I'm a source Mapper and pro-bono multi-spectrum editor. I take criticism seriously, and tend to do my best to provide constructive feedback. I'm a man of few words, which makes me seem hard to impress, but if I'm paying attention, that usually means I already think you're on the right track. If you need an extra set of eyes on a project(Assuming I'm familiar with the medium), I can help and offer ample discretion. Where some think it a chore, I actually enjoy optimizing. I've also been known to draw, model, and am an odd fellow that actually enjoys rigging. I'm between modeling software at the moment as I find Blender lacking in features I consider essential, and everything else is too expensive.

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Sven Co-op

Mod review

I'm surprised this game is currently only rated 9.6, I'm guessing it's because a bunch of people didn't want to take the time to type a few words.

Sven Coop introduced me to modding, and continues to be one of the most fun, and free(!) experiences of what excellent craftmanship can do, even with an old deprecated engine like GoldSrc, and it's still going strong. I can easily justify saying; without Sven Coop I would not be the person I am today.


Spherical Nightmares

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree - 3 disagree

The most challenging part of this mod was figuring out that one of the poorly lit windows is breakable, after that it's a linear jaunt through something I could barely consider a gauntlet, more a slog through shin deep water.

I feel like I missed a potential puzzle early on as there was a room I couldn't enter (Solving it through the window was almost possible, if not for the gap you can drop the ball in so it becomes inaccessible). I don't think this could have done much to alter the flow of the mod, however, so I moved on.

The AI noding was sub-par, which often led to a full line of soldiers running at me all at once, suffice to say they died quickly. There was a health kit around every corner, I couldn't pick them all up if I wanted to inflict damage on myself just to get them all. The only time I felt like I was low on ammo and should switch weapons was when the sequence that weapon was best suited for was already over, and I'd round the corner to find I would have been switching anyways.

The only time you need to use an RPG, you are instantly given a box of munitions for it.

The train sequences weren't something I've seen before in too many mods, but they weren't really special either.

To be fair, I had come to this mod through a review from PCGamer. I was given high expectations that fell flat. To be frank, I don't feel this belongs in the comparison chart with minerva like the article says.

Also, over dependence on particles and light volumes just looked wonky.


Call of Pripyat Complete

Mod review - 3 agree - 2 disagree

This mod is promising but ultimately detrimental to the overall experience of the game. I am of course talking about crashes and a long standing lack of support.

Edit: The previous consistent crash I had attributed to CoP is apparently a common issue, I had previously only found people bringing it to light with some relation to Complete, when I found this was in fact, not the case after further research.

The operative line in the crash log is "[error]Description : ...r call of pripyat\gamedata\scripts\xr_effects.script:1470: attempt to index local 'squad' (a nil value)"

I stand by my rating as there are still issues due to a lack of support.

Any kind of animation or cinematic is preceding and ended with a long pause in which my character stands there staring into space, unable to move or draw a weapon. This goes for departure and arrival with fast travel(Not the coordinate teleport feature). Glitches causing NPCs to walk through walls tend to occur more frequently, and this has even led to a snork dropping through a ceiling and killing me. I found out it was coming from the floor above me after reloading and coming back to that area.



Game review - 1 agree

Finished my first play through, the main quest line was quite a bit shorter than expected, but it was still fun. In hind sight I should have worked on getting to a higher level before initiating the endgame.

The game was an excellent blend of Minecraft, Starsiege, and Fallout.
I enjoyed building a secure yet rudimentary structure as my base of operations with a myriad of construction tools I had picked up. I didn't bother refilling any due to the relative ease by which I obtained so many. I was only disapointed to find turrets were an option, but not yet supported and regular weapons fire could destroy my creations where the ground I was building on was far more sturdy.
-A remove block option (maybe with a cost of 2) being available on the tool would be great instead of having weapons fire effect them.

The terrain itself is wonderfully natural looking in comparison to the stark 90 degree angles of minecraft.

Weapon types are easily identifiable by appearance.

Leveling a skill requires you to use that skill, not assign points. You can't just go out and rock face on a murder spree to become good at sneaking.

Mobility is great if you get a couple speed enhancements, but will otherwise feel sluggish. When you start running around at high speeds with access to a good anti-grav pack, it starts to feel more akin to Starsiege: Tribes, think of the heavygun as your spinfusor. All it needs at that point is smoother terrain traversal.

I had fun, I'm looking forward to updates and maybe even future entries in the product's line.


C&C3: The Chuck Norris Experience

Mod review

Tactical Espionage Action

Mod review

Deus Ex

Game review

Tiberium Wars Advanced

Mod review

Weekday Warrior

Mod review
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