernish high tech design.

+2 votes   media: Weapons Factory, model 1
Jeffman12 Nov 4 2011, 9:15pm says:

This is an arrangement, not a remix. Good job though.

+1 vote   media: Ocean Remix (Cover)
Jeffman12 Nov 4 2011, 2:42pm says:

Dem pawkits.

+8 votes   media: HECU soldiers
Jeffman12 Nov 1 2011, 2:51pm says:

Nice! It has been a while since I've seen a unique art style.

+1 vote   media: Artist 'Khamia' concept1
Jeffman12 Oct 31 2011, 12:17am replied:

Real snipers use beer hats.

.50 Cal, eh? Does it damage light vehicles/aircraft?

+3 votes   media: NAC Heavy Sniper Rifle (Zeller Replace) - WIP #2
Jeffman12 Oct 28 2011, 7:42pm says:

The shells actually look tiny in comparison to the barrels. Should probably scale up the belt a bit.

+3 votes   media: Aros Heavy Assault with HF Rodriguez
Jeffman12 Oct 22 2011, 2:31pm says:

So I take it the Tesla isn't meant to deal large amounts of hull damage and maybe... Hit targets inside the ship once the other weapons have made a hole?

+1 vote   article: Lasers, Plasma, and Tesla in Action!
Jeffman12 Oct 19 2011, 11:43am says:

Temperate cactus and desert burnt evergreens! Man, that global warming is really showing in the tiberium age.

+3 votes   media: Terrain Objects
Jeffman12 Oct 14 2011, 11:15am says:

Very nice, rather original but with just a dash of GDI and ODST.

+1 vote   media: NAC - Heavy Armoured Soldier - Jungle Colours
Jeffman12 Sep 25 2011, 8:22pm replied:

Like it wouldn't be able to go up inclines steeper than 15 degrees.

+1 vote   article: Concept Art Update - MCV
Jeffman12 Sep 16 2011, 2:27pm replied:

Feel the glow! No wait, it's growing on me! aaaahg

+5 votes   media: Suddenly
Jeffman12 Sep 13 2011, 6:29pm replied:

At first I thought makingg games cheaper, and then I realized, there's no way around piracy, in some form or another. Making all games free and requiring money for 'premium content' only really works with online games, there'd be a limited tolerance for that in single player settings.
As you said, DRM just ****** people off. But there's still the fact that people will steal these products regardless of price or product quality. Piracy isn't as big a threat to developers as they make it out to be, but alarmism is their attempt at cutting down on it regardless. Sure, lost revenue isn't something to be taken lightly, but developers spend too much time on that instead of trying to make their games up to snuff if they really care about it THAT much. For clarification, I chose 'No Solution'

+5 votes   poll: Solution to piracy?
Jeffman12 Sep 6 2011, 1:31am replied:

EA was in full support of RA:A Path Beyond, Renegade X, and C&C Reborn. They commented that they would never want to stop anyone from producing free advertising for their games. Blizzard has been more protective in the past, they restricted creation of a mod for an RTS who's goal was to exactly mimic Starcraft's gameplay and plot on another engine, which is understandable, but I don't think that applies to cross-genre works so much. This isn't exactly a black and white issue, and this poll seems to imply it is.

While I think option 5 is a given, actual market results, not speculative checkboxing by random people on the internet, says that any tidbit of an IP being released for free in some capacity has an overall positive effect on a game's profits, assuming users have the option to pay for it somehow. This is seen in game demos and marketable Free to Play games of all sorts. Even leaked betas have a positive effect if the game's good enough.

+4 votes   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
Jeffman12 Sep 3 2011, 1:48pm replied:

Holy crap, now I'll never not see Brian's head in that thing, thanks, guy.

+6 votes   media: Black Hole Navy
Jeffman12 Sep 1 2011, 10:08pm says:

I like that it's somewhat reminiscent of Battlezone as far as plot, but that's aside the point. I have been intrigued by the idea behind this game and am looking forward to it.

+4 votes   game: Lifeless Planet
Jeffman12 Sep 1 2011, 12:02am replied:

No, that's just one tree repeated several times.

+6 votes   article: Frontline is back!
Jeffman12 Aug 27 2011, 11:50am says:

Not bad, I like where it's going.

+2 votes   media: Construction Yard, model 1
Jeffman12 Aug 18 2011, 12:52am replied:

This is based on an existing title with existing names for the factions. Pretty sure opinions are irrelevant in this light.

Textures look good, but I didn't think they needed changing in the first place.

+2 votes   media: Black Hole Vehicles Reskin
Jeffman12 Aug 12 2011, 7:33pm replied:

But you've got to admit, Mojang knows how to do it.

+9 votes   media: Minecraft village teasing teaser
Jeffman12 Aug 1 2011, 12:05pm replied:

More to the point, what exactly is the draw of this title in particular? Why not play any of its umpteen competitors for less than $50? How is brand loyalty benefiting anyone here?

+5 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
Jeffman12 Aug 1 2011, 11:59am replied:

Fallout 3 and New Vegas are still doing fine with DLC and modding, long run and short run. This can be chalked up to hype. Blizzard stated that they don't want modding because it will interfere with the market system they're going to have in game, it's easier to only code one market system that requires an internet connection than to code two for both cases. Again, if people don't like it, they shouldn't buy it, there are plenty of other top down multiplayer fantasy games inspired by Diablo that have modding support out of the box. There's no reason anyone needs this one in particular. This isn't about making money, this is about maintaining gameplay. I don't think it's right to do this, so I won't be buying it, but they still have a right to handle their product the way they want to.

+9 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
Jeffman12 Aug 1 2011, 10:29am replied:

If a game's sales are hurt by lack of purchases and players, it means that game had features that drove away players. If I game has lack of sales but regular or excess of players, it means that players didn't want to deal with some aspect of getting it through legitimate channels. Either way, if they don't hit their projected mark, they're going to take notice and hopefully get the message. Blizzard has been good to their fan community in the past, and I think they're going to continue trying to do right by them. Personally, I won't even touch Diablo 3 or BF3 for this reason. They aren't worth my time, but everyone supporting piracy in the matter is just looking for an excuse, and easy out of morale standing. Pirates will be pirates, telling them this doesn't justify it won't change their mind.

Before I have to read one more "DEY IZ TRY 2 SQEZE US DRY UV $$$" Consider this: How does removing mod support increase cash flow? Less players = less money. A real money grab move is deciding to charge monthly.
Stop it with this "DA MAN IZ HOLD& ME DOWN" crap. If you don't like a company, STOP BUYING FROM THEM. It's really that simple, nobody is holding a gun to your head to buy **** you don't want.

+17 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
Jeffman12 Jul 19 2011, 2:17am replied:

Other than taking twice as many pistons to make, that sounds better, mainly because you don't have to climb half way up the max height to use it.

+2 votes   download: Minecraft Piston Elevator update. 2X faster!
Jeffman12 Jul 8 2011, 4:13pm says:

You can really see how it's based off of stolen Titan tech in this variation.

+10 votes   media: Nod Avatar War Mech
Jeffman12 Jul 1 2011, 12:13pm says:

Look'n good, bro.

+9 votes   media: Nod War Factory
Jeffman12 Jun 8 2011, 1:05pm replied:

Or maybe they weren't ever ARMED! Get it? Because they can't very well use a laser as a hand.

+1 vote   article: Monster Showcase: Legion Auton
Jeffman12 Jun 1 2011, 5:43pm says:

One of my favorites, from early childhood.

+1 vote   media: MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.0 Open Beta
Jeffman12 Jun 1 2011, 5:42pm says:

Good job. Next time, if you have any other topographically wonky models that need rebuilding, check out topogun.

+1 vote   media: MechWarrior: Living Legends Blood Asp 'Mech WIP
Jeffman12 Jun 1 2011, 5:40pm says:

That name rhymes to the ridiculous degree.

+6 votes   media: MechWarrior: Living Legends Fafnir 'Mech WIP
Jeffman12 May 29 2011, 11:47pm replied:

^ This.

But I still can't tell if this is post apocalyptic or a 'historical fantasy' setting. Does that make me slow?

+3 votes   article: Quests? QUESTS!?!?
Jeffman12 May 29 2011, 11:43pm replied:

I kinda wanna see a side-by-side. But I like this one.

+4 votes   media: GDI Hover MRLS
Jeffman12 May 26 2011, 12:44pm says:

It looks better in this terrain set, but set against snow, it just looks dirty.

+1 vote   media: Another example
Jeffman12 May 14 2011, 7:49pm says:

That's a good one.

+2 votes   media: US Army shirt design
Jeffman12 May 10 2011, 12:52am replied:

Excited that the mod's projected to come out then, but disappointed that the year is already almost half over.

+4 votes   article: Summer Progress
Jeffman12 May 9 2011, 11:09pm replied:

Not bad. But, doubting your own drawing skills to the point of madness? I got a tablet and now I just draw more often as a result. That drawing right there's better than what I did before I used a tablet. Can't say it helped my handwriting, though, mine's still atrocious. Only downside, really, is the cost of one.

+1 vote   media: Nod Mobile Sensor Array
Jeffman12 Apr 28 2011, 10:11pm says:

I'm not a big fan of modern/pre-modern themed games, but I find I'm anticipating this more and more. It just keeps getting better.

+1 vote   media: ARVN Predator Response Car
Jeffman12 Apr 28 2011, 1:14pm says:

I have to say it's refreshing to hear a version of this that utilizes guitar but doesn't try to use it for everything. I never was a fan of the vocal bit, but it isn't so bad in this particular iteration.

+2 votes   media: Re-Act On Instinct
Jeffman12 Apr 28 2011, 1:06pm says:

All the others seem reminiscent of Red Alert and C&C 95, with this one Emperor: Battle for Dune's and Tiberian Sun's soundtracks come to mind.

+2 votes   media: Machine Aided
Jeffman12 Apr 24 2011, 7:11pm says:

Looking great.

+2 votes   article: Model Update
Jeffman12 Apr 4 2011, 2:29am says:

There's a part of a vault I've never seen. (Haven't really played FO 1 or 2)

+1 vote   media: Vault Conduit Passages
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2011, 12:19am replied:

Technically that is incorrect, it uses the much more powerful 'wub'.

+13 votes   media: New Vietnam Content (April Fools)
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2011, 12:12am says:

Screw April Fool's, these should be actually in game.

+19 votes   media: New Vietnam Content (April Fools)
Jeffman12 Mar 31 2011, 7:58pm says:

Fairly bland, but effective weapons aren't supposed to be flashy...

+1 vote   article: Model Update
Jeffman12 Mar 22 2011, 12:09pm replied:

If something can be done about the larger units' tilting on a slope, I think this would be one of the first mods to address the issue. If not, I can't say I'd be surprised, and it's no big deal, just a bit of an immersion breaker.

+1 vote   media: New Banshee PFX at range
Jeffman12 Mar 21 2011, 12:54pm says:

I'm gonna get so freak'n lost.

+2 votes   media: Main Atrium Navmeshed
Jeffman12 Mar 16 2011, 1:21am says:

I loves me some cyberpunk, I loves me some AI, I loves me some technological singularity.

+1 vote   game: Negative Plus - The Cyberpunk Experience
Jeffman12 Feb 21 2011, 4:59pm says:

This is awesome, you did a great job. The mouse controlled aiming goes well with the metroid style platforming.

+1 vote   download: Ex Vitro Demo
Jeffman12 Feb 19 2011, 12:11pm says:

Great job with the ambiance, it almost doesn't look like Gamebryo.

+1 vote   media: Reactor Level
Jeffman12 Feb 7 2011, 1:15am says:

Very nice.

+1 vote   media: WIP Transport
Jeffman12 Feb 5 2011, 11:25am replied:

Point me to a map where they wouldn't?

Tournament maps are always a bit small for my taste, and handling rugged terrain is an important aspect for testing a commanders mettle, so I've never really believed in tournaments as a way of provenance. I can honestly say in full confidence I wouldn't play this map, not ever.

But at least it looks nice.

+3 votes   media: Tournament Platform (2-4)
Jeffman12 Feb 3 2011, 1:16pm says:

Some sort of assault-type gamemode would be awesome. Think like a campaign mission but multiplayer. I don't know if TS's engine can do it, but one team would start with a pre-established base and restrictions on unit construction(Maybe even battlefield expansion?) while the other team has to establish a foothold then take X objective. I think that'll sort of fill out the gamut on awesome gamemodes.

+7 votes   article: February 3rd Update
Jeffman12 Jan 31 2011, 1:57pm says:

Indiana Jones?

+1 vote   media: TileGen Previews
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2011, 12:11pm replied:

Obviously someone here hasn't used an Ionic Breeze air purifier before.

+3 votes   media: Renegade X Ion Wallpaper
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2011, 12:08pm says:

I usually hate turret defense, but this sounds p. cool.

+1 vote   download: The Turret Fortress
Jeffman12 Jan 29 2011, 3:24am replied:

Ironically enough, some of those great mods wouldn't exist today if EALA wasn't so laid back. Reborn could have been cancelled, they could have disallowed modding for C&C3 and RA3, but instead released an SDK. On top of all of that, this wouldn't be here either.

Bickering aside, I'm just as eager as ever, if not more. I assume you'll allow community maps, but will there be anything included so as to make single player campaign editing possible?
I'd also love to see actual bots (Not the NPC's) and some kind of assault-like gamemode. Those are two things I felt were very possible with Renegade but never saw the light of day due to rushed scheduling.

+8 votes   article: Renegade X - 4th Birthday and Black Dawn teaser!
Jeffman12 Jan 15 2011, 12:39am says:

My first instinct is to compare this to Vectorman or Megaman X, that aside, I'm gonna get this, it's frigg'n awesome.

+3 votes   article: A.R.E.S. : Extinction Agenda Launch Trailer
Jeffman12 Jan 14 2011, 11:13pm replied:

This is true. I didn't really start using the ability until much later in the game, though, so it's easy for me to forget about it.

Does anyone know if this won't affect save files negatively in some way? I don't want to port my old file to ME3 just to find that it's deemed unusable by modifying some unknown portion of the save file.

+1 vote   article: VLM V1.0 [BETA1] - Now Available!
Jeffman12 Jan 14 2011, 11:06pm says:

Interesting, but how does this set the soldier class apart?

+1 vote   article: VLM V1.0 [BETA1] - Now Available!
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2011, 3:58am says:

Well that's clearly GDI, but I can't tell what it's supposed to do.

+1 vote   media: Renders and Concepts
Jeffman12 Jan 6 2011, 12:40pm says:

Haven't heard of this until now, but with the premise and the looks of this coming version, you've got another watcher.

I know this isn't the typical RTS like C&C or Starcraft, but just curious, are/will there be structures on the field to defend, destroy, or capture to fill out the gamut on tactical scenarios? If so, will there be demolitions experts such as engineers to fulfill the task, or just pound away with heavy weapons until the target crumbles?

+1 vote   article: Just a quick update
Jeffman12 Dec 18 2010, 3:56pm says:

Holy ****, I have that game. Never got it working, but I have it.

+1 vote   game: Netstorm 2: Storms Of Nimbus
Jeffman12 Dec 14 2010, 12:00pm says:

If a guy takes all the pistol ammo, does the flamer and AR ammo remain?

+2 votes   media: Commander Ground Support
Jeffman12 Dec 8 2010, 12:26am says:

What would you say is the best method for transposing concepts from a book to machine is? I have a scanner, but I don't like tearing pages out, so I trace the picture in with my tablet, but that doesn't always work out so well either. Of course, the kind of sketch book you're showing off there looks like it makes scanning easy.

+1 vote   article: Development Blog: Concept Art - Part 1
Jeffman12 Dec 5 2010, 2:31am says:

Do I detect a hint of some form of procedural generation being used at some point? It seems like it would fit in quite well.

+1 vote   article: In Which Giant Dragons Eat Your Minions
Jeffman12 Nov 22 2010, 3:40pm replied:

Yes, he's screwing us over by creating possibly the most popular game in the history of the internet, charging half price for it for what has become an extended alpha, and not expecting any more than we have already paid for any future content.

He used to say he'd start the beta as soon as infdev was multiplayer, but if you've been to the website, clearly he's still considering it alpha stage, allowing more people to get in on it at half price. But it's not like he's gonna stop raking in the cash when he gets to beta, so even from the moneygrubbing standpoint you seem to pidgeonhole notch in, there's still a reason to finish the project as initially intended.
Seriously, you need to drop the tea party behavior, he's announced countless times on his blog( that he's going to be supporting minecraft to the very end of its astounding popularity. You realize any project that has died at the beta is because they lack a community, right? Not because the dev just up and decided "I think I want to be an astronaught instead."

From what I've seen Notch makes good on his word, some things might not always be on time, but EVERY developer under the sun has had problems there.

It's not like he's spending all the money on a pointless war in the middle east or anything like that

@Landmine; last I read, he liked doing friday updates, but recently he's been busy, but he said he'd try to when he can.

+19 votes   media: Need suggestions!!
Jeffman12 Nov 19 2010, 12:06am says:

Aside from the wrong use of "it's", pretty cool news.

+2 votes   article: The Lancers Reactor
Jeffman12 Nov 15 2010, 4:29pm says:

Awesome, can't wait, I'd also hope to see a new faction or two come from an NV mod.

+1 vote   article: Fallout Who's 12 days of Christmas
Jeffman12 Nov 8 2010, 10:46am says:

Wow, that's some nice progress, I'll have buy crysis pretty soon by the looks of it.

+3 votes   media: Ingame High Res Screenshots
Jeffman12 Nov 8 2010, 12:28am says:

Cool, can't wait.

+1 vote   article: Fallout Who Moves Along
Jeffman12 Nov 2 2010, 2:53pm says:

Not exactly an original premise, but hey, don't let that stop you.

+1 vote   game: 01 Lost
Jeffman12 Oct 17 2010, 2:19am says:

Hm, reminiscent of the new zerg spine crawlers, but it has more than enough originality to hold its own in my opinion, especially with that ranged AoE attack. Can't wait to put a few in my employ, or crosshairs, depending on faction, of course.

+1 vote   article: The Whip - Reveal
Jeffman12 Oct 1 2010, 2:39am says:

Sounds you've started off on the right foot. I can't wait to see the end result, but I'm not gonna rush this for fear of disrupting the mental imagery I've developed.

+2 votes   article: "C&C: TW3" - News Update 06 - A Quick look inside the Process
Jeffman12 Sep 23 2010, 12:03pm replied:

You know, it's funny, back when I first got TS, in 1999, I couldn't tell the difference between the two, then I learned.

+2 votes   media: GDI Mobile Sensor Array
Jeffman12 Sep 22 2010, 9:57pm says:

So, I assume this is an updated version as well as some form of all in one package?

+1 vote   download: Fallout Who - The Last Child Of Gallifrey-Complete
Jeffman12 Sep 10 2010, 11:50am says:

One possibility you should look into is units or characters capable of 'predicting' the moves chosen by enemies within a set distance or after an ability is used on them, basically meaning that they can see the selected orders for that unit

+2 votes   game: Fray: Reloaded Edition
Jeffman12 Aug 23 2010, 1:33am says:

Nice, a little bland on the legs, but it doesn't need any more flair than it already has.

+1 vote   media: Desided to change the Panthera's texture to black.
Jeffman12 Aug 15 2010, 1:23pm says:

It just keeps adapting more and more of a TS look, and that's just through the use of tiberium. And I thought there'd be no way to capture that kind of nostalgia with a game so relatively new.

+10 votes   media: "But what about the Tiberium?"
Jeffman12 Jul 26 2010, 8:32pm replied:

The point of a demo is to get as much in as possible without having to worry about too many variables that can interfere and cause the presentation to require multiple sittings. He's showing some of what the player can expect, not competing for a pro-gaming championship. And guess what, you can pretend a difficulty setting makes you a better gamer, but you don't fight bots in a competition, so there's no valid comparison or reason to get on someone's case like that.

+2 votes   article: Demonstrations Galore!
Jeffman12 Jul 26 2010, 3:36am says:

Great to see you guys are back on track, I was saddened when this project was announced dead, but things certainly are looking up now.

+3 votes   article: Confusion?
Jeffman12 Jul 14 2010, 1:12pm says:

Geez, that last guy earned the name.

+2 votes   media: Discovery- The SCRA Dublin Incursion
Jeffman12 Jul 14 2010, 1:23am says:

What specs do you recommend for a dedicated server?

+1 vote   mod: Gossamer's Warfare
Jeffman12 Jul 7 2010, 6:44pm says:

Interesting twist on how it plays out. As for the tactical downside to be present one can assume is that Greed will be able to get further ahead than everyone else and nab loot while they still fight?

+2 votes   article: Party of Sin: Design Evolution for Greed
Jeffman12 Jul 5 2010, 10:47am replied:


+3 votes   media: GDI Night Assualt
Jeffman12 Jul 4 2010, 11:48pm says:

Looks very nicely detailed, but small for my tastes.

+2 votes   media: Woodland Fountain (2)
Jeffman12 Jun 19 2010, 2:43am says:

Stargate and Metroid seems an odd tie-in, but, meh. Whatever floats your boat. Got some real potential going there.

+1 vote   article: Metroid Incursion Gets Unreal
Jeffman12 Jun 17 2010, 2:27am replied:

I think coupled with the special ability unit drop idea, and only limited deployments would be fair.

+1 vote   article: Status Update
Jeffman12 Jun 16 2010, 10:49pm replied:

Tiberium weaponry always struck me as a nod/mutant thing. Going along the same lines, I would suggest a Personal Ion Cannon, but that, like a rail gun, would be another hitscan weapon, and ultimately, just a fancy laser. So, these ideas may be a little farfetched and/or out of canon. A list of everything I've thought of regarding weapons;
Variable Munition Shotgun: Slug for light Anti Armor, Buckshot/Shrapnel for medium-heavy infantry damage. Effectiveness should increase with shorter range if possible.

Pulse Rifle: Targets 1 soldier in a burst. GD10's(Riflesquad's) Big Sister

Mini Sonic Emitter: for clearing mines and effective anti-squad/structure

Secondary/Special Ability:
Javelin missile(Or something like it): The raiders fire a long range anti-vehicular rocket that flies upward and speeds back down at the target. Able to destroy light vehicles and partially damage medium, heavy, and walker. Each use garners a substantial cooldown.

Personal Ion Cannon: Essentially a one shot one kill with a 2 minute cooldown. Zone Raiders are really a unit best utilized with micromanagement, so this is a weapon for just such a commander.
With all of those, they'd still have to remain a special ability drop or something, but maybe that'll give you some food for thought.
In hindsight, I kinda like that flechette rifle idea.

+2 votes   article: Status Update
Jeffman12 Jun 9 2010, 11:48pm says:

Oh, wow, really different look for Nod, but definitely fitting. The war factory and mobile war factory turned naval yard really gives a good idea of where they're coming from.

+3 votes   media: Nod - Early
Jeffman12 Jun 6 2010, 1:10am says:

Is the Mobile EMP generator shut down by its own attack, or is it immune to EMP?
If it does get shut down by its own attack, might I recommend an upgrade that makes them and perhaps a couple other units only shut down half as long? It could be called Backup Generator or something.

As for unburrowing subterranean units, would there be a way to set it in a special guard mode under the ability tab so that it triggers automatically whenever a detected sub-t unit meanders within the radius?

That ended up being the only real reason I never touched them in TS.

+4 votes   article: GDI Intelligence Report
Jeffman12 Jun 4 2010, 12:18am says:

His stature seems kind of weird. I want to say his legs are too short, but I can't make heads or tails of it. Other than that, great job.

Oh, it might be the gauntlets' size.

+2 votes   article: Party of Sin: Design Evolution of Pride
Jeffman12 Jun 2 2010, 12:19pm replied:

At least allow infantry garrison slots. That ensures it won't be too powerful and needs some support. Afterall, it only took one ion storm to crash the first one. Maybe, if possible, give it the ability to drop pod the infantry aboard it into the battlefield.

As for the transportation and friendly unit buff idea, I think those would be great in tandem.

And remember, just because you give something weapons, doesn't mean it's an offensive unit. Give it some ability that's capable of holding off the Scrin when they attack. Maybe like some kind of sonic disruption pulse that knocks surrounding air units out of the sky and does a little damage to anything below. GDI has a support power that does this in Kane's Wrath.

+1 vote   media: 3A 2G Kodiak
Jeffman12 May 28 2010, 1:51am says:

I like the clean edges and modernized look.

+2 votes   article: Party of Sin: The Crusader Knight
Jeffman12 May 26 2010, 9:19pm says:

Looks great, can't wait to try it out.

+1 vote   media: Beta City (2-4)
Jeffman12 May 17 2010, 3:16pm says:

I didn't know Robotech and Mech Warrior were related. Go figure 'Battletech' is kinda between both...
Of course I refer to the mech around 2:30 that the player seems to avoid targeting until destruction.

+1 vote   media: AT1:BT Beta "Dasher"
Jeffman12 May 15 2010, 12:31pm says:

The version number in the corner still says 1.0, not sure if it's a small oversight or means I installed the patch incorrectly.

+2 votes   download: Metal Venture 1.02
Jeffman12 May 7 2010, 2:59pm says:

Not bad, I can certainly sense the feeling it will put into the game.

+3 votes   media: Hide and Seek
Jeffman12 Mar 26 2010, 2:20am says:

No mention of Steam in that whatsoever. I assume this method will work for it though, as Steam's issue is caused by not going through the same EXE one would assume you'd use.

But I have yet to get a graphical enhancement mod to work with my Steam version, played most of TNM, though.

+1 vote   article: Improving Deus Ex's Graphics With Mods
Jeffman12 Jan 19 2010, 2:23am says:

Nice, are these gonna be VTOL like the orca, or standard forward flight units with a strafing attack?

+1 vote   media: Sidewinder Concept Art
Jeffman12 Jan 18 2010, 3:56am says:

I press shift+f12, but don't notice any changes. Nor does my game look any better. And my video card is on the list of ones that support this.

+1 vote   download: Deus Ex ENB Series *Latest*
Jeffman12 Jan 13 2010, 12:48am says:

Is this to be something you'd host on a ded server for persistent PVE/PVP, or more like a gamemode you'd set a time limit and a map list on?

+1 vote   mod: Tribes 2: Birth of Legend RPG
Jeffman12 Jan 2 2010, 9:51pm says:

What is it? By the name I assume it's something akin to Worms.

+1 vote   download: Worminator
Jeffman12 Dec 24 2009, 8:16pm says:

I'd say use a smoother gradient, but A. it probably won't matter, and B. I don't know if Renegade would support it.

+1 vote   media: Atreides Scout Binocular Sight
Jeffman12 Dec 10 2009, 3:47am says:

Is that thing that appears to be a syringe spewing blob involving the Tlailaxu?

+2 votes   article: [Dune: Evolution] Media storm and gameplay
Jeffman12 Dec 10 2009, 2:33am says:

Looking fantastic.

+1 vote   media: Dune: Evolution first gameplay shot
Jeffman12 Nov 12 2009, 1:08pm says:

As far as I'm concerned this model is perfect the way it is. Not saying don't change it if you want to, but I don't think it needs any alteration.

+3 votes   media: GDI Orca Update
Jeffman12 Oct 13 2009, 2:17am says:

I assume there's only one planet per game, I haven't played Civ 4 but this made me want to get it. If you could expand to more planets, I'd say you should extend the timeframes to pre-machine crusades.

+1 vote   article: Dune Wars 1.5.5 Patch Released
Jeffman12 Jul 16 2009, 1:33pm says:

Seems a nice fit with the Ordos theme. My only thoughts are that the front boons seem like they are facing outward in the isometric view.

+1 vote   media: Ordos Lasertank Concept Art
Jeffman12 Jun 21 2009, 3:40am says:

I don't see the turret mount. But I love the look.

0 votes   media: GDI Orca Bomber
Jeffman12 Jun 3 2009, 1:16am says:

Will the bigger planets include the starting planets? Or are you still unable to find a decent workaround to modify the hardwired planets?

+1 vote   article: BetterSpore Milestone: 10,000 downloads – Parts Pack on its way
Jeffman12 May 9 2009, 2:06pm says:

My favorite...

+1 vote   media: Covenant Carbine
Jeffman12 Apr 27 2009, 1:03am says:

I can't quite make out what's going on here. Is that pink thing a visceroid?

+2 votes   media: Concept art by DamageINC
Jeffman12 Feb 20 2009, 1:44pm says:

The texture work on the buildings is turning out better than I expected, but it still looks kinda stretched in some parts. As for the Inkvine catapult, that looks really nice. Too bad I'm not much for Harkonnens.

+1 vote   article: Blog #63 & 64
Jeffman12 Feb 17 2009, 2:07am says:

Looks nice, a further blend of the scrin technology and human engineering.

+1 vote   media: Banshee MK2 - Screen No.1
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2009, 3:16pm says:

Weren't they also considering a CABAL faction for TT? It'd be cool to see a fourth faction, but, it's your mod and CABAL might jeopardize the canon you're going for. Especially as it seems Nod's gonna be using Cyborgs.

+1 vote   article: News from upcoming v 1.3
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2008, 12:04pm says:

Wow, looking good, it seems a little beefy though.

+2 votes   media: Titan new fire FX
Jeffman12 Jul 30 2008, 5:14pm replied:

I'm pretty sure they're creative enough to get their own.

+1 vote   media: Dancing's Easy
Jeffman12 Dec 16 2006, 2:13am says:

I think the title may be misleading as Time Crisis is an arcade shooter involving a small timer that you aren't supposed to let run out in the top region of the screen. The concept however is pretty original.

+1 vote   mod: Time Crisis : Crisis in the middle age
Jeffman12 Jun 28 2006, 2:11am says:

Thankyou for doing this!
I have read all of the dune series up to Children of Dune, (that's when the story lost quality) Even the books about the machine crusade. I know the renegade engine only allows for 2 teams at a time, so I was wondering, Will there be House Ordos from the Dune games Westwood made before their untimely demise? If not I completely understand, but keep in mind, they were awsome and may end up improving the mod's popularity if there were maps in which one of the 2 factions was Ordos.
And again, Thankyou.

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